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Best Gig Lifestyle podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Gig Lifestyle podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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How I Get By
How I Get By is a show about what happens when the pursuit of happiness meets the pursuit of a paycheck. It’s a show about how people stay afloat—whether it’s with a dream job or a B.S. one, a job from hell or… no job.
Companies today are facing a global war for talent. At the same time, the talent with the skills companies are fighting over wants more flexibility around the way they work and the way they live. Talent now has a choice and this is pushing companies to change. We will bring together thought leaders, staffing experts, and top freelancers to talk about the changing nature of work and how companies can navigate these changes to attract talent that will alter the course of their business to ensu ...
The Money Making Minute features creative ways to make more money, save extra cash, and invest for the future. Hosted by Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation.
Living Freelance
Hosted by Randy Streu, Living Freelance features interviews with top authors and professionals on the business and lifestyle of gig working.
A Band of Gamers
Gaming and music discovery in one podcast. Three best mates get together bi-weekly to talk about video games and recommend a record you may have otherwise missed. Grab a beer and join the conversation.
Lifestyle Recordings is a London based drum & bass label, promoting the Lifestyle vibe and always on the look out for up-and-coming talent. Lifestyle has been steadily expanding its fanbase over the years, from hosting nights in legendary London club Cable (and even its infamous final gig at Crucifix Lane) to Lifestyle tracks being supported by the likes of BBC 1Xtra, Optiv & BTK, Zero T, Maztek and heard on dancefloors all over the world.The current active label artist roster includes local ...
Newcastle Live is the definitive online entertainment and lifestyle guide for Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter. Our podcast is a mix of of interviews with local and national touring artists, reviews, gig previews and highlighting everything awesome in Newcastle, NSW Australia.
Jason and Jami Balmet from Our Work at Home Life share all of their online business strategies, tips, and tricks that they've gained over the years working and growing in the online space. You can learn how to apply what they've learned to help you build your own online business, whether you want a small side income, or a full time work-from-home gig. Jason and Jami support their family and lifestyle in this way, and so can you!
The Against the Grain Podcast, A woodworking podcast discussing the task at hand
The 1099
The 1099 is an interview-based podcast that highlights the best writers, YouTubers, developers, publishers, and people in video games and beyond. Founded by Josiah Renaudin and hosted by Joseph Knoop, the duo brings on guests from all over the industry to talk about what they do, current trends, and methods for breaking into games.Big thanks to Simon Viklund for writing the original theme music (you can check out his work at www.simonviklund.com) and Zach Buckley for the remix(find his work ...
Opt Out Life
The no B.S. guide to living the modern “good life”. Hosted by subversive millionaires Dana Robinson and Nate Broughton, the Opt Out Life podcast explains exactly how creative hustlers are turning side gigs into real income and taking back control of their time. From their studio in sunny San Diego, the Opt Out Life welcomes guests who are solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, travelers, and creatives, who are proof that you can choose lifestyle over money . . . But still make money, too. Each episode ...
Life Self Mastery Podcast is an interview based show where I interview online entrepreneurs who started their businesses and scaled up their businesses to improve their lifestyles.
Chris The Brain, real-life supervillain, marketing consultant, and corporate iconoclast talks with young professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders about living in today's crazy world of startups, the "Gig Economy," and conflicting cultures. Every episode goes deep on our common experiences, and then nice and shallow discussion on EDC, tech lifestyles, fashion, and gear.
A show about everything, but nothing at the same time. We are two guys who took jobs away from our families who reside in a camper (separate campers) living the geo bachelors lifestyle. We discuss camper life, fitness, crossfit as well as anything that comes up
Coming at you straight from the world of 1970s action movies and TV, it’s Spirit of 77: Heavy Gigs in Sea Side City! Join DJ Anton K and our players, John, Bob, Jason and Jim, as they embark on a story full of muscle cars and Magnums, kung-fu and car crashes, disco, detectives and destruction! Not your daddy’s D&D; this role playing game takes place in the 1970s that only existed in movies and TV of the time! Get ready for funky action and cool grooves!
Guitar Nerds
Guitar Nerds is a weekly show all about guitars. Each episode includes the latest guitar news and releases, reviews from the Guitar Nerds Mail Bag, and discussion from the Guitar Nerds Facebook forum. Hosted by 4 veterans of the guitar retail and manufacture industries, and supplemented by additional weekly episodes on Patreon.
African Tech Roundup
The African Tech Roundup podcast delivers independent Africa-focused technology, digital and innovation insight and analysis.The show is produced by broadcaster and entrepreneur, Andile Masuku (www.andilemasuku.com), and co-hosted by marketing maven turned investor and startup founder, Musa Kalenga (www.kalenga.me).
Adulting Explained
Chris Kontos talks with guests about being in your 20's and having to conquer life.
