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A weekly discussion of the geopolitical implications of current events in the Asia-Pacific, hosted by Ankit Panda from The Diplomat, with regular guests.
An online subscription-based publication, founded by internationally recognized geopolitical forecaster George Friedman. Geopolitical Futures tells you what matters and what doesn’t. Learn more:
Geopolitics & Empire is a podcast seeking to critically analyze global affairs with the assistance of experts from around the world, devoted to examination of the perilous truths of our time and not to any particular ideology.
Geopolitics Alert
Podcast by Geopolitics Alert
Geopolitics with Granieri is FPRI’s monthly program featuring guest scholars on subjects in the news. One Tuesday every month, FPRI’s Ron Granieri will “interrogate” – with help from the audience – one or two scholars drawn from among FPRI’s 100 affiliated scholars, as well as select outside guests. This uniquely interactive program offers real substance and emphasizes active audience participation in order to make direct contributions both to the education of our members and to the public d ...
The Arctic is experiencing rapid and extraordinary economic, environmental, political, and security transformation, presenting new opportunities for international cooperation but also the potential for regional competition and even conflict. The melting of the Arctic ice cap is now exceeding previous scientific and climatic predictions. The increasingly ice-free Arctic waters and technological advancements have created greater accessibility to the Arctic region. New commercial opportunities ...
Podcast for Program: We Got to Make a Change: Genocidal Geopolitics from Palestine to Oakland and The Johnny Cash Prison Tribute Comedy Cooking Show/ Concert.In series: The Michael Slate ShowVersion: Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur for the Occupied Territories of Gaza and the West Bank, on Israel's slaughter of humanitarian aid activists and the wanton violation of International law; Dr. Gabriel Piterber on the Genocidal heart of the Apartheid Zionist State and reports on the Israeli res ...
The Corbett Report explore the world of politics, history, science and economics from a radically alternative perspective. From geopolitical conspiracies to monetary manipulation, repressed history and social engineering, The Corbett Report goes where other podcasts fear to tread.
Red Ice Radio
Headquartered in Sweden and North America, Red Ice Radio is a talk radio program hosted by Henrik Palmgren, predominately focusing on issues concerning European survival. Henrik interviews authors, researchers and commentators for two hours, three times a week. The second hour is available for members. The show is independent, commercial free and supported by members, available on demand directly from Feature Interviews presents guests from around the world on headline news and current events from a fiercely independent perspective. Issues covered include 9/11 and false flag terror, the Big Brother police state, the global warming hoax and how central banks control the political process. Guests include politicians, scientists, activists and newsmakers from around the world.
Cyber Risk Reports provide strategic intelligence that highlight current security activity. The reports address seven major risk management categories: vulnerability, physical, legal, trust, identity, human, and geopolitical.
Questions For Corbett is a regular podcast series from Send your question in via and have James Corbett answer them live on the air. Questions are encouraged on all Corbett Report topics, from 9/11 truth to central banking, police state issues to geopolitics, history, science, or anything else.
Energy 360°
Energy 360° examines the energy landscape from the intersection of policy, markets, technologies, and geopolitics. With commentary from leading energy and CSIS experts, we provide context and perspective on the most critical issues shaping energy today. Hosted by the CSIS Energy and National Security Program.
The United States will no longer play global policeman, and no one else wants the job. This is not a G-7 or a G-20 world. Welcome to the GZERO, a world made volatile by an intensifying international battle for power and influence. Every week on this podcast, Ian Bremmer will interview the world leaders and the thought leaders shaping our GZERO World.
A podcast devoted to naval and maritime history, strategy, and tactics. Brought to you by historian and author Buckner F. Melton, Jr.
Open Source Intelligence News
Radio 3Fourteen
Established in 2012, Radio 3Fourteen is a talk radio program hosted by Lana, heavily focusing on European identity and culture. Lana speaks with various bloggers, authors and social commentators for one hour every other week. The show is commercial free, supported by listeners and is available on demand as part of the Red Ice network on Red Ice members also have access to a filmed version of selected interviews.
