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Have you ever seen a movie so bad that it's amazing? Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas want to hear about it! We'll watch it with our funniest friends, and report back to you with the results.
GWJ RPGs is an ongoing collaborative story telling RPG series run and played by various members of Gamers With Jobs.
Get Booked
Get Booked is a weekly show of personalized book recommendations.
Our GTD® podcasts are here to support you at every stage of your GTD practice. You will hear David Allen and others interviewing people from all walks of life about their journey with GTD, from beginners to those who have been at it for years. The podcasts include personal and professional stories, as well as practical tips about GTD systems for desktop and mobile, using apps and paper. Start listening now and you'll be well on your way to stress-free productivity.
Getting unSTUCK
Welcome to the Getting unSTUCK podcast where you'll laugh, empathize, and learn how to turn your "stuck" spots into sources for energy and positive change. You will learn The S.T.U.C.K. Method and how you can apply this simple, easy-to-remember mindfulness-based self-help technique in your life so that you can promote happiness and emotional well-being in your life and in your relationships.
Doug Benson, of the "Doug Loves Movies" podcast, and "Super High Me," hosts a talk show where each week he and his guest will get super you-know-what. And then anything can happen. Probably some giggling. Go to for new shows - audio episodes will release here the day after it goes live. C'mon, let's get Doug!
GLT's Grow
From controlling critters to whacking weeds to finding just the right plant for your plot, GLT's Grow is your source for sage gardening advice and down-to-earth tips. Host Patrick Murphy is ready to take on all your gardening questions, so submit yours today . Let GLT help your garden Grow! Support for GLT's Grow comes from Chris Holderly at Advantage Lawn & Landscape Inc. , offering personalized services for commercial and residential landscape design, installation and ongoing maintenance—w ...
Get Sex-Smart
Are you looking to improve your sex life and relationships and explore your sexuality? With compassion and humor, Get Sex-Smart offers real, practical and sex-positive information to help you reclaim your sexual pleasure and confidence. Hosted by Dr. Valeria Chuba, Sexologist and Intimacy Coach.
Every saga has a middle age, and this is what happens when Jay & Silent Bob Get Old.
small business knowledge & thoughts on goal-setting, motivation and creativity.
Get Up On This
Jensen Karp, and co-host Matthew Robinson, sit with a different guest each week to get you up on (or up OFF) new stuff. They'll introduce you to musicians, TV shows, apps and many more things, knowing you just don't have the time to sift through that shit. You can find the previous 162 episodes of Get Up On This on iTunes!Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to and use promo code EARWOLF for ...
Home of the Get-Scripting Powershell Podcast
It Gets Weird
Longtime friends Nile and Kyle are the leading conspiracy, cryptozoology, and paranormal experts in their fields. Or, at least, their apartment. Join them and a revolving door of friends every Sunday for a deep dive into the curious, the unexplained, or the just plain weird.
Getting LOST
Clint and Adam talk about the hit TV series LOST.
Get Your Rocks Off
Musicians, artists and music business professionals discuss the trials and tribulations in an often humorous manner with host Jake Szufnarowski head of NYC based concert firm Rocks Off.
the get.
two mics. two sets of ovaries. too much fun. ...the get is hosted by Ivy and Rhiana, women of color who are committed to social justice, living, and being free. We are inspired by by LaVerne Cox's concept of "possibility models" and the growing representation of marginalized voices in all forms of social media. The Get is our effort to take up space, to share our voices, and to encourage our listeners to do the same. We're manspreading in the podcast world. Won't you join us?
A weekly podcast: Join Dave Pickering on his journey to get better acquainted with the people he knows. Part interview show, part oral history project and part autobiography through conversation.British Podcast Award 2017 winner (bronze in Best Interview category)GBA was nominated for a 2012 Radio Production Award, aired for 3 seasons on Resonance 104.4 FM and was featured on BBC Radio 4's In Pod We Trust, BBC Radio 5 Live’s Helen and Olly's Required Listening and has been recommended by The ...
A weekly exploration of all the things Jonathan Van Ness (Queer Eye, Gay of Thrones) is curious about. Come on a journey with Jonathan and experts in their respective fields as they get curious about anything and everything under the sun.
This fertility podcast cuts through the noise and zones in on the useful and practical tips to help you get pregnant . The show will provide fresh perspectives for someone who is trying to conceive by integrating modern functional medicine with Chinese medicine. The show's host, Adrienne Wei is a fertility expert with a background in Chinese medicine. She believes leopard print is a neutral color and champagne is appropriate any day of the year.
