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A podcast by First Christian Church
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Visit us @
Believers should bring relationships to life. We should bring life to relationships too. So these podcast will address how we bring people to love, forgiveness and meaningful relationships.
A podcast by First Christian Church.
Drew Witt and Matt Kessler discuss Jesus and the theology, model, and practice that accompanies His people.
International missions - refugee camps - international prisons - rural church planting in isolated communities. We are an international missions org that works to teach and train at the pastoral level. This station gives hints and glimpses into what we do. You can always learn more by staying up to date with us at
Sermons, Bible Studies, Thoughts, and Friends of Glenn Kaiser
Jesus, People, Eternity
Contra Culture
Jared and KeBaiy begin their podcast adventure of cultural wisdom seeking from a biblical world view.
We aren't about Religion. We ARE about Jesus. Enjoy!
Willow Creek Community Church holds to a core belief that people matter to God. They matter to us, too. With an understanding that Jesus Christ came to earth to seek and to save that which was lost (Luke 19:10), But Jesus went beyond a mere rescue mission; he transformed lives. Jesus came to redeem this broken world, and it is on this core belief that Willow has built its mission statement: to turn irreligious people into fully devoted followers of Christ. Willow is committed to carrying on ...
Pastor Mark Driscoll is a Jesus-following, mission-leading, church-serving, people-loving, Bible-preaching pastor. He’s grateful to be a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody. This channel features audio content from Mark Driscoll, including sermons and event teaching. Mark preaches about Jesus with a skillful mix of bold presentation, accessible teaching, and compassion for those who are hurting the most. For more great teaching resources visit
Freedom Church
Jesus. People. The City.
The stories are taken from a book that is sacred because it came from Heavenly Father. As you read these stories, remember that they are about real people who lived in America long ago.
"For the love" of...People. Home. Stories. Shoes. Family. Jesus. Community. TV. Travel. Food. Culture. The hilarious best-selling author and star of HGTV’s “My Big Family Renovation” invites you to drop by and catch up with her friends as they laugh and chat about all the things we love.
Sermons are recorded and uploaded each week. We encourage you to share any of these messages with your friends and family.
Welcome to the weekly audio podcast for North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA where our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our desire is that this podcast will encourage you in your relationship with God. Visit us at
We are a church offering the hope of Jesus Christ to all people. We strongly believe in gathering, connecting, and serving. This place is for you! Visit us on the web at
Listen to Pastors Cody Bren and Ashley Jennings as they deliver weekly sermons to their congregation at Village Church of Red Rock, AZ.
Build a biblical foundation for your life through the daily teaching of Colin Smith on Unlocking the Bible. You'll discover the message of God's Word from beginning to end is a riveting story of a loving God rescuing lost people through His son Jesus Christ.
We are friends who have great desire to see Gods Kingdom built in our neighbourhood and city. We live in Woodstock around the Fairview Avenue area. Jesus is the light of the world and our only hope.
Sermons preached at All Peoples Church, Bangalore, India.
The stories are taken from a book that is sacred because it came from Heavenly Father. As you read these stories, remember that they are about real people who lived in America long ago.
Connecting people to Jesus and one another. The weekly audio podcast of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville Kentucky. Featuring Senior Minister Dave Stone and Teaching Minister Kyle Idleman.
Tha Vybe Radio
Listen On-Demand Live Radio From
We are a Baptist Church centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are committed to pursuing the Glory of God by transformed lives who delight in Christ. Reformation seeks to hold to the historic Christian faith through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.
Real people...real life stories...stirring, dramatic accounts of hopelessness, and the hope that changes everything. UNSHACKLED! the award-winning radio drama from Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, grips the heart with compelling and relevant stories of transformed lives.Without Jesus Christ, we are all shackled by sin by our wrong choices, disobedience and selfish motives. But God is at work, and the power of Christ sets us free of our bondage. We are... UNSHACKLED!
The Storyteller
The Storyteller is a 15-minute weekly radio program and internet broadcast featuring true stories from First Nations people across North America who are following Jesus Christ without reservation. Don't be fooled, this is not some religious, feel good program. This is real life. It's raw, direct and personal. If you're tired of the way things are, or wonder if there really is hope for something better, you may want to listen to some folks who understand.The Storyteller is heard via radio bro ...
By the power of the Holy Spirit and with Jesus' transforming love, we draw people to Christ, disciple them in the faith, and equip them for ministry.
NewSpring is a church that exists to connect people to Jesus and each other. Visit NewSpring Church online at for additional content like this.
We are a community of people committed to declaring and displaying the life changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our hope that we, as a church, might live in such a way that Jesus might be more beautiful and believable to North Raleigh.
Sozo Church
It's all about God and People. Mark Blair is the Pastor at Sozo Church and regularly distributes sermons via this channel. You can find out more about Sozo Church @
This lively, half-hour radio program is geared for children ages 6-12. "Lizard-like" character Liz and his friends often get into trouble and make bad decisions. But they are guided to biblical principles by their parents and their favorite old people Grandpa Anole and Granny Gecko. Through the stories, children are entertained and helped to develop an interest in the Bible and in becoming a follower of Jesus. A lively website features stories, devotionals and other activities, as well as a ...