SOTT Radio Network
The SOTT Radio Network has moved to our very own homegrown, high-quality online radio platform at: can find our archived shows here: will be closing down soon here on BTR, so be sure to listen in on our new system, and update your bookmarks to ""!
Author and digital filmmaker Aaron Franz hosts this podcast about transhumanism, social manipulation, the occult, and much more.
Each week, we take on a single question in international affairs. It can be topical or philosophical, current or historical. We seek to understand what's going on in the world.
Discussing cryptocurrency, blockchain, free markets and geopolitics. This is a user supported podcast, please visit our Patreon page to get access to extra content.
Inspired History
History, geography, and politics influence every aspect of our lives, so it makes sense we should learn more about them. This podcast will teach you about all these subjects, and many more related ones.
Listen to monthly OPEC oil news, interviews and analysis.
Stratfor Podcast
Stratfor's podcast focused on geopolitics, world affairs, national security, economics and other underlying, global trends that drive the international system. As the world’s leading geopolitical intelligence platform, Stratfor brings global events into valuable perspective, empowering businesses, governments and individuals to more confidently navigate their way through an increasingly complex international environment.
Weekly monetary, economic, geo-political news and events
Eschaton is a podcast for those interested in the great mysteries and big questions of the universe as they relate to the world around us. The series challenges conventional wisdom and prevailing belief systems by attempting to offer fresh insight into our most important questions, both old and new. The mission of Eschaton is to create a thought revolution, one individual at a time.
Intrepid Radio
Broadcasting live from a hidden shack in the cornfields of Wisconsin, and some godforsaken holy of holies in the Theban Mountains of Luxor, Egypt, British archaeologist John Ward guide you through the Matrix of Confusion.From archaeological research to alternative history; culture and politics to fringe theory; spirituality to metaphysics, its intelligent talk in compound words, with world renown guests.
Christian perspective news analysis and worldview apologetics. Connecting the dots within geopolitics, economics, religion and education. Hosted by John Loeffler. The Short Show is just a part of our comprehensive 2 hour weekly program. Join us at for more!
Columbia Energy Exchange features in-depth conversations with the world’s top energy and climate leaders from government, business, academia and civil society. The program explores today’s most pressing opportunities and challenges across energy sources, financial markets, geopolitics and climate change as well as their implications for both the U.S. and the world.
Constitutional Radio
Constitutional Radio is on sabbatical until further notice in 2010. The Dame Truth, heard on Monday nights at 8 EST on blogtalkradio will continue to bring constitutional issues and geopolitical discussion to listeners worldwide and remains committed to exposing the Truth to the best of our ability with hard hitting, solid discussion about the U.S. Constitution, our forefathers and how they endure and apply in today's United States.
A place to explore all things fringe. Conspiracy, Geo Political. Investigating everything and ruling out nothing.
TradCatKnight is a one of kind website focusing in on the latest church & endtime news. I bring on special guests from around the world to expose the NWO. I cover economics, current events, NWO, CERN, FreeMasonry, Geoengineering, health, survivalism, theology, geopolitics and more!THIS IS THE BEST PODCAST AROUND!Donations:
Follow the Money Radio brings you the most cutting-edge commentary on economic and geopolitical topics with great guests and timely investing ideas. Hosted by popular economist and best-selling author, Jerry Robinson.
Pacific Pundit
Welcome to Pacific Pundit, a podcast on Asian geopolitics, foreign policy, and history hosted by Van Jackson. We're here to make sense of the world's most important region, and America's role in it.
The Irish Passport
A podcast on Irish culture, history and politics by Naomi O'Leary and Tim Mc Inerney. We bring you the backstory to today's news at a moment of geopolitical upheaval with plenty of lighthearted moments. It's your passport to Ireland.
Stop Imperialism
Geopolitical Analysis of current affairs
The energy world is in the midst of its greatest upheaval in a generation, redefining long-held geopolitical relationships with profound impacts on the global economy and environment. How do we balance the priorities of economic growth, energy security, and environmental sustainability? The Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University is a leading resource for research and discussion that gets beyond the polarization that threatens to overwhelm the energy debate. In each episode of ...
