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Kayak Fishing Raw
Join the EKFT Crew every week to talk about offshore kayak fishing, tournaments and everything Extreme
Hear all the latest Kayak Fishing News hear on The Texas Kayak Fishing Podcast. Your host Clay and cohost Cody will bring you all the latest news in Kayak Fishing.
Kayak Fishing Tales is the premier digital video channel for kayak fishing content. Weekly episodes provide valuable tip and tricks, as well as breathtaking action from around the world. Kayak Fishing Tales is produced by The Heliconia Press - producers of The Kayak Fishing Show, and the award-winning Kayak Fishing: Game On film series.
All about the equipment, places and techniques of kayak fishing
This the place to talk about kayak fishing and kayaking in the Midwest (but not always limited to) Missouri, Arkansas, Southern Illinois, OK, and KS. Kind of like that cool conversation you have at the boat launch or boat dock over a cup of coffee or a cold one...enjoy!
The Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Show is a local radio talk show from Jacksonville, FL about kayak fishing hosted by Capt. Mike Kogan, Brett Hastings, Brad Hatton, and Frank Gregg.
An audio Podcast Series of Extreme Big Game Fishing Stories from a kayak by enthusiast and author Bluewater Jon Schwartz. You'll be captivated by "out of this world" experiences of fishing from a kayak! Learn the ins and outs in the use of gear, bait and safety devices as well as the locations of hot spots around the world where you'll find incredible big game fishing.
Jim Sammons is the host of The Kayak Fishing show and shares stories and information about his adventures around the world and about the gear he is using during interviews with his guests.
Monthly+ is a gathering of kayak fishing enthusiasts from around the country, that support different kayak fishing forums and kayak fishing guides.
Eric Allee hosts the LFK Podcast which stands for Local Fishing Knowledge! On the LFK Podcast we'll talk with anglers doing big things in the sport of fishing both locally and nationally! The LFK Podcast is brought to by 2020 EyeVenue, Bass Pro Shops Denver, and Eagle Claw.
This program will feature interviews and discussions with leaders in the silent sports movement which will include participants and manufacturers.
Green River Games
The latest mountain biking, kayaking, SUP, trail running, and kayak fishing news. Gear reports, hot seats, athlete & designer interviews, events reports, and so much more.
We are a Podcast that aims to entertain and educate the Kayak Fishing Community with interviews, tactics, techniques and methods for fishing for as many species as possible.
In each episode, we'll discuss news and events regarding the Indiana Kayak Anglers series or kayak fishing in general. We'll have interviews with anglers from the series to let you get to know them better.
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listen in as we talk to Richard Mattox and go over how to catch halibut from a Kayak and how to lie to your wife about great white sharks...
Episode 52 of the Kayak Fishing RAW podcast will feature Deep Blue Kayak Fishing Charters owner Marlin Matt to talk about the upcoming Summer Slam Part 2, 2018. We will talk about wahoo and the fishing report for the tournament with predictions. The second part of the show will talk about electronic voice phenomena (EVP). Within ghost hunting, ...…
This week on The Kayak Fishing Show Live we are joined by Brooks Smothers from Werner Paddles to talk about the history of the company, paddle design and to give an exclusive first look at their newest fishing paddle.
I have always wanted to go to Louisiana to target redfish out in the marsh so when James Page asked if i'd like to join him for a qiuck weekend trip to see just how stupid Louisiana fish really are. When you go to a place like Louisiana you also have to indulge in the local cuisine and man did we ever! I'm sure I gained a few pounds and a few g ...…
The Kayak Fishing RAW podcast will talk to "The Kayak Doctor", Ryan Jones about selling a 10k kayak! Too much for a kayak? We will debate here. Our second guest is "Redfish Chuck" to talk everything kayak fishing.
give us a call 714-816-4727
In this episode we talk to the man... the myth... the legend... Chris "swayze" Mayes. Chris has won the NCKA AOTY and is now living on the Oregon coast and work as a fish biologist on the Siuslaw River. So crack a cold one and listen in as we get radical about all kinds of fishing.
give us a call 714-816-4727
In this episode of The Kayak Fishing Show Live with Jim Sammons we are joined by Stacey Dunn from Maui Jim Sunglasses. Stacey explains the importance of wearing good sunglasses and what makes Maui Jim the best sunglasses available. Enjoyed this episode of Kayak Fishing Tales? Please LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT.You can see all of Maui Jims great pr ...…
In this episode of The Kayak Fishing Show live we are joined by Brian from Seaguar to talk about their new products including the awesome Gold Label flourocarbon.
In this episode we answer some reader questions and then we sit down the guy that almost got swallowed by a whale, films great white sharks and has caught almost 900 Lingcod!!!
Tonight we will discuss fishing the mullet run!
Give us a call and discuss your thoughts on the new kayaks to hit the market! 714-816-4727
The Kayak Fishing RAW podcast is celebrating its 50th episode! Captain John from our sponsor Sundance Marine will join us to talk about the EKFT series, being the offical help boat sponsor and much more! Our second guest is angler Anthony from North Carolina. Anthony does a special kind of fishing. He claims to catch a weird species of fish he ...…
Listen in as we sit down and talk to Bones about Kayak fishing in the late 90's, Running his own shop and then becoming the Marketing/Media Director for Feelfree Kayaks. Bones has been involved in nearly every facet of the kayak fishing industry and we really enjoyed talking to him.
