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Mother and daughter educators discuss topics relevant to the education of young children.
Kinder PODS Mission - "Learning is fun and podOcasting is great!"Remember, be considerate, please put your phones on "pleasure"!
A weekly podcast based on the Kindergarten Bible study for the current week. Check out more resources at
The mission of the GraceLink Sabbath School curriculum is to help children joyfully experience God's grace and respond by showing love to God (worship), Showing love to family and friends (community), Serving others in their world (service) as productive members of God's family now and always.
Full Time Kindergarten
Kindergarten Diva
Join Devon Caldwell and guests as she discusses some of her favourite topics: early years education, project-based learning, technology infusion, & yoga
The mission of the GraceLink Sabbath School curriculum is to help children joyfully experience God's grace and respond by showing love to God (worship), Showing love to family and friends (community), Serving others in their world (service) as productive members of God's family now and always.
A short podcast where I interview some of my students at Smith Elementary.
Teachers Aid
Teachers Aid is new for 2018 with Mandy Froehlich and Jon Harper. We've refocused the show on meeting some of the biggest unmet needs every educator has. If you are an educator who gives teaching your all, but still feels that you're not doing enough, this show is for you. Tune in to get social and emotional support for the very personal challenges teachers face. We promise you that you won't hear educators talking like this every day.
An exciting trip to Firestation 8 with a Kindergarten class.
BAM Radio has compiled the most popular segments, hosted by the Executive Directors of the nation's 14 leading education associations including ; the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the National Parent Teachers Association ( PTA), the National Head Start Association (NHSA), The National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO), the ...
Montessori Moment
Listen in to learn about Montessori education and discover how you can apply Montessori principles at home. Designed for parents but available to all we cover topics from choosing a school to supporting children develop healthy relationships with their peers and siblings.
A witty and intelligent podcast for moms...and some dads. ...keeping parents sane and entertained
Get Your Child Reading the FAST and FUN Way with Your child will learn to read FAST with the proven phonics method and our 4-step learning system – 1) learn with video lessons 2) read with books 3) review with quizzes and 4) master the sounds songs. Go to to unlock our FREE App, the Complete Phonics Learning system and MORE lessons!
A podcast from the Natural Education Alliance discussing child-centered education.
Join host and Early Childhood Consultant, Marissa Calderón as she captures the zen journeys of educators and advocates alike by highlighting their work through interviews and discussions on best practices in the field including a focus on the local Arizona Early Educator community. For more about Early Childhood Journeys visit: Follow us on Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Music track is ca ...
The essential role of music in the process of cognitive development and learning in education is typically underrated and not understood. This program brings the most recent research, brightest minds and best practices for advancing learning through music. This is a must listen resource for teachers and parents.
TechTalk4Teachers podcast (blogcast, netcast, webcast, educast, teachercast - your choice of vocabulary) is for educators wanting to keep up with the latest advances in educational technologies and their practical applications in classrooms. We have a little something for everyone from kindergarten teachers to university professors. Keep on learning!
The National Association for The Education of Young Children and BAM Radio Network have partnered to bring you NAEYC Radio. Rae Pica and Jerlean Daniel host the program that will focus on a different topic each month. The program was developed by early childhood professionals to bring the best and latest insights directly to parents and educators.
Heart to heat conversations on leadership with Holly Elissa Bruno seeks out guests with exceptional insight, extraordinary wisdom and practical solutions to the challenges of being a leader in the field of k-12 education.
Hooked on Phonics
Welcome to Hooked Phonics. Enjoy some of the great content available in the new Learn to Read, a reading program designed to help children learn how to read and improve reading skills using phonics. This Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read channel includes reading activities, songs and is a great source of free teaching material for parents, teachers and educators. Follow us:
The National Head Start Association and BAM Radio Network have partnered to bring you Head Start Radio where you'll get fast answers and expert advice on the issues you really care about. NHSA Radio Is hosted by Head Start Association, Deputy Executive Director Yasmina Vinci
1,000,000+ Books Downloaded! is the Fastest & Easiest Way to Help Your Child Read. Reading is an absolute necessity if you want your child to succeed in life. Get them reading faster than everyone in class with our Guided Learning System, Phonics Lessons & Easy-to-Read Books. Go to and sign up for FREE Monthly Books, Videos & Audio Lessons.
My project for college class
Radio interviews by the Early Care and Education Consortium.The Early Care and Education Consortium and BAM Radio Network have partnered to bring you ECEC Radio, a program that focuses on the early care issues you really care about. Each brief segment of ECEC Radio will help keep you abreast of the latest developments in the industry.
