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Family Ghosts
Every house is haunted. In each episode of “Family Ghosts,” we'll investigate the true story behind a mysterious figure whose legend has followed a family for generations. Grandmothers who were secretly jewel smugglers, uncles who led double lives, siblings who vanished without a trace...these specters cast shadows over our lives in ways that might not be immediately obvious. But we are all formed in part by our familial collections of secrets, intrigues, and myths. By engaging with each oth ...
A Live Reading of Ghost Stories and Horror Tales for All - Kids and Adults - come and read with us online!! - NEW TIME 3:00pm Pacific - 6:00pm Eastern - Bring your Own Ghost story or read with us!! Happy Halloween!!
An Investigators Guide to the Paranormal.With over 10 years of experience and knowledge of parapsychology and metaphysics; your host, Niko Fontaine, bridges the gap between science/theory and folklore. With interviews, true stories, investigational tips and paranormal news from around the globe.TEXT or CALL US 24/7 @ (253) 271-4420, your story might make it on the air!! Become a supporter of this podcast:
A regular podcast that features the paranormal and Indie horror industry. We feature new true ghost stories submitted to us from international sources. We interview horror authors, ghost hunters and people who have suffered paranormal experiences. We talk about folklore and explore the greater world. Is there life beyond? Art, stories and observations about the veil.
Summary: This is a collection of ghost stories in which the antagonists are various animals. Divided up into chapters of ghost sightings by each group of animals, you will hear of hauntings by dogs, cats, birds, jungle animals, etc. (Summary by Allyson Hester)
Pocket Odysseys are original short stories and audio vignettes featuring voice acting and immersive sound design. Each episode is a delightful audio drama snack! Find us on the web and
One mans attempt to convince himself that it wasn't just the wind...
Paranormal Now
Open life's mystery box with Alan B. Smith as he chats freely withauthors and researchers about UFOs, alien life, cryptozoology, metaphysics, spirituality, wellness, haunting, sci-fi and more! Welcome to this inquiring and sometimes strange platform every Thursday night at 9pm EST on BlogTalkRadio where we plunge deep into the mysteries of unknown phenomenon! Live in the mystery._________________________________________________________________________________________Surprising revelations fr ...
Join us as each season we create a unique role play challenge for our audience and embark on an epic Skyrim adventure of creativity and inspired role play! Join the community or check out our latest challenge
So, I'm just some chick that loves ghost stories. I love to be scared, I love Halloween, true crime, and everything super creepy! I research stories that I find interesting!
Like telling ghost stories around a fire with your best friends, Katy Wiggins and Morgan Drisko are your warm and hilarious hosts and camp counselors. Tired of hearing about the same famous ghost stories? With laughter and joy they tell some of the strangest and most obscure stories from paranormal television shows. So join them at Camp! Wrap yourself in a warm blanket with some hot coffee as leaves rustle around you and spook yourself silly.
The Ghost Hos
Join Connie and Q in their weekly discussions about ghosts, the paranormal, and all things spooky
Paranormal Travels
20 years on looking for ghosts takes a toll on people. This podcasts talks about my adventures into the WEIRD. Ghosts too!
50 First Ghosts
Dating these days is just plain weird, awful, and terrible. People have become so bad at being vulnerable and courteous that they stoop so low as to "ghost" on someone. This podcast will follow my adventures of dating after a bad breakup, in a new city (Los Angeles), within a small community (lesbians). This is a podcast for everyone who dates- regardless of sexual orientation, gender, sex, religion, race, or creed. Because let's be real: dating sucks for everyone. After my story, I'll be ex ...
Ambrose Bierce (1842 – 1914?), satirist, critic, poet, short story writer and journalist. His fiction showed a clean economical style often sprinkled with subtle cynical comments on human behaviour. Nothing is known of his death, as he went missing while an observer with Pancho Villa’s army in 1913/14. (Summaries by Peter Yearsley)The Ways of Ghosts: Stories of encounters with the ghosts of the dead and dying. The spirits of the dead reach out to the living, to pass on a message or to pursue ...