In this episode we get to interview the 2017 Shasta Kayak Bass Classic Hobie Worlds qualifier Justin Martin Del Camp JR on his trip to Sweden for Hobie Worlds and his experience fishing for some new species.
Kayak Fishing RAW's featured guest is Summer Slam Part 1 champion Greg Nolan. Greg is from Naples, FL. He won 5k from RAILBLAZA & Turbo USA. He will go into detail on how he won the event and much more! We will go over the upcoming Summer Slam Part 2 to close out the tournament season. What will be the winning weight? Will another huge wahoo be ...…
The Kayak Fishing Show live is joined by Jen Ripple, publisher of DUN fly fishing magazine. In this episode, Jim Sammons and Jen discuss her magazine, kayak fly fishing and women in fishing. Enjoyed this episode of Kayak Fishing Tales? Please LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT.____________________________SUBSCRIBE to Kayak Fishing Tales WebTV: http://www ...…
Welcome to the show... uncensored and uncut... we talk some trash... we talk about some things that irritate us and we talk about the fishing scene. this is a bonus episode!
On this weeks episode of The Kayak Fishing Show Live, Jim Sammons is joined by Will Richardson. Will is the videographer , director, narrator and sometimes editor of The Kayak Fishing show. Jim and Will share stories about their travels for the past eleven years and give tips on being a traveling kayak angler. Enjoyed this episode of Kayak Fish ...…
Steve Tagami from Mustad hooks joins Jim Sammons, the host of The Kayak Fishing Show Live, to chat about the history of Mustad hooks and some cool gear they have out for every angler. Enjoyed this episode of Kayak Fishing Tales? Please LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT.____________________________SUBSCRIBE to Kayak Fishing Tales WebTV: http://www.youtub ...…
Sit back and crack a cold one as we sit down Hank Rogers AKA Bass Geek and talk about post spawn bass fishing.
Have you ever thought to yourself the Bahamas would be an amazing kayak fishing destination? Guess what it is and it is more accessible than you might think. Tonight's guests are Sergio and Mark of Old Bahama Bay Resort! They will fill you in with the info needed to make your Bahamas dream a reality!…
In this episode of The Kayak Fishing Show Live, Jim Sammons is joined by Luther Cifers and John Hipsher from Yakattack. They talk about the history of Yakattack kayak fishing gear and share some new products coming out.
Tonight is listeners choice! What topic whould you like to have us cover? Give us a call with a report or just to chat 714-816-4727
"In this episode of The Kayak Fishing show live with Jim Sammons we talk about kayak fishing safety and the importance of wearing a PFD.Enjoyed this episode of Kayak Fishing Tales? Please LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT.____________________________SUBSCRIBE to Kayak Fishing Tales WebTV:…
In this episode of The Kayak Fishing show Live our guest is Patrick Sebile from Band of Anglers and Ocean Born Lure company. Jim Sammons and Patrick Sebile talk about his new lure company and his history in fishing.
The 2018 Sailfish Smackdown Champion Brandon Skoff joins the Kayak Fishing RAW podcast to talk Sailfish, winning 5k and much more! Kayak Fishing RAW will also give our predictions for the upcoming Summer Slam Series June 2nd & August 25th.
Pull up a chair and crack a cold one as talk about everything from Dean having too many fishing options right now to Chris falling out of his Kayak... This is our first "Beerisode" we plan to do a few of these throughout the year just to touch base with everyone and let them know what we have going on!…
Tonight we will recap all of the things we have been doing during our break including the time Chuck spent at the Old Bahama Bay Resort!
Check it out as we chill with Greg Blanchard and talk about everything from bass fishing tournaments to youtube haters.
Brian from Seaguar gives us all the information about Seaguar braids and fluorcarbon.
Jim Sammons chats with the Brandon Austin from GoFish Cam about their waterproof fishing camera which are perfect for kayak fishing videos. Learn how to get the best shots of the fish hitting your lure or bait.
Jim Sammons and James Mcbeath discuss the new Blue Skys boatworks fishing boats from Jackson Kayak.
Jim Sammons and Wes Seigler discuss this great made in the USA fishing reel company, Conventional and fly reels made to last.
Gear You Should Always Carry On Your Fishing Kayak Just In Case by Kayak Fishing with Jim Sammons
"In this episode of The Kayak Fishing show live Jim and Jameson chat about kayak fishing in Louisiana and Jamesons favorite new lure for chasing redfish.
In this episode of The Kayak Fishing Show live, Jim and Jameson talk about the new Blue Sky boatworks and the use of motors in kayak fishing tournaments.
Kayak Fishing pioneer Jim Sammons and Jim McGowan from Raymarine talk about setting up a fish finder on your kayak
Kayak Fishing pioneer Jim Sammons answers some of the most common questions he gets about kayak fishing
Kayak Fishing pioneer Jim Sammons talks about the proper gear to wear for cold water kayak fishing and some of the great gear available.
Kayak Fishing pioneer Jim Sammons talk about how he sets up his reels for targeting big fish from his kayak.
In this episode of Kayak Fishing Live with Jim Sammons, Jim is joined by the guys from Nocqua adventure gear to talk about the best way to rig your electronics on your fishing kayak, with Nocqua batteries.
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