The Association of School Business Officials and BAM Radio Network have partnered to bring you School Business Matters (formerly ASBO Radio). Executive Director John Musso hosts the program, focusing on the topics that matter to you. Each brief segment features a thought-provoking discussion with an expert who has hands-on experience in the areas of school business management practices, professional growth, and the effective use of educational resources.
A well-liked couple - an RCMP officer and a kindergarten teacher - are gunned down in a small, Alberta town. Twenty years later, the mystery still lingers. Who killed Lorraine McNab and Peter Sopow? A six part podcast investigates, hearing from cops who worked the case, and family who harbour their own suspicions.
Listen to Jim as he shares some of the sites, apps, and resources that every educator may find useful.
A resource for child care health consultants; early care and education (ECE) providers and trainers; members of professional organizations, educational and medical facilities; and families. It is our goal to provide accurate information and effective resource materials to promote the health and safety of young children, birth through age 8.
Strong Fathers Radio is a program focused on strengthening children by strengthening fathers and families. The program's goal is to improve the educational environment in order that men may become more involved in the lives of their children. The show provides insights, advice and resources specifically for fathers.
You are "Listening in on LEEP" Forward Pediatric Development Clinic and therapeutic preschool and transitional kindergarten team of experts talking about topics parents and teachers care about. LEEP Forward has experts in the fields of Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology, Social Work, Developmental Therapy and Early Intervention.
A well-liked couple - an RCMP officer and a kindergarten teacher - are gunned down in a small, Alberta town. Twenty years later, the mystery still lingers. Who killed Lorraine McNab and Peter Sopow? A six part podcast investigates, hearing from cops who worked the case, and family who harbour their own suspicions.
Kindergarten conversations with university students.
A charming collection of short stories and verses for young children. First published by the Bangor, Maine Kindergarten Association. (Summary by Lynne Thompson)
The National After School Association and BAM Radio Network have partnered to bring you NAA Radio. Executive Director Judy Nee hosts the program that will focus on the topics you really care about. Each brief segment of NAA radio will bring after school professionals the latest insights, practices and developments in the care of children and youth during their out-of-school hours.
Ben's podcast
New podcast weblog of a Kindergartener.
The National Parent Teachers Association and BAM Radio Network have partnered to bring you National PTA Radio. National PTA President, Betsy Landers anchors the show along with James Martinez, Sr. Manager of Media & Public Relations at National PTA.Our online broadcasts focus on issues affecting families and child advocates and provides real-life answers to everyday problems. Every episode speaks to the latest headline news, issues and features that affect the lives of children.
Afterschool Alliance and BAM Radio Network have partnered to bring you ASA Radio. Executive Director Jodi Grant hosts the program that will focus on the topics you really care about. Each brief segment of ASA Radio will help keep after school advocates abreast of the latest efforts to ensure that all children have access to affordable, quality after school programs. Click the "play" button below to listen now.
How do you help all children thrive? Get in-depth discussions and insider tips with Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak. Each episode gives access to real-world strategies and tools for dealing with high-stakes testing, pressures to “ready” children for Kindergarten, and move toward inclusive practices, which address the whole child. The host, Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, has over 20 years of experience in teaching and supporting early educators. You, too can become a solutionary and re-imagine ea ...
Mommy & Princess J
Mommy and Princess J spend 5 minutes discussing her 6 year old life while living in Chicago and attending Kindergarten.
MOMables Radio
We created MOMables Radio to discuss how to make real food happen in the midst of our chaotic life schedules. Laura talks about how to make real food portable, provides culinary solutions she finds helpful, explains kitchen shortcuts, and brings in experts to discuss how to feed our families better. Most importantly, you will find every podcast filled with tips and takeaways. Whether you are single and packing office lunches, or have a child in kindergarten or high school, you will find that ...
Two lifelong friends (seriously, since kindergarten), separated by 700 miles, get together to solve the worlds ails
Not Uncut
Harley and Alex go way back: they met in Kindergarten, attended each other's Bar Mitzvah...all while navigating the brightly-colored, slime-filled decade that was the 1990s. With the help of their trusty co-host "Goy Boy," they'll discuss anything and everything about growing up during that time. Whether you grew up in the 1990s, 1890s, or are still growing up, come join the conversation!
