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Kayak Fishing Raw
Join the EKFT Crew every week to talk about offshore kayak fishing, tournaments and everything Extreme
Hear all the latest Kayak Fishing News hear on The Texas Kayak Fishing Podcast. Your host Clay and cohost Cody will bring you all the latest news in Kayak Fishing.
Kayak Fishing Tales
Kayak Fishing Tales is the premier digital video channel for kayak fishing content. Weekly episodes provide valuable tip and tricks, as well as breathtaking action from around the world. Kayak Fishing Tales is produced by The Heliconia Press - producers of The Kayak Fishing Show, and the award-winning Kayak Fishing: Game On film series.
All about the equipment, places and techniques of kayak fishing
This the place to talk about kayak fishing and kayaking in the Midwest (but not always limited to) Missouri, Arkansas, Southern Illinois, OK, and KS. Kind of like that cool conversation you have at the boat launch or boat dock over a cup of coffee or a cold one...enjoy!
The Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Show is a local radio talk show from Jacksonville, FL about kayak fishing hosted by Capt. Mike Kogan, Brett Hastings, Brad Hatton, and Frank Gregg.
An audio Podcast Series of Extreme Big Game Fishing Stories from a kayak by enthusiast and author Bluewater Jon Schwartz. You'll be captivated by "out of this world" experiences of fishing from a kayak! Learn the ins and outs in the use of gear, bait and safety devices as well as the locations of hot spots around the world where you'll find incredible big game fishing.
Monthly+ is a gathering of kayak fishing enthusiasts from around the country, that support different kayak fishing forums and kayak fishing guides.
Jim Sammons is the host of The Kayak Fishing show and shares stories and information about his adventures around the world and about the gear he is using during interviews with his guests.
Eric Allee hosts the LFK Podcast which stands for Local Fishing Knowledge! On the LFK Podcast we'll talk with anglers doing big things in the sport of fishing both locally and nationally! The LFK Podcast is brought to by 2020 EyeVenue, Bass Pro Shops Denver, and Eagle Claw.
This program will feature interviews and discussions with leaders in the silent sports movement which will include participants and manufacturers.
Green River Games
The latest mountain biking, kayaking, SUP, trail running, and kayak fishing news. Gear reports, hot seats, athlete & designer interviews, events reports, and so much more.
We are a Podcast that aims to entertain and educate the Kayak Fishing Community with interviews, tactics, techniques and methods for fishing for as many species as possible.
In each episode, we'll discuss news and events regarding the Indiana Kayak Anglers series or kayak fishing in general. We'll have interviews with anglers from the series to let you get to know them better.
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Garden City, KS - In this episode Kurth Lancaster and Jeffrey Hancock of SMH sit down and visit with Trent Nevola of American Warrior Construction. Topics discussed include working in different climates across Kansas, the correlation between American Warrior construction projects and freak rain events, $50 bushel corn, kayak fishing and the exp ...…
The Kayak Fishing Show Live With Seaguar by Kayak Fishing with Jim Sammons
Jim Sammons chats with the Brandon Austin from GoFish Cam about their waterproof fishing camera which are perfect for kayak fishing videos. Learn how to get the best shots of the fish hitting your lure or bait.
Alabama Senator Slade Blackwell talks about his love for offshore kayak fishing and monster Yellow Fin Tuna he and his son caught off the kayak!
In this episode I am joined by Justin Hausner and Ken Morris, as we talk a little non-sense, including what the “kayak fishing olympics” would look like, plus Ken recaps the latest tournament standings and catches on the River Bassin’ Tournament Trail. The post HOWW Podcast E2: River Bassin with Justin Hausner & Ken Morris appeared first on Hoo ...…
I know I know, drama in the kayak world surprising right? Not anymore... Every social media kayak page has seen it's share of drama that can start from a photo of a fish or a mod that someone did to their own kayak with their own money. So join us for what will be a interesting show.. Phone number to join in on the topic is 714-816-4727…
Tonight we welcome Chris Cenci of Slayer Inc! we will be discussing the nature range of gamefish and how weather can effect their movements. Plus Chris will discuss Slayer Inc. someone will win a prize pack valued well under $500.00 As always you can call us to be involved in the show 714-816-4727
When you think of Santa Claus you probably picture the white beard, red and white clothes, black boots and his sleigh being pulled by rain deer. I bet you never heard the stories about his brother Santa Lee! You see Santa Lee decided that toy making wasn't fulfilling enough so he set out to make gifts for the world that would serve a totally di ...…
Mark Naumovitz is a busy guy. Paramedic, realtor, and owner of, an online tackle store. Not to mention that he writes for fishing magazines and has been a guest lecturer at many fishing events. And somehow he finds a little time to fish. His favorite fishing vessel is his kayak, and he has many kayak fishing tournaments under ...…
Pamela Wirth is our first female angler on the Tell Tale Fisherman Podcast. And we could not have picked a better one to start. Mother, mortgage banker, and now extreme kayak fisher. Pam took up kayak angling to help relieve stress from the daily grind. Now she is on the pro staff for several fishing equipment manufacturers, a regular speaker a ...…
This Baton Rouge native uses inshore fishing to give back in a big way. Mission Six Takes Veterans Fishing Matthew Roberts is a Louisiana native and enthusiastic inshore angler, with a strong foundation in kayak fishing. He recognized it as a way to serve others and is a co-founder of Mission Six, a non-profit that […] The post E85 – Matthew Ro ...…
In this episode we speak with US based angler Kristine Fischer. Kristine is an avid angler and she describes her methods and experiences going fishing for muskie in a kayak. Muskellunge angling takes on a whole different context and requires a divergence of methods and skill sets. Kristine educates us on a path to kayak success!…
ICAST recap Capt. Alex discusses the single best thing from ICAST, and the other stuff...
