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From Our Lips To Your Ears
Ramble Redhead
My Personal Blog
This is the Personal Branding for the LGBTQ Professional Podcast where you’ll learn how to do business with and market to the LGBT community in an authentic and transparent way. We’re talking about the $884 billion dollar lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. We’ll help you grow your business, gain market share, and impact your bottom line. Hosted by the Professional Lesbian, Jenn T. Grace. This podcast answers questions and provides tips and tricks for reaching out the gay, lesb ...
Gay Fun Show: Feast of Fools podcast makes your iPod fabulous! Fresh, funny talk on odd news, social trends and celebrity interviews peppered with a dazzling assortment of cocktail recipes and how-to projects. Serving up sass with five new shows every week, listen to real-life gay couple Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion along with their hilarious regulars: Amanda Steinstein, Sal-E and Gregg Shapiro. Subscribe now and take a fresh new look at the media. Winner of the Peoples Choice Podcast Award ...
Windy City QueerCast ( WCQC ) is the new name for Windy City Radio, a 10-year-old weekly gay program Sunday nights on WCKG 105.9 FM, which started as the award-winning AM program LesBiGay Radio. The move "off the air and on the net" with host Amy Matheny to podcasting expands the reach to the GLBT community by adding a more interactive and savvy media outlet.
If there are murder teens in it, we're there.
Rebecca Juro Show
The LGBT Internet radio talk show which puts the 'T' FIRST! Trans & Queer news, activism, commentary, music, and more!
Lambda Weekly
LGBT radio for North Texas
Chubs Gone Wild!
Matt & Tom are two wild and sexy chubs in California who aren't afraid to get down and dirty with their opinions about entertainment, world events, gay culture and of course sex!
Can you arrange a list of Rocky Horror actors by age? Do you know who the first queer Nintendo character was? Or what’s in a Sex On My Face cocktail? Play along with Queers, Questions and Cocktails: the Pop Culture Trivia and Cocktail Recipe LGBT Podcast. SHOTS: Five questions that relate to alcohol, cocktails or our drink of the episode; NEWS: Three questions in Queer, Canadian and Cosmopolitan news; WHERE IN THE WORLD: Players guess which country we're looking for from facts and tidbits; P ...
Comedian Wendy Jo Smith, better known as the foul mouthed, hilarious singer and rapper Wendy Ho is giving you the full blown Wendy Experience with the help of her entertaining and awe inspiring guests: fellow entertainers, youtube sensations, comedians, drag queens and life artists. Asking the meta thought provoking questions: What drives you to create? Why you so effed up? and most importantly... What had happened was?
The Lesbian Mafia
LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE FREE!Check Our MySpace Page! Follow Us on Twitter! Uncensored, fun & outrageous native NYers on an International Radio Podcast. Send questions and comments to: Internationally Radio Podcast based in NYCThis show is rated R.(image and references including logo are registered trademarks of TLM)This podcast continues to be possible because of your support. It has really made a difference.
Those Who Can't Do, Whine
Atheists Talk is produced with funding from the Minnesota Atheists and the Humanists of Minnesota. We also wish to thank Q. Cumbers restaurant for purchasing on-air advertising and for providing a great place to eat and gather. This radio program is put together by dedicated volunteers and the generous donations of listeners. If you are able to help with a donation please consider doing so at our Radio Fund page. Atheists practices positive, inclusive, act ...
Game Night Guys
Each episode the guys take on the challenge of learning and playing a new party game. Tackling everything from classic board and traditional card games to games played online or with a pencil and paper. Breaking many rules along the way, these friends take a light-hearted approach to competition where laughter is always the object of game.
The random ramblings of an ethnic, lesbian and random Christian with no shame in her game.RANDOM WILL ENSUE! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
I'm a Sixty-Something year old gay actor living with my angel husband and our two four-legged angel children in the San Fernando Valley.
AmeriNZ Podcast
One guy, two countries.
This podcast is not just for ethnic people or lesbians...we just happen to be much more awesome. Come enjoy the random/relevant topics!
Tim Corrimal's Personal Podcast and Blog from Washington, DC.
