Best Korea podcasts we could find (Updated December 2018)
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The Korea Society
The Korea Society, an American organization promoting greater awareness, understanding and cooperation between the people of the United States and Korea, presents the leading voices in public policy, business, education, intercultural relations, and the arts.
The Korea File
Interviews on music, history and society from across the Korean peninsula and around the world.
“Pod Save America” cohost Tommy Vietor thought foreign policy was boring and complicated until he got the education of a lifetime working for President Obama’s National Security Council. His new show “Pod Save the World” will bring you behind the scenes into White House Situation Room meetings and secret negotiations through a series of conversations with people who were there.
Examining Korean culture's past and present through compelling conversations and documentary storytelling where you can fully appreciate the roots of Korean culture.Monday to Saturday 9-10a.m. on tbs eFM, 101.3MHz in Seoul and surrounding areas
A weekly discussion of the geopolitical implications of current events in the Asia-Pacific, hosted by Ankit Panda from The Diplomat, with regular guests.
We live in a confusing time, bombarded every day with news from around the world that can be hard to follow, or fully understand. Let Worldly be your guide. Every Thursday, senior writer Zack Beauchamp, senior foreign editor Jennifer Williams, and staff defense writer Alex Ward give you the history and context you need to make sense of the moment and navigate the world around you. Produced by Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
The Inquiry
The Inquiry gets beyond the headlines to explore the trends, forces and ideas shaping the world.
What's been happening around the world and why it matters
Congressional Dish
A podcast highlighting corporate influence on the bills passed by Congress. Follow @JenBriney on Twitter
From the two World Wars, to Korea, Vietnam and today’s conflicts, War Stories with Oliver North reveals the courage and sacrifice of the Americans who serve in our nation’s military.
Your daily source for the lastest news from Korea and around the world on tbs eFM 101.3MHzEvery Mon-Fri 07:05 - 09:00
FP's First Person
Each week here at Foreign Policy, we interview one person for an intimate, narrative-driven conversation about something timely and important in the world. Our guests are people who have participated directly in events, either as protagonists or eyewitnesses. We get them to tell a story about their experience, not just offer their analysis. That approach is driven by the feeling here at Foreign Policy that to understand our world—to grasp the complexities and nuances of our time—we need to g ...
We tease out the complex history behind those baffling events in the news.
Fareed Zakaria GPS takes a comprehensive look at foreign affairs and global policies through in-depth, one-on-one interviews and fascinating roundtable discussions.
Left, Right & Center is KCRW’s weekly civilized yet provocative confrontation over politics, policy and pop culture.
The Libertarian
A podcast series featuring the inimitable Richard Epstein offering his unique perspective on national developments in public policy and the law. Tune in each week to hear Epstein's take on breaking news stories.
Global Security
It's your world. Jump in.
Ezra Klein brings you far-reaching conversations about hard problems, big ideas, illuminating theories, and cutting-edge research. Want to know how Mark Zuckerberg intends to govern Facebook? What Barack Obama regrets in Obamacare? The dangers Yuval Harari sees in our future? What Michael Pollan learned on psychedelics? The lessons Bryan Stevenson learned freeing the wrongly convicted on death row? The way N.K. Jemisin imagines new worlds? This is the podcast for you. Produced by Vox and the ...
Radio Atlantic
A weekly show hosted by Jeffrey Goldberg (Editor-in-Chief, The Atlantic), Matt Thompson (Executive Editor, The Atlantic), and Alex Wagner (Co-host, CBS This Morning: Saturday; Contributing Editor, The Atlantic). We're living in historic times. Who better than a 160-year-old magazine to help you make sense of them? Each week, The Atlantic's top editors sit down with leading voices to explore what's happening in the world, how things became the way they are, and where they're going next.
I am God.
Mark and Carrie
Fareed Zakaria GPS takes a comprehensive look at foreign affairs and global policies through in-depth, one-on-one interviews and fascinating roundtable discussions.
