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Corallus Radio
Corallus Radio is exactly what the title says; a radio show that brings enthusiasts of the genus together in order to discuss all things Corallus. Become a patron and donate at:
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This week we tackle my personal favorite complex of colubrids - The Bird Snakes and Tiger Rats. Jason Hood is the perfect guy to speak on them as he works with them extensively. Enjoy!
We have Tony Nicoli on again for the second time to delve into ETB husbandry and the evolution of it!
This week we will have Forrest Fanning on talking about all the 2018 Fall Tinley shenanigans, a few non-tinley stories, as well as a bite report (Varanus monitors) and what it takes to vend a reptile expo; pro, cons, and precautions
This week we welcome a new guest to the show, Abby Malvestuto!! She's kept Amazon Tree Boas for years and produced some amazing animals. This week we'll be discussing the morph vs non-morph debate!
This week we will be talking about some of Central/South America's most revered and larger colubrids, Baron's Racers and Mexican Tiger Rat Snakes. Our guest is John Michels of Black Pearl Reptiles. John is one of the cornerstone colubrid breeders in the US in regards to Baron's Racer's, Tiger Rats, Cribos, and Indigos. Make sure to tune it!…
This week we bring Dan Mulleary on from DM Exotics to discuss the past, present, and future of DM, as well as the importation process and hand-picking shipments! Enjoy!
This week we decided to do another off-topic episode and we're doing this show exclusively for the reason that I love the species we're talking about - Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons! Who better to bring on than two of the biggest IJ fans out there - Eric Burke and Steven Katz!
It great to hear some insight from the guys that keep a lower profile! For that reason, I decided to bring James Bolar on the show!
John Martin has one of the most diverse collections of Corallus. He is known for his Caninus X Batesii Hybrids and his Amazon Tree Boas! Join has as we discuss all things Corallus on this weeks show!
On this week's show, we invite Brian Fischer and Julian Garcia on to discuss the old days with Green Tree Pythons. This will be a fun round table with 3 guys that were into chondros on a heavy scale before facebook was created. Make sure to check it out as we discuss the old days of keeping chondros and how the community has changed over the years!…
On this episode, we welcome Nick Gill. We’ll be discussing Tree Monitors (Blues and Greens specifically). This is one I’m personally going to geek out on pretty fierce!
Keith has a very diverse collection. Some of you know him as the Godfather from the Short-tail and Blood world. But Keith has now started working with several different species and we're excited to bring him on a pick his brain with years of experience keeping reptiles!
This week we bring on Brian Barczyk to discuss legitimizing your hobby as a business, keeping a diverse collection, as well as some of his Corallus experience. This should be a very fun show!
This week we welcome Bob Guerriere of Ancient Reproductions on the show. We'll be dicussing Argentine Boas and general husbandry, as well as his well-known Maxx Pink Line. Make sure you tune in!
In this episode, we're going to have Harlin Wall come on the show and discuss proper procedures/protocols for quantining wild caught animals, as well as how to properly introduce them into your collections. With the influx of Corallus coming into collections across the globe, this will serve as a great kickstart into giving these animals a bett ...…
This week, we welcome Joshua Parker on the show to discuss Candoia paulsoni, Candoia carinata carinata, and Candoia aspera. We also touch on feeding and the digestive tracks of snakes. This will wrap up our off-topic sigment about these very unique and locational isolated boas. If you like the different more challenging species, please don't mi ...…
I have had a few folks reach out to me to talk on Candoia, so this will be the first of a few off-topic podcasts. This week, I'm just sharing my experiences with keeping Solomon Island Tree Boas! Hope you enjoy!
After roughly 5 years, we bring Nick Mutton back on the show to discuss Corallus annulatus and Corallus ruschenbergerii! There aren't too many keepers working with either of these species, so we wanted to take full advantage of Nick's experience and success breeding them. We also touch on food cycling and WC Amazon Tree Boas. This will be a gre ...…
This week we catch up with Forrest Fanning of Reptek to discuss his approach to keeping Emerald Tree Boas, running a Reptile Business, and his vast collection of Abronia lizards!
On this episode we talk to a Corallus old-timer, Matt Lerer. We focus on the amazing Basins and ATB's he used to keep as well as picking through shipments coming through South Florida.
This week we're joined by Bill Hughes who has one of the more diverse collections in the US. We're going to conentrate on his consistent and annual success of breeding Northern Emerald Tree Boas. We'll be covering husbandry, breeding, and just a general overview of the species.
