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An NBA podcast hosted by Zach Harper — aka @talkhoops. Exploring the NBA world’s current events, pressing issues, and chaotic hilarity throughout the season, playoffs, and summer. Zach will have guests from all around the basketball world to offer up expertise, discourse, and anything else that comes to mind. Join on one big tangent.
Commentary tracks to popular movies and film reviews on the latest releases. Oliver is joined by guest hosts Duncan Casey, Richard Jackson and Brad Watson.
Quick helpful parenting tips that will make your life much easier from a mother just like you…
Join Bob Harper—fitness expert and star of NBC's The Biggest Loser—for an inspirational Q&A on living better by maintaining a healthy body and mind. Hosted by Apple's Jay Blahnik, the discussion will provide tips on how to stay motivated— whether you’re starting out, starting over, or trying to take your fitness to a new level.
Welcome to the Insane Growth podcast, hosted by serial entrepreneur (7 companies, $200M in total sales), CEO, author and investor Mitchell Harper. On this podcast you'll find actionable advice to help you unlock hyper growth in your business while working less and having more fun. If you want to achieve 5-10 years of success in the next few months, this podcast is for you.
"Some delights of the ancient town of Stratford-upon-Avon and the country round about, together with a sketch of the life of Mr. William Shakespeare, in which many things both new and entertaining are to be found...and wherein certain fanatics are handsomely confuted." "Certain fanatics" refers to insistent doubters of Shakespeare's authorship of the great literary works attributed to him. The quoted statement appears before the Preface. The book, which was published in 1913, charmingly desc ...
Welcome to Naturally Supernatural, the podcast for those who believe in the full, modern manifestation of the Holy Spirit but who don't fit into the stereotypical mold of a "Charismatic." This is the place for people who have come from Charismatic/Pentecostal backgrounds and love the Holy Spirit but hate the nonsense, or people from other traditions who have been on the fence because of the negative stereotypes they have heard or been taught or seen. I'm looking at you Christian te ...
Monty Harper Songcast
Delve into the mind of an award-winning children's songwriter at work. Download a new free song every month.
This is the story of Iola Leroy, a free-born, mixed-race woman who passed as white. Her true racial identity eventually discovered, she was kidnapped and sold into slavery. Later freed by the Union Army, she journeyed to find others of her family who had been disunited from each other and strewn across the south by the forces of slavery. In the process she also struggled to improve the economic and social station of African Americans. Iola Leroy is a story about race and gender roles during ...
One man's opinion of woman in 1894. Charles Harper believes in the superiority of the male sex and the subordination of the female. He paints an entire gender with the same brush. He believes all women to be identical in mind (illogical) and body (knock-kneed) and vastly inferior to the male. He presents 'facts' to support his opinions:"Woman's Mission is Submission" "for woman has ever been the immoral sex""how truly like nature their tongues say 'No,' when their hearts throb 'Yes, yes!'""S ...
Best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss and her wife Caroline talk about their journey in writing and publishing. And television. And their cat.
How to live on 5 cents a day! How to survive financial ruin without losing your house! How to keep to a bare bones budget and still have money left over to buy books! Tough questions! They were tough questions even in the 1870’s, when Sarah Elizabeth Harper Monmouth penned her quirky memoir, the subtitle of which was “How a Lady, Having Lost a Sufficient Income from Government Bonds by Misplaced Confidence, Reduced to a Little Homestead Whose Entire Income is But $40.00 per Annum, Resolved t ...
Molly Harper
Welcome to Molly Harper's podcast, where I talk about book projects.
Michael Harper
Welcome to the Michael Harper podcast, where amazing things happen.
Jeff Harper’s Podcast, Your Financial Plan, covers a wide range of topics and current financial issues that appeal to investors with a diversified investment portfolio or those who are just starting to invest. Jeff answers questions sent to him by his listening audience and he provides clear examples to illustrate various issues and solutions. Jeff had such a demand for podcasting that he decided to transition his weekly Chicago Radio Show to a podcast to allow his listeners to tune in at an ...