SUNSET TO SUNRISE is an electronic music podcast to listen and feel with no boundaries. Here, you guys are gonna get the core from my daily music research. BOOKING +971 50 454 6525 FACEBOOK JAIME MÜLLER started his career in 2012 and has already played along with world-known labels as Matinée (Dubai), The Week (Brazil), Beyond (Dubai), XLsior Mykonos (Dubai), AM Nights (Dubai), Pink Elephant (Sao Paulo), Kluster (Dubai), Metrópole (Sao Paulo), ...
Queer Lives
Queer Lives is a (usually) live storytelling podcast featuring the real stories of LGBTQ+ people uploaded bimonthly.
Did you ever find yourself with a bunch of friends, sitting at dinner or brunch with great conversation and say to yourself “We should have a radio show!”…well, we do! There is a disclaimer at the beginning of “The Show” for a reason! We pull no punches and take no prisoners. This cast includes a group of opinionated, good friends who like show tunes, drag, sports, good music, political issues, entertainment news, good conversation AND the all important adult beverage. These 4 Chatty-Cathys ...
Uncensored, fun & outrageous, politically savvy NYers on an Internationally Syndicated Radio Show / Podcast
Authors Clancy Nacht, Thursday Euclid, and Jessica Freely get together to tackle subjects around the craft and the politics of writing gay romance.
The Lesbian Mafia
LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE FREE!Check Our MySpace Page! Follow Us on Twitter! Uncensored, fun & outrageous native NYers on an International Radio Podcast. Send questions and comments to: Internationally Radio Podcast based in NYCThis show is rated R.(image and references including logo are registered trademarks of TLM)This podcast continues to be possible because of your support. It has really made a difference.
The Satyrsphere
The personal musings of dirty ol' goat & his Flame Dame. Expect random musings about Theatre, Television, Movies, Role Playing Games, Hockey, and The Impaler!
Thoughts of a gay podcaster living in Seattle, WA.
Feast of Fun : Video
Feast of Fun makes your iPod go gay! Listen to our gay podcast every day for fresh funny and honest talk on odd news and social trends peppered with a dazzling assortment of cocktail recipies and celebrity interviews yu won't hear anywhere else. The first gay couple podcast, Marc Felion and Fausto Fernós started the show in February of 2005.Winners of the People's Choice Podcast Award for best Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Trans Podcast and the Gay Bloggies for "Best Podcast" join Marc and Fausto and ...
Videos, video journals, and films from Richard Bluestein, Madge Weinstein, and Friends
Powerful Today
LGBT Conversations of Empowerment
Pink WheelNuts
Welcome to the Pink Wheelnuts podcast. Jump in for a ride with The Fey Driver, you never know where you might end up. Im a gay guy who likes cars, driving, anything with an engine, cute boys and other gay stuff. Episodes will come in both audio and video form, as well as the occasional blog posting about mundane everyday life.
Resurrection MCC of Houston, Texas is a Christian Church with a primary outreach to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community. Our mission is to demonstrate God’s unconditional love to all people through Christian action. Started in 1972, Resurrection MCC envisions a Christian Community that values diversity and is as diverse and all encompassing as creation. Metropolitan Community Churches are on a bold mission to transform hearts, lives, and history. We are a movement that fait ...
Big Silly Homo
Just a Big Silly Homo living in Southern California. Loving life,loving Drag and loving Men. From Jewels,Wigs and Heels to Light sabers, 20-sided dice and MMORPGS. Im a Queen living in two Universes; One gay and One Nerdy. Either way i keep it fun and keep it gay. Just a Big Silly Homo trying to survive with style, grace and a max level Arcane Mage. Kisses Darlings
Equality Matters
The Equality Matters Podcast is a weekly look at LGBT issues and their coverage in the media. This week: The Employee Non-Discrimination Act, Don't Ask, Don't Tell Update, Chick-Fil-A's Anti-Gay Ties, Encouraging News About Religious Groups' Role in LGBT Equality and the Federal Government Puts a Hold on Deportations of Bi-National Same-Sex Couples.
Your host is Liberal, Open-Minded, and Gay. Offlmits provides listeners with discussions on advice, politics to religion, to money and sex and a little bit of everything in between from a gay perspective. Straights, bi, gay, lesbian, transgendered, and anyone else is welcome to participate on our sometimes heated discussions.
Gay Geek Bizarre
Gay Geek Bizarre Official Website
BearPodcast (VIDEO)
Nard and Ray share stories on LGBT issues, bear events, personalities, pop-culture and many more.