This week, we have Steve Volk on the show and discuss his impecable Basin collection and top-notch breeding facility. Steve has been at the forefront of breeding Corallus Batesii for years and we're lucky to get him on the show to pick his brain!
Today we're discussing Corallus annulatus and Cave Dweller Ratsnakes. Terry has extensive experience working with both species so this should be a very intersting show! Make sure to check it out since both species are somwhat rare in private collections.
We'll be covering red inheritance, as well as the demand for the color phase. We'll also hit on cages vs racks and the last 10-15 years in the ATB community.
Reptile Basics is a leader is supplies, cages and racks. This will be a short bonus episode where we review their new rack design from their Vivarium Electronics line.
This should be a fun episode. In an effort to cover some of the more obscure species out there, as well as tap into some of the non-Corallus species, we've teamed up with Ryan Martinez this month to discuss Baron's Racers. These are a beautiful under-rated colubrid species from South America, we'll be diving depp into their husbandry, behavior, ...…
We'll be discussing how caninus and batesii came into the hobby, as well as what got Tony into Emeralds. Should be a great show with the Godfather of Emerald Tree Boas!
This week Ike Lightner joins the show to talk about Brazilian Rainbow Boas and Emerald Tree Boa housing. Ike has one of the nicest collections of Brazilian Rainbow Boas in the world. He also has a well-rounded collection of Corallus caninus. This should be a great off-topic show and one for all the boa lovers out there.…
We're going to be talking about the breeding & husbandry of Northern Emerald Tree Boas with Ryan Wolleson! We're also going to be discussing the Ms Willie Line that originated from the late Rico Walder. Lastely, we're going to tap into Ryan's other main interest; Uroplatus Geckos. This is going to be a great show so be sure to check it out!…
We'll be talking about the ins and outs of IBD and the insular boa species Vin is working with
We're going to be talking Ruschenbergerii with Warren Booth We'll hit in some of his field work and Ruschi's in captivity. We're trying o show some love for an, until recently, unknown Corallus species!
We'll be talking Bredli tonight with Justin Julander from Australian Addiction! Justin has worked with Bredls Pythons for years and has a lot of field experience down in Oz. Should be a great show
This week we're starting off our off-topic month with Jeff Lemm as we talk Kimberly Rock Monitors and field observations of monitors down in Oz!
We know a lot of Corallus keepers out there have a fondness for naturalistic setups and we wanted to bring an expert with a lot of experience on to show everyone the ins and outs of setting up a vivarium. We're bringing Brian Fischer on to talk substrates, plants, water, and animals. This guy knows his stuff so don't miss it!…
To start off the new year, We'll have none other than Nick Mutton coming on to give us a genus break down of Corallus and when the species split from other Boids. This will be a heavier topic and we suggest you pack a lunch! It should be very interesting as Nick passes his knowledge on and we hope to talk the listerns back a million years or so.…
Alright everyone, we will be talking about breeding Amazon Tree Boas and everything you will need to know to be successful. So for all of you that have questions or may just be getting into Amazons this will be a great episode, we hope you tune in and we look forward to getting some calls. Thanks - Jeff and Dayton…
This will be a show to remember. We're bringing the Corallus and the Morelia communities together as we get Eric and Owen from Morelia Python Radio to come on and talk about everything non-productive. We'll just be hanging out talking about hosting a podcast as well as whatever else comes to our heads.…
We've got a great show lined up with Norm Friedman. We're gonna be talking Northern Emerald Tree Boas. Norm has some spectacular animals and has produced equally as nice animals. Should be a great episode!
We're having Charles Koutris come on to talk Calicos, Reds, Leopards and everything in between! Be sure and tune in as we talk hortulanus and dive into some of the proven bloodlines in the U. We'll also talk about how these traits are shown phenotypically as well as passed on to offspring.
This will be our October off-topic episode. We're bringing on Andrew and Erin Paris of Paris Reptiles to talk about Crested Geckos and the importance of a professional logo/marketing your animals with proper photography. Check them out at
This week we're talking about breeding and inheritance among Northern and Basin Emerald Tree boas. Ed Marino will talk in depth about how white traits are passed on to offspring within C. caninus and C. batesii. He will also discuss his breeding formula for succesfully producing these animals!
Our pilot episode was a bit of a "taboggle" with learning the software lol. We're doing a quick recap tonight to talk more about our plans for the show and to give you a more in depth view of who we are. This will just me myself and Datyon chatting it up. Tune in!
Join us as we have our first two guests Jason Hood and Nick Mutton! We'll touch on Amazon Tree Boas with Jason at first and then get into talking Annulateds with Nick. We'll be talking about anything and everything hortulanus and annulatus!
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