Beyond the Darkness
Enlightening & Entertaining discussions about all things Paranormal with world renowned researchers and experiencers, challenging everything we think we know about Ghosts, Ghouls, Angels, Demons, Aliens, Monster Encounters, Mysteries and Miracles.
Bedtime Stories
Turn off the lights, get into bed and plug in your earphones. It's time for a creepy bedtime story. For the discerning horror fan, we cover the most chilling cases from around the world. From the paranormal to the supernatural, unsolved mysteries and strange deaths to cryptids, conspiracy theories and the most disturbing of true crimes, all told in a unique and creepy way. Join us every week for a new scary
Roger Mifflin is the somewhat eccentric proprietor of The Haunted Bookshop, a second-hand bookstore in Brooklyn that is “haunted by the ghosts of all great literature.” Beginning with the arrival of a young advertising man and the mysterious disappearance of a certain volume from the shelves of the bookshop, a lively and often humorous tale of intrigue unfolds, generously sprinkled with liberal doses of Roger’s unique philosophy on literature and book selling.
You Saw WHAT?!
JoJo and Dana are fascinated with the paranormal. JoJo's crazy obsession with UFO's & ghosts and Dana's curious yet frightened interest in the same topic make them the best duo to talk to celebrities like Pink and everyday people about their paranormal experiences. So what do you believe?Call up JoJo & Dana 24/7 & tell them your experience, you may just end up on here!833-682-UFO1 (8361)
The Ghosts of the Stratosphere bring to you weekly comic book related news, reviews, and other related hullaballoo. There are a lot of places to get your weekly comic book fix, we hope this is one of them.
The weird & unusual. Emo-casting. Sex stories. Origin stories. Mythical creatures, nightmares, dream interpretation, tarot cards, ouija board experiences, etc and random shit because I can. Become a supporter of this podcast:
celebrity streams / networkLive Paranormal and Live Paranormal Radio is the #1 interactive online community for everything paranormal, horror, and sci fi.Show list located in extra's.
Join us at Franklin Manor, home to "The Junto," a social club in the classic style where adventures, mystics, and other unique individuals gather to socialize and conduct their private business. Club historians Dave Parkin and Rob Gibbs offer a glimpse into this strange and wonderful world as they share archived stories submitted by club members over the centuries.
Weekly homilies of Father David Neuschwander
A pair of paranormal enthusiasts, Samantha and Jeff, recount their personal stories of searching for evidence of ghosts, dissect listener's ghost encounters and talk about all things paranormal.
The Black Tapes
The Black Tapes is a bi-weekly podcast from the creators of Pacific Northwest Stories, and is hosted by Alex Reagan. The Black Tapes Podcast is a serialized docudrama about one journalist's search for truth, her enigmatic subject's mysterious past, and the literal and figurative ghosts that haunt them both. Do you believe?
What are the pros? What are the cons? A comedy podcast helping you see both sides of the minor issues, hosted by novelists Luke Smitherd and Matt Shaw.
Alien Podcast
Paranormal talk radio covering everything from UFOs to ghosts.
The film experts at Little White Lies, along with selected colleagues and friends discuss the latest movie releases. Truth & Movies has all your film needs covered, reviewing the latest releases big and small, keeping you across important industry news, and reassessing great films from days gone by with the Truth & Movies Film Club. All brought to you by the people behind Little White Lies, the world's most beautiful film magazine. email: twitter: @LWLies www.lwl ...
A rich selection of documentaries aimed at relentlessly curious minds, introduced by Rhianna Dhillon.
