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Wireless LAN Professionals is place to Educate, Inform, Encourage and Entertain those involved in Wireless LANs. This Wireless LAN Professionals Podcast is an audio manifestation of those goals.Our host is Wireless LAN veteran, consultant, designer, and teacher… Keith Parsons.
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In This Episode:- Keith speaks with Dan Klimke about the new netAlly product portfolio and new company name- Wes Purvis present "BLE Deployment Design with Ekahau" at WLPC Phoenix 2019
In This Episode:- Keith speaks with Ryan Woodings of MetaGeek on their story and what lies in the near future. - Colleen Szymanik presents, "Are all 11ax Networks Created Equal?" from #WLPC Phoenix 2019
In This Episode:- Keith talks all things Wi-Fi Awards with Scott Lester and Tauni Odia of The Contention Window Podcast, and Sam Clements and Jonathan Davis- Jason Hintersteiner presents his thoughts on 60GHZ - what you need to know about 802 11ad and 802 11ay for his presentation at WLPC Phoenix 2019…
In This Episode:- Keith and Jim Vajda of Frame by Frame and 7 Signal talk Troubleshooting Wi-Fi frame by frame Jonathan Davis presents "Where good RF goes to die" from WLPC Phoenix 2019
In This Episode:- Keith sits down with Cees Links of They reflect on Cees' pioneering work in Wi-Fi and talk about where things are headed with Wi-Fi 6.- Ben Miller shares his thoughts on how to use channel utilization in Wi-Fi from his presentation at WLPC Phoenix 2019
In This Episode:- David Coleman and Keith talk about some of the different Wi-Fi Conferences they have attended over the years and highlight the differences between them.- Samuel Clements explains from WLPC Phoenix 2019 why he so often replies to Wi-Fi questions with "It depends".
In This Episode:- Jussi & Keith talk Wireless LAN events as they drive through Helsinki in Jussi's 1971 Datsun 240z 3.5liter supercharged. Come along for the ride.- Keith also answers your questions and helps bring clarity to a problematic installation that has grown complicated over time.- Finally, we hear from Dale Hurshowy with his WLPC Phoe ...…
In This Episode:- Keith discusses some of the "soft skills" needed to be able to effectively get actual requirements for your scope of work- Panos Vouzis shares what is new with NetBeez- Mike Albano talks about deploying Google Enterprise Wi-Fi
In This Episode:- Drew Lentz of Wi-Fi Stand talks to Keith about the new Wi-Fi Survey Kit- Peter Mackenzie gives a WLAN Association update from WLPC Phoenix 2019
In This Episode:- Keith answers the question "How can I feel comfortable with my knowledge level in wireless?"- Keith and Brian Tuttle talk about what is new with the new Metageek Wi-Spy Air- Jerry Olla talks about Ekahau Connect
In This Episode:- Peter Mackenzie talks about his upcoming CWAP class at the new Titan Ranch training facility- Keith and Roger Sands talk tech details about Wyebot the "how's" and "why's" of this cool technology
In This Episode:- Keith answers the question:"How can I get non-technical people to have a basic understanding of the dynamics of Wireless environments. - Jari Vikstedt from ETS Lindgren talks about what he sees rolling out in 5G
In This Episode:- We answer the question:"How do I get my hands on wireless software tools like AirMagnet? I am just getting started in running a small consulting and integration business. The cost of getting some of these software tools can get pretty daunting"- Keith takes us behind the scenes at Ekahau, getting to know some of the behind-the ...…
In This Episode:- Anil Gupta from startup Wyebot talks about his journey through a few startups, software development and finally what Wyebot is all about- Devin Barger talks "Next Generation Troubleshooting with Meraki Wireless" from WLPC Prague 2018
In This Episode:Keith has a great conversation with Anand Srinivas from Nyansa talking how useful data and analytics can be and what the future of troubleshooting networks might look like with the help of AI among other things
In This Episode:- Arne Bier talks about how "geeking out" allows him to go deep into his growing understanding of Wi-Fi and shares how to build your own virtual lab- Troy Martin presents his Ten Talk "Effects of Rate Limiting on Wi-Fi Flow" from WLPC Prague 2018
In This Episode:- Ashley Mead talks about keeping your focus and passion as a Wireless LAN Professional- Rene Kriedemann presents his TEN Talk "No Floor Plan, No Wi Fi" from WLPC Prague 2018
In This Episode:- Stephen Cooper shares how continual learning is the key to success as a wireless LAN professional- Robert Boardman takes us "Back to the Basics" from his WLPC Prague 2018 Ten Talk
In This Episode:- Yosef Graziano talks about why he thinks a good understanding of routing and switching is so important for success in Wi-Fi- Josh Halley shares how NOT to perform a BLE Site Survey from WLPC Prague 2018
In This Episode:- Michael Lane shares how he built his own success even without a degree- Perry Correll talks Wi-Fi Security for Next Gen Connectivity from WLPC Prague 2018
In This Episode:- Keith interviews GT Hill about his Titan Ranch Missile Silo - Steve Leytus introduces WiFiMetrix from WLPC Phoenix 2018
In This Episode:- Perry Correll shares insights from his many years working as a Wireless LAN Professional- Alf Sutherland shares how 802.3bt will change IT
In This Episode:- Rene Kriedemann talks about his journey into Wi-Fi and gives us a little insight into the WLAN dynamics in Germany.- Srikanth Subramanian overviews 11ax MU-MIMO from WLPC Phoenix 2018