Currently Trending is Harper’s Bazaar Arabia’s brand new podcast about all things fashion. Join us each week as we discuss the hottest topics from the Middle East and beyond – from breaking into the fashion industry to the latest trends, we’ve got it covered. Our editors are joined by special guests from the industry to lend their expert opinion, so if you’ve got a topic that you’d like us to cover, let us know. Join in the conversation on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #HBACurrently ...
I’m an artist, writer, and musician based in Los Angeles, California and this podcast is a place where I document my process as I write letters to the world in the form of art, poetry, prose, song. I also share stories and talk about what I am learning along the way. I believe that everyone has a story to tell and it is my hope that this podcast encourages you to keep telling it. For more information on my music, art, poetry, upcoming projects and events, visit
Welcome to Pastor Ethel Harper's Podcasts where, Jesus is my topic.
The Harper Decade
The Harper Decade is a digital series featuring expert commentary on the changes that have occurred in Canada over the past decade of Conservative rule.
Bishop Grady Harper
Welcome to “Finding Your Soul’s Path and Staying the Course.” Just like anything in life, identifying, understanding, studying, discipline and application are the key to progress and success. This is extremely true when awakening to your self and doing your inner work. It may be the hardest thing you ever do, but the most fruitful and lasting. Maxi, her quests, and her listeners will co-create on subjects that relate to improving the life experience through creativity, inventions, self help, ...
Harper's Young People upon its first publication in 1879 was an illustrated weekly publication containing delightful serialized stories, short stories, fiction and nonfiction, anecdotes, jokes, artwork, and more for children. Published by Harper & Brothers, known for their other publications Harper's Bazaar and Harper's Magazine. - Summary by Jill Engle
Harper's Young People upon its first publication in 1879 was an illustrated weekly publication containing delightful serialized stories, short stories,fiction and nonfiction, anecdotes, jokes, artwork, and more for children. Published by Harper & Brothers, known for their other publications Harper's Bazaar and Harper's Magazine. - Summary by Jill Engle
Daily Morning Announcements, Educational Podcasts & Audio Projects.
Starting a business is simple but making it profitable can be hard, it takes a steadfast attitude, business smarts and a community of women cheering you on to get to where you want to go. Join Beth as she chats with fierce boundary-pushing women on how they built their businesses, the struggles they went through, and the secrets that worked for them. Get ready to build a business that doesn’t feel like work and makes more income, impact and influence online.
In case you missed this small group bible study you can listen here.
Fellowship Orlando
We exist to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We accomplish this mission by creating encore experiences that encourage and equip people to Connect, Serve, and Impact.
Join Nigel Slater at home for a seasonal chat about food. Chocolate treats, veg and cheeses, fish, meat and many other tasty topics are discussed, in the Nigel Slater Podcast.
Nats Nightly
Federal Baseball presents Nats Nightly, a podcast covering the Washington Nationals baseball team.
We are women talking all about comedy things in life! We cover current events, fashion, entertainment, music, improv, sketch, TV, film, and errythang in between!
Teachers Aid
Teachers Aid is new for 2018 with Mandy Froehlich and Jon Harper. We've refocused the show on meeting some of the biggest unmet needs every educator has. If you are an educator who gives teaching your all, but still feels that you're not doing enough, this show is for you. Tune in to get social and emotional support for the very personal challenges teachers face. We promise you that you won't hear educators talking like this every day.
Excited for the follow-up to Harper Lee's literary classic TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD?Join Bubba (@FittenTrim) and Tasha (@larensoul) as they read the most anticipated novel in years!
Off Panel is a weekly interview show where host David Harper welcomes guests from comics and beyond to talk the stories behind what they do.
Read by Chrissi Hart for her Readings from Under the Grapevine podcast.The Chronicles of Narnia are published by Harper Trophy, A Division of Harper Collins, New York, New York. They are available for purchase here. We want to thank CS Lewis Pte. Ltd. for granting us permission to bring these wonderful stories to you. (Legal info). Per our agreement with Lewis estate, these episodes are NOT available for download.
Spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through life changing music. Ministering to all ages to Save Lost Souls on the radio.
The Encore Show – Best of the ‘60s, ‘70s & ‘80s is a weekly podcast that features interviews with artists from those three decades, many of whom are still on tour today. The show, originally called America’s Oldies But Goodies, featured artists mainly from the ‘60s. The new show, called The Encore Show is hosted by Dick Scoppettone, the lead singer for Harpers Bizarre who had a hit in the Sixties with “Feelin’ Groovy”.
Catch the latest from the Grandstanders - as heard Saturday mornings on 89.9 LightFM in Melbourne, Australia. Exercise scientist Craig Harper and exercise physiologist Jane O'Brien with the latest on sporting, fitness, health and fun.
Cohesive Families' Show is dedicated to helping Christian Families learn from having a business idea to growing an entrepreneur business
HBC Rome
Sermons from HBC Rome in Rome, Georgia.
Every Monday, download a free fun song connected with an upcoming date of significance. It's something to share with your kids; it's a song you can use with your students; it's a smile for your Monday morning! Enjoy!
Double 7 Film
Exclusive behind the scenes footage and interviews from the new Double 7 Film, "Premium." (In Stores Now)
Where extraordinary educators talk about how and what they learn from sharing their own mistakes. Hosted by Jon Harper
Read by Chrissi Hart for her Readings from Under the Grapevine podcast.The Chronicles of Narnia are published by Harper Trophy, A Division of Harper Collins, New York, New York. They are available for purchase here. We want to thank CS Lewis Pte. Ltd. for granting us permission to bring these wonderful stories to you. (Legal info). Per our agreement with Lewis estate, these episodes are NOT available for download.
Morning Air
Morning Air® with John Harper is an inspiring, informative, joyful, and family-friendly way to start your day! From breaking news and social issues to tips for business, parenting and family life, Harper and co-host Glen Lewerenz cover every topic from a balanced, Catholic perspective.
Join hosts Kevin Kessler and Kevin Clark as they jump into the world of the hit CW series "Arrow." Each week the guys will dissect the newest episode, providing in depth commentary and crackpot theories about what might be coming next! It's "the undertaking" of a lifetime!
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How do we find the difference between penance and punishment? Msgr. Charles Pope discusses those important issues Being single could certainly be a cross, but also could be a blessing and Emma Fradd shares her single journey Lisa Mladenich talks about the importance of finding in intimacy with God What is spiritual direction, the benefits […] T ...…
Pope Francis has taught an example of accompaniment and Sr. Brittany Harrison shares how we could live that out Are politics becoming our religion? Dr. Samuel Gregg discusses this issue The significance of the Dark Knight Trilogy and its relations to Christian themes with Deacon Steven Greydanus A Look Ahead to Sunday’s Gospel Reading of […] Th ...…
Fr, Gerry Murray shared how we went on a priest’ retreat over the weekend and we invited callers to share their retreat experiences and how it has changed their lives Do you have sleep issues? Would you like a healthy, holy sleep? Jim Otremba helps you with your sleep issues and answers questions from callers […] The post Morning Air July 20, 2 ...…
Dr. Paul Kengor analyzes President Donald Trump’s visit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki and the fallout What do our Guardian Angels do for us? Stephen Beale shares some of the tasks that they do for our souls Eileen Beardsley talks about what Catholic Schools could do in regards to students with special needs […] The post Morn ...…
The continuing recovery efforts the Diocese of Beaumont from Hurricane Harvey with Bishop Curtis Guillory TJ Burdick shares the 7 things that every saint had in common and how we also could be saints Studying abroad in Rome with the University of Mary with Msgr. James Shea and Jonathan Hofer How we could live a […] The post Morning Air July 19, ...…
