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Oc-cult - 1. of or pertaining to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies. 2. beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding; mysterious. 3. secret; disclosed or communicated only to the initiated. 4. hidden from view. 5. (in early science) a. not apparent on mere inspection but discoverable by experimentation. b. of a nature not understood, as physical qualities. c. dealing with such qualities; experimental: occult science.
Its Real Talk Live
Politics, Religion, Sports, Business Opportunities
This is a self help talk show where we delve into the mind and how it relates to or interprets the environment. We will deal with multiple concepts like Kemetic Sciences, Kaballah, Maat, religion, spirituality, Think and Grow Rich, The Secret and relate them to the mind. THOUGHT PRECEDES ACTION! As the host and moderator, Coach Edwards will engage the audience in conversation but ultimately close with practical applications for strategies and solutions (P.A.S.S)...credentials of host: BA Psy ...
Team Osiris Radio
One Soul Infinitely Resurrecting In
Cool guy talking about a sustainable future: the health and environmental benefits of a plant based lifestyle. Healthy trends, fitness, sports, healthy sex, love & life!
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Are we living in a conscious simulation
Team osiris discusses the mechanics of spirituality in science.
Did Moses and Solomon Exist? What Methodology should we use to determine if these men actually existed? If you did find out they did not exist based on the evidence how would that change your outlook on your belief system? Join me Today on as we discuss this topic at 6pm Eastern. You can also call in at 347 ...…
Today on Theology Thursdays we are discussing the upcoming debate/discussion "Did the Exodus actually Happen?" Colonization through religion. We also talking about every day solutions that can help us out on a daily basis. Unity is it a pipe dream or is it possible? Moors, Hebrews and their history in America. Who are the Kemetic teachers in ou ...…
Today's guest Jamaican Elder Tony Cousins look into the history of the Maroons, Bedward and De Laurence. Why are De Laurence books banned in Jamaica?
Sexual Abuse an issue we hate to talk about until it affects us. Join me today as i look at the history of abuse within the community.
What does it mean to be human and how we interact with nature
Gaysi Ngozi breaks down the perception of who the Creator is
Nefer Ka of Team A.U.S.E.T. gives an abstract account of an ongoing issue within the Black Afircan Communnity
Gaysi Ngozi and team O.S.I.R.I.S. expound the importance of the relationship of the elders and the heirs in the conscious movement.
Why should we as a community allow Dr Ali Muhammad to teach and continue to promote pseudo positions which are not true. I will be going over A00 Haplogroup, Ica Stones, Davenport Stele, Potontoc Stele, 1.5 million skull in Argentina, Hueyatlaco and many more topics .
Gyasi Ngozi and Team O.S.I.R.I.S. have discussion involving the flase information that is being circulated throughout the so called "conscious community".
Team Osiris discusses various topics from science to theology and current events.
The Jewish and Israelite lineage
The wicked ways of the Hebrew doctrine. Does the bible create an atmosphere of lies, deception and evil actions which are seen as innocent by the followers of the literature
Ngoziexplains the origins of the white race.
Ngozi explains consciousness, reality and the nature of the universe.
Brother Sonjedi teaches the chronology of Ancient KMT.
Team Osiris teaches the importance of the seven liberal arts.
The teachings of Amen Em Apt continued.
Open Mic
Team Osiris resurrects the knowledge and wisdom ofearly Nile Valley Civilizations.
Team Osiris explores the ancient text of Africa and their ideas about creation and divinities.
On today's Show we will be discussing how we can boost your credit score through tradelines; Credit Repair; Funding; Group Economics; Financial Freedom; and buying an Abandon town which is a project we are working on. Plus much more....There is more information on the event poster below. This Radio Event is a great opportunity for our people to ...…
Tomorrow's Show will be about Bridging the Gaps in the Sisterhood. This topic will surround other topics such as: Sister who are being Counterproductive which bare's no fruit; How can we unite as sisters with so much jealousy and envy towards eachother?; keypoints of why sisterhood is so important in this movement?; and what can we do as Black ...…
Today we are talking about Evolution from an African Perspective, Astral Projection, Origins of the 7 day planetary week, 65 million year old pyramids, Were the native Americans Africans?