A growth mindset is the belief that you can do anything if you work for it.Your host Sam Harris finds remarkable individuals doing extraordinary things and breaks the processes down to show how anyone can achieve anything.He has launched several businesses and travelled the world on various pursuits in the spirit of curiosity and adventure.
The Daily
This is what the news should sound like. The biggest stories of our time, told by the best journalists in the world. Hosted by Michael Barbaro. Twenty minutes a day, five days a week, ready by 6 a.m.
The F Word
Insightful comments about Politics, Society and International Affairs.
Young professionals in Washington, DC get together weekly to discuss underreported global issues over drinks.
Diane Rehm’s weekly podcast features newsmakers, writers, artists and thinkers on the issues she cares about most: what’s going on in Washington, ideas that inform, and the latest on living well as we live longer.
Bringing the traditions and charms of Korean music to lifeWeekend 8-9a.m. on tbs eFM, 101.3MHz in Seoul and surrounding areas
In Intelligence Matters, former acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell, speaks with top leaders of the U.S. intelligence community as they reflect on their life, career and the critical roles they play in shaping national security policies. (154991)As a central figure in the most significant U.S. counter-terror efforts of the past two decades and a former CIA intelligence analyst, Morell is uniquely skilled at taking industry leading knowledge to make connections that provide deep insight ...
Trends Like These
Two internet friends talking about internet trends! Travis McElroy (MBMBaM, Adventure Zone, Bunker Buddies) and Brent Black (Brentalfloss, With Lyrics Video Series) bring you all the latest trends from Facebook, Twitter and all over the Internet!
Download the latest documentaries Investigating global developments, issues and affairs.
Journalists, policymakers, diplomats and academics discuss global news beyond the headlines.
Programme examining the ideas and forces which shape public policy in Britain and abroad, presented by distinguished writers, journalists and academics
Brandon FM
This is Brandon FM
Dean-O-Files involves friends and total strangers discussing current events, politics, economics and philosophy. If you're intimidated by these topics, don't fret. We make it approachable and fun.
ColinTalk is a bi-weekly podcast from Portland, Oregon, the City of Roses! Subscribe to our emailing list for notifications about Episodes and Announcements with your host, Colin Fracasso-Boone. Each episode features news, politics, quality interviews, engaging questions, technology, entertainment and more! Check us out on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, TuneIn, Stitcher, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Share with friends and family and write a review on Apple Podcasts to be featured on our webs ...
The Thought Show
Brings together in a single hour The Why Factor; More or Less and Trending.
The Book Review
The world's top authors and critics join host Pamela Paul and editors at The New York Times Book Review to talk about the week's top books, what we're reading and what's going on in the literary world.
War College
A weekly look at the weapons systems and tactics that both endanger the world and keep it safe.
echarny on Narro
echarny uses Narro to create a podcast of articles transcribed to audio.
Lost in America
Comedian Turner Sparks just got married and has moved home to America after twelve years living in China. Writer Michael Kaplan has two kids, a wife, a job and has spent his entire life in the USA. Neither one can figure their country out.
Prominent Washington correspondents discuss topics making headlines around the world.
Prominent Washington correspondents discuss topics making headlines around the world.
The John Batchelor Show is a breaking-news program that focusses on global politics, economics, war-fighting, hard sciences, space exploration, literature and whimsy. Four hours a night, seven days a week; most rigorous news analysis in the New World; followed daily in 192 countries.