Jamin and Wendy had six children in seven years. Even though they are both former school teachers, their two personalities are very different, and here they explore the differences and compromises that make their happy home. Wendy is an encouraging, optimistic, d-i-y, artsy stereotype of a kindergarten teacher. Jamin is practical, cynical, and contrary. Listen as they both share their perspectives in ridiculously candid fashion on homeschooling, family culture, housekeeping, and your questio ...
We are a non-denominational church in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. We have a passion to see people and our community change through Jesus. Our Rehoboth Campus gathers at 10 AM and lasts around 1 hr. We have environments for babies (6 weeks - pre.k) and kids (kindergarten - 5th grade) every Sunday morning. You can expect live music, practical messages, and a casual atmosphere. Our weekend gatherings are for you-so come dressed however you feel most comfortable.
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On today's Joshua T Berglan's Morning Gratitude, the World's Mayor interviews Jacki Malec! Jacki was born on the island of Puerto Rico with a name of Juanita Marie Alexanderson Baldridge, she has been building bridges to the “mainland ever since.” Being the youngest of 4 of a Chicago native father and an European mother born in Mexico City, it ...…
Today’s segments include: Scott fights with tech support, Jason skipped our show for a show, and Jarrod went to a kindergarten graduation (00:26), News We Actually Care About (21:46), Tech Time: E3 Recap (48:10), The Great Debate: Who Won E3 (1:05:00), Best Week of the Week (1:24:19) Please leave us a review on iTunes if you like what you hear! ...…
Do you think God knows about the tiniest ant crawling along? He does. He cares about little things. A long time ago God showed someone how much He cared about a little thing. “Serve each other with love.” GALATIANS 5:13, ICB. We can help others, even in s
Have you ever visited a friend’s house and been given good food to eat and a comfortable place to sleep? A woman did that for Elisha. “If one falls down, his friend can help him up.” ECCLESIASTES 4:10, NIV God’s people are kind to one another.
Have you ever wondered about people who help at church? You can help too. For his whole life he will be given . . . to the Lord. 1 SAMUEL 1:28, NIV We serve God when we help God’s leaders.
Do you remember ever being really, really sick? So sick that you thought you might never get well? That happened to the widow’s son “The Lord . . . cares for those who trust in him.” NAHUM 1:7, NIV. God will always answer our prayers.
What will you be when you grow up? Will you be a leader like Samuel? Samuel continued as judge . . . all the days of his life. 1 SAMUEL 7:15, NIV. I will serve Jesus all my life.
When someone calls you to come, do you go quickly? Or do you move slowly, or not at all? Little Samuel heard someone calling him. What do you think he did? Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. 1 SAMUEL 3:9, NIV. We serve God when we listen to His v
Do you complain about what’s for supper? I hope not! But I think if you were a student at the school Elisha visited, you might have a good reason to complain about the stew. “For I will surely show you kindness.” 2 SAMUEL 9:7, NIV God helps us see and sup
Do you want to go to heaven? What do you want to see there? What do you want to do? Elijah wanted to go too “God . . . gives power and strength to his people.” PSALM 68:35, NIV. God gives us power.
Paige sat on the porch, ready to bite into her last cookie. Her friend Julie came running over. Uh-oh. What should Paige do? When Elijah was hungry, someone shared with him. “He is our God and we are . . . under his care.” PSALM 95:7, NIV. God uses others
In Deutschland werden viele Kinder von klein auf von Erziehern betreut. Erzieher sind Menschen, die sich beruflich um Kinder kümmern. Sie haben gelernt, sie zu betreuen, sie zu fördern und sie zu unterstützen. Viele Kinder in Deutschland haben keine Geschwister oder nur einen Bruder oder eine Schwester. Daher ist es gut, wenn sie mit anderen Ki ...…
In Deutschland werden viele Kinder von klein auf von Erziehern betreut. Erzieher sind Menschen, die sich beruflich um Kinder kümmern. Sie haben gelernt, sie zu betreuen, sie zu fördern und sie zu unterstützen. Viele Kinder in Deutschland haben keine Geschwister oder nur einen Bruder oder eine Schwester. Daher ist es gut, wenn sie mit anderen Ki ...…
Episode 24 features my good friend Elizabeth Sawchak, who is the owner and creator of Lotus Soap Shop. She is currently soon to be former kindergarten teacher who hopes to turn her business into a full time job. We chat about her decision to leave her sturdy income as a teacher to jump full force into her PASSION for nontoxic beauty with Lotus ...…
Erica is an associate marriage and family therapist in San Francisco. As a counselor and yoga teacher, she believes each of us can lead lives of authenticity, balance, and purpose through mindfulness and self-reflection. She has an educational background in English Lit-erature and a professional background in Education as a credentialed Pre-Kin ...…
Partial Transcript: John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that who ever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life Genesis 12:1-7a The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. “I will make you into a great nation, and I will ble ...…