Join Janet M. Taylor, Professional Organizer each week on Got Clutter? Get Organized! Gain valuable techniques from Janet and her guests on how to eliminate the junk to create the space, business and life you want.
Get Up!
Mike Greenberg, Michelle Beadle and Jalen Rose will be combining their unique personalities for Get Up, weekdays at 7 a.m. ET on ESPN. Get Up, get sports, get going.
Got Science?
Get your science on with the new podcast from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Our hosts take on technology, attacks on science, climate change, and more, as they channel the power of science to make the world a better place.
Every Wednesday Mark Gagliardi and Hal Lublin (Drunk History, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Welcome to Night Vale) take the dumb issues in life that people care too much about and settle the argument once and for all. No topic is too small or insignificant for them to dissect and decide! Whatever minutiae you argue with friends and family, don’t worry: We Got This.
Sexy adventures of Liz Gardner
Asian Efficiency is the leading website on time management and productivity. Learn how to be efficient, get things done (GTD), and stay motivated.
A twice-monthly look at the weird and wonderful world of horror movies as seen through the hosts very gay eyes. ScreamQueenz has been featured in RUE MORGUE Magazine as one of the top 25 genre podcasts & received multiple nominations for the People Choice Best LGBT Podcast Awards.
Intertech, ( a leading instructor-led developer training and consulting firm, delivers a series of free Oxygen Blast Podcasts on Java, .NET, XML, SQL Server, and open source technologies. Some of the topics covered in this series include WPF, Silverlight, GWT, JavaFX, and SQL Server.
Getting Published
Getting Published is for aspiring writers everywhere who want to turn their hobby—their passion—into a career. I'm Peter Brewster, a Barcelona-based graphic designer; but deep down I've always been a writer. If you feel the same, follow me on my journey as I try to hone my craft and earn credibility as an author. Episode to episode, you'll hear the lessons I learn, as well as invaluable advice from interviews with published authors and other aspiring writers like me. Let's build a community ...
Imagine you are friends with hundreds of real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Now imagine you can grab a beer with each of them and casually chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned. That’s what The BiggerPockets Podcast delivers.Co-hosted by BiggerPockets’ founder & CEO Joshua Dorkin and active real estate investor Brandon Turner, this podcast provides actionable advice from investors and other real estate professionals every week. The show won’t tell you how to ...
Getting Blanked
Podcast by Getting Blanked
On Cracked Gets Personal, co-hosts Brandon Johnson (Rick & Morty, NTSF:SD:SUV::) and Robert Evans (Cracked Personal Experiences) ask the questions you'd be too scared to ask of sources ranging from modern-day slaves to drug-addicted doctors. Is my garbage man keeping tabs on me? What's it like to kill someone? How good is sex on heroin, really? Brandon and Robert combine compassion with comedy to serve you answers to these questions and more, from real people with unreal lives. Looking for t ...
Getting Off
Criminal defense attorneys Jessa Nicholson Goetz and Nicholas (Nick) Gansner discuss high profile trials, defense strategies, popular culture’s fixation on crime, and all other things related to criminal law. We think we are kind of funny, and hope you do, too.
Grant Baldwin interviews people doing interesting and inspiring work to learn more about their journey. You’ll gain inspiration, tactics, strategy and hope to find and do work you love. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, solopreneur, or employee, this is the podcast for you!
Get It On
Season 1 of a weekly podcast from writer and presenter, Dawn O'Porter. Each week Dawn talks to someone interesting about why they wear what they wear. What does the way you dress say about you?
Literary OG Sparky Sweets, PhD counts down the greatest works in the lit game with a fresh perspective – blending top-shelf literature with street certified insights. From the greatest playas to the worst baby mamas, this series features classic literature with an original gangster spin.
GLT Blues Next
GLT Music Director Jon Norton shares the top blues tunes. Hear music from up-and-coming artists and musicians deserving a bit more attention. You'll also learn a little about the artist, in their own words.
The low brow talk show for the high brow crowd. Smart guy. Dirty mouth.
Enhance your energy, lose weight, boost your performance, and look better than ever in your bathing suit with the Get-Fit Guy! If you want to begin an exercise routine and don't know where to start, or if you've been working out for a while and aren't getting the results you want, host Brock Armstrong will give you the tips you need to reach all of your fitness goals. Get expert information and advice on everything from toning your arms, butt, and abs, to blasting fat fast, to running a 5K a ...
