Best Glbt podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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Gay Fun Show: Feast of Fools podcast makes your iPod fabulous! Fresh, funny talk on odd news, social trends and celebrity interviews peppered with a dazzling assortment of cocktail recipes and how-to projects. Serving up sass with five new shows every week, listen to real-life gay couple Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion along with their hilarious regulars: Amanda Steinstein, Sal-E and Gregg Shapiro. Subscribe now and take a fresh new look at the media. Winner of the Peoples Choice Podcast Award ...
Episode 4... Anare Holmes interviews Herndon Davis of the National Black Justice Coalition, and Rev. Maressa Pendermon, talks about domestic violence and sexual HRC dinner and SECRET MEETING....EPISODE 3A once in a life time speech to the GLBT community by Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu..on April 8, 2008, hear an excerpt new segment for Alternative Perspectives, Pride and Politics...and hear Reid Vanderburgh and Marti Abernathy talk about the T issues, TransMen, Transiti ...
Family Awareness Movement Radio reaches out to the GLBT community and friends of. We provide an open forum to discuss topics & more prevalent to uplifting our community. "Diversity without Division"
John Selig Outspoken features interviews with GLBT leaders and opinion makers, discussions with GLBT writers and commentaries from me - John Selig, your host. All this plus music from electronic music virtuoso, Jeffrey Reid Baker. Please visit our blog for more information about John Selig Outspoken at
Total Sports Mag
Monthly+ covers the most topical and news-worthy GLBT sports stories in Nashville and beyond.
If there are murder teens in it, we're there.
Ramble Redhead
My Personal Blog
The Satyrsphere
The personal musings of dirty ol' goat & his Flame Dame. Expect random musings about Theatre, Television, Movies, Role Playing Games, Hockey, and The Impaler!
Academics Henry Jenkins and Colin Maclay use their combined knowledge to dig deeper and ask more ambitious questions than most pop culture podcasts out there – not doing recaps or just remaining on the level of entertainment coverage. For them, popular culture offers resources for asking questions about who we are and where we are going, questions that can be political, legal, technological, economic, or social, but often cut across all of the above.
Lambda Weekly
LGBT radio for North Texas
The Karel Cast
This is the podcast of the outrageous Karel, entertainer and nationally syndicated talk show host/author. Openly gay, straight to the point, this is a bottom line no-holds-barred hysterical journey through American life.
AmeriNZ Podcast
One guy, two countries.
Gay Geek Bizarre
We talk about geek stories, gay news and bizarre topics.
Chubs Gone Wild!
Matt & Tom are two wild and sexy chubs in California who aren't afraid to get down and dirty with their opinions about entertainment, world events, gay culture and of course sex!
Tim Corrimal's Personal Podcast and Blog from Washington, DC.
Coach Cabrina is a Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, Leadership Coach, DIY Queen and everything in between. Join her as she addresses the topics that will help you grow at home, at work and for life.
Atheists Talk is produced with funding from the Minnesota Atheists and the Humanists of Minnesota. We also wish to thank Q. Cumbers restaurant for purchasing on-air advertising and for providing a great place to eat and gather. This radio program is put together by dedicated volunteers and the generous donations of listeners. If you are able to help with a donation please consider doing so at our Radio Fund page. Atheists practices positive, inclusive, act ...
Those Who Can't Do, Whine
Comedian Wendy Jo Smith, better known as the foul mouthed, hilarious singer and rapper Wendy Ho is giving you the full blown Wendy Experience with the help of her entertaining and awe inspiring guests: fellow entertainers, youtube sensations, comedians, drag queens and life artists. Asking the meta thought provoking questions: What drives you to create? Why you so effed up? and most importantly... What had happened was?
Our Better Half podcast is an easily amused but thoughtful conversation with experts and interesting people around the world talking about sex over 50. Visit for show notes and fun facts.
Lesbian Life
Fabulous, beautiful, talented woman. A true creative genius with life-changing insights.
Videos, video journals, and films from Richard Bluestein, Madge Weinstein, and Friends
The disgusting yet deliciously funny musings of 25 year old Cheryl Steryl Merkowski, a beautiful, tan woman, smoker, and owner of 3/4ths of a lung. She has her very own website ( and iTurds feed honaye! Work that iTurds!