Central Lutheran CLC
We are people of God on a journey of hope, travelling together as saints and sinners, loving God and loving people. Welcome to Central Lutheran's podcast called, "We love to tell our stories."
Welcome to the podcast of Centerpoint Church!
A collection of discussions from our Sunday gatherings. Pastor Gary Morgan.
Messages of inspiration, truth, and revelation about culture, life, and a God who loves us - teaching the Kingdom of God! Our mission is to go out into all the world and raise up an army of young people through Jesus Christ that will fight against the immorality that is trying to plague the young people of this generation.Who are we?...We are the advocates of change!Power packed teachings by Pastor David S. Winston, from the Go Hard for Christ Youth Ministry, from Living Word Christian Cente ...
Fellowship Bible Church is about helping people find and follow Jesus Christ. This podcast highlights the teaching from our weekend worship services. For more information about Fellowship Bible Church visit
Blessed Hope Chapel is a Christ-centered fellowship where the Word of God is preached, Jesus Christ is exalted and the people are warm. It was founded by Pastor Joe Schimmel in 1990 through God’s miraculous working. Joe is also well known for his nationally televised documentary “They Sold Their Souls For Rock N’ Roll”.
RUSH church
a REAL experience We don't care what you wear, what you've done or where you've been. We're not perfect but purposeful. We need Christ and that conviction leads us closer to Him. We're passionate, real, and serious about getting to know God.
The Estuary Elim Group of churches are three Essex based Elim Pentecostal Churches in Ashingdon, Rayleigh and Southend-on-Sea with a shared Ministry team. Our churches are made up of ordinary people responding to the love of God and the life changing message of Jesus Christ. Our services are lively with contemporary music, worship and preaching and teaching relevant to the 21st Century. To find out more about the Estuary Elim Churches please visit
Fellowship Orlando
We exist to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We accomplish this mission by creating encore experiences that encourage and equip people to Connect, Serve, and Impact.
Weekly sermons from our teaching pastors at Family Christian Center in Defiance, OH. We exist to "Help People Find and Follow Jesus."
The weekend messages /talks given at Grace Christian Fellowship in Summerville, SC. @Gracetwitt on Twitter
Messages from our Sunday morning services.
Bringing People Closer To Jesus
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Where is the spiritual battle raging for you right now? Or are you completely unaware of it? Pastor Colin talks about why its so important to identify the battle and how to engage in it.
The competition at the Junior Reptile Olympics is fierce, and when Morrie goes along with Skink to "positively influence the outcome" the kids run into all kinds of problems.By (ReFrame Media).
How would you describe your Christian life? As one victory over sin after another? Probably not. Pastor Colin talks about why that is.
We must stop focusing on the problem and start focus on solutions. Welcome to Freedomhouse Church podcast led by Pastor Josiah Silva. Join us as we continue our "Strongholds" series with our Connections Pastor, Louie Gutierrez.
This Wednesday night Pastor Joe speaks about the righteous judgement of God that has no partiality. Revelation 19:11 (NASB) And I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and wages war. Revelation Series Part 169
Are you having difficulty holding together, on the one hand, what the Bible says about the Christian life, and on the other hand, your own experience of it? Pastor Colin talks about some reasons why that might be.
Speaker: Pastor JF Wilkerson Sunday School : Week 7 // The Battle is His SUNDAYS AT 10A & 11:30AUW TACOMA WILLIAM PHILIP HALL1918 PACIFIC AVE, TACOMA, WA 98402By (Life Center DWNTWN).
You made a decision to follow Jesus Christ. How do you know you wont make another decision to stop following Christ? Pastor Colin talks about how you can have confidence that you wont change your mind.
Over 70% of moms in America work, and let’s face it: they’re pulled in a thousand directions. More than ever, the pressure is sky high to do All The Things well: birthday parties, presentations, laundry, answering emails. There hardly seems time to keep everyone fed and clothed, let alone investing in self-care and meaningful relationships. As ...…
Love Another One Another, Part 1 Dr. Jeff Porte Centerpoint Church August 12, 2018
We choose Joy today! Welcome to Freedomhouse Church podcast led by Pastor Josiah Silva. Join us as we continue our "Summer at Freedomhouse" series.
When people meet one another, their relationship begins with the exchange of names. In the days of Moses, God showed up and introduced Himself as “I AM”. Roughly 1400 years later, Jesus Christ walked the earth and kept declaring Him to be I AM. These statements from Jesus are unique in all of world history as no other major world religion has a ...…
Lead Pastor, Rob McDowell, illustrates what pride really looks like and brings our darkest tendencies under the light of God's truth. The object of this Would you Rather is "Humility or Pride"
You made a decision to follow Christ, and this led to other lifestyle changes like going back to church or reading your Bible. Pastor Colin talks about what actually happened behind-the-scenes of your faith decision.