This show has created more passive income for busy people like you than nearly any other podcast in the world. Wealthy people's money either starts out or ends up in real estate. But you can't lose your time. Without being a landlord or flipper, you learn about strategic passive real estate investing to create wealth for yourself. I'm Show Host Keith Weinhold. I serve on the Forbes Real Estate Council and write for both Forbes and the Rich Dad Advisors. I serve you ACTIONABLE content for cas ...
Ever want to know more about the world of archaeology AND have a good time learning it? This podcast explores what it's like to be a young professional in the field. There's also news and discussions on cool stuff going on at the other end of trowels all over the place. In the end, it's all about learning through life and laughter. And it's all brought to you by me, Jenny, a regular gal who really DIGS history... get it?
We tried their way. We tried apologies, capitulation, and shame. Now it's time for them to try something: GET OFF MY LAWN.For more from Gavin visit and use code Gavin for a $10 discount on his daily show.
Not your momma's "Game of Thrones" podcast. Alexandra August and Johnny Kolasinski devour each episode with in-depth analysis, equal parts geeky, comedic, and iconoclastic. Learn more about us at
Your Home of European Football. Podcasts from the Get French Football News, Get German Football News & Get Italian Football News teams.
Training, Nutrition and Motivation! Tips and strategies in training, nutrition and motivation to lose weight, tone, tighten, increase confidence, boost metabolism and eliminate bad habits! Get in Shape and Stay in Shape!
I Don't Get It
The Bachelor's Ashley and Lauren Iaconetti and reality TV producer Naz Perez don't get a lot about this world. These three outspoken millennials discuss the most embarrassing topics openly and honestly. Relationships, men, sex, virginity, dating in the tech age, pop culture, and everyday annoyances, these ladies cover it all, and with no filter! Bachelor and Bachelorette alum frequently stop by and join in the racy discussions often sharing their deepest secrets!
The Activity Pod podcast is a collaboration between Annette Jones from World Travel Tribe and Mel Kettle from Mel Kettle Consulting. This podcast is for people who want to get more stuff done. With our fabulous guests, we will share advice, stories and motivate you to have greater accountability and so you can get stuff done. We will provide tools, tips and tricks to help you take action so you can gain greater freedom to choose what you want from life. You can find out more at www.theactivi ...
Making it in business isn’t about spreadsheets, this or that. It’s about guts, tenacity and, above all, street smarts. Join Sarah Shaw as she talks with successful entrepreneurs about all the hard won lessons they’ve learned on the mean streets of the business world. If you’ve ever felt stuck, stifled or even just scared to get out there and make your mark, you’ll learn how even the most successful entrepreneurs overcame failure and found the power to move forward. So forget about learning a ...
Two film geeks and a geek-in-training tackle the great movies from the past!
For millions of American teenagers and their parents, adolescence is increasingly defined by one all-consuming goal: Getting into the right college.“Getting In” is a real-time podcast following a diverse group of New York-area high school seniors through the exhilarating and harrowing process of applying to college. The series is hosted by Julie Lythcott-Haims, the former Dean of Freshmen at Stanford University and author of “How to Raise an Adult.” The season will chronicle all the importan ...
Sex Gets Real with host Dawn Serra offers you advice on sex, pleasure, relationships, kink, love, dating, bodies, feelings, and navigating it all with ease and joy. This is a place for questions, for laughter, and for learning about the things that keep us connected and help us to thrive in life, love, and sex.
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Nathan Staples, Adam White and Jeremy Smith look ahead to the second week of Ligue 1 football as well as discussing Bordeaux's pursuit of Europa League football.
Tim Kurkjian joins to talk about Jose Urena's suspension and the culture of baseball; Keyshawn Johnson ranks top 5 Wide Receivers in the NFL right now.
WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair joins the set to talk Summerslam and her father Ric Flair; Jalen Rose gives his top 5 trash talkers.
The Get Up crew talks NFL to include Jets quarterback competition, new helmet to helmet rule and much more.
Matt McConkey (Homophilia) joins Paul, June, and Jason to discuss the 1986 action adventure comedy Never Too Young to Die starring John Stamos. Recorded live at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles, they talk about Gene Simmons’ tongue being the most violent thing June has seen onscreen, skilled gymnast Stamos, the Stargrove song, and The Room l ...…
Marty Smith joins the discussion on college football and Jalen tells us the top five most tortured fan bases.
The crew discusses the release of the NBA MVP odds and Paul Finebaum comes on board to go over the top stories in college football.
Jalen is joined by Laura Rutledge and Mina Kimes to break down Jalen Ramsey's comments on multiple big-name quarterbacks in the NFL.
