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WMC Live with Robin Morgan is a nationally syndicated American radio show with an international audience in 110 countries around the globe. The weekly show (additionally available online at iTunes and at is hosted by Robin Morgan, the award-winning author of over 20 books, political analyst, former editor in chief of Ms. Magazine, and, in 2005, co-founder—with Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem—of The Women’s Media Center. Praised as "talk radio with a brain" by The Huffington Post, ...
Employee of the Month is a talk show hosted by Catie Lazarus. She interviews phenomenal folks about their careers, be it comedian Jon Stewart or activist Gloria Steinem or the Guinness Book of World Record Holder for Most Guinness Book of World Records. These candid conversations may inspire you to finish your novel or start one or simply self-medicate. Her guests also receive the coveted Employee of the Month Award, which falls somewhere between a Nobel Peace Prize and free cup of coffee. T ...
Katie Goodman, comedian, activist, writer, actor, musical comic, and blogger for The Huffington Post, interviews UnF'ers around the globe who are working to UnF things up. What are they doing, how are they being effective, and how can we participate and help. Funny, insightful interviews with the likes of Gloria Steinem, political comedians such as John Fugelsang, Roy Zimmerman, feminists, and unique activists. Go to for more information or follow her on Facebook and Twi ...
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Season Finale: Robin on "everyday courage," lesbian moms, more climate-change impact, hereditary peers, and water on Mars. Guest: Emmy and Peabody winning filmmaker Deeyah Khan on her new documentary about neo-Nazis, "White Right: Meeting the Enemy."
Robin on the long-term impact of sexual harassment, "ghost particles," older women and poverty, and a newly unearthed "Henge." Guest: Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples, on losses (and wins!) for Indigenous women.
Robin on how to protect your vote from hacking and other violations, Trump's War on Babies, and a new low in domestic abuse. Guests: Julia Rybak's unionizing of hotel workers; Rachel Devlin on how girls really desegregated America's schools.
Robin on the murder of journalists, the Supreme Court decisions, and Justice Kennedy's departure—with an extended Fighting Words on how to survive. Guest: Tracy K. Smith, Poet Laureate of the United States.
Robin on children, mothers, and borders; Trump under pressure; Sally Hemmings; and giant Sequoias. Guests: former prosecutor Jane Manning on Harvey Weinstein's trial; Daisy Khan on Muslim American women's leadership. Plus, Surrealism Corner.
Robin on Jeff Sessions' immigration war against women, and on definitions of "culture," "tradition," and "private." Guests: Angela McQuillan on art intersecting with science; Leah Lax on escaping fundamentalist Hasidic Judaism. Surrealism Corner.
Robin on the "c-word," Bill Clinton and #MeToo, Spain's new feminist cabinet, women firefighters, and the Miss America Pageant PR stunt. Guest: Liang Xiaowen's personal report on the state of women in China and the feminist underground.
Robin on the Irish referendum, Weinstein in handcuffs, Roseanne's racism. Guests: Former Saints' cheerleader Bailey Davis and lawyer Sara Blackwell discuss their complaint against the NFL for sex discrimination.
Robin on women's primary-election wins, the Supremes' "mandatory arbitration" decision, Trump's gag rule, and evangelical women waking up. Guest: Jane Fonda talks politics, her hit Netflix series Grace and Frankie, & new movie Book Club.
Robin on Jerusalem's US Embassy, primary wins, & a national alert on chemically tainted water. Guests: Elaine Luria, Naval commander, mermaid maker, Virginia Congressional candidate; Maria Ressa, crusading journalist under attack in the Philippines.
Robin on Cohen, Giuliani, Schneiderman, Spain's "wolf pack," Congress' chaplain, and our 620 million-year-old genes. Guest: actor/director Christine Lahti on sex, power, and aging in Hollywood, and her book, True Stories from an Unreliable Witness.
Robin on what statues teach us, updating #MeToo vs. the Nobels, Chinese feminism—and the green-haired turtle. Guests: Dem. Deb Haaland, NM candidate to be the first Native American woman in Congress; Dr. Gail Dines on porn as a public-health issue.
Robin on #MeToo versus the Nobel Prize, poetry month, and women's long-term strategies in Rwanda and the Gaza Strip. Guests: Daina Ramey Berry on what enslaved persons thought—and cost; Taina Bien-Aimé on anti-sex-traffick progress. Plus a surprise!
Robin on Trump's "Fixer," Zuckerberg's testimony, a new organ in the human body, and snow monkeys. Guest: "Everything But the Girl" singer-songwriter Tracey Thorn opts for in-your-face feminism in her new Record.
Robin on those awesome Red State teachers; MeToo in Moscow and Wall Street; mourning the death of Winnie Mandela. Guests: Brianna Fisher, Leni Steinhardt, Zoe Gordon—high school journalists who lived through and report on the Parkland, FL tragedy.