My mom looked down at his boot and said, What is that? And there was a bulge in his boot and I just remember this... I was very young, but I still remember every detail... and he said, Its a gun, and he pulled it out and he showed it to her. And just in a flash, a shot went out.
Luke BarnettBy (Life Center).
Mark 9:42-50.When I was in high school, I read a book by F.F. Bruce entitled, The Hard Sayings of Jesus. It was about how Jesus made statements which are difficult for us to decipher or cause conviction in our souls. As we read the gospels, sometimes there are longer passages that we would rather not deal with and would like to skip over. To us ...…
We’re all going to end up somewhere in life, but often there’s a disconnect between where we want to end up and the path we choose. So how can we avoid choosing a path that’s guaranteed to get us where we don’t want to be? Subscribe to stay updated with the latest content. Follow North Point Community Church: YouTube Instagram Twitter Facebook ...…
In this Sunday’s message Pastor Joe Schimmel continues to talk about staying focused on His will. To be sober minded and living lives in light of His coming. Titus 2:11-14 (NASB) For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men, instructing us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously and godly in ...…
Pastor Matt Jennings shared an incredible message about the unending love of God in the midst of our highs and lows. Based around the prodigal son, Matt shares a message we all need to hear. Listen in and let God speak to you today.…
Steve Gillen shares a message on going through difficulties, as a time for us to come together, to grieve what has happened, to seek healing, and to look ahead to where God is leading us.By (Willow Creek Community Church).
Everyone faces currents in their life dragging them toward laziness and selfishness. Living vertically for God means gathering continually to spur on one another. Learn why we need a team effort to make gathering a priority to stop ourselves from drifting…
3526 Larry Delli, Part 2 (Cross-Country Odyssey) Larry comes to Christ and finishes Bible college. Hes drawn to the Pacific Northwest and takes his family in a school bus across the country where his faith is tested as a pastor for six years.
The church community is a unit of people who have come together because they are aligned in faith and purpose. Three important descriptors of any true church community should be: unity, fellowship and power. These defined the early community of believers.
Grace means more than God making salvation possible. Grace is God saving you. Pastor Colin talks about out how God does this. Once you see this, you will have hope for even the worst of sinners.
Liz is getting all A's on his tests which is unusual, but not as unusual as Skink who also is getting A's. What is Skink's secret? Lucille is reporting on Granny's high school class reunion, which Granny uncharacteristically is refusing to attend.By (ReFrame Media).
To break the stronghold of fear, we have to translate fear into faith. Welcome to Freedomhouse Church podcast led by Pastor Josiah Silva. Join us as we continue our "Strongholds" series with our Student Young Adult Pastor Brian Flores.
If all God did was open the door of salvation and step back, who would walk through it? No one would. Pastor Colin talks about why we dont have it in us to take a step toward God.
This Wednesday Pastor Joe Schimmel focuses on the white horse rider who is called faithful and true and how is faithfulness endures through all generations Revelation 19:11 (NASB) And I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and wages war. Revelation Series ...…
The Making of Nations, a sermon on Genesis Chapter 10 by Lay Pastor Scott Grier.By (Scott Grier).
Why did Jesus come into the world? And why did he die on the cross? Pastor Colin talks about why it had to happen. Examine the most important question you could ever ask.
It’s the second half of the epic interview with Jana and Larry King—AKA Jen’s very own parents! In this part of the chat, Jana and Larry dish parenting gold as they talk about solutions for sibling rivalry, how to make tough parenting calls, how to weather tough storms with your adult kids, and the travesty of Jen not having a cool nickname gro ...…
Why are Christians always talking about the problem of sin? Pastor Colin will talk about some of the bigger problems we face in life, and the biggest problem that any of us will ever face.
Aftermath Embers, Part 6 Nate Bull Centerpoint Church August 5, 2018
Life does not have woeful seasons and wonderful seasons, but instead woeful and wonderful things in every season. Just days before the Cross, the Lord Jesus sets for us an example to embrace both the woeful and wonderful moments of life. Why? Because, as we learn from Jesus’ cross that God always has a way to make even the woeful wonderful.…
We choose Joy today! Welcome to Freedomhouse Church podcast led by Pastor Josiah Silva. Join us as we continue our "Summer at Freedomhouse" series.
In our Fall Kickoff series, "Would You Rather?" Rob uses Matthew 7:24, 1 Timothy 6:2–10, and Luke 9:23 to illustrate how we have the choice of Wisdom or Foolishness... We often allow what other people think of us to define us. Behavior flows from Identity, and our identity can be shaped by Foundational factors or Reiterated Reminders, but if we ...…
Just follow your heart. How good is that advice? Pastor Colin talks about where this advice will lead you, if you choose to follow it. Find out what kind of rudder your heart is for navigating lifes decisions.
Growing up without a dad was not easy. But it was in the loss of his father that Jimmy came to know God as his Heavenly Father. Listen as he reflects on how that happened, and then explains how that can be true for you too.
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