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Arts Friday is a monthly show offered as part of the daily 1370 Connection call-in program that deals with Rochester Area Arts & Culture topics.
These are selections from a large collection made by A. J. Glinski, printed at Wilna in 1862. These fairy tales come from a far past and may even date from primitive times. They represent the folklore current among the peasantry of the Eastern provinces of Poland, and also in those provinces usually known as White Russia. They were set down by Glinski just as they were related to him by the peasants. In the translation it was of course necessary to shorten them considerably; the continual re ...
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A conversation about the role of arts and artistic endeavor in all of our lives, regardless of career or college major, focusing on arts initiatives taking place throughout the University of Rochester. Guests are Nigel Maister (Artistic Director of the UR International Theatre program) and choreographer/dancer Missy Pfohl Smith, who is artistic ...…
A discussion of music, history, theater, race, American culture, and more with Lisa Gaye Dixon, currently starring in "Black Pearl Sings" at Geva Theatre, Ellen Koskoff - professor of Ethnomusicology at the Eastman School of Music, and Geva's Dawn Kellogg. Mona Seghatoleslami hosts.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Every year as Christmas approaches, pretty much anywhere you live, there will be at least one local production of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Handel's Messiah, and the ballet The Nutcracker. On this Arts Friday program from 1370 Connection, take some time to learn a little bit more about these evergreen holiday favorites with local ex ...…
Mona Seghatoleslami introduces us to Roger Corman, who has had an enormous impact on cinema over the past sixty years, directing, producing, and distributing over 600 films. Best known for The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) and his Edgar Allan Poe cycle starring Vincent Price, Corman will be in Rochester to receive the 68th George Eastman Award ...…
Brenda with look at the future of classical music with Washington Post classical music critic Anne Midgette and Ray Ricker, Acting Director of the Arts Leadership Program (ALP) at the Eastman School of Music.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
There are many different ways to engage young people with music, through performing, listening, and other experiences. guests are: Bill Tiberio, Fairport High School (and Ithaca College School of Music, Eastman Community Music School, University of Rochester River Campus, and FLCC); Terry Smith, Harley School, Kidsemble with Gibbs & Main, and B ...…
Independent Cinema faces the same digital conversion challenges as mainstream theaters. The need for state of the art projectors, screens, sound systems and delivery mechanisms is impacting thousands of independent theaters across the country. WXXI Classical 91.5's Julia Figueras welcomes film critic Jack Garner and The Little's Derek Reis to t ...…
Classical 91.5's Brenda Tremblay discusses another way to tell stories.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Classical 91.5's Mona Seghatoleslami leads a discussion on the role instruments play in telling stories.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Classical 91.5's Mona Seghatoleslami leads a discussion on the role sound plays in a movie.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Classical 91.5's Julia Figueras asks; How does a performing arts group plan for a season?By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Guest host Brenda Tremblay. Interview with an author writing about Jan DeGaetani.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Guest host Mona Seghatoleslami. The art of books is not just in the words that are written and read. The physical objects themselves have historical and artistic significance. Two different perspectives: Andrea Reithmayr Rare Books/Special Collections Department of the University of Rochester Rush Rhees Library and Sally Snow from the Monroe Co ...…
Interview with Oscar-winning documentarian D.A. PennebakerBy (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
This year, the Memorial Art Gallery is marking its centenary. To celebrate, the MAG has opened the Centennial Sculpture Park and released a book, The Memorial Art Gallery: 100 Years. In the second hour of the June 7 edition of Arts Friday on 1370 Connection, Julia Figueras welcomes Chief Curator Marjorie Searl, Acting Director of Education Marl ...…
Rochester singer/songwriter DM Stith on his upcoming 3-year tour premiering new music written for his unique voice, orchestra, and chorus. Conductor Priscilla Todd Brown and oboist Marjorie Relin discuss making music in later life Marjorie started playing the oboe when she was 63) and the New Horizons program, which offers adults opportunities ...…
Ned Corman talks about his memoirBy (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
A look at the impact of melody, harmony, and rhythm on children and adults with physical, communication, emotional and cognitive disabilities. Guests are Betsey King, Nazareth College Associate Professor of Music Therapy and Maria Battista-Hancock, Hochstein School Chair of Music Therapy.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Arts Friday; WXXI-FM's Mona Seghatoleslami explores the arts and cultural scene on the U of R's River Campus.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Meet the people of the upcoming Second Annual Fringe Festival as they begin assembling the roster of performers for the upcoming fest at the end of this summer.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
It's 24 hours from the re-opening of the Dryden Theater on the Eastman House campus; find out what's ahead for the area's long-standing venue for the presentation of classic films.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Meet the people who are bringing you a signature performance of Rhapsody in Blue, including conductor Wade Stare, Dr. Paul Burgett and Eastman School of Music Dean Douglas Lowry.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
A conversation with leaders of the Memorial Art Gallery as it celebrates its 100th anniversary.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Meet the people who are bringing the art of the tango back to Rochester with an upcoming recital at School of the Arts.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Jack Garner of Gannett News Service discusses some of the best in film in 2012.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Susan Cotroneo and Eric Townell preview a forthcoming holiday presentation from the Lyric Opera of RochesterBy (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
The Rochester arts scene as 2012 draws to a close, with Sarah Lentini, executive director of the Arts and Cultural Council of Greater Rochester.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Bob Smith speaks with Paul DeBarros, biographer of jazz great and NPR Piano Jazz host Marian McPartland.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Dr. Philip Carli is a musicologist, sound recording historian, film scholar, film accompanist, pianist, professor and conductor. He has accompanied hundreds of films over the years. He can be heard in Rochester as the staff accompanist for the George Eastman House, which is currently featuring silent films on their Silent Tuesdays series.…
Noted science fiction authors Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross, who recently headlined the international conference on high tech and gaming jointly hosted by RIT and the Strong Museum, discuss issues of creative freedom, intellectual property and copyright as they affect the literary and creative artist…
We look at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center's new MePix exhibition, starting today, with center director Bleu Cease and featured artist Ann OrenBy (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Headlining the cast of Geva's production of You Can't Take It With You, we meet award winning television and film star and author Robert VaughnBy (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Brenda Tremblay interviews Eastman School professor emeritus Donald Hunsberger, noted conductor and contributor to the development of the modern wind ensemble, as he celebrates his 80th birthday.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Meet producing director Mark Cuddy and his team from GeVa Theater, and get a preview of the upcoming season.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Elissa Orlando speaks with Excellus CEO David Klein and Dr. Patricia BombaBy (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
We'll talk with the people of the George Eastman House about their spring exhibits.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Brenda Tremblay introduces you to Joe Blackburn, organist and volunteer who played an important role in bringing pipe organ music back to the Eastman House campus.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Meet the people of the Empire State Lyric Theater as they prepare for a new productionBy (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Playwright Ed Scutt and director Joan Van Ness discuss a new play on the life of writer Flannery O Connor which they'll soon present here in Rochester.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Brenda Tremblay interviews percussionist, Eastman School of Music faculty member and author John BeckBy (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
The Rochester City Ballet, and its artistic director Jamey LeverettBy (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
WXXI president and chief executive Norm Silverstein and Little Theater and WXXI board member Mark Cleary discuss the joining of forces between Rochester's public broadcasting organization and the region's principal venue for the showing of independent film, the Little Theater.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
Gannett film critic Jack Garner examines the state of film today, and shares his list of the best of 2011.By (WXXI Public Broadcasting Council).
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