We explore different walks of life! Discussing all things from tap dancing to flounder gigging. You never know what you will get on this podcast. 🤯🤯🤯
Supporting entrepreneurs & inspiring innovation.
Raj Rabbit Podcast
Producer and DJ Raji Rabbit, talks with other DJ's and professionals about Gigs, Life, Current Events, and Gear
Michael Heuer from Sound Design Academy shares all of his best sound design, and audio editing techniques, gear tips, and awesome audio hacks so you can stomp the audio industry and be at the forefront of audio quality with your voiceovers, podcasts, and audio career. Learn how you can consistently deliver amazing audio that truly shines so that you can stress less, grab the gig, and sound like a pro in no time! If you’re searching for a way to break into the industry, hear how the pros do i ...
A Saturday sport and lifestyle show for Brisbane with Margo and Sam Hargreaves 10am-12pm.
Welcome to ONE37pm a Gary Vee lifestyle brand! Each week, we bring you the stories of hustle and grind from the people out there making it happen. We sit down with celebrities, do-ers, and pioneers from the worlds of business, culture, music, sports, style and other industries to discuss how they get it done, to inspire you to do the same. The current state of entrepreneurship is bigger than simply a career. It is ambition, grit and hustle. And it’s driving a new generation to greatness. Lea ...
Beer Breath Podcast is a current events podcast hosted by Dominic Crook. Recorded in his home studio, Dominic has conversations with friends, family, and colleagues to discuss topics including (but not limited to) sports, video games, politics, religion, food, and entertainment. All under the influence of Alcohol. Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/beer-breath-podcast/donations
Please contact for any track ID's or questions regarding the NIghtsweat Podcast.buckyfargo@hotmail.comShow is catered towards the deeper side of the house spectrum. New episode comes out every two weeks from Bucky Fargo and Special E.D. rotating host duties.-----------------------------------------------Bucky Fargo (first show of each month)Rooted in the dark, spacey sounds of minimal/techno, Bucky Fargo takes audiences on tech-heavy ride suited for the after-midnight set. Growing up in the ...
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The post E1009: #StartupTuneup! Startmate Founders pitch Jason: AR presentation platform, experiential marketing, wearables that help menstrual cramps, education thru e-sports & more! appeared first on This Week In Startups.By ThisWeekInStartups.com
In this episode, Rooshy and Justin talk about their background story on why they built Aavrani.By Rohit Malhotra
This is the 4th episode of Guitar Nerds Live, hosted by Mark Packham with Jay Cross & Joe Branton, recorded live via Discord and Patreon for all Guitar Nerds Patrons. This week Mark and Jay discuss what famous instruments have been used for the most performances of all time, and take questions from the live Discord chat. To get involved in the ...…
The last couple of months or so have been rather eventful for Africa's fintech scene— particularly in Nigeria where Interswitch notably attained unicorn status in November following Visa acquiring 20% of the company for a reported $200 million. Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey's much-publicised visit to Africa last month also did much to put ...…
The guys chat about all different stuff and find out what gets Justin upsetBy The Against the Grain Podcast
Ok, so you've got a business idea - Now what? Dana & Nate go ‘guestless’ on this special episode to talk about how to implement a business idea. They share personal stories of both successes and failures that could give you the information you need if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. More at optoutlife.com/podcast/i-have-a-busines ...…
Ep 36: Bulking PRs, Mexico Trip by The Geo BachelorsBy The Geo Bachelors
This week's episode of Guitar Nerds is sponsored by STRINGS DIRECT and their brilliant new CUSTOM GAUGE BUILDER, plus get 10% OFF EVERYTHING on their website, use code NERDS10 at the checkout. Check them out HERE SINGULAR SOUND and their AEROS LOOP STUDIO get $10 OFF ANYTHING on the their website by using code GUITARNERD at the checkout. Check ...…
The post E1008: VSCO CEO & Co-founder Joel Flory is building a photo-sharing platform free of ads, likes & comments to empower creators, shares insights on appealing to Gen Z, expanding their global reach & the magic of subscriptions appeared first on This Week In Startups.By ThisWeekInStartups.com
You know Chris Avellone as the writer for classic RPGs and action games like Jedi: Fallen Order, KOTOR 2, Pillars of Eternity, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Fallout New Vegas, and dozens more. We dive into what makes Star Wars lore so special, and what makes it resonate across three trilogies and countless spinoffs. We also go in-depth with what it ...…
The Talent Economy Podcast with Gina Hadley: Show Notes The future of work is no longer a distant dream. The future of work is today’s reality. Changes to the nature of work and organizations’ fundamentals are finally starting to create space for women and those sitting at the margins. In this episode, I talk with Gina Hadley, head and co-found ...…
In this episode, Rhiannon talks about how to make intelligent decisions and how to avoid blind spots.By Rohit Malhotra
