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AnglicanTV Ministries, Inc is a "501c3" non-profit organization, incorporated on February 5, 2008. AnglicanTV started as a personal ministry of Kevin Kallsen. Then, toward the end of 2007, Kevin sought out like-minded individuals and formed a Board of Directors, which eventually lead to incorporation and non-profit status. The Mission of AnglicanTV Ministries is, "To provide news and commentary important to the 77 million Anglican Christians worldwide; to educate and train church laypersons ...
You can not get good public policy out of a bad public debate.
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We discuss an age-old topic today regarding Satan while talking about the Anglican News.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
When the church loses it's focus on the Gospel, it runs amok with clergy looking for things to apologize for.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
The Blessing of Individuals in SSM is about to take happen down under and Kevin and David discuss it. Oh, and it is winter down there :)By Kevin Kallsen, David Ould.
Last week it was Golf in the Cathedral to raise attendance. Not to be outdone, another Diocese in the Church of England has erected a Helter-skelter inside their Cathedral.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
John Anderson speaks to Jonathan Haidt, renowned social psychologist, NYU Professor and public intellectual. In this episode they discuss Jonathan's new book, The Coddling of the American Mind, which considers how we are setting our young people up for failure by overprotecting them and preventing them from developing resilience.…
Who is running the Church of England? Nobody... if the blogs are to be believed. Also, you may not need a golf club membership if you attend a certain diocese of England. And finally, George, Kevin, and Gavin discuss a Cathedral which could use a gimmick like golf.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
Kevin, George, and Gavin have updates on the Fletcher case and Gavin talks about the 'Bomb' in Jersey. Gavin's Paypal - Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
Peter Hitchens is a British journalist, author and broadcaster who speaks from a singular perspective. He is perhaps the most astute observer of our contemporary condition there is and is prepared to call things just as he sees them.By John Anderson.
The mood of the Communion is very cold in Canada as the iceberg seems to be breaking up and very hot in England as more and more horrid sexual revelation come into the light.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
Usually, Religion News is very slow in the summer. The biggest international news can be a simple as the local church picnic. However, in 2019 every week offers and bigger story to cover.By Gavin Ashenden, Kevin Kallesn, George Conger.
The 3 Amigos continue their discussion of the Jonathon Fletcher news breaking out this week in England.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
John speaks to Peter Jennings, Executive Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) about Australia's regional defence strategy in the face of a rapidly changing geo-political outlook.By John Anderson.
Kevin Kallsen and Archbishop Beach break down the latest news from the ACNA, GAFCON, CofE and the best vacations. Order ACNA Book of Common Prayer: Kevin Kallsen, Foley Beach.
Kevin Kallsen, George Conger and Gavin Ashenden (reporting from France) discuss the further developments around Jonathon Fletcher and the Iwerne Camps.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
Kevin Kallsen and Matt Kennedy talk about the 'Creep" of the Prosperity Gospel in into the church and heresy accusations against an Anglican Bishop-Elect.By Kevin Kallsen, Matt Kennedy.
Kevin Kallsen and Jeff Walton discuss Assembly 2019 which was held in Plano last week, and two new TEC Bishops who are bound to be good fodder in the future.By Kevin Kallsen, Jeff Walton.
Kevin, George, and Gavin report on an evolving story about another Church of England cover up. This one involving a prominent retired evangelical leader. ...…
John talks to Helen Pluckrose, who came to prominence recently for her part in the so-called Grievance Studies hoax, where she and two colleagues sought to expose corruption in academic “grievance studies,” by submitting bogus papers to academic journals, some of which were published.By John Anderson.
PB Curry does not seem to want Bishop Love of Albany to be a Martyr. 2. The Archbishop of Hong Kong now 'supports' peaceful protest. 3. The Methodist don't want Bishops and the COE requires Episcopal ordained presidency. 4. Oh... and there is still a prosperity gospel problem. 5. BorisBy Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
Your 3 amigos talk about the difference between a lone heretical bishop and an entire province which has endorsed heresy.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
Stephen Noll and Kevin Kallsen talk about GAFCON, Women Bishops, and the Property Gospel in Africa.By Kevin Kallsen, Stephen Noll.