Your host is Liberal, Open-Minded, and Gay. Offlmits provides listeners with discussions on advice, politics to religion, to money and sex and a little bit of everything in between from a gay perspective. Straights, bi, gay, lesbian, transgendered, and anyone else is welcome to participate on our sometimes heated discussions.
LISTEN UP Purpose: To provide a forum for people in the LGBTQI community to talk about what is important to them, and how they are trying to help the community.
BluePride Radio
Blue Pride Radio is the definitive show for gay and lesbian law enforcement professionals from around the world. Connect with one another to get the latest news affecting our community, exchange ideas and opinions, and share information from your area.
Nard and Ray share stories on LGBT issues, bear events, personalities, pop-culture and many more.
Podcast for the Fluid Generation
Come and hear me Anthony and Gina talk about everyghing, from politics, Gay Right Updates music and much much more.
Nard and Ray share stories and talk about LGBT issues, bear events, personalities, pop-culture and many more.
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The President Declares, but so does Karel. Do the two line up? Find out.
Intro; Holidays; Chub Hugs, Birthdays, Shout Outs; Feedback; Matt’s Week; Tom’s Week; Lunchbox; Hey Chubs…; Movie talk; Advice; Hot Topics: Outro. Listener Line: 408-69-CHUBS Subscribe in iTunes! Right Click Here To Download ChubsGW271
While it may seem like just another cash grab by candy manufacturers, Valentine’s Day began in Greco-Roman times as a sadomasochistic fertility ritual and nowadays it is responsible for a lot of horrific clickbait relationship advice articles on the Internet.Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the dark and gruesome origins of Valenti ...…
When's the last time you awoke, excited about the day? Well, today is that day for Karel and he shares what that means for you.
Look, we’re back after only a week!! Scott & Cindy talk about some television, mainly RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars & Project Runway All Stars! There’s some theatre talk and a very special Mystery Musical. Contact us at Tweet us on Twitter at @Satyrsphere. Call our voicemail line at 315-728-9769. Until next time, This is t ...…
Right after the news that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam awkwardly denied ever doing blackface, racist caricatures continued popping up in the news as designers and entertainers, including Katy Perry were accused of trying to profit off racist imagery. Some folks were even more shocked that Katy Perry even has a fashion line.Today comedian Mat ...…
It's not love that keeps you together, it's this. And if it works for relationships, why not a nation, or world?
One of most outrageous sex scenes in Hollywood is in the film 9½ Weeks where Mickey Rourke slathers Kim Basinger with all kinds of sticky food in front of the open refrigerator door. Some folks find it sexy and others proclaim ”what a mess!”Today we take a look at aphrodisiacs in food and sex. What’s in your kitchen that will make your bedroom ...…
A congressperson is anti Semitic, but do I care? Plus, things I learned at a wedding.
With the rise of the internet, web videos and reality TV shows, queer artists have access to an unprecedented amount of visibility and while it seems like the possibilities of having a real career as a drag queen are endless, is it really so easy?Today Muffy Fishbasket, the campy queen from Camp Wannakiki joins us to talk about how to make it w ...…
The Tim Corrimal Show Episode 505 – February 10, 2019 On episode 505 of The Tim Corrimal Show, I am joined at the round table with Joe (@Marnus3 on Twitter) from The Poorly Written Political Blog, Francie (@Francie57 on Twitter), Cathy Larkin (@Cathy47204163 on Twitter) and the Let’s Remember To Never Forget Facebook Page, John Bridevaux (@Blue ...…
Swanner and Judd talk about RuPaul; Top Chef; Big Brother; Brooklyn 99; American Housewife; Will & Grace; Schitt’s Creek; Grand Tour; The LEGO Movie 2; What Men Want. Left Click To Listen, Right Click Here To Download
When the big news is how much truth versus lies the prez's sad. Plus, let's cook.
As San Francisco Sinks and Florida Erodes, where's the deadline to do something about it? Plus, are you setting deadlines…
Karel is almost run over again and it triggers PTSD. But don't we all have it from daily dose of idiots?