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show series . . . . . . . . . . Twitter: @BatchelorShow . . . . . [continued from previous podcast listing:] . . . What Cass does not supply is an explanation of how growth makes American malaise more acute. His general laments about the state of American society sound awfully like ...…
Photo: Permissions: . . . . . . . . . . Twitter: @BatchelorShow . . . . . Traditional conservatives and modern progressive intellectuals have had pointed, often bitter, debates in recent years over the future of American domestic policy. One of the major arenas in that ...…
Photo: The book, itsel f . . . . . . . . . . Twitter: @BatchelorShow . . . . . A In July 1945, three Allied leaders—Harry S. Truman, Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill—met at the Potsdam Conference in Germany to establish the structure of a postwar world order. Many o ...…
Photo: Orangerieschloss (Potsdam); that is, Das Orangerieschloss wurde 1851 - 1864 in der Parkanlage Sanssouci errichtet; by W. Bulach Permissions: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. You are free: to share – to copy, distribute and transmit the work; to remix – to adapt the work h ...…
Photo: A conference session including Clement Attlee, Ernest Bevin, Vyacheslav Mikhailovice Molotov, Joseph Stalin, William D. Leahy, Joseph E. Davies, James F. Byrnes, and Harry S. Truman; July 1945. German Federal Archives; photographer unknown, Permissions: This image was provided to Wikimedia Commons by the German Federal Archive(Deutsches ...…
Map: The Oder-Neisse Line and Germany’s postwar territorial losses ( Permissions: Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no ...…
Volkswagen and the story of its success.
AUTHOR. (Photo: More details Drawing by Lyn Ott in 1942 View author information Public Domain File:Churchill ) Twitter: @BatchelorShow New American Civil War: 2 of 2: A Churchillian dictator rises. Michael Viahos @JHUWorldCrisis…
AUTHOR. (Photo:Architect's model for the proposed World Trade Center on the East River Downtown Lower Manhattan Association Image of the designed-but-never-built East Side World Trade Center from 1959 Fair use File:East-side-wtc.png Uploaded: 28 October 2017 ) Twitter: ...…
AUTHOR. (PhotoCamouflaged Pillbox in the forest serves as a regimental command post. Date 1944 Source U.S. Army Center for Military History Author This file is lacking author information. Permission (Reusing this file) Public domain This image is in the public domain because it contains materials that originally came from the United States Army ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo: English: American soldiers of the 289th Infantry Regiment march along the snow-covered road on their way to cut off the Saint Vith-Houffalize road in Belgium on 24 January 1945. Deutsch: US-amerikanische Soldaten des 289. Infantrieregiments marschieren am 24. Januar 1945 entlang einer schneebedeckten Straße, um die Straße zwisch ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo: English: U.S.A. transport, "American Legion" departing San Juan Bay (part of El Morro Castle in foreground). 1940. Date 1940 Source Author Unknown Licensing[edit] Public domain This image is in the public domain because it contains materials that originally came from ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo: December 1925. "Washington, D.C. -- Western Electric Co. group." There are enough little dramas playing out here to keep the forensic partyologists busy until Ground Hog Day. National Photo Company glass negative.) Twitter: @BatchelorShow Small Business ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo: ) ~67 in 1941 J. Russell & Sons - This image is available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID cph.3b12010. This tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. A normal copyright tag is still required. See Commons:Licensing for more information. Sir W ...…
I am guffawing at your life: my work via donation:Subscribestar: 17q1BfF2up8orEKN8DQgpEPX83RfbAZ5QLEthereum: 0x956e7aF6706C3b5E2cf7e15c16c7018c4f42aF79Litecoin: LQNJed6vDhR4U4LB7g8jGep4UQ7yeqJdPwMy literary wor ...…
Nobody else cares, I believe: my work via donation:Subscribestar: 17q1BfF2up8orEKN8DQgpEPX83RfbAZ5QLEthereum: 0x956e7aF6706C3b5E2cf7e15c16c7018c4f42aF79Litecoin: LQNJed6vDhR4U4LB7g8jGep4UQ7yeqJdPwMy literary wo ...…
But I wouldn't hold my breath on it being repealed by SCOTUS since Roberts bent himself into a pretzel to justify it before: my work via donation:Subscribestar: 17q1BfF2up8orEKN8DQgpEPX83RfbAZ5QLEthereum: 0x956 ...…
This is what an attack on the press actually looks like. Acosta et al take note: my work via donation:Subscribestar: 17q1BfF2up8orEKN8DQgpEPX83RfbAZ5QLEthereum: 0x956e7aF6706C3b5E2cf7e15c16c7018c4f42aF79Litecoi ...…