Robin on Facebook's crash, Cambridge Analytica's pimp, Al Qaida's "feminine" drive, and women keeping men's secrets. Guests: Stacey Abrams, African-American feminist running for Georgia governor; June Millington, "godmother of women's rock 'n roll."
Robin on sexism and pop music, the high-school protests, ageism and lowering the age to vote—and reversing the arrow of time?! Guest: Nina Khrushcheva on Putin's real motives and how current US policy aids and abets him. Plus Surrealism Corner!
Robin on striking teachers, marching students, cranky nuns, and defining "articulate." Guests: Kimberle Crenshaw and Rhanda Dormeus on "Say Her Name" activism; Helen LaKelly Hunt on her book about erasure of early 19th-century feminists of faith.
Robin on the hidden history of the Second Amendment, Hope Hicks, sexism at the BBC, Boko Haram's return, and China's Winnie the Pooh. Guests: Charlotte Gordon on the feminist origins of "Frankenstein"; Masih Alinejad on women's uprising in Iran.
Robin on new anti-NRA tactics; both former "Playmate" and porn star joining MeToo against Trump; breast-feeding in Congress—and KFC?!? Guests: Catherine Kerrison on Jefferson's daughters—two white, one black; Pascale Lamche's Mandela film Winnie.
Robin on repeated school shootings, systemic sexism, fake "followers," the Right's assault on the courts, and how #MeToo just might bring down Trump. Guest: Emily Wilson, the first woman to translate The Odyssey into English. Plus Surrealism Corner.
Robin on WH Staff Secretary Rob Porter and wife-battery, and on House Dem. Leader Nancy Pelosi's historic Dreamers plea. Guests: historian Linda Gordon on her Second Coming of the KKK book; Ellen Pao on how she shook up Silicone Valley pre-Me Too.
SPECIAL EDITION WMC LIVE. Celebration of the life and work of Ursula K. Le Guin (d. Jan. 22, 2018): Robin's Exclusive Conversations with UKL on poetry, fiction, feminism, motherhood, politics, freedom, craft, and play. Le Guin reads her latest poems.
Robin on the abuse-survival testimony of the former gymnasts in Michigan, DACA, and the Museum of the Bible. Guests: Ruth Mandel and Debbie Walsh of The Center for American Women and Politics discuss the historic numbers of women candidates in 2018.
Robin on the Women's March anniversary,, sea turtles—and a government shutdown? Guests: Young Jean Lee, Broadway's first Asian American woman playwright; Yoruba Richen on her film about anti-abortion crusades on black communities.
2018 Premiere! Robin on the state of the world—and of Trump's mind, Orwellian speech, ongoing MeToo fallout, the rising electoral blue wave, and predictions for the future. Guest: Leah Greenberg, cofounder of Indivisible. Expanded Surrealism Corner.
Special Holiday Solstice Show: For relief from 2017's traumatic news, an all poetry program with Robin reading from her work, including the world premiere of poems from her new book, Dark Matter, forthcoming spring 2018 (Spinifex Press).
Robin on real-life solutions to workplace sexual abuse. Guests: Heidi Hartmann of the Institute for Women's Policy Research on the need for more women economists; columnist Rafia Zakaria on what Global South women actually want from "development."
REBECCA TRAISTER reveals the price of elitism within journalism and publishing, and how it decides who and what gets published. Today, most journalists, writer and reporters earn less than minimum wage which determines who can afford to do this critical job. Now, she is one of New York Magazine's star columnists and talking head on Real Time wi ...…
Robin on Moore, Franken, today's real sexual revolution; Trump's stealth judiciary picks; and the weekly gun massacre. Guests: Hana Assafiri's "Speed Date A Muslim" action; Lola Omolola's "Female IN" (FIN) online safe space that went global.
Sexual assault, sexism and harassment in the work place is getting its due in the news, but in ACTUALLY, currently on Broadway at the Manhattan Theater Club, playwright Anna Ziegler examines whether colleges are any more objective than our criminal system. It is nearly impossible for women of all races seeking justice for rape and sexual harass ...…
Robin on Donna Brazile, Rand Paul, the special elections, and winning a beauty pageant. Exclusive Roundtable: psychiatrists Judith Herman, Dee Mosbacher, and Nanette Gartrell discuss "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump" and the 25th Amendment.
Robin on the NYC Hallowe'en terror attack, Mueller trumping Manafort, and why we really need to break up Big Tech. Guests: Jocelyn Olcott on the greatest consciousness raising event ever; Shazia Rafi reports from South West Asia. Surrealism Corner.
Robin on what really happens when women legislate, unmasking Trump's Generals, and one fine sheriff. Guests: Polly Rodriguez on “make love, not porn”—Women of Sex Tech; Angela Dodson on her book of ALL the suffragists—including women of color.