A podcast about the the causes, conduct, and changing nature of war and geopolitics.
Corbett Report Radio
Corbett Report Radio covers breaking news and current events across America and around the globe with special guests and commentary from James Corbett. From geopolitics to economics, police state abuses to false flag terror, Corbett Report Radio has it covered.
Join Dan Denning, Nick O’Connor and guests from around the world for a whistle stop tour of the most important financial and geopolitical stories of the week. Expect plain talking analysis of the stock and bond market, interest rates, commodities, small shares and trading.
The WarCast
The geopolitical briefing that helps you make sense of the world as crises happen, for War on the Rocks members only.
WikiLeaks on Weed
The podcast where Crunch Dog and Larry stumble their way through the most important geopolitical questions of the modern age.
Friendly Fire
What happens when a history buff and two film nerds watch a war film once a week? John Roderick, Adam Pranica and Benjamin Ahr Harrison are exploring titles from the entire history of cinema about every war, big and bigger. They discuss filmmaking, geopolitical history, nerd out about uniforms and equipment, and crack wise the entire time. To the victor go the spoiler alerts!
The Liberty Weekly Podcast is a show about voluntarism, libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism, property rights, and Austrian economics. The show features discussions of libertarian theory, current events, geopolitics, social issues, and employs guest interviews.
Join Merryn Somerset Webb on the MoneyWeek Podcast as she interviews people around from the world about the most important financial and geopolitical stories of the week, as well as her weekly discussion on the lates issue of MoneyWeek magazine with executive editor John Stepek.
In Context
Analysis of today's geo-political, socio-economic and foreign interventions through the lens of historical context.
Welcome to the NEW MindBrainBody Network on BlogTalkRadio! The new home of the popular radio shows Man, Myth & the Occult, EYE of the SEER, and Ordinary People. Join leading esotericist and scientist Michael Jon Kell, M.D., Ph.D. and autocephalous Russian Orthodox bishop and metaphysician +Bryan D. Ouellette, Ph.D. and their special guest hosts, as they discuss applied Occultism, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Gnosticism, Religion, the Paranormal, Health, Theoretical Physics, Holistic Medicine, ...
The Gold Newsletter Podcast, hosted by Fergus Hodgson and Brien Lundin, is your home for investment, economics, and geopolitics. It is a project of Jefferson Companies, which publishes Gold Newsletter and hosts the New Orleans Investment Conference. For show notes, go to
GLOBAL IMPACT, hosted by Dr. Frederick R. Lester, Chief Executive Officer of GLOBAL AFFAIRS MEDIA, will address strategic issues impacting the global community. Thought leadership will be provided that will elevate listeners' awareness and understanding of complex global issues such as geopolitics of technology and resources, globalization & immigration policy, diplomacy & peace negotiations, global health crisis, political economy of the media, impact of technology on society, humanitariani ...