Melinda Tankart Reist is an author and advocate for women and girls. She speaks to John about the work her organisation, Collective Shout, is doing to combat the pornification of our culture, and the damage it is doing to our young people, especially women and girls.By John Anderson.
For many in the Church of England, there is nothing wrong.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
The John Parker story has taken some dramatic shifts over the week and now his Bishop has published a letter refuting Parker's claims.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
Ascension day took a new meaning for Gavin this week.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
We are losing the greatest generation and the values they fought and died to protect. A vicar in the CofE steps down in protest of the transgender policies of his school. Also, CANA self-destructs into fiefdoms.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
John speaks to Tim Montgomerie, the Chief of Staff of the former leader of the Conservative party in the UK, Iain Duncan Smith. Tim is a conservative activist, blogger and columnist, and is the former comment editor of the The Times of London.By John Anderson.
Sometimes we lose focus, sometimes we miss the opportunity, and sometimes we are just plain stupid.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
It is amazing to see the news and pictures coming out of the Church of England around Ramadan.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
Compromise is so tempting, but history and church history has shown it justs leads to death.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden.
CANA - Convocation of Anglicans in North America AMIA - Anglican Mission in the Americas ACC - Anglican Consultative CouncilBy Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
It was ten years in the making, but it looks like CANA is following in the footsteps of AMIA.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
Seven years in the making and it is finally here.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, The viewers, George Conger.
Senator Jim Molan is a Liberal Party Federal Senator for NSW and former major general in the Australian Army. He and John discuss defence policy, the current geo-political climate, military threats to Australia and the need for Australia to be militarily prepared in a dangerous world.By John Anderson.
Today the Trio discuss the growing spiritual vacancy in some mainline denominations. Also, if you have a video to submit for Episode 500 - please email to AnglicanTV@gmail.comBy Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
Help us celebrate Episode 500 by sending us your videos. We also discuss Jordan Peterson's incident at Liberty University and Justin Welby's crumbling middle ground.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
What are we willing to compromise to spread the Gospel? _________________ the paper mentioned by Gavin - Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden.
The Theological Trio discuss some very disheartening news happening on campuses around the world.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
Your hosts have endured and continue to endure the cruelest set of circumstances evil can produce. Pray for us.By George Conger, Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden.
John is joined by Stanford University Senior Fellow and prolific author Niall Ferguson in the NSW Parliament House in Sydney. In front of a live audience they examine a wide range of vital issues, from Trump & Brexit, to immigration & populism and socialism & China. A must listen.By John Anderson.
It is sad to watch once great countries like Britain and the United States slowly dissolve into fascism.By Kevin Kallsen, Gavin Ashenden, George Conger.
Kevin talks to Dr. Ryan Danker regarding the incredible results from the United Methodist Church special General Council.By Kevin Kallsen, Ryan Danker.
For the last 20 years denominations have been falling to the LGTBQ agenda. Until now.By Kevin Kallsen, Kevin Kallsen.
The corruption of the church is almost complete. Link to book: In the closet of the Vatican -…
Not to be cynical, but all indication this week point to chaos in planning the next Lambeth. Lambeth 2020 may see mass boycotting from the far left and GAFCON.By Kevin Kallsen.
Dr Jordan B Peterson was joined by political commentator & talk show host, Dave Rubin, on his sellout international speaking tour. While in Australia, Jordan and Dave joined John Anderson at this private forum event to further examine their diagnoses of and prescriptions for our contemporary challenges.…
Don't be cynical Kevin Kallsen.
It is a relaxed day at the ATV Studios allowing George and Kevin to banter about all sorts of things.By Kevin Kallsen.
Kevin and Stephen Noll discuss a range of issues surrounding Lambeth 2020.By Kevin Kallsen.
At Lambeth 2020 the most difficult decision will be what to do with the spouses of gay bishops.By Kevin Kallsen.
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