The post E1007: DoNotPay CEO & Founder Josh Browder built an AI lawyer to fight corporations & governments, demos product features & how it helps consumers, shares insights on following in footsteps of his father Bill Browder, & future of consumer empowerment appeared first on This Week In Startups.By ThisWeekInStartups.com
Today’s guest is Michael Dash. Michael is the author of Chasing the High, a book about his personal journey through addiction, entrepreneurship, legal battles, and all the lessons he learned along the way. Michael battled with gambling and drug addiction for many years, until a perspective-shifting trip to Bali inspired him to have a more posit ...…
This episode of The Guitar Nerds Podcast is sponsored by CELESTION and their brand new Celestion RUBY Guitar Speaker - the Guitar Nerds favourite solution for all modelling guitar amp needs in an incredibly lightweight package. Check them out HERE STRINGS DIRECT and their brilliant new CUSTOM GAUGE BUILDER, plus get 10% OFF EVERYTHING on their ...…
The post E1006: Farmer’s Fridge CEO & Founder Luke Saunders is creating a connected network of vending machines offering fresh & healthy meals, shares insights on creating a restaurant-like experience, solving food-supply chain issues, capitalizing on grassroots marketing & real-world virality & using sales data to create the most appealing men ...…
Are you part of the Human Cloud? The Human Cloud is disrupting everything about the world of work, but it’s uniquely pushing the staffing industry to make some fundamental changes about how candidates are found, trained, and hired. In this episode, I talk with Brian Wallins, a Research Manager at Staffing Industry Analysts. He is the global adv ...…
In this episode, Lindsay talks about the number one secret of brand building and how can one differentiate their brands.By Rohit Malhotra
Colin Beavan is a Brooklyn-based writer and life coach. In the mid-2000s, he launched his “No Impact Man” experiment in which he and his wife and daughter led a carbon-zero lifestyle, in New York City, for 6 months. The project went viral, but Colin wrote books before No Impact Man (which also became a book and documentary), and has published b ...…
The post E1005: Scale AI CEO & Co-founder Alexandr Wang creates training data for all AI applications to improve machine learning, shares insights on the future of autonomous vehicles, China’s AI advantages over US, importance of humans focusing on higher-value work & next major trends in AI appeared first on This Week In Startups.…
Mike runs a one man shop just outside of the Denver Colorado area. We have a great conversation about what he does and how he keeps doing it.By The Against the Grain Podcast
This episode of The Guitar Nerds Podcast is sponsored by Ernie Ball Music Man and their absolutely banging new Omar Rodriguez Lopez signature Mariposa. Check them out HERE CELESTION and their brand new Celestion NEO250 COPPERBACK Guitar Speaker - the Guitar Nerds favourite solution for all modelling guitar amp needs in an incredibly lightweight ...…
The post E1004: Yousician CEO & Co-founder Chris Thür created an interactive platform to master musical instruments, shares insights on acquiring 1M+ users, increasing retention through gamification, using profitability as leverage while attracting investors as an international startup appeared first on This Week In Startups.…
Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, the guys pick a few games from the current generation they want to ensure are played before the new consoles release next year and a recommended record for fans of pop/punk who appreciate more than the standard fare. 0:02:33 Side A Video Games Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order End of the generation backlog commitments 0 ...…
In this episode, Olivier talks about why did he built Flesky and what does he do to map out customer behaviors.By Rohit Malhotra
The post E1003: The Athletic CEO & Co-founder Alex Mather is building a paid online sports media publication, shares insights on attracting investors in a seemingly dying industry, managing 500+ remote writers, creating interesting angles through unique coverage & more appeared first on This Week In Startups.…
This is the 3rd episode of Guitar Nerds Live, hosted by Mark Packham with Joe Branton, recorded live via Discord and Patreon for all Guitar Nerds Patrons. This week Mark and Joe discuss what new things they want to see for 2020, and take questions from the live Discord chat. To get involved in the next recording of Guitar Nerds Live simply sign ...…
Ep 35 Landon is going on vacay, and gigging by The Geo BachelorsBy The Geo Bachelors
This episode of The Guitar Nerds Podcast is sponsored by Ernie Ball Music Man and their absolutely banging new Omar Rodriguez Lopez signature Mariposa. Check them out HERE CELESTION and their brand new Celestion NEO250 COPPERBACK Guitar Speaker - the Guitar Nerds favourite solution for all modelling guitar amp needs in an incredibly lightweight ...…
The post E1002: Wealthfront CEO & Co-founder Andy Rachleff on hitting escape velocity at Wealthfront, pioneering “self-driving money” for consumers, shares insights on product-building in 1980’s vs. today, best investor attributes, & the future of NextGen banking appeared first on This Week In Startups.…
As far as my career goes, I owe Ben Hanson a heck of a lot for helping shepherd me through my Game Informer days. Now that he's departed from Game Informer and created MinnMax, a new Patreon-funded outlet, he's ready to share his thoughts on the tragic layoffs, the state of games media, and how he's using nearly a decade of experience at GI to ...…
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