Robin on Trump vs. mourning military families, and the kilonova in the Hydra constellation. Guests: Shaughnessy Naughton on a new push to get scientists into political office; Judaline Cassidy discusses her passion for plumbing and for mentoring.
After getting her start for Woody Allen, Nicole Holofcener gave stars like Jennifer Aniston (FRIENDS WITH MONEY), Julia Louis Dreyfus (ENOUGH SAID), Jake Gyllenhaal, and Catherine Keener (LOVELY & AMAZING) their meatiest dramatic movie roles. With her new Netflix film THE LAND of STEADY HABITS starring Ben Mendelsohn, Edie Falco, Elizabeth Marv ...…
Robin on Trump's attacking contraception and insulting Puerto Rico, California burning, the Rohingya—and Harvey Weinstein. In-depth interview with AURN White House Correspondent April Ryan on 4 presidents—and on her own enslaved ancestors.
Robin on Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, the fast-food industry's secret pact against women, Rosanne Cash, and female mayors. Guests: Maria Teresa Kumar on Hispanics in the crosshairs; Ann Hornaday on critics' tips for watching movies. Surrealism Corner.
Robin on Saudi women driving (!), campus sexual-assault setback, Obamacare resurrected, and the NFL gladiators vs. Trump. Guest: Ani DiFranco—Part 2 of an exclusive in-depth conversation. Plus, Surrealism Corner and A Word from My Lower Self.
Robin on Aung San Suu Kyi, modern slavery, deconstructing deconstructionism, and "the genuine article." Guest: Ani DiFranco in an in-depth personal interview. Also Surrealism Corner, and the new feature, "A Word From My Lower Self."
EMPLOYEE of the MONTH is a talk (and awards) show about what it truly means to have a dreamy job. CATIE LAZARUS, who created and hosts Employee of the Month, only selects good eggs for the prestigious EMPLOYEE of the MONTH award, so no wonder she picked Steven Wright. He is utterly hilarious, thoroughly original, and hope you will enjoy our int ...…
Robin on hurricane coverage, Trump's gutting Title IX, Big Tech malfeasance—and a personal word about Kate Millett. Guests: Journalist Amanda Sperber on an untold story—South Sudan's rapes; Mary Mattingly on Swale, the first floating food forest.
There are actors who anoint themselves activists, without considering that most activists don't suddenly claim they are actors, simply because they bought movie tickets. That said, there are consummate professionals, like Emmy, Tony and Grammy Award winner CYNTHIA NIXON, who will consciously support causes.Nixon has her plate full with upcoming ...…
Season Premiere! Robin on the KKK and neo-Nazis, DACA, hurricanes, North Korea—and the Pope's Jewish woman shrink. Guest: political and cultural correspondent/pundit Ana Marie Cox. Plus, an expanded Surrealism Corner. Ana Marie Cox: » On Twitter (@anamariecox) » With Friends Like These (Podcast) »…
Peeno Noir is Expanding! Actor Tituss Burgess’s real wine company Pinot Noir, inspired by his Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s character viral music video, will unveil a new wine for Pride Week and a rosé. Whether your celebrating the LGBTQ or can’t get enough of the nimble actor and deliriously delightful singer, you’ll feel better about splurging ...…
I selfishly don't want Zadie Smith to quit her day job, but the famed novelist could easily moonlight as a singer. The author of the critically acclaimed, best-selling novels White Teeth, The Autograph Man, On Beauty, NW, and, most recently, Swing Time shared her insight on plagiarism, plots, outlines, and publishing. A regular contributor to T ...…
This October marks Al Jaffee reign as Mad Magazine’s longest running contributor, clocking in 59 years and over 479 issues. Since 1952, the comic book turned magazine infused a childish silliness with biting political depth and orignal artwork. By engaging readers to add their own “Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions,” and even mangling the maga ...…
DAVEED DIGGS, a rapper, actor, and now Broadway star in Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton, stopped by Employee of the Month at Joe's Pub to reveal why Diggs hated working at Pier 1. You'll get to hear him freestyle rapwith Jelly D. and Shockwave, who are both the MC's for Employee of the Month Show's house band, and bandmates of Daveed's in Freesty ...…
An Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Pulitzer and Employee of the Month winning composer, actor, writer, and hip-hop super star performer, Lin-Manuel Miranda can currently be seen performing in Marry Poppins. He spoke with Catie Lazarus about creating political commercials for Hillary Clinton to Elliot Spitzer, collaborating with Stephen Sondheim on West Sid ...…
If you looked up the phrase "comic's comic," Wayne Federman's name should appear. For decades after the late great Gary Shandling cast Wayne as his brother in Larry Sanders Show, Shandling remained close friends with Wayne. While Federman is presently touring with Judd Apatow and has done so with Jimmy Fallon, and writes for both comics as well ...…
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