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The Next Generation of Fuel Act will allow the auto industry to redesign many aspects of the internal combustion engine. The fuel will be designed for the engine and not the engine for the fuel. It will result in huge gains in fuel economy and a further reduction in emissions.By Hot Rod Farmer
Almost everyone was exposed to Ohm’s Law during their school years. This basic and often overlooked law is the foundation of everything that works on electricity, regardless if it is an AC or DC circuit. It is important when diagnosing or adding electrical or electronic equipment to farm machinery to recognize the basic tenant of Ohm’s Law, volts X…
During the intake stroke the cylinder can be filled in a chaotic way or an orderly manner. Which occurs is by design of the cylinder head and predominantly the intake port. The cylinder fill pattern will impact every aspect of how an engine runs and it is important to understand this effect.By Hot Rod Farmer
Machinery is inanimate and does not have feelings and emotions as living things do. Yet, their operation is influenced by other internal systems that appear unrelated. In that way they do have a low level of feelings and emotions. The medical community identifies the symptoms of a disease or aliment using the term, presents. When it comes to machin…
Advanced control systems are employed all around the farm. Be it either a grain bin, sprayer, planter, or anything else. The controls decisions are made using an algorithm. It is important to understand the basics of how this logic works. It all will make sense once you listen to this episode.By Hot Rod Farmer
In this episode Casey Seymour of Moving Iron LLC and Alan Hoskins president of American Farm Mortgage in Lexington, Ky., talk about the current ag market, share some reflections on the late 70s and how that compares to the inflationary period we are currently in.By Farm Equipment
John, Ron, Andy, Fred, Jerry, and parents Walter and Yvonne Learn.His family has lived on and farmed the same land continuously for 192 years.Green Township, PennslyvaniaNew milking operation at the Learn's farmLeft: Ron Learn. Middle: Ron's son, Matt, who milk the cows, Ron, and brother, John. Right: Family quilt-hanging on original barn…
In this episode of the Used Equipment Remarketing Roadmaps podcast, brought to you by Primus by Basic Software, host Casey Seymour of Moving Iron LLC and Aaron Fintel talk about the used combine markets and how some big moves recently have them predicting the market could be about to heat up.By Farm Equipment
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