Revolutionary Romance brings together people from different sexual orientations: Gay, queer, lesbian straight, and transgender, to candidly talk about dating, relationships, spirituality, and love. Covering many issues including sex, soulmates, partnership, intimacy, and much more with many messages for the GLBT and alternative communities.
Gay News, Video and Current Events...
Welcome to Adrian Xavier's world. Here you can listen to Adrian's alter ego "Mama". This 60 year old cuban woman has got plenty to say so listen up!
The Karel Cast
This is the podcast of the outrageous Karel, entertainer and nationally syndicated talk show host/author. Openly gay, straight to the point, this is a bottom line no-holds-barred hysterical journey through American life.
Sandy Bottom Live From Sydney for the GLBT Community around the world
CallBox 7
A Liberal Podcast / Blog from South Carolia.
The Premier Media Source for LGBT North Texas
I do what I want, say what I want! The random has warned you, so don't come looking for organized crime HERE.Tech news or complaints or tips or explanations, GLBT commentary, random ranting, ramblings, TV and movie commentary, whatever, it's all here, so if you complain about it being unorganized rambling, you obviously cannot read.
Equal Measure is a show that explores unconventional views of the issues that face the gay community, both external and internal... even when the result may be less than politically correct.
Realmz of Healing
In these inspiring shows, Gabriel Llhewellyn-Ari chats candidly with many different types of healers and people living their dreams, to inspire all who listen. Angels, Crystals, Philosophy, Extraterrestrials, Past Lives, Nutrition, Relationships, Meditation, Astral Travel, UFOs, Law of Attraction, Psychic Gifts and Intuition are some of the topics.
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WATCH ABOVE OR RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Bridegroom, About Time, GBF, Thank you Aaron, Queerspresso, Bad Wilf, Gamecastique, CouldaBeenBands, Grindr, Ninja Turtles, Super Hero Movies, Timey Whimey BS NETFLIX CONTEST What is the original name of our studio and what does it stand for? What is the name of the software we currently use to edit a ...… Where Nick be at?, Grindr, Superficial Unrealistic Types, Gorgeous Friends, , Flexx BoolaBy - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad.
WATCH ABOVE OR RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Thank you Aaron from The Media Brothers Podcast for guest starring!, Nicole Graceffa Sign, Contest, Flappy Bird, RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Helix, Walking Dead, XBox One, Playstation Now, Internet Speeds, Wolf on Wall Street, Super Bowl, Awards Shows, Mardi Gras NETFLIX CONTEST What is the original ...…
WATCH ABOVE OR RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD [audio] Back Home, Her, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Butler, Black Mirror, Shameless, Looking, Grindr, Auto Show, XMas Party with Joanne, 31 Party, Gamecastique, Joey Graceffa Calendar Twitter: ...…
WATCH ABOVE OR RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD [audio] 2014 NE International Auto Show, Hot Boy, Test Drive Mustang Twitter: YouTube: Website: Gamecastique: ...…
WATCH ABOVE OR RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD [audio] Retro Gamecastique, Being Alone, Going Out Twitter: YouTube: Website: Instagram: Links: Chec ...… Losing weight, Here versus there, Dumb shit on FB, Marijuana and more shit thrown in!By - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad.
Christmas Spectacular 2013 It’s Gary’s first Christmas Spectacular! We want to thank everyone for their holiday greetings and cards. From all of us to all of you, have a Very Merry Christmas! - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad.
WATCH ABOVE OR RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD [audio] Christmas, State of Trance Year Mix 2013, Storytellers, PS Vita, Winner of the Amazon Gift Card! Link: John Smith: Joey Graceffa: Nicole Grac ...…
Flames on the Side of My Face This episode is wrought with the trials and tribulations of Joey’s life. If that wasn’t enough… we also explored the hijinks at President Mandela’s funeral, the entertainment factor of George W, Australia outlawing all gay marriages past, present and future, Gary’s going to television and the return of Wendy’s arch ...…
This episode was originally published back in July 2011. Just having some fun today, folks! Remember when you were in Junior High School and gross, immature humor made you laugh? Join Toppie, Sassy and Walt as they present a selection of “GROSS FACTS!” It’s all about great green gobs of mutilated monkey meat! Return with them to the spastic sen ...… Chewing on a Marie Callender’s pot pie and spilling the T.By - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad. The Final Official Shade Down for 2013 Crusty Crotches on FB – WTF? Joey Graceffa’s twisted plan to take advantage of tween girls Green Bay Fudge Packer Aaron Rodgers – GURL U GAY! The Olive Garden sucks. Coming out videos and why they are annoyingBy - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad.