The transition to starting school can seem daunting for parents and kids, and it seems like it should come with a handbook! What should your preschooler know to be kindergarten-ready? What academic and emotional skills are most important? How do you find the right environment for your child? What if your options are limited? Mom, educator, and ...…
Lyn Lynbergh is no stranger when it comes to having a stressful and inactive lifestyle. This former kindergarten teacher turned 9-5er saw how a lack of health and fitness took a toll on her life. Lyn loved the social aspect of running races, and fitness became a part of her life. She created Couch to Active to help busy professionals ma ...…
Trump consummates his relationship with Kim Jong Un in the Philippines, earning him double-authoritarian-experience points. Trump organization celebrates by releasing a 4-minute movie trailer on Trump and North Korea. “Destiny Pictures” (aka the National Security Council) presents, “A Story of Opportunity.” Meanwhile, Trump blows up the G7. The ...…
INTERVIEW - SAAGAR ENJETI - White House Correspondent, The Daily Caller -- latest White House news WHITE HOUSE COMMS EXIT OF SARAH SANDERS AND RAJ SHAH? >> CBS NEWS: Sarah Sanders, Raj Shah planning to depart the White House SAAGAR: Sources I spoke to re: @CBS story tonight all told me a variation of this. That nothing is coming soon. The usual ...…
Positive parenting, positive discipline, and infants and toddlers We know there is no “correct” way to parent, but how do various parenting styles impact our child’s brain development? If there are ways to inherently boost self-regulation skills in a toddler or support a young child’s executive functioning skills, how can we integrate those hab ...…
In episode 53 the guys have a seat in the learning annex to take a deep dive into the four finalists in the Arnold Movie tournament: Predator, Kindergarten Cop, Terminator 2, and The Running Man. They discuss the finer elements of each film, box office numbers, and favorite lines over a few cans of Toppling Goliath's Pseudo Sue.…
Today on High On Healthy Audrey is joined by the President of SolRevolt David Villalobos. SolReVolt is Lighting the way to a more sustainable, localized society. Utilizing revolutionary lighting systems, energy solutions, and innovative products. Even back in kindergarten David was getting in trouble for rolling fake joints in class and talking ...…
As a continuation of DAD MONTH, we talk in-depth about Darren Aronofsky's now 10-year-old awards contender, The Wrestler. We discuss Randy "The Ram" Robinson and ask the question - Good Dad or Bad Dad? We also catch up on what you lot have been saying about the best dads from the movies, and find out our favourite crisps, including Cullen Crisp ...…
Sunil Singh was a high school math and physics teacher for 19 years. Before he quit teaching in the classroom in 2013, he had taught everything from basic math for junior students to IB math for honors-level students. He has worked in a socioeconomically challenging environment of an inner-city school in Toronto and at the prestigious Internati ...…
Richie talks about the G7 puppet show in Quebec, The Bilderberg Conference in Turin and why the media ignores it. He has an astonishing report on how kindergarten age children in the US are being taught special nursery rhymes as part of learning active shooter drills! He chats too about how your smartphone microphone is being accessed by the in ...…
Air Date: 6.7.2018 | Dr. Duke Pesta and Katie Petrick take a look at the record low unemployment for African Americans, Latinos, and women, New York wants to add a third gender to birth certificates, and educators push for kindergarten students to learn about “toxic masculinity.” |…
How can ELL stakeholders tap into the power of Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) on Twitter and beyond? What should ELL teachers do to be viewed as experts and advocates in their schools? What resources are most powerful for those just getting started?We discuss these questions and much more with Emily Francis. Emily is an English as a Seco ...…
On episode 10 we are talking with Katie Perez, Renee Smith, and Robi Alstrom about the upcoming second year of ESSDACK's Early Childhood PLC.In order to support the Kansas vision of increasing kindergarten readiness, ESSDACK is hosting a professional learning community for early childhood educators that will meet five times in 2018-2019. The Ea ...…
Andrew Rose in an ELL Instructional Facilitator in the OKCPS district with a background as a high school World History and English teacher. He works with teachers in specific schools through professional development and in Professional Learning Communities on ways to support English Language Learners. For my interview with Andrew, we spoke spec ...…
In May 2018 FPU will graduate the first group of Master’s degree students, who have been scholarshipped by AIMS in the present manner. During the Summer of 2018 we will be hearing from some of them on ZPC. David Pearce joins Chris in the studio this week to discuss his thesis work. David is a Research Associate at the AIMS Center and has been w ...…
Know the basic skills for entering Kindergarten.