It's ICAST week so we will talk new kayaks, gear and such as well as talking offshore kayak fishing
We get caught up on the Texas Kayak fishing tournament scene and then just talk about random stuff like.. New Bonifide Kayaks built by YakAttak company that will be released at Icast on July 12-14 2017 New NuCanoe H2Pro Drive that you could literally mount anywhere. Even your refrigerator. The Triangle theory used by Brandon Palaniuk to break d ...…
U.S. Army combat veteran Eric Clark is making his mark in the offshore kayak fishing world through competition. As one of the owner-operators of the Texas Bluewater Kayak Classic, The largest offshore kayak tournament on the Texas coast, his main goal is to grow this sport of offshore kayak fishing any way possible. Kayak Fishing RAW will talk ...…
Call in and join the show 714-816-4727. Kayak fishing is a fun way for folks to get on the water and find fish.
Jim Sammons from the "Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons"Wes Seigler from Seigler Reels Mayor Gary Louallen from Dayton TN telling us about the economic impact a little green fish had on his city Gary Klein from major league fishing (MLF).
It's the Jeff Barron episode!!! In this episode Ryan Madara (Carp) recaps his epic Virginia Kayak fishing trip. We get to close the book on Ryan's run away kitty. Finally, we spend an evening with Jeff Barron around the Sonic Campfire. We talk everything from living in the middle of the woods to sticking your arm in the mouth of a 40 plus pound ...…
Join guest host Beau Reed from TX as he discusses the world of tournament fishing
Capt. Alex is home from his family vacation and we are excited to hear about the fishing he did while in Mexico!
Thinking of getting into fly fishing? Tonights show will be filled with info on everything from fly rods and reels to whats the best kayaks that are fly friendly.
Summer Slam Part 1 first time champion Jim Jobson will join Kayak Fishing RAW to talk about how he won the EKFT event and his fat check for $5,000! With the Summer Slam Part 2 coming up August 12th we will go over the series weight standings for the EKFT Championship Ring and much more!! Kayak Fishing RAW will also talk about a relased CIA docu ...…
In this weeks episode of the Human Powered Angling Podcast I discuss what it takes to get started in kayak fishing.
Lee Janik of Clutch Fly Rods joins the guys tonight to discuss whatever he wants....
Photo by Daniel Rodriguez Daniel Rodriguez is an avid angler, photographer, storm chaser, and a US Marine. Daniel survived a historical flood just weeks after our first run down the Pecos River. We relive that experience as well as discuss how he got into kayak fishing, his work with wounded veterans, photography, and how he balances his life o ...…
Tonights show the guys break down the good, bad, and ugly about the "pro staff" world we are in..
The EKFT Summer Series is here!! Kayak Fishing Raw will get everyone ready for the big event taking place in Pompano Beach! Local angler Adam Fisk will join Kayak Fishing Raw to talk about whats biting and predictions for the upcoming event.
Capt. Alex explains the importance of hiring a true Kayak Guide.
We are back in the saddle again. Episode 13 there was a lot of tournaments to talk about and we hope to have covered them all. Hope you enjoy.
In this episode, the guys talk about the importance of hobbies, (disc golf, kayak fishing) how to find a hobby, and how as parents we must think and pray about how we engage with our children's extracurricular activities.
Dave Dolan's Fishing Talk Show "Cast Away"This edition Dave talks about his experiences with kayak fishing. He also has local fishing reports, fishing tips, and recipes!
Joint chuck and Alex as they discuss hook selection tonight
Florida native Chad Burkley is the ultimate outdoorsman! Chad called in to talk about catching 11ft Gators to rounding up monster swordfish in South Florida. Chad owns Snag and Bag Outfitters, a Gator charter company. Before catching Gators Chad's passion was catching Swordfish. He did commercial Swordfishing for 6 years and caught a monster 53 ...…
Join the guys as they talk fishing
Battle in the Bahamas champion Jon Venarchick calls in Kayak Fishing RAW to talk about winning a fat check for 10k and the experience of fishing & winning this one of a kind international tournament. Jon has been a consistent angler in the EKFT series never missing an event. Back in 2015 he won the Sailfish Smackdown as a new angler to offshore ...…
Michael Ernst is no stranger to the woods, or the water. Growing up in Minnesota, he spent a good portion of his time hunting, as well as both fishing and as a fishing guide. That love of the outdoors transfered over into his photography, which is hard to describe as anything other then breathtaking. Now-a-days, he spends his time on the water ...…
Lacey “Small Frye” Frye joins the boys around the Sonic Campfire. In this episode, Ryan goes kayak fishing for this first time and Uncle Catfish survives a rogue wave. General P gets an apology. Finally, Lacey give us a glimpse into the mind of real turkey hunter. For more on all things outdoors go to If you want to ...…
Kayak fishing has really taken off in the past few years and on this week's radio show we will discuss all aspects of the sport and why you should try it. We hope you enjoy!
Tonight show is dedicated to Captain Pat Murphy may you rest in peace.. If you have a story to share about Captain Pat feel free to calling the number is 714-816-4727. Someone will also win the charter with Captain Alex Gorichky.
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