Amanda and Jenn discuss light nonfiction, novels in verse, thrillers, and more in this week's episode of Get Booked. This episode is sponsored by Temper by Nicky Drayden and Book Riot Insiders. Feedback: The Translator's Invisibility: A History of Translation by Lawrence Venuti The Translator by Nina Schuyler Questions: 1. I typically read fant ...…
This topic is an especially hard one to talk about because it has to do with my perfectionism because, I like to be perfect all the time. In fact I feel like I have to be perfect all the time. I want to really highlight this today because It’s taking me a super long time to realize that my perfectionism could be standing in the way of my own su ...…
Can you really create a massive real estate empire in a short time when starting with almost nothing? In today’s episode, you’ll not only discover that it’s possible, but you’ll see exactly how it was done. We sit down with Ryan Pineda, a former baseball player who got his start with just $10k while doing deals from the dugout. Ryan shares with ...…
Jessa and Nick do their best to explain how the verdict was reached in this case by taking a close look at the jury instructions and how the facts would be applied to them. They also talk about their personal conclusions about the case and Florida's Stand Your Ground/Self Defense laws. This episode is proudly sponsored by both Songfinch and Car ...…
So sorry for the lateness. Happy 815 day, everyone! It is also Clint's wedding anniversary! Jake was a great guest and we're honored to have him on the show today. All eps are recorded, produced, engineered, and edited by Clint Erekson and Adam John Daly. clintandadam@gmail ...…
just elise this week with a follow-up episode on the book I just turned in for publication and the answers to some of your questions about the process. shownotes for this episode at
Austin is banning bands and ruining their careers for not following the rules. I don’t want artists to follow the rules. I don’t even want them to know what the rules are. Same with movies. I don’t want to know how actors feel about climate change and the latest tax cuts. I want to pretend they are being chased by CIA operatives through Budapes ...…
The Get Up crew updates the Maryland football investigation. Mina Kimes tells us "What's This Mina" about Brady and Dez. Plus, Louis Riddick talks about the latest news in the NFL and Kobe talks to Saban.
Mina Kimes gives tells us "What's That Mina" about rookie QBs and the Rams. Plus, Holly Rowe joins the crew on set to talk Alabama, Clemson and Auburn.
The Get Up crew discuss the latest on the Maryland football incident. Mina Kimes tells us "What's the Mina" to a number of NFL topics. Dan Graziano joins to talk Khalil Mack and QBs.
It's another episode of GBA Replayed which showcases some of the conversations recorded in the early years of Getting Better Acquainted. This is the first of a four episode GBA Replayed season replaying some of the live episodes recorded at previous Edinburgh Festival Fringes.Rosie has turned one of the shows that we talked about into a book:Is ...…
Dr Adi Jaffe is a world renowned specialist in mental health, addiction and shame who has spoken at multiple TEDx events and has a doctorate in psychology from UCLA. He joins Jonathan to about addiction and alternative treatments, the negative consequences of shame, and abstinence based treatment is not the only method to recovery. Find Dr Adi ...…
It's easier to get people to agree on politics than it is to get them to settle on which toppings to put on a pizza. Thankfully, Hal's bland palette and Mark's bizarre palette combine to form a Voltron of flavor resulting in the ultimate decision to this age-old quandary.
David Allen shares his thoughts on what a good Weekly Review is and isn't, as well as some random tips and tricks from his years in the trenches.
In the silk sheet of timeI will find peace of mindLove is a bed full of Mewes.(Recorded LIVE at the Club Regent Casino in Winnipeg, MB Canada on May 10, 2018.)7 years, 10 months, 7 daysBy (SModcast Network).
Nathan Staples, Eric Devin and Rich Allen dive into the first Ligue 1 weekend of the season and who impressed in their curtain raiser, the introduction of VAR in French Football and the latest from the still open transfer window.
The crew talks more football as part of the Fantasy Football Marathon; Matthew Barry joins to talk about fantasy football wide receivers and Mark Wahlberg makes a guest appearance.
The crew talks more football as part of the Fantasy Football Marathon; Matthew Barry joins to talk about fantasy football running backs.
The crew talks football as part of the Fantasy Football Marathon; Matthew Barry joins to talk about fantasy football quarterbacks.