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Inside the G-Base Podcast is a conversation with Green Berets hosted by D & J. Both D & J are combat experienced Special Forces Green Berets with tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, and other locations where America's foreign policy is carried out by silent professionals. In the SF team room, all topics are on the table, from politics and relig ...…
With its close proximity to major regional conflicts, artificial borders dictated by imperial politics instead of geography, limited natural resources and a swelling refugee population, we sit down to discuss the geopolitics of Jordan in this episode of the Stratfor Podcast. Stratfor analysts Emily Hawthorne and Mark Fleming-Williams take close ...…
Tread Perilously celebrates its third anniversary with a month of treading safely and inaugurating a Hall of Fame of shows that faced the perilous test. The first inductee: Burn Notice. In "Bad Breaks," Michael Weston and Jason Bly find themselves held hostage in a private bank at the hands of professional bank thief Prescott (everyone's favori ...…
The Away Game: The Epic Search for Soccer's Next Superstars by Sebastian AbbotThe gripping story of a group of boys discovered in what may be the largest talent search in sports history.Over the past decade, an audacious program called Football Dreams has held tryouts for millions of 13-year-old boys across Africa looking for soccer’s next supe ...…
Tim Fernholz is the author of “Rocket Billionaires: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and the New Space Race”. For this new book, Tim obtained exclusive access to top executives at SpaceX, including Elon Musk himself, as well as at Blue Origin, NASA, Boeing, United Launch Alliance, Orbital ATK and Virgin Galactic. Tim lives in Brooklyn, New York, and is a ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo: V-J Day New York City 1945) Twitter: @BatchelorShow Is this the last century of the American Empire? 2 of 2: Michael Vlahos @JHUWorld Crisis ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo: The Last Spike 1869: Thomas Hill (1829–1908) Title The Last Spike wikidata:Q20743165 Description English: The painting depicts the ceremony of the driving of the "Last Spike" at Promontory Summit, UT, on May 10, 1869, joining the rails of the Central Pacific Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad. Date 1881 ) http://JohnBatchel ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo: The Last Spike 1869: Thomas Hill (1829–1908) Title The Last Spike wikidata:Q20743165 Description English: The painting depicts the ceremony of the driving of the "Last Spike" at Promontory Summit, UT, on May 10, 1869, joining the rails of the Central Pacific Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad. Date 1881 ) http://JohnBatchel ...…
Aggression towards Iran and the US-Israel-Saudi Alliance Dr. Gareth Porter is an award-winning historian, an independent investigative journalist and policy analyst who specializes in US geopolitics and national security issues. During the Vietnam war, he was Dispatch News Services Bureau Chief in Saigon and later a co-director for the Indochin ...…
Mar 30 - FS Insider interviews Claudio Grass at Precious Metal Advisory Switzerland on current drivers in the gold market--real interest rates, the Japanese yen, geopolitical uncertainty--and to also discuss the latest development in...
TradCatKnight Radio, Dr. David Duke "Six Steps To Communist Slavery" Talk given 3-29-18 (aprx 1hr 10 mins) VISIT TRADCATKNIGHT.BLOGSPOT.COM DAILY & TCK RADIO CAN NOW BE FOUND ON ITUNES AND GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC Special guest Dr. Duke joins me to discuss: the hand behind the scene manipulating the masses, who was behind the immigration laws in 1965? ...…
NEED TO KNOW: SALISBURY POISONING WITH DAVID VIDECETTEOn Sunday 4th March, 2018, a former Russian Intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found on a bench in a catatonic state in the town of Salisbury. It has subsequently been found that the pair were poisoned.On this episode of "Need to Know" we are joined by Author and ...…
In this episode, BCARS Director, Denis Sullivan, discusses the recent carnage in Eastern Ghouta and Syria’s geopolitical past, present, and future with Adham Sahloul. Adham is a Master’s candidate at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, a former Research Associate at the Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Center, and previously served as an A ...…
Jim Rickards and Alex Stanczyk, The Gold Chronicles March 2018 Topics Include: *Update on 3rd Great Gold Bull Market *Proper portfolio allocation when it comes to gold *The difference in mindset between investors that are trying to accumulate wealth, versus investors who have wea ...…
As Iran jockeys for greater influence in a changing Middle East, how are nearby Arab states responding? Asia Institute political analysts Dr Kylie Baxter and Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert unpack the fast-evolving geopolitics of a region noted for its perpetually colliding interests. Presented by Ali Moore. More information about this and other episode ...…
This week, we talk the geopolitical menace of John Bolton as National Security Advisor, Cynthia Nixon's progressive NY Gubernatorial campaign, the #March4OurLives, and the #InequalityTownHall.
This week our boys are digging into the 2017 doping documentary/geopolitical thriller, Icarus. Strap in and enjoy the ride!
