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The Karel Cast
This is the podcast of the outrageous Karel, entertainer and nationally syndicated talk show host/author. Openly gay, straight to the point, this is a bottom line no-holds-barred hysterical journey through American life.
The Live It Forward Show with Kent Julian inspires and equips you to move from DREAM to DO in your life and business. If you are tired of not seeing your dreams become a reality, you'll love this show. Each episode is packed with inspiration, real-life success strategies, and even that kick in the rear end you need to live it forward into your best life and calling. Don’t settle for a mediocre life any longer… start moving from DREAM to DO today!
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When you change, and others don't, it can be trouble. Plus when you believe in yourself and have self esteem, you stop accepting bad behavior. So, why hasn't America?�
Trump's latest tirade against a dead guy is…so what? Why even care. It's not his fault he's who he is. But whose fault is it? I tell you.
If you want to move from DREAM to DO, chances are you will need to make a desperate commitment. By “desperate," I mean both: A bold, daring, determined commitment A “this has to work or else” kind of commitment In this episode, we examine 5 powerful realities that happen in your life when you make a bold, determined, desperate commitment to mov ...…
I need to learn to say no and stand up for myself …this will continue as long as I allow it, I need to change…do you, really?
Do you have the courage of your convictions? Even if they cost you something you really like? Karel does, and is leaving something behind.
I cannot believe this show. I cannot believe how I feel. But it's the truth. Are guns the problem? Should we ban them? And, are the kids in Leaving Neverland truly scared and ruined for life? What if you can, in fact, just move on from abuse. Or, can you? This show is going to get you very angry or have you screaming hell yes.…
Ember has a vet appointment. Karel, a neurological appointment. And Karel, like it or not, is afraid. So what to do?
OMG, Karel loses it big time over Nancy Pelosi's statement on impeachment, AND, shocking news about #MMeToo and Karel's involvement in it.
E+R=O … don’t just learn it. Here’s how to live it! Event + RESPONSE = Outcome. Success in life and work is not determined by the Events you experience. Success is determined by how you Respond. Purpose of this Episode To empower you to experience success in your life and work no matter what circumstances you face by living E+R=O (Events + RESP ...…
I actually know enough about planes to tell you this. And you won't believe it.
Over the weekend, Karel realized something. And you may need to know it as well. And then, do this
First, we talk blood pressure pills, and sex, and more sex, and blood pressure. Then, we talk Privilege and how you all want it, and then, Mo'nique baby.
We lose another celebrity, and Karel has one of those moments. We can all learn.
Balance…we are missing it indeed. Go to Twitter, Michael is the Monster, but … Cohen's a savior while President Grab Them In The …. Ya. Balance
I dropped the ball. Seriously, I really messed up. But through my mistake, I learned just how much a special birthday letter I give to each of my children means to them (and to me).
Well, it starts out well and then turns in to a relevant rant; we make time for what we want, and don't what we don't. It's just that simple.
Katherine Helmond, Andre Previn, Luke Perry, death is hovering again. So, what do you do? Listen to Karel, of course.
It's a rainy day, and Karel cares. So should you, here's why. Plus, Cannabis and sex have a lot in common and winter weight?
Yesterday was…really horrible. So, what did it all do, really? Let's talk about it in six minutes shall we?
What a great day of political theatre. But to what end? Karel tells you. Tune in daily at
Surprise! The Live It Forward Show is back with a new season of episodes. Listen in and we’ll explain why we’re back and what we’ve been up to. Plus, Kent shares two powerful success strategies that you can implement in your life in just five minutes a day. Purpose of this Episode To empower you to move from DREAM to DO by sharing two success s ...…
Marie Kondo is decluttering America single handedly. But is she missing the point. Karel thinks so, and here's why ! Listen daily and support the show at
When are we going to stop acting surprised that people pay for sex and just let them?
It's easy to get mad at Jussie Smollett if he really did what they say. But…given the outrages of the day, is he even a blip, really?
40 is the number that could save your life. Plus, is ski week elitist? I'll tell ya.
Karel, who votes on Grammy and has released albums and singles, never concentrated solely on music. Why not? Well, he tells you now.
Karel awakes and has some Monday thoughts on his mind.
The President Declares, but so does Karel. Do the two line up? Find out.
When's the last time you awoke, excited about the day? Well, today is that day for Karel and he shares what that means for you.
It's not love that keeps you together, it's this. And if it works for relationships, why not a nation, or world?
A congressperson is anti Semitic, but do I care? Plus, things I learned at a wedding.
When the big news is how much truth versus lies the prez's sad. Plus, let's cook.
As San Francisco Sinks and Florida Erodes, where's the deadline to do something about it? Plus, are you setting deadlines…
Karel is almost run over again and it triggers PTSD. But don't we all have it from daily dose of idiots?
Today is the big show Trump wanted, but was it worth it? But what can he say? And what is the real state of our union? Karel will tell you in six minutes.
First, a woman calls Karel and Ember filthy and he just can't have it, and then, are you crafting your best life?
If we don't stop women, they will murder children, inside their womb, according to Republican men and conservatives. And, the Cold War is starting again. I guess we really love 1960, because we refuse to progress.
When does your health become my business. I mean, isn't it already? Don't we spend a lot of time and money on health issues? So, why don't I get more of a say in your health?
A hate crime against a Hollywood star has everyone talking. But it is neither new, nor unexpected. The real conversation is if you are different in the USA Today, you should be learning to defend. Yourself, not counting on your safety. It's open MAGA season on those who are Black, Gay, Hispanic, Immigrant, Asian…different. But hasn't it always ...…
Karel awakes and asks Siri to play the top tracks on Apple Music and 11 of them feature N-words and Bit##es. This sets him off like no other!
As the SAG AFTRA awards happen, is Hollywood going too far to try and be diverse for its own sake?
The gov shutdown ends, for three weeks. Why today? Two words, and they ain't border wall.
Gold Medal Unbleached Flour has decided to be recalled, how can flour be bad. This is ridiculous. Plus, why doesn't the Senate and Congress realize they can open government without trump? Do they need civics lessons?
There's a lot going on, and all of it, sad, really. So what do we do, Well, I tell ya.
A unnecessary ban in the name of some God…today is just mean. Plus, what will it take to move forward? The unthinkable?
First, it's MLK Day and what is better if you are b l a c k? Well, not m u c h. Also, how about a winner, Democrats, or do you want trump?
The state of what union is what? We have a lot more to deal with here then when or if a speech will happen, baby!
America is getting it woefully wrong. Listen to what.
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