One of the most talked about names in Chicago gay nightclub history is The Bearded Lady, who is now a bit of a legend because many who remembered her are either dead or were too drunk to remember anything.Today historian Owen Keehnen joins us to chat about his new book ”Dugan’s Bistro and the Legend of the Bearded Lady” which looks at the life ...…
It’s only been six months since you heard from us, but we’re back! Scott & Cindy talk about what’s been going on in our time away. There’s a Mystery Musical too! We would like to dedicate this episode to our dear friend, and fellow podcaster, Raving Rendal, who passed away this week. Rest in Peace, Mags! Contact us at Twe ...…
It’s the 10 year anniversary of RuPaul’s Drag Race, a show, which along with the Internet, has introduced drag queens to audiences that would have never ventured into a bar to see a drag show.Today Jade Sotomayor, RuPaul’s Drag Race #originalfish joins us to take a look at how the show has changed society. Listen as Jade talks about her struggl ...…
Intro; Holidays; Chub Hugs, Birthdays, Shout Outs; Feedback; Matt’s Week; Tom’s Week; Lunchbox; Hey Chubs…; Movie talk; Advice; Hot Topics: Outro. Listener Line: 408-69-CHUBS Subscribe in iTunes! Right Click Here To Download ChubsGW270
In this episode we talked to Caty Borum Chatoo, Director of the Center for Media & Social Impact (CMSI) and Executive in Residence at the American University School of Communication in Washington, D.C. Before academia, she ranged from working with Norman Lear to producing documentaries. She collaborated with comedian Hasan Minhaj on the documen ...…
The word “henny” will forever be associated with Stacy Layne Matthews from RuPaul’s Drag Race because she’s so sweet. One of the perennial meme queens, folks still can’t get enough of the image of Stacy Layne sneaking a photo with her cell phone at the taping of the Drag Race finale.Today the queen of Henny herself, Stacy Layne Matthews joins u ...…
Today is the big show Trump wanted, but was it worth it? But what can he say? And what is the real state of our union? Karel will tell you in six minutes.
Hosts: Nard and Ray Nard and Ray had a game night and went to a Superbowl party. We talked about a drag queen story time in Houston disrupted by a conservative radio host, New Jersey becoming the second state to teach LGBT history, how to turn off FaceTime on Apple devices to avoid the eavesdropping bug, and putting glitter on your dog's testic ...…
First, a woman calls Karel and Ember filthy and he just can't have it, and then, are you crafting your best life?
Life doesn’t always go in a straight line, sometimes it goes loop de loop, like a rodeo cowboy’s lasso until it catches onto something good. Today Ms International Gay Rodeo Association 2019 Alina Whorez Cole joins us with her fellow title holder MsTer IGRA 2019 Jorge Sanchez to talk about her their close friendship and the challenges navigatin ...…
Swanner and Judd talk about This Is Us; Modern Family; Will & Grace; Fresh Off the Boat; Cool Kids; The Conners; RuPual; The Orville; Future Man; Schitt’s Creek; Grand Tour; Jakob Ogawa; The Kid Who Would Be King. Left Click To Listen, Right Click Here To Download
The Tim Corrimal Show Episode 504 – February 3, 2019 On episode 504 of The Tim Corrimal Show, I am joined at the round table with Joe (@Marnus3 on Twitter) from The Poorly Written Political Blog, John Sheirer (@RealAmericanLib on Twitter) who’s the author of the new book Donald Trump’s Top Secret Concession Speech available at http://www.johnsh ...…
February 3, 2019 Maddy sits down with Farmer Dell of the Evidence Based Eating Podcast to discuss a variety of topics around food science, food labeling, misconceptions in farming practices, and some dairy cow biology. I really encourage everyone to become a Patreon, even for just an episode, to listen to this complete program. Farmer Dell and ...…
If we don't stop women, they will murder children, inside their womb, according to Republican men and conservatives. And, the Cold War is starting again. I guess we really love 1960, because we refuse to progress.
When does your health become my business. I mean, isn't it already? Don't we spend a lot of time and money on health issues? So, why don't I get more of a say in your health?