Yes Gary, There is a Santa Claus It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The snow is falling, homes are decorated with twinkling lights, the smell of pine and merriment permeate the air and little children everywhere are anticipating the arrival of the big man in the red suit, hoping beyond hope that they will end up on his “nice list”. Howev ...… The 99, New Camera!, Chrimus, Plans for NYE?, Duck Dynasty, Who Gay in 2013, YouTubingBy - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad.
Welcome to CHUBS GONE WILD! Chub Talk, Our Week, News From Nephi, and much more chubby fun! Right Click Here To Download ChubsGW38By - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad. We read this weeks stories and break it down for all of 2013! Happy New Year ladies!By - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad.
Buying Time Even though this year was a less violent Black Friday than in years past, is it really the most appropriate way to kick off the season of thankfulness and goodwill with leaving your family to go out and battle it out for a giant screen TV? Maybe Amazon has the right idea by sending drones to you. In 2014 we are launching Wendy back ...…
WATCH ABOVE OR RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AUDIO Being sick, Mr Selfridge, In Time, Gattaca DON’T FORGET! IF YOU ARE IN THE U.S. YOU COULD WIN AN AMAZON GIFT CARD! Help promote our YouTube Channel! All social media links are below: 1. Follow & promote us on Twitter 2. Like & promote ...…
The Daley Report Earlier this year media outlets reported that UK Olympian, Tom Daley stated he was not gay in an interview. This was not exactly an accurate statement and because of it Daley bravely took to YouTube to set the record straight and declare to the world he was in fact bisexual and in a relationship with a man. This episode explore ...…
Welcome to The Freak Geek: Episode 101 I Ain’t Dead, Yet! Direct Download: Episode 101 - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad.
Welcome to CHUBS GONE WILD! Chub Talk, Our Week, News From Nephi, and much more chubby fun! Right Click Here To Download ChubsGW37By - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad. Just add ..gasm, food we love, Dream Men, Rough Trade Men, Country Boys or City Slickers, Brittish Men or Russian Men, Ask the Straight Guy with Special Guest Star and Resident Straight Guy “Andy” of “Podcastique”. Part 2 is missing, unfortunately. #SorryBoutIt #NotReally…
For the holidays, Toppie dusts off this gem, originally from December of 2010. It’s kind of Sassy’s origin story! Mostly! A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all of you, from all of us at the Smellcast! Write to Toppie at Leave a comment on Toppie’s blog Friend Toppie on Facebook and follow him on Twit ...… Download Here! It’s time for the Satyrsphere Seasonal Sampler 2013! Captain Scott is back with his co-pilot & Flame Dame, Cindy! This week, we have a very special episode of the show as we play some of our favorite Christmas music for you listening enjoyment! We are proud to be part of th ...… Blue Hoverzord Ranger Craig and Yellow Hoverzord Ranger Grus and I celebrate the Holigays Catch up and Clue Getting punched at Walmart Krampus and other festive shit. We don’t know how to podcast anymore. And Skype pissed me off. Call me @ 206-350-6217By - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad.
WATCH ABOVE OR RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD [audio HOW TO WIN AN AMAZON GIFT CARD! (US Only) Help promote our YouTube Channel! All social media links are below: 1. Follow & promote us on Twitter 2. Like & promote us on Facebook 3. S ...…
Welcome to CHUBS GONE WILD! Chub Talk, Our Week, News From Nephi, and much more chubby fun! Right Click Here To Download ChubsGW36By - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad.