Rapper Jack Harlow joins Jensen and guest co-host Danielle Fischel to talk about Mac Miller’s “Swimming,” Houston chiropractor Dr Gregory Johnson, how we were late on The Godfather, and many more things you should know about. This episode is brought to you by Casper Mattresses (
When it comes to building strong and defined muscles, the view from behind is not all about the glutes. Having a strong back and shoulders is not only attractive it is an essential part of feeling and performing at your best.Read the transcript at ...…
Listen to the latest Trade Show 411 with Kelly Helfman and learn how UBM helps you get your brand noticed. Displaying at a trade show can be scary if you've never been before. Not knowing what your booth should look like, hoping buyers stop by and make a purchase, and moreover, how to sell best can be nerve shattering to say the least. I've bee ...…
When people (especially people with whom we are close) act in ways that don't live up to our expectations, we often times believe their behavior is a reflection of us - even though we have nothing to do with their choices and how they behave. Tune in to this week's episode and consider their behavior is not necessarily a reflection of you - so ...…
Greeny calls in to talk PGA Championship and Tiger's second-place finish. Plus, Ryen gives his top 5 non-NBA players to watch.
Geoff Schwartz talks the Maryland football situation and NFL preseason. Plus, Tiger finishes second at a major championship, and Isaiah Thomas has some words about Cleveland.
Tiger Woods comes in second to Brooks Koepka at the PGA Championship. Michael Collins recaps. Plus, joint practice between the Jets and the Redskins leads to a fight.
Everyone wants to make more money and work less hours, and in this episode Josh Fonger shows us how it’s possible using simple systems mechanics. Josh is a business performance architect and the co-founder of Work The System. He is an international business consultant, coach, and speaker. He’s had the unique experience of personally helping hun ...…
By (Buddy Allman, Jeff Smith, and Chad Roberts).
Your down payment, credit score, reserves, debt-to-income ratio necessary for an income property loan are discussed. Ridge Lending Group President and CEO, Caeli Ridge, also tells you 15% of appraisals come in low, 80% right on, and 5% above the contract sale price. Can a bank call your mortgage loan payment due-in-full anytime? Short answer is ...…
Ashley, Naz and Lauren talk about Becca’s engagement ring and whether or not men should wear an engagement ring. The ladies also discuss whether kissing your family on the lips is acceptable or not, and if any of them have ever had a “Love at First Sight” moment. Lauren has a stream of consciousness and talks about a traumatic phone call she re ...…
Jessa and Nick discuss the prosecution's case presentation in the controversial George Zimmerman trial.
Antonina grew up with a very gifted mind, and she used sci fi movies and TV to find ways to relate to society. The latest subject: Stranger Things! Support me on Patreon!
Are you ready to sign up for Take Up Space, my online boundaries workshop? Grab your spot today for just $37. Ten lessons, ten worksheets, a lifetime of shifting how you feel about boundaries. What even is the friendzone, how can a man come to terms with his submissive desires, and questioning desirability politics. This week it's just you and ...…
Hello It Gets Weird friends, we humbly approach you with a brand new episode. This week we decided to dive into some clandestine terrorism in the form of Operation Gladio. Due to the somewhat grim and unfunny nature of these operations, the boys try their hardest to crack some funny jokes in between discussing war crimes perpetrated by world go ...…
I start out talking about how productive you can be and if it’s predetermined. I also ask if taking drugs like Adderall can change that amount which gets me on a tangent about being introduced to the drug by Johnny Knoxville and what it was like hanging out with the Jackass dudes. It was fun because they’r’e fun. There’s a moral there and it’s ...…
Bad luck nuns, the fisherman faker, and more on this week’s minisode! Paul goes through Corrections and Omissions for Yes, Giorgio, opens up the Mail Bag, and the Movie Bitches review Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Plus, the next movie selection to get the HDTGM treatment! Subscribe to Unspooled with Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson here: http:// ...…
Michael Collins joins the show to discuss Tiger Woods' day yesterday and Ryan Clark breaks down the top five most intimidating atmospheres he experienced in the NFL.
Rainn Wilson joins the crew to talk Seahawks, his new movie The Meg and much more.
Cassidy Hubbarth, Ryen Russillo and Ryan Clark go over the top stories from Thursday's pre season NFL games and Dan Graziano shares his thoughts on Baker Mayfield and the other top draft picks.
Nathan Staples, Mike Riccardi, Andrew Thompson and Jeremy Smith discuss the latest transfer news as the window closes in England and they make one final rummage for players across Europe.
The Get Up crew looks forward to NFL preseason, chats with Michael Collins about the PGA Championship and more. Plus, Doug Kezirian stops by to talk sports gambling.
The Get Up crew examines the new NCAA rule change with Jay Will. Plus, Ryen's list of great college players, who weren't great in the NFL and Kawhi's Thank You to San Antonio.
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