Throughout my years of studying the doctrine of Hebrew Israelites Prophecy seems to be their trump card as far as sticking with the doctrine. Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Dueteronomy 28 vs 68 is used to claim their presence here in America. I will look at many prophecies and see if we as ex slaves fit these prophecies without any form ...…
Today is our first Episode of the Celebration of Black Kings Appreciation Month. We will be discussing the Past and Present Contribution and Greatness of Our Kings from many different sects(Kmt,RBG, Hebrews, Islam, Nuwapians, African Spiritualism, Christianity, Black Nationalist etc). We are going to discuss how we can as Black Queens elevate o ...…
Too much different groups are using a Book they have no idea where, how, why it came about. Join Me as i dig into the doctrine of the Hebrew Israelites.
Today we doing a Study Group show on the following Topics: 1) Exodus 2) Babylonian Exile 3) Cyrus Cylinder/Returnees from the Exile 4) Prophecies 5) The Many claims of African Tribes being Hebrews Join me and Christina Carter as we look at the pros and cons for each subject. Can we draw a conclusion from the evidence available to us through Arc ...…
Building your own empire instead of watching Empire. Today's Radio show we are walking you the listening audience through the process towards financial freedom. We also will be talking about CPNs, Tradelines, Credit Repair, Funding and Sources. Also my upcoming documentary how to raise a million dollars in 10 days. Call in with your questions. ...…
Building your own Empire instead of watching Empire. On Todays radio show we discussing ways for our people to uplift themselves out of the condition they are in. Also why uniting in small groups makes more sense than trying to unite on a large scale. Plus we addressing the Igbo, GA , Asante, Yoruba and why these folks are not biblical Israelit ...…
TODAY'S RADIO SHOW we are talking about buying an abandoned town with Christina Carter. Next we have special guest Robert West talking about forming an alliance within the community. Also Bible history and Secular History an in depth look. Plus a discussion on the Million Man March the "or else" what is it ?? Join me and my panel at 6pm Eastern ...…
Many groups are running around claiming they are different sects of the Hebrew Israelite community when historically none of these groups have shown no evidence linking them to the ancient residents of Judah or Israel. enough of the lies
Join me Today at 6pm eastern on my radio show as we discuss How do we achieve unity? Whats going on in the Hebrew Israelite Community? Zion Lexx vs Tazaryach/Guerilla Hebrew......Christina Carter? presents an update of buying an abandoned Town......Million Man latest news lets talk o ...…
Join Queen Christina Carter? today on Relationship Fridays as she discuss What do women want and look for in a man. Also whats a Queen's duty to her Man in today's time. Join us at or call in at 3478269457 . This show will begin 6pm Eastern time....Dont miss it....…
The journey of building your own neighborhood .
Building your own empire part 2
Today on the Christina Carter Show she discusses buying an abandoned town . Today she will address her latest project of uniting and building our own Empire. Join us at 6pm Eastern Time or call in at 3478269457
To unite with different belief systems its hard . What about Polygamy,
This week's show ........ date-Wednesday May 27, 2015 time-6pm special Guest: Sol Haroo
This week's Radio Show Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2015 Time: 6pm EST 5pm CST 3pm PST BlogTalk Radio "It's Real Talk Live" Co-Host: William R. Mansfield, II COO, eX TECH Show: T.I.M.E. 2 Talk (Technology Information for Minority Empowerment) Topic: "Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Your Privacy" . To listen call ...…
Radio Show Wednesday, May 13, 2015 6pm EST 5:00pm CST 3pm PST BlogTalk Radio "It's Real Talk Live" Co-Host: eXTECH Vice-President William R. Mansfield Show: T.I.M.E. 2 Talk (Technology Information for Minority Empowerment) Topic: "The Impact of Technology in Politics in elections " www.extendingtechnology.c ...…
Join Christina as she questions her guest on the following topics Religion, economy, social Justice etc..........
Come join Bro Anpu as he answers my hard hitting questions about DR York and his trial.
Today at 6pm Eastern its 51 Questions with Ms Christina Carter Addressing Issues like Economics, religion, unity, social justice, history, Heath and relationships. This show is designed to get a better understanding of different groups within our community. Today's guest is Netjer Neb KD Hartley-el? . Live today at 6pm on ...…
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