Crawlspace is a true crime podcast from the guys who brought you Missing Maura Murray. Lance and Tim continue to dive as deep as possible into missing persons cases, murders, robberies, and family mysteries; while filming a documentary about their quest. Current cases: Brianna Maitland's 2004 disappearance The 1918 unsolved murder of William Dean The John Giuca wrongful conviction case The Vanishing Men of Boston
Shock and Odd
Shock and odd is an oddcast discussing horror, lore and everything in between hosted By Samjamfx and Blake
Beyond Belief
Series exploring the place and nature of faith in today's world
Those Conspiracy Guys is an Irish comedy podcast where we discuss all types and genres of conspiracy theories, paranormal happenings and true crime from Atlantean myths to Zapruder films; from ghosts and demons to alien abductions; from werewolves and vampires to CIA assassins and Russian spies. We have a big episode every two weeks, a True Crime show every other week and loads of other stuff every so often and you can head over to the website for details.Our aim is to cast a light into the ...
The most compleat and amazing reference to the world of Harry Potter
Weekly message from our community of faith in Calgary AB Canada. We understand we're all on a life-long journey of discovering who God is and a more accurate perception of ourselves. We realize that God has in his imagination an idea of who we can become that is not possible without His grace that accepts us as we are and, at the very same time, calls us forward to live like Jesus did. It means we've taken our hands off the religious panic button, and abandoned quick answers and worn out rhe ...
A DAILY paranormal podcast filled with real ghost stories of horror, told by real people. Stories that encompass all areas of the paranormal, supernatural, demonic, ghost investigations, haunted houses, possessions, shadow people, the unexplained and more. Some listeners describe our true ghost stories as “a podcast full of great spooky stories”. Another listener writes “not the same old boring zombies, vampires, witches and werewolves! This is the best ghost story podcast out there”, and an ...
Paranormal Encounters Podcast Series is proud to be among "the best in paranormal radio" as heard on the Para-X Radio Network ( or on Thursday evening from 11:00 PM-12:00 AM EST. Dr. Kelly Renee Schutz is the producer and host of this series. Paranormal topics, interviews, Maynard and Mildred, and stories are the main attractions of the show. Educational, Entertaining, and Intriguing. Dr. Schutz has encountered nearly 100 unexplained experiences since ...
Cousins Coven - Paranormal Research Cousins Coven is an up and coming podcast consisting of cousins who are searching for enlightenment. Our goal is to be a paranormal research podcast based on personal opinions and interpretations gathered from experience, education and research. In our podcast we will be discussing everything from the occult, Cryptozoology, to flying saucers and beyond. Our team currently consists of 2: Sharon has been a practicing Witch for 8 years. Her knowledge will hel ...
Happy Face
For Melissa Moore, 1995 was a nightmare. That’s the year the teenager learned her father, Keith Hunter Jesperson, was a serial killer. It’s also the year Melissa Moore’s doubt spiral began: When you look like your father, and you share his intelligence and charisma, how do you know you’re not a psychopath, too? Happy Face is the story of Keith Hunter Jesperson, his brutal crimes, and the cat and mouse game he played with detectives and the media. But it’s also the story of the horrific legac ...
The Back Half
Join Tom Gatti and Kate Mossman for the best of the New Statesman's arts and books pages, in your ears every other Thursday. Send noniversary suggestions and other comments to
Mysterious Radio
Subscribe on Apple Podcasts now to enjoy new editions released bi-weekly! Join K-Town as she takes a serious approach to some of the most intriguing conversations with experts around the world. You'll hear subjects on everything from real hauntings, aliens encounters, the unexplained, strange creatures, spirituality, true crime, conspiracies, ancient history, mysterious disappearances, the occult and more. Get access to hundreds of hours of interviews for supporting Mysterious Radio on Patreon!
Your Maryland
Since 2002, "Your Maryland" hosted by Ric Cottom, has presented little-known human interest stories from Maryland's past. Beginning with accused witches and the murderous career of John Dandy in the earliest days of the colony, through Morgan State's fabled "Ten Bears" in the 1970's, the show covers nearly four centuries of heroes, scoundrels, floods, fires, riots, plots, athletes (two-and four-legged), beautiful spies, brilliant writers, misunderstood pirates, and ghosts. All of that c ...
Justin Robert Young is a man with a lot to say. If you don't listen to him, who will?