The British prime minister saw off a leadership challenge after pulling a key Brexit vote. And European leaders rejected her please for help. Also in this edition: Japan decides to permit hundreds of thousands of foreign workers - because of its own shrinking population; why some people think Mark Zuckerberg should step down as Facebook chairma ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo: English: American lawman and gunfighter Bill Tilghman (1854-1924) posing with his Winchester rifle. Circa 1900 Date circa 1900 Source Original publication: Immediate source: Author Unknown (Life time: ) Licensing[edit] Public domain This work is in the public domain in the Uni ...…
Photo: Aurochs in a cave painting in Lascaux, France. The aurochs (pl. aurochs, or rarely aurochsen), also known as urus or ure (Bos primigenius), is an extinct species of large wild cattle that inhabited Europe, Asia, and North Africa. It's the ancestor of domestic cattle; it has also been suggested as an ancestor genetically to the modern Eur ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo:Thomas Cook After William Hogarth (1697–1764) Blue pencil.svg wikidata:Q171344 s:en:Author:William Hogarth q:en:William Hogarth Title A courtroom scene with a judge, a pregnant woman, a guilty l Description A courtroom scene with a judge, a pregnant woman, a guilty looking man and an angry wife. Iconographic Collections Keywords: ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo: Taken circa 1825 No known copyright restrictions ) Twitter: @BatchelorShow Xi Jinping's PRC business plan is lawless bullying (Marriott hack) & What is to be done? @lizpeek ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo: English: Man at runestone Sö 235 in Sorunda. The inscription says: "Gudbjörn and O-....had this stone raised in memory of Vidjärv, their father." Svenska: Man vid runsten Sö 235 i Sorunda. Ristningen säger: ”Gudbjörn och O-....lät resa denna sten efter Vidjärv, sin fader”. Parish (socken): Sorunda Province (landskap): Södermanla ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo: English: Identifier: losangelesoldnew00losa (find matches) Title: Los Angeles, the old and the new; Year: 1911 (1910s) Authors: Subjects: Publisher: (Los Angeles, Times-Mirror ptg. & bdg. house Contributing Library: The Library of Congress Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation View Book Page: Book Viewer About This Book: Catalog ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo: More details A wartime picture of a Bletchley Park Bombe Unknown - Set of wartime photos of GC&CS at Bletchley Park Wartime picture of a Bletchley Park Bombe Public Domain File:Wartime picture of a Bletchley Park Bombe.jpg Created: 31 December 1944 ) Twi ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo:Hoover in 1940 FBI - Director Hoover in his office on April 5, 1940. Library of Congress photo. Public Domain File:Director Hoover 1940 Office.jpg Created: 5 April 1940 ) Twitter: @BatchelorShow James Comey happily ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo:English: Turkish military town of Hafir el Aujah, the principal desert base, 1916. LC-DIG-ppmsca-13709-00042 (digital file from original on page 12, no.41). עברית: עוג'ה אל-חפיר - העיירה הצבאית העות'מאנית Notes Arrangement: Photographs arranged chronologically. Photographs were created by the photographers of the American Colony ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo:English: Identifier: cradleofmankindl00wigrrich (find matches) Title: The cradle of mankind; life in eastern Kurdistan Year: 1922 (1920s) Authors: Wigram, W. A. (William Ainger), 1872-1953 Wigram, Edgar Thomas Ainger, Sir, 1864-1935 Subjects: Kurds Kurdistan -- Description and travel Publisher: London, A. & C. Black, ltd. Contrib ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo: The "Aldersgate Flame" commemorates the event and features text from Wesley's journal describing his experience. Man vyi - Self-photographed London Permission details Own work, all rights released (Public domain)View more Public Domainview terms File:John Wesley memorial Aldersgate.jpg Created: 20 February 2008) http://JohnBatch ...…
A journey in sound along the mighty Congo River in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This adventure transports you to the heart of the country on the eve of long-delayed elections. You’ll encounter busy ports, vibrant markets and rare gorillas. You’ll learn why this mineral-rich country the size of western Europe is so poor. You’ll ride on the ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo:Cooking liver kababs in Tehran. One of Antoin Sevruguin's historical Iran photographs. Date between 1840 and 1933 Source National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden, The Netherlands Author Antoin Sevruguin (1830s–1933) Blue pencil.svg wikidata:Q382319 Permission (Reusing this file) Public Domain IRAN Public domain This work is now in ...…
President Trump says he’ll gladly take dire action if Congress won’t fund his border wall.By (KCRW, Ana Marie Cox, Josh Barro, Rich Lowry).