A hate crime against a Hollywood star has everyone talking. But it is neither new, nor unexpected. The real conversation is if you are different in the USA Today, you should be learning to defend. Yourself, not counting on your safety. It's open MAGA season on those who are Black, Gay, Hispanic, Immigrant, Asian…different. But hasn't it always ...…
For years Cooking with Drag Queens star Teri Yaki talked about how fabulous her sister Stacy is and when we met her for the first time, Stacy more than lived up to all the outrageous stories.Today Stacy Yaki, daughter of a preacher man and sister to a queen, joins us to talk about her adventures dancing in an elite nightclub in Manhattan and sn ...…
Karel awakes and asks Siri to play the top tracks on Apple Music and 11 of them feature N-words and Bit##es. This sets him off like no other!
When we first saw Eye Candy Elliott working at our local coffeeshop, we never guessed he also moonlighted as a professional wrestler. This Friday, he's wrestling Sonny Kiss who pummels his opponent’s face with his plump booty. While we are rooting for both guys to win, we sure hope Sonny makes Elliott toss that salad before the match is called. ...…
We all hope for a better future, especially when the year we’re leaving behind was as rough as the singing on Rent Live! Today comedian Carma Rae Gold joins us to take a look at some of our goals from years past like getting in shape or learning a new musical instrument and how to get on with this year’s goals while having a little sexy fun alo ...…
Hosts: Nard and Ray Nard went to a pool party in the middle of January. Ray made wedding plans. We talked about a gay couple who were attacked in Austin, an anti-gay pastor who talked about having gay sex, Google Hangouts being phased out, an object slamming into the moon during the lunar eclipse, and a white couple who got tanning injections c ...…
As the SAG AFTRA awards happen, is Hollywood going too far to try and be diverse for its own sake?
It was a rough weekend for fans of Valentina as she was sent home twice, first on RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars, then when her character, Angel, went home to Jesus in the the live version of Rent the Musical. Today, Sylvia Nix, from the debut Season of Camp Wannakiki joins us to talk about the she-larious bumps in the road for what was to be Ren ...…
The Tim Corrimal Show Episode 503 – January 27, 2019 On episode 503 of The Tim Corrimal Show, I am joined at the round table with Joe (@Marnus3 on Twitter) from The Poorly Written Political Blog, Lauren Mayer (@LaurensComedy on Twitter) from, and Justice Putnam (@justiceputnam on Twitter) from and http:/ ...…
A pastors view of Dallas, Texas for the last 30 Years.
January 27, 2019 This week we're joined by Chelsea Pine author of the children's book "Sinky Stardust Feet". Many folx ask us about our recommendations for children's books and we can't recommend this book, "Stinky Stardust Feet" enough. From the about page: "Stinky Stardust Feet gives kids and parents an opportunity to discuss science, religio ...…
The gov shutdown ends, for three weeks. Why today? Two words, and they ain't border wall.
Gold Medal Unbleached Flour has decided to be recalled, how can flour be bad. This is ridiculous. Plus, why doesn't the Senate and Congress realize they can open government without trump? Do they need civics lessons?
There's a lot going on, and all of it, sad, really. So what do we do, Well, I tell ya.
Writer Steven Stafford joins us to talk about his new play “Small Jokes About Monsters” which portrays a family at odds with each other after reading a devastating letter written by their dead father. Also joining us is queer actor Esteban Andres Cruz who stars in the play as Ryan.Listen as we chat with Steven and Esteban about the play and how ...…
People fell in love with Carol Channing for her iconic roles in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Hello Dolly and now the world is at a loss as the Broadway legend passed away last week at the age of 97. Today Lady Bunny joins us to talk about her appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race as the show’s first non Ru-Girl drag queen to be featured on the compe ...…
A unnecessary ban in the name of some God…today is just mean. Plus, what will it take to move forward? The unthinkable?
Intro; Holidays; Chub Hugs, Birthdays, Shout Outs; Feedback; Matt’s Week; Tom’s Week; Lunchbox; Hey Chubs…; Movie talk; Advice; Hot Topics: Outro. Listener Line: 408-69-CHUBS Subscribe in iTunes! Right Click Here To Download ChubsGW269
When reflecting on the life of such a sign of the civil rights pioneer, it’s important not mythologize them but remember their humanity and the power one person can have to change the world. Today comedian Matt Brown joins us to reflect on the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., the great civil rights pioneer.…
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