In Episode Five of the CounterVortex podcast, Bill Weinberg makes the case that despite the official ideology of "socialism with Chinese characteristics" and the revival of rhetoric and imagery from the Mao era, media commentators are off base in their comparison of Xi Jinping and Mao Zedong. The new personalistic dictatorship of Xi is appropri ...…
Revolutions, Imperialism and International Law Robert Knox Tor Krever Eric Loefflad Historical Materialism 2017 (London) International Imperialism, International Law and Race in the Haitian Revolution Robert Knox The origins of enmity in international law Tor Krever The Gift of Scottish Backwardness: ‘Revolutions from Above’ and the Geopolitics ...…
In this episode, I’m talking to Darryl Mitteldorf who shares what is unique about men facing cancer and other insights and perspective from helping folks as the oncology social worker. Darryl goes above and beyond to help men who face cancer as well as the gay and lesbian community in dealing with cancer through many innovative projects deliver ...…
Whilst the US, has been distracted and immersed in ‘Neocon’ wars, especially in the Middle East and elsewhere it basically has no money to upgrade its own countries infrastructure. From Communism to Consumerism Since Paramount Leader Deng opened up China to far-reaching market-economy reforms in 1978, China has increasingly impacted the whole w ...…
Is a Trump-Kim summit doomed to failure or can the U.S. president make some good out of a historic opportunity?
Tai Ming Cheung, Mikko Huotari and Barry Naughton unpack the China factor in the case of the U.S. government’s protection of Qualcomm, and discuss what kind of tools and policies will emerge as the rules of engagement in international investment and technological competition continue to become murky and fraught with geopolitical tensions. Dr. B ...…
Explore the cosmic evolution of all things including symbiogenesis, the geopolitical state, the Gaia hypothesis, and more, featuring astrobiologist David Grinspoon, comic co-host Chuck Nice, and biologist and author Tyler Volk. NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.sta ...…
Charles Bausman is the editor and publisher of Russia Insider. He has worked in finance in Russia since the early 1990s, specializing since 2009 in large-scale investments in agriculture. He worked for NBC News in Moscow in the late 1980s. Charles has an MBA in finance from Columbia University, and a degree in history from Wesleyan University. ...…
China, Japan and the Korean Peninsula tend to overshadow Southeast Asia, a geographically confounding region that was, until very recently, also home to our very own Phillip Orchard. Now that he’s back, he, Jacob Shapiro and Cole Altom will discuss this oft-overlooked area. But first, they address the elephant in the room: the meeting in May be ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Operation AnadyrSubtitle: Timeline 10/27/62, Book 1Author: James PhilipNarrator: Kelly RhodesFormat: UnabridgedLength: 3 hrs and 45 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 03-21-16Publisher: J.P. ColdhamRatings: 3.5 of 5 out of 4 votesGenres: Sci-Fi & Fant ...…
The Strategic Shift Inherent in Putin's 'Sputnik Shock'In a statement issued at the end of last week, Helga ZeppLaRouche addressed what she called a "new Sputnik shock,"delivered by Russia's President Putin. Zepp LaRouche wrote, "Ina trans-Atlantic atmosphere of hysteria against Russia and Chinathat can only be understood as pre-war propaganda, ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Fractured LandsSubtitle: How the Arab World Came ApartAuthor: Scott AndersonNarrator: Scott AndersonFormat: UnabridgedLength: 5 hrs and 15 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 05-02-17Publisher: Random House AudioRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 73 votesGenres: N ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The VolunteerSubtitle: The Incredible True Story of an Israeli Spy on the Trail of International TerroristsAuthor: Michael Ross, Jonathan KayNarrator: Walter DixonFormat: UnabridgedLength: 8 hrs and 5 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 02-08-13Publisher ...…
Now openly admitted, governments and militaries around the world employ armies of keyboard warriors to spread propaganda and disrupt their online opposition. Their goal? To shape public discourse around global events in a way favourable to their standing military and geopolitical objectives. Their method? The Weaponization of Social Media. This ...…
Live from Live Mana Worldwide Studios in the heart of Little Italy, San Diego, this is Joshua T Berglan's Morning Gratitude with special guest Tyree Dillingham and Kimberly Bottger..... Tyree Dillingham is a Sacramento, CA native, but found her passion as a Philanthopreneur, an entrepreneur philanthropist. She is currently the President and CEO ...…
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