Devin, Joe and Steve have always been curious. Though they don’t have any formal education to guide them, they sit down every week to discuss unsolved mysteries of all kinds: weird noises, strange website and horrific suicides that look a lot like murders. They take a skeptical approach, but never discount the truly odd nature of the world.
World famous UFO and paranormal researcher, writer and publisher Timothy Green Beckley hosts his own podcast with Tim Swartz on KCOR featuring interviews and information from some of the top names in the field.
The Basement Yard
The Basement Yard is a podcast ran by me, Joe Santagato. I would write a long description about what this podcast will be about but I'm not even sure.. Enjoy!
Tales from Appalachia
Binnall of America
An outlet for live programming from the BoA franchise.
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BEYOND the DARKNESS finds light in the dark with Bill Bean as we examine Things Stranger than Fiction!Bill Bean is an exorcist, investigator and experiencer of the darkest aspects of the paranormal. Today he stops by to share some new tales of malevolent forces. We also discuss Aliens, Sasquatch and their place in the universe and possible orig ...…
Ozarks Paranormal Society founder and "Ghost Adventures'" featured 'Haunted Natchez Trace' paranormal researcher / author, BUD STEED, returns on-air LIVE with The Ghost Host Sophia Temperilli on, THIS SATURDAY, 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm primetime U.K. GMT!! Listen and chat LIVE:)
After a TERRBLE start to the show this week, full of silence and pregnant pauses, the bit where the boys ask Are You Sure? about WINNING THE LOTTERY is actually rather good... so stick with it! Matt has the answer to last week's photos-of-Hitler mystery, and Luke gets into yet another well-meaning misunderstanding with a nice member of the publ ...…
BEYOND the DARKNESS Supernatural News/ParaShare is ready for your listening pleasure!LISTEN FREE HERE--> Audio proof of one of the most fantastic UFO accounts released, Alien & Dark Metal Skulls are in the news, Entertainment News PLUS Your stories today!Story link with audio about school children seeing UFO: ...…
After a TERRBLE start to the show this week full of silence and pregnant pauses, the bit where the boys ask Are You Sure? about WINNING THE LOTTERY is actually rather good... so stick with it! Matt has the answer to last week's photos-of-Hitler mystery, and Luke gets into yet another well-meaning misunderstanding with a nice member of the public.…
It’s Time for More Game Show Goodness on this month’s bonus episode of Ghosts of the Stratosphere! On this week’s show: The Ghosts welcome back our newlywed rookie couple Zach and Ashley, for some good ol’ fashioned couples comic book fun! First, there’s a rookie read pile of that famous New Teen Titans story “The Judas Contract. Second, the ne ...…
This episode is about Jean Wallace - the fascinating New York native who became an Ozarkian legend. Her second sight stories became the stuff of legends. She also may have been related to Braveheart. We talk about the backwoods energy drink guy, Nellie Olsen, and music (imagine that).
The Berlin-based Argentinian artist, Tomás Saraceno, trained as an architect. He was struck by the beauty of spider webs, their structural intricacy and began making them into sculptural works. Then he realised that every time a spider tugs a string as it spins a web, or moves along the silken strands, this causes vibrations. Using microphones ...…
There's something strange in the frozen food aisle. // The voice of Madison is Christina Gayton. The writer and director of Overkill is Lia Hagen, and sound is by Juan Giordano.
Keystone State Paranormal Presents on
Let’s Talk with Just Jenna & Niki Paraunnormal - tonight at 11pm EST on Guest Kurtis Miller - listen live at Our Guest Kurtis Miller is a Tour Guide at the VERY HAUNTED Edinburgh Manor in Iowa- he is also the founder of Unseen Entities Paranormal- tune in tonight- LIVE @ 11pm EST. for the show- only on ...…
ParaHolics on Debut Show
70 Million reporter, Ruxandra Guidi, chronicles how activists and reformers are succeeding in cutting the jail population, diverting drug arrests, and increasing accountability for local police in Harris County, Texas.
Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna host a live Vault episode to talk about serial killer Samuel Little, and other recent developments in true crime and Crawlspace Media. First, Chloe joins us to talk about the reaction from last week's Brianna Maitland episode with Lou Barry. Chloe also talks about her blog which you can visit here: http://chloe ...…
The Guys chat about going home for the holidays, Mike accuses Chris of having an ice cold heart, and they listen to a voicemail about heroics. Later, they open up the mailbag for a follow up, a story about getting confronted by a girlfriend's dad, and Mike gets a performance review. Submit your questions/stories at Follo ...…
In this episode of YBYW, we talk about exactly what the title says. We start off talking about our weird dreams and eventually land on the topic of murder. In case you didn't know, murder is not cool. YouTube:
Sometimes it’s best to stick to what you know! And we know comic books and cartoons, folks! It’s our bread ‘n butta! On this week’s show: The Ghosts of the Stratosphere spend the entire show on one topic: the Top 10 Greatest Animated Series based on Comic Books! Which of your favorites made our list??? Listen on to find out! https://ghostsofstr ...…
This week's episode revolves around the Southern United States trickster Brer Rabbit. Listen as Brer Rabbit continuously gets himself into sticky situations and use his cool and whit to get out of trouble time and time again.
Marcy tells us about Maine's Pocomoonshine Lake Monster. We have the wildly entertaining Sara Coates (Z Nation) with us telling us about some pretty freaky experience she had with her family. And keeping in the family theme we have a whole family call in with their shared experience. It's a wild one! Zola, the wedding company that will do anyth ...…
Documentary adventures that encourage you to take a closer listen. This episode follows a line of connection through four women across two referendums to explore the unexpected consequences of talking about abortion. Starting on live television at a beauty pageant, we hear from a journalist, a radio producer, the founder of a woman's clinic and ...…
John Ventre Presents... on
From UFOs, wormholes and cryptids, to cattle mutilations and poltergeists, a remote property in Northern Utah has been described as a Disneyland of paranormal and supernatural phenomena. A case that has turned the heads of even some of the most ardent of sceptics, we recount the tales from Skinwalker Ranch.ABOUT THE PODCASTTurn off the lights, ...…
Child Abduction, it is one of the scariest things that can happen. This week we talk about two strange cases of child disappearances. The strange disappearance of Bobby Dunbar and the horrific abduction of Adam Walsh. This weeks topic was chosen by: @Madamechel on Instagram =) If you would like to support us you can do so ...…
Discussing the annoying strangers I run into who think a girl’s problems can be fixed with their physical compliments. How wrong they are. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Superheroes are a part of every boy's (and girl's) life. They stand for justice, as well as hope of heroism in a misfit world. However, they also are an introduction into a darker and more occult world, filled with mysticism, paranormal activity, and sceintific anomolies, that stimulate the creative fantasy of the mind, opening it up to portals ...…
Join us as we talk about superstitions and the possible origins of Friday the 13th!! And listen to how we sound when we record after a long night at work lol...Randomness runs rampant!!! Join the RTP Apocalypse!!!
BEYOND the DARKNESS has Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers with documentarian Jeremy Corbell!Former Government physicist Bob Lazar made headlines world-wide in 1989 when he came forward with his account of reverse-engineering an alien spacecraft for the US Military. The reason the public even knows the name Area 51 is because Lazar talked abou ...…
Solving the mysteries one curse word at a time. This is an anything goes
Pacific Coast Haunts founder ROB HERNANDEZ and KATRINA WEIDMAN promotes #S3 of 'Paranormal Lockdown' on Destination America; ALL IN ONE SHOW LIVE!!:)
BEYOND the DARKNESS takes you deep into the strange this week with Supernatural News & ParaShare!This week there are more reasons to avoid the ocean, the return of Snallygaster, Alien Skulls, Green Balls and More!PLUS your stories of unusual encounters.Sit back, Tune In & Shut Up....this is OUR TIME PEOPLE!Lovingly yours, Dave & Tim Support our ...…
Holy Cow! It's been an amazing first year and a half of I Wanted to Also Ask About Ghosts. We wanted to showcase some of the best interview answers from Season 1 as a special December episode. Please enjoy a selection from all TEN episodes and stay tuned for the Best Of: Season 2!