Still Alive After HIV A continuation of episode #232 discussing living with HIV/AIDS in the 21st with special guest, James Mikula, a HIV Clinical Pharmacy Specialist answering questions and filling in the gaps between fact and myth. Know your status. Get Tested Today! ...…
Watch above or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD [audio] If you like please give us a thumbs up and subscribe on YouTube by CLICKING HERE! Gameplay Copyright, WhoLock, Drive Mayhem, Thank You Nicole Graceffa, Holiday Parties Follow us on Twitter: ...…
Alive After HIV December 1st was World AIDS Day and this year’s theme is “Shared Responsibility: Strengthening Results for an AIDS-Free Generation.” To play our part we bring to you a candid discussion about living with HIV/AIDS with Gary sharing his real life insights and with special guest, James Mikula, a HIV Clinical Pharmacy Specialist ans ...…
[audio: I got a sore throat but talk for 10 minutes. I’m paying for it now. Special thank you to Miss Brian J!By - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad. Download Here! Happy 3rd Anniversary to The Satyrsphere!!! Captain Scott is back with his co-pilot & Flame Dame, Cindy! This week, we talk about television, movies and theatre for the most part. Cindy talks about recent travels and there’s a rat update! Tune in to hear about our first 2 c ...…
I Love this Guy Toronto-Mayor-Rob-Ford-2663253If only Chris Farley was alive today to see the prime material Mayor Tom Ford was tossing up for grabs. It may not help the people of Toronto but it may have brought humor back to SNL. What will this train-wreck do next? Why in our society are some hateful slurs “more” offensive than others? Why is ...…
SEASON FINALE: Billy and Cricket visit Billy’s uncle at Dark Raven Wood Cliff mansion where Walter Snicker-Snicker (aka Mr. Angel) has been placed in the dubious care of a pair of sinister Doctors. Aunt Tappie, mourning the disappearance of her fiance Roger Bunting, has lunch with the overly interested Porter Boudroux. Sassy fixes another fine ...…
Seeing Eye Cat Today we reflect and thank the brave men and women who have served our country on this Veteran’s Day. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate…it’s not all about you. The blind leading the blind…and a visit from the Olympic Torch.… Gus joins me in a super long review of Britney Spears’ new album, Britney Jean!By - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad.
The Day of the Doctor, Thanksgiving (Alcoholidays!), Super Mega Fest, Movie Disappointments, Special Guest Joanne! WATCH ABOVE OR CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD [audio] Follow us on Twitter: SUBSCRIBE TO US ON YOUTUBE! Links: Tom from Konigschla ...… RuPaul’s Drag Race, Nick Starr, Tarence Mitchell, Paul Walker, Google, Smooth, Skinny Jeans, Spitting, Ron Jeremy, Booty SquirtinBy - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad. What we’re Thankful for in soaps (gotta steal those DC topics!) Why did Dayzee get shortchanged at Thanksgiving dinner on Bold? Did Ciara want to stuff the turkey with Parker on DAYS? Robin runs to the church without blowing out her knees on GH Holly woke up flat chested on Hollyoaks Someone save the cobbl ...… Talkin’ bout throwning down the food surrounded by camouflage curtains Black Thursday/Friday New profession: drag show director. Look for and TheQueerspresso.wordpress.comBy - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad. Download Here! Captain Scott is back with his co-pilot & Flame Dame, Cindy! This week, we hit a lot of topics! Recent travels, Thanksgiving, theatre, gaming, hockey and I also get to introduce my three new little ladies of Project Ratway! Tune in to hear about our first 2 contests for #Wr ...… Turquedai happenings and FOOD Lady Gaga’s speshul with the Muppets must be read Miss Piggy stole the show and made me forget it was all about Gaga.By - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad. Ms. Mabel and her butter ball problems Miss AJ joins me in celebrating Thanksgiving the only way we know how, by being NASTY Lots of sex, poop and food talk. It all goes together this holiday!By - Gay Biatches w/Attitude : Rainbow Podsquad.
Gayest Baby Ever! Our special guest, comedian Kristen Becker decided to stick around for a second episode to discuss how to become a comedian 101 and to take Joey and Gary on a special guided field trip. Hallmark has replaced the word gay with fun on a Christmas ornament; was this meant to avoid or attract controversy? Discovering new planets, ...…
This is the big lead-in to our super-special, big, gigantic SEASON-ENDER EPISODE that will totally rock the pod-o-sphere next episode! Not to be missed! Well… Pretty much anyways… Special guest voice guest stars this episode: Brenda Boo as Mindy and Craig the Freak Geek as Porter Boudroux. Write to Toppie at Leave a comment o ...… Is Billy finna be gay now on YR? And what flight is Steve Burton on? Quinn does the cheese scrape with Bill’s blood on Bold Jennifer gets a fucking vote on DAYS? The library doors are wide open this week in Salem! The laugh track got a work out this week at GH Follow us @SoapSmackTalk and @ThisIsTheTea…
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