In This Episode:- Robert Boardman talks about his journey into Wi-Fi and updates us on where he's at with 3D printing these days- Hemant Chaskar talks about IoT Ready Access Points from WLPC Phoenix 2018
In This Episode:- Troy Martin shares shares the pros and cons for different roles in the WLAN industry as well as talking about what makes a good student.- Brian Long Takes us on a journey into optimizing our SSH experience
In This Episode:- Keith shares another great resource, one he uses as a regular "go to": the iPerf3 Lamination Reference Card- Lee Badman makes a passionate argument that bad code can have some serious consequences.- Mark Raats shares his journey to CWNE and shares some of his own life lessons he has been learning along the way.…
In This Episode:- Devin Barger shares his own "Wi-Fi story" and explains why being able to communicate WLAN principles to different "audiences" is so valuable for WLAN Professionals.- Keith reviews one of his most used charts from the WLAN Professionals Notebook - The 802.11ac -VHT MCS, SNR, RSSI chart…
In This Episode:Keith catches up with David Westcott and David Coleman to find out what's new in the 5th edition of the Sybex CWNA Study GuideKeith also highlights the 802.11 Wireshark Filters from the Wireless LAN Professionals Notebook
In this Episode:- Keith talks about the importance of Ethernet Cabling - Philipp Ebbecke encourages us to just jump in and start learning Wi-Fi with resources all around you.- Neil Mavis demonstrates how to booting Ekahau in 12 Seconds and how to get the most from your laptop
In This Episode:- Keith talks Conversion Charts- Andrew McHale shares the importance of learning the fundamentals before you go deep with specific vendors and also gives advice on what factors to consider before switching jobs- Lee Badman shares your answers the question "What are you most hopeful and skeptical of for the next few years of Wi-Fi?"…
In This Episode:Jerry Olla shares his own journey into becoming a CWNE and reveals the top 3 things that most helped him along the way.
In This Episode:- Keith, Jennifer, and Sam discuss how information about the latest and greatest WLAN info flows typically flows through the industry. They look at everything from vendor press releases, to online social media discussions. - Keith shows another page and form from the Wireless LAN Professionals Field Notebook- We hear a presentat ...…
In This Episode:- Keith talks about the dBm to mW conversion chart from the WLAN Pros Notebook- Ferney Munoz shares about the importance of investing in your WLAN career
In This Episode:- Curtis Larsen Talks about Building a Database of Different RSSI Devices - Keith answers the question, "What's the best combination of technical skills as a Wireless Lan Professional?"- Ten Talk | Controlling Unknown With Actionable Wi-Fi Analytics | Roland Ivens
In This Episode:- CWNE Round Table with Brian Long, Blake Krone, Mike Albano & Chris Lyttle- WLAN Pros Notebook Overview- Ten Talk | Body & Mind of an Engineer | Jussi Kiviniemi
In This Episode:- How to Prepare for your CWNE Journey with Brian Long, Blake Krone, Mike Albano & Chris Lyttle- WLAN Pros Notebook Overview- Ten Talk | RF Attenuation Measurements | Ferney Muñoz
In This Episode:- Ian Beyer shares his experience working on set on a hollywood movie- Keith answers the question, "How do you convince your customer of the value of site surveys?"- Ten Talk: Super Bowl City An Inside Look with Mike Leibovitz
In This Episode:- Curtis Larsen Talks about Running a Network on 5ghz only on SSID- Ten Talk | Chasing Ghosts with Troy Marin
In This Episode:- New Uses for the #WLPC NanoPi with Rick Steiner- Keith answers when to recommend to a client to use a static channel plan - Ten Talk | 3 Things a Great Trainer Needs | Neil Macdonald
There are many counter intuitive things about Wi-Fi, how many are you aware of?
In This Episode:- Keith talks to Jeremy Ward from Transit Wireless- Heather Williams talks Wi-Fi WPA3
In This Episode:- Glenn Cate shares his CWNE and WLAN Pros journey and gives some advice to those just starting out in the WLAN Pros industry- Tom Hollingsworth talks about how to engage with and build up the online community
In This Episode:- Lee Badman shares the process he went through to get licensed by the FAA to fly drones- Chris Reed gives his insights into deploying at scale
In This Episode:- Manon Lessard talks about her own CWNE journey and offers some advice on successfully achieving the CWNE certification- Scott Lester shares his views and own experiences with external antennas
In This Episode:- Keith sat down with Jennifer Huber and Sam Clements and shared their own experiences and advice on building Wireless LAN careers.- Jason Hintersteiner talks about deploying Wi-Fi the wrong way.
In This Episode:- Keith and Lee Badman talk about the WLPC PEN Testing Deep Dive- Dr. Eldad Perahia presents on High Efficiency Wi-Fi- 802.11ax
In This Episode:- Keith and Scott McDermott talk about Mobile WLAN Testing Deep Dive from WLPC- Keith shares his tips to studying well for your certifications and more- Zaib Kaleem talks about iPerf3 Interoperability
In This Episode:- Keith and Tom Carpenter discuss some WLAN testing tools you may not have considered before.- VP gives a presentation on the impact LTE-U on Wi-Fi
In This Episode:- Jerry Olla shares the history of how we developed the WLPC Mobile WLAN Testing Tool- We listen to a classic presentation from Keith "7 Rules For Accurate Wi-Fi Surveys"
In This Episode:- Keith and Sam Clements talk RRM and Cisco- Joel Crane demonstrates how metageek's Eye P.A. works and why he loves it so much
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