The importance of the collect prayer and other prayers during The Mass with Msgr. Stuart Swetland. Callers shared their thoughts about living and praying in the moment. Fr. James Kubicki discussed the importance and significance of retreats as callers from around the country shared their retreat experiences The post Morning Air July 19, 2018-Ho ...…
Wellness practitioners and anti-ageing specialists, Dr. Barbara Sturm, Dr. Ursula Jacobs and Dr. Mohammed Enayat discuss the barriers for women achieving optimal health inside and out, and why quick fixes may make us age faster in the long run.Join in the conversation by using our hashtag #HBACurrentlyTrending, you can also tweet us your commen ...…
What could we learn about caretaking and an Embrace of Hope from Pope Francis as Fr. Tim Graff joins us about that. The influence of the Diaconate the last 50 years in the United States with Deacon Ray Duplechain Tom Hoopes shares the Six things he learned in the Sacrament of Confession Luke Burgis sahres […] The post Morning Air July 18, 2018- ...…
The influence of the Encyclical from Blessed Paul VI, “Humane Vitae” with the Bishop of Gary, Indiana, Bishop Donald Hying. He talked about how it relates to today’s culture. Ashley Noronha gives us the latest from Rome as she discusses how the Pope surprises a Swiss guard and his bride to be by showing up […] The post Morning Air July 18, 2018 ...…
The value of Redemptive Suffering with Fr. Marcel Taillon as we also had callers share their stories in dealing with suffering. Fr. Marcel also shared a story about St. Camillus de Lellis and suffering Dave Durand on popular sayings about leadership that are not true. A caller shared how she’s now going to lead by […] The post Morning Air July ...…
The pastoral response to Asian/Pacific Islanders in the United States with Bishop Oscar Solis from the Diocese of Salt Lake City The influence of the Carmelite Order and the power of the Brown Scapular with Fr. Nicholas Blackwell John Feister discusses the sometimes forgotten Catholics in the rural a as he talks about his involvement with Glenm ...…
The influence of Catholics Schools in today’s church with Bishop Bill Wack as he was at the Alliance for Catholic Education conference in Notre Dame Fr. Zach Weber shares how he is a Parish Ambassador for Relevant Radio and how Relevant influenced his journey to the Priesthood and how he spreads the message of Relevant. […] The post Morning Air ...…
Msgr. Stuart Swetland answered your questions on faith and morals. We answered calls regarding attending a homosexual marriage, should we stay in a marriage that is not making us happy, a homily with a layperson. A caller shared her story about marrying an atheist The post Morning Air July 17, 2018-Hour 3 appeared first on Relevant Radio.…
Fr. Kenneth Taylor, the President of the National Catholic Black Clergy Caucus discussed the influence of Black Catholicism in the United States and what’s needed to be done to continue to evangelize to the Black community. How do we understand the needs of our teen in today’s society? Everett Fritz answers that question with John […] The post ...…
How are Catholic organizations helping unite migrant families? Bill Carny, the Executive Director for the USCCB’s Migration and Refugee Services Office joins us about this important topic Blockchain technology, it’s role in today’s economy and the future of it, including how it could be used in the church. Bill Ulivieri from Cenacle Capital dis ...…
Fatherhood and how we could be better fathers with Fr. Matthew Spencer of St. Joseph’s Workshop. A couple of callers shared their influence of fatherhood Sr. Brittany Harrison shares how could we be good spiritual accompaniments to our friends and using the example of Pope Francis. Cathy from Chicago asks how we know it’s time […] The post Morn ...…
In this week's episode of Off Panel, Skybound Entertainment's Senior Vice President of Business Development, Shawn Kirkham, joins the show to discuss their stealth launch of the new comic series from Robert Kirkman, Scott Gimple, Chris Burnham, Nathan Fairbairn and Rus Wooton, Die!Die!Die!, and everything his job includes at Skybound. Kirkham d ...…
It's all about the kiddos, right? I was devastated when I didn't get promoted because I put students first. Eventually, I saw the light. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @SteeleThoughts @bamradionetwork Danny Steele has been in public education for 25 years, the last 7 as a principal. He is currently principal of Thompson Sixth Grade Center in a suburb o ...…