Join top Washington correspondents as they discuss the week’s top stories including the sentencing of President Trump’s former attorney and the latest on U.S. trade talks with China. Join moderator Paul Brandus of West Wing Reports along with Tracy Wilkinson of the Los Angeles Times and Tom DeFrank of the National Journal as they talk about the ...…
Join top Washington correspondents as they discuss the week’s top stories including the sentencing of President Trump’s former attorney and the latest on U.S. trade talks with China. Join moderator Paul Brandus of West Wing Reports along with Tracy Wilkinson of the Los Angeles Times and Tom DeFrank of the National Journal as they talk about the ...…
The Book Review’s poetry editor, Gregory Cowles, discusses Tracy K. Smith’s essay about political poetry and more from this week’s special issue; and Maria Russo discusses the best children's books of 2018.
Tonight, we pay our respects to the 41st President, discuss alternative histories centered around WW2 (aka the Sequel to the Great War), Alex goes on a tear about climate change, and both of the boys agree that most politicians would rather kick the can down the road than deal with real problems. (Try to) Enjoy!!!…
On Thursday, Maria Butina became the first Russian national convicted of seeking to influence the 2016 election. As part of Russia’s years-long effort to cozy up to the American right, Butina gained access to conservative circles through the National Rifle Association. And as the NRA is under scrutiny for ties to Russian operatives, it appears ...…
HBO recently adapted the first book in the four-part series for the small screen.
Richard Epstein considers a trio of European controversies -- the UK's struggle with Brexit, the fuel tax protests in France, and the backlash to immigration in Germany -- and analyzes what it means for the future of Europe. More Join the conversation and comment on this podcast episode: ...…
On the podcast: Inside the British campaign for a second vote on leaving Europe. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On the podcast: Inside the British campaign for a second vote on leaving Europe. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Book II of lemegeton:
Hysterical: my work via donation:Subscribestar: 17q1BfF2up8orEKN8DQgpEPX83RfbAZ5QLEthereum: 0x956e7aF6706C3b5E2cf7e15c16c7018c4f42aF79Litecoin: LQNJed6vDhR4U4LB7g8jGep4UQ7yeq ...…
He admits that he can't, but that just means he holds freedom in contempt and scorns the constitution: my work via donation:Subscribestar: 17q1BfF2up8orEKN8DQgpEPX83RfbAZ5QLE ...…
Vox stole RWW's thunder in order to elaborate even further on a faulty premise: my work via donation:Subscribestar: 17q1BfF2up8orEKN8DQgpEPX83RfbAZ5QLEthereum: 0x956e7aF6706C3b5 ...…
Last week, Victorina Morales came forward and said that for the last five years, she had been working as an undocumented immigrant at President Trump’s golf club in New Jersey. A couple of days ago, we visited her in her home with Miriam Jordan, the New York Times reporter who first broke the story. Guest: Victorina Morales, a former housekeepe ...…
*TIMECODES* INTRO 0:28 Travis Misses Courtney Bevs Like These When in Vegas, Hydrate! BEYOND THE HEADLINES 6:58 Sonic Movie Poster Chris Hart Loses Oscars Gig Oakland Raiders Controversy HAWAII BRIDE NIGHTMARE (A DRAMATIC READING) 38:34 POLITICS ROUNDUP 46:46 Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Cohen Gets 3 Years/DOJ Calls Trump a Felon TIDBITS ...…
Elections across the Asia-Pacific are set to make a difference in 2019.
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