Best Laravel podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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Laravel Newbie
In this podcast, I document the process of becoming a web programmer. If you know how frustrating it can be to get your head around basic ideas when everyone else seems to know what they are talking about and you still have no clue, then this podcast is for you. At the time of the first episode, I use Laravel, PHP, MYSQL, Docker, Linux and Swift. Please expect this podcast to be very opinionated and recognise that there are many ways to achieve an expected result in the programming world.
Artisans Podden
This is a podcast by two dads in Sweden. We are very involved in running, maintaining and being a part of the Swedish Laravel community. That is where this podcast sprung from, the LaravelSE community. But we are about so much more than just Laravel, we also love frontend development, backend development, solution architecting, all things web, tech and gadgets. Besides talking about all of the things above, we also chitchat about being dads, life, hipster-ing and much more.Note: We m ...
Torqd examines the tools and concepts that developers use on the job. We talk web frameworks, career choices, community events, industry news, and anything else that keeps the engine running.
Twenty Percent Time
Two developers from Tighten ( discuss one programming topic every Friday in less than 20 minutes.
Coder Catchup
Catching up with various web developers, web designers and unicorns. Stay Informed Find videos and more on YouTube Visit Channel
The podcast your mother warned you about. Ramblings of a few overworked PHP Developers. We discuss everything, from the challenges and excitement of running our small business and development shop the DiegoDev Group, to general day to day coding projects, to anything geek related or any other tech topics. Hosted By @shocm, @realrideout, and @johncongdon. Become a Patron!
PHP Podcasts
The voice of the elePHPant
Monthly+ is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to the tools, techniques, and technologies used in modern web development. Each episode, we have a cadre of hosts discussing the latest hotness, pet peeves, and technologies we use every day. We all come from a Craft CMS background, but we’ll be focusing on other cool frontend development technologies as well.
Lullabot Podcast
News, interviews and tips about Drupal and Open Source from the team at Lullabot.
In the Frontmatter podcast authors talk about their careers and their areas of expertise, making it a general interest podcast covering everything authors write books about, from startups to biology to software development and the future of labor.
Paul Redmond and TJ Miller discuss all sorts of software development and devops topics.
The PHP Roundtable
The PHP Roundtable is a podcast of web developers discussing PHP, JavaScript, community, open source, and anything else PHP nerds care about. It is broadcast live from Google Hangouts On-Air. For complete show notes or to watch the episodes in video format visit And join the conversation live! Just subscribe to the newsletter at and never miss a live show.
In the Frontmatter podcast authors talk about their careers and their areas of expertise, making it a general interest podcast covering everything authors write books about, from startups to biology to software development and the future of labor.
An unapologetic show about the culture and chaos of software engineering from the makers and breakers of digital products at Lofty Labs. We build software with Python and Django, Ruby and Rails, Golang, whatever frontend framework we're forced to use because it's popular this month, and anything else to get the job done right. Then on Friday afternoons we have a beer and talk about our regrets on this show.
Remote Ruby
This podcast is for Ruby and software developers alike. While the podcast primarily focuses on Ruby (and Ruby on Rails), it also touches on broader software development topics. Episodes range from a conversation between the hosts, interviewing different people in the programming community, or sometimes absurd adventures like Ruby Trivia. Chris Oliver (founder of GoRails) and Jason Charnes (Senior Software Developer at Podia) are the hosts.
Podcast covering PHP Web Development topics such as latest PHP Jobs, PHP frameworks and many more. This is hosted by Mathew who is one of the founders at C2B Solutions UK, a Boutique recruitment agency that offers Permanent and Contract recruitment services UK wide & EMEA .We have been very successful finding candidates such as Web & Software Developers, ERP consultants, IT & Software Sales ( Junior - Director Level ) , Technical Consultants etc. visit
Bootstrapped Web is for entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping web startups and believe in order to achieve success, we must learn by doing. Interviews with bootstrapped entrepreneurs and case studies in building profitable businesses.
Two friends sitting around talking about code and stuff.
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David and