How do we keep marriage rooted in the Lord with Fr. Paul Cannariato Julianne Stanz on the importance of Discipleship in today’s culture with the Seven D’s of Discipleship Bishop Bill Wack from the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee joined us live from the Alliance of Catholic Education conference and talked about the importance of Catholic School ...…
Marriage could definitely feel stressful and Dr. Tim Heck shares how to deal with that in your marriage Deacon Steven Greydanus reviews the film Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation and discusses the overall success of that franchise Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg looks ahead to Sunday’s Gospel reading, Mark 6: 7-13 The post Morning Air July 13, 20 ...…
Fr. Joe D’Amico helped us out on how to live our “spiritual spring training” during Ordinary time. Mary from Illinois shared how during Lent she went to Daily Mass and has continued ever since. Msgr. John Enzler, the priest friend of Judge Kavanaugh, shared his thoughts on the Supreme Court Nominee How are we to […] The post Morning Air July 13 ...…
Kate Wicker discussed the importance of mental health and how many people are afraid to seek treatment for their help and even if we never find a cure in this lifetime, we can find healing and hope in Christ. Marge Fenelon introduced the concept of a “Minister of Joy” and how we all could be […] The post Morning Air July 12, 2018-Hour 1 appeare ...…
How could we find God in our dark times? Fr. Robert McTegiue advises us on how we could do that as this life will pass and that we have heaven to look forward to. The benefits of an MBA in Catholic Philanthropy as we discussed that program at the University of Mary with University of […] The post Morning Air July 12, 2018-Hour 2 appeared first ...…
Msgr. Stuart Swetland on the benefits of work in relation to St. Benedict and on the economy and making a just and living wage. Also, a couple of callers shared how they integrated prayer into their work. The importance of a holy marriage using the examples of Sts. Louis and Zellie Martin with Fr. James […] The post Morning Air July 12, 2018-Ho ...…
On this week's HBA Currently Trending, we sit down with renowned health specialists and experts in the industry Dr Michael Apa, Dr Shawana Vali and Dominique Bossavy, to discuss before and after images on Instagram of cosmetic procedures. Are they educational, inspirational or simply misleading?The panel also explains the importance of understa ...…
Allan Wright-Serve before you speak Carrie Gress-6 ways to make the most of life in translation Bishop James Wall – How should we say goodbye to priests and welcome new priests to a parish Lindsay Schlegel-Don’t Forget to Say Thank You: And Other Parenting Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God The post Morning Air July 11, 2018-Hour 1 appeared ...…
Prof. Michael Moreland-On Judge Brett Kavanaugh Msgr. John Enzler-Priest friend of Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh Ashley Noronha-News from Rome Lorene Duquin-Catholic Grandparents Handbook The post Morning Air July 11, 2018-Hour 2 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
Fr. John Gordon-Reading the signs of the times Dave Durand-Success and Leadership The post Morning Air July 11, 2018-Hour 3 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
Lisa Hendey-Using Moviepass for Spiritual Insight Todd Sylvester-Vocations success in homeschooling families Mark McCann-Four Basic Hungers Dr. Tracey Wilen-July employment update The post Morning Air July 10, 2018-Hour 1 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
Dr. Matt Bunson-Analysis of President Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Kaitlyn Ferry-New album from Sister Sinjin, “Daughters of Jerusalem” The post Morning Air July 10, 2018-Hour 2 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
Fr. James Kubicki-July is the month of the Precious Blood and Church persecution Fr. Michael Rennier-The Relationship between Fathers and Sons Fr. Nicholas Blackwell-Spiritual Life insights from the Carmelite Rule The post Morning Air July 10-Hour 3 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
Fr. Tim Graff-Cultural Clashes during Meetings and What to Do\ John Bosio-Fill up your emotional bank account with kindnesses Brad Parent-Sweat and Blood in the Spiritual Life Bonnie Rodgers and Lisa Henley-Role of Catholic Media The post Morning Air July 9-Hour 1 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