In this episode, the trio toured the old Travis County Jail and lived to tell the tale. Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion! Thanks for listening! Share your stories/thoughts/feelings/emotions about the show with us at We'd love to hear from you! Instagram: spooky_chat_podcast Find us on Facebook too! Musi ...…
Ozarks Mysteries rocks out with the legend of Ronnie Self, one of the fiercest, and as Stevie says, fantastic, of the Ozarkian musicians. From the stories to the songs, we explore this unique and largely unknown hero. Dale tells his Neil Young story about Ronnie. Stories from other Ozarks legends are told.…
Music writer and broadcaster Ann Powers explores Joni Mitchell’s impact on her fans and on songwriting. "Even the songs of hers I’ve heard a thousand times can still give me the weird feeling that she knows me personally," she says. In the month of Joni Mitchell’s 75th birthday, Ann Powers considers what it is about her music that speaks to peo ...…
This Thursday Paranormal Investigator Mike Casey joins My Darkest Hour for a full hour of Paranormal talk. We discuss investigations and experiences. So Check It out!
I Am Because I Am, explores the expansion of gender identity and presumed roles in our society. A look beyond the socially constructed ideas of what is male, female, masculine or feminine. Especially considering Trump’s administration attempts to redefine gender to be solely based on a person’s genitalia at birth. Thus potentially threatening T ...…
Benjie Nycum is back again to unpack the final B4 Pro Prac. assignment and talk all things Architecture!
Tim, Lance, and Chloe of Crawlspace talk to former police chief and current private investigator Lou Barry about Brianna Maitland's disappearance. In this episode we play off of former episode information and declare some moments about this mystery fact or speculation. Follow us on social media: ...…
The Guys talk about Mike's "dating" process, and open up the mailbag to answer questions about hair, rapper names, and a story about high school "blackmail". Submit your questions/stories at Follow Guys Night Out on Twitter and Instagram: @GuysNightOutPod @MichaelLenoci @LevChrisLev Check out our Patreon at www.Patreon.c ...…
Castle, Tim, DeAnn, and Silent Don get together and discuss Aleister Crowley, the wickedest man in the world. From his practice of black magic to the summoning of demons. Aleister Crowley did everything he shouldn't have.
Lost Limbs Foundation Radio Ben Hansen
Celebrating our 50th show milestone? Hardly. 51st Show milestone? Now that’s something to crow about! On this week’s show: With the first 50 shows in the bag, the Ghosts welcome back their resident rookie, Zach Josebeck, to grill him on what comic book knowledge he has learned over the course of all those episodes. Top 10 Avengers? Who is Adam ...…
This week is the American Indian trickster, Coyote. In this episode, you'll take a journey with Coyote from the origin to creating constellations. Most importantly, you'll find out why you should always floss after every meal.
Happy Thotsgiving! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Betsy tells us about the haunted history of Alcatraz. Man in demand, we have Oscar Montoya (UCB's Drag Race) telling us about his truly terrifying recurring nightmare and other spooky tales. And We have a bone chilling listener story too! Sign up for FabFitFun today! FabFitFun boxes make amazing gifts for the holidays! Use our code FUNNYFEELING ...…
Singer-songwriter Emma Lee Moss (aka Emmy the Great) returns to the playground to re-explore one of her earliest musical influences, the clapping game. Emma finds the playground very much alive with song, new and old . So how is this seemingly old-fashioned pastime surviving in an age of YouTube and smart phones? Emma speaks to children and res ...…
The girls get into some of their favorite conspiracies including the Free Masons, Jack the Ripper, Paul McCartney, Making a murderer and more. If you would like to support us you can do so Like what you heard? Rate us on iTunes, or where ever you listen, these ratings and reviews helps tell podcast apps we're a pod ...…
A wonderful interview with Renee Harper author of Paranormal Arizona!! She goes into what got her into the paranormal as well as some of her personal stories.
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