Drug addict’s kid, failed kindergarten, couldn’t read, kept screwing up…but against all the odds! But hey, I don’t want to spill the beans…listen in to what I share about in today’s podcast. There is a big reason why I sign every single Instagram Secrets book. The lost $5,000…and the lesson you are about learn. After hearing me today, your mind ...…
Some of the topics we covered in this conversation… How did the #IAmBeauty with Parenting movement start? [4:49] How do we stop making ourselves wrong for our choices? [11:07] How to NOT go into the trauma when your kids get hurt. [17:12] What do you do when you feel like a bad mom for NOT worrying? [26:38] Examples of how “kindness” can be del ...…
Ep 16 Shingles and Chicken Pox Dr. Muhammad Emran Disclaimer: Information from this show is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or go to the nearest emergency department with any questions you may have. Shingles is ...…
In part one of the two-part season finale, Meghan, Rachel and Peter threaten mutiny unless Lee joins them in singing a hokey song. This week’s episode features two new stories: "The Great Wallaby Adventure," a feel-good, island groove about discovering mini-marsupials, by Illinois neighbors Olivia, 5th grade, and Marissa, 8th grade, and "Presen ...…
So much of life revolves around transitions. We transition when we change schools, when we move cities, when we change jobs, have kids, get married, break up, move in together, get a pet, and on and on and on. We are either coming out of or heading to some kind of transition. And yet, transitions don’t seem to ever stop being HARD. They hard to ...…
**We apologize in advance for the audio static issues at times****Bad Audio from 19:45 to 22:00 so press the skip button** We talk Sunday's card featuring Kindergarten Futurity. Post-Preakness talk with a few thoughts from Ed Burgart (37:40 to 42:25). NBA Playoffs and off season predictions (42:25 to 52:30). Universal Studios Hollywood (52:30).…
Even when you're really still you're often times still busy within. Most everyone lives by some sort of timeline. Be still. Let go and let God. We must stop with the television, cell phone, etc. These things take up our times with God. A sacrifice is often made because we don't want to give up those things.A lot of our instruction requires us t ...…
Superintendents and school board chair persons sounded collectively like a kindergarten class that had just been told recess was canceled.
Rolo obsesses over two entrancing sirens (Sasheer Zamata and Aparna Nancherla) who teach the Pirates about being #blessed. This week’s episode features two new stories: “The Person Who Could Not Spin,” a horn-soaked, ska-inspired party track about learning to twirl by a Kindergartener from Virginia named Dillon and “Triple Power,” the truly epi ...…
On this episode of Climate Solved, Carbon Lighthouse CEO Brenden Millstein sits down with co-founder Raphael Rosen to discuss their friendship, the climate challenge, and the path that brought them to Carbon Lighthouse. From a kindergarten class in Berkeley to the Harvard physics department and beyond, the business partners reminisce about the ...…
068 Ted Dreier Childrens Kindness Network A Little Kindness Makes a Big Difference Want to make the world a better place? Start little. But with a big idea. Start with little children. Help them learn the big value of kindness. Start with a little cowor a big one! Moozie, to be exact. When Moozie speaks, children listen—and learn. The big talki ...…
Picture framing can be an after-thought, something secondary to the art being displayed, but to Cara Callahan at Callahan Framing on 44th street in Edina, it's an art form in itself. Framing not only compliments and protects the art, proper framing blends the art seamlessly into its surroundings. Cara is an expert framer, and she treats everyth ...…
Have you ever been away from home with nothing to eat? One day many people were far away from home at mealtime. But Jesus had a surprise for them! “Do not forget . . . to share with others.” HEBREWS 13:16, NIV. Friends share with others.
When you hear some good news, what do you do? Do you tell someone about it? Maybe you like to tell your brother or sister. Maybe you want to tell a friend. It’s fun to share good news! “You are my friends.” JOHN 15:14, NIV. Jesus calls us to be His friend
Do you like parties? Do you like to eat yummy food and play games with your family and friends? Jesus liked to have fun, too! He liked to visit with His family and His friends. “Burst into songs of joy together.” ISAIAH 52:9, NIV. We have fun with our fam
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