Greg and Julie Alexander-Being a Helpmate in Marriage Pam Patnode-Complaining Homily Highlights The post Morning Air July 9-Hour 2 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
Fr. Burke Masters-Reflecting on the Sunday Gospel Emily Jaminet-5 Fabulous Tips for a Faith Filled Vacation Homily Highlights The post Morning Air July 9-Hour 3 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
In this week's episode of Off Panel, former writer, artist and Marvel editor joins the show to talk his career, the Transformers, and more. Budiansky discusses having his life dramatized in The Toys That Made Us, the origins of The Transformers (and his part in it), how he ended up at Marvel, whether he viewed comics as a career at the time, wh ...…
When my student became defiant, I decided to put him in his place. I thought I won the power struggle. I didn't. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @MrHabegger @bamradionetwork Jake Habegger is an 8th Grade Flipped Mastery History Teacher whose goal is to invigorate student learning by meeting them where they are by using technology. Jake is a founding mem ...…
Teachers are routinely focused on supporting students. What happens internally when a health challenge forces us to attend to ourselves? Follow: @jonHarper70bd @froehlichm @Mr_B_Teacher @kayehenrickson @bamradionetwork Kaye Henrickson is a western Wisconsin education consultant, former Middle School educator of 25 years, and a breast cancer THR ...…
Fr. Curtiss Dwyer-Catholic Therefore Patriot Joan Watson-Love in a time of social media Joe Boland-Catholic Extension Family Reunification Fund Amber Van Vickle-5 Ways to Navigate Through Your Suffering The post Morning Air July 6, 2018-Hour 1 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
Fr. Bob Pagliari – Four Freedoms The Power of Catholic Media Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg-A Look Ahead to Sunday’s Gospel Reading The post Morning Air July 6, 2018-Hour 2 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
Fr. Gerry Murray-Summer Reading and News of the Day Jim Otremba-4 Ways to Enjoy the Sabbath The post Morning Air July 6, 2018-Hour 3 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
Fr. Joe D’Amico-Ministry as Catholic School Pastors Jessica Ptomey-Can we talk? Using phones to talk Derya Little-Immigration: Human Dignity or Obedience? Maybe Both? Sarah Wiese-Biking for Babies The post Morning Air July 5, 2018-Hour 1 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
Ashley Noronha – News From Rome Eric Sammons-When it’s time to stop evangelizing Msgr. James Shea and Thomas Wurtz- Sports Eric Scheidler-Latest in Pro-Life News The post Morning Air July 5, 2018-Hour 2 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
Msgr. Stuart Swetland-Go Ask Your Father Fr. James Kubicki-Finding God on Vacation The post Morning Air July 5, 2018-Hour 3 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
London-based Dr. Mohammed Enayat discusses how we can beat fatigue, brain fog, and weight gain by focusing on how our body functions. By getting our hormones, adrenal glands and thyroid working in balance Dr. E says we can transform the way we feel and look.Join in the conversation by using our hashtag #HBACurrentlyTrending, you can also tweet ...…
Fr. John Gordon-Difficulties and challenges Kendra Von Esh-How to live the Gospel in Modern Times Chris Heffron – St. Anthony Messenger Mark Mastroianni – TechTuesday: Smartphone Translation Tool The post Morning Air July 3, 2018-Hour 1 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
Bishop Thomas Tobin-Tweeting Bishop Says Social Media Humanizes Him Bishop Oscar Solis-Pastoral Response to Asian/Pacific Islanders Dave Durand-Keys to Managing Change USCCB Bishops at Mexican Border The post Morning Air July 3, 2018-Hour 2 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
Fr. Rocky-Go Ask Your Father The post Morning Air July 3, 2018-Hour 3 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
Sarah Hart-Her new album “Sacrament” Fr. Paul Cannirato-How to keep momentum of spiritual life after a retreat Jeannie Ewing-Living on God’s time The post Morning Air July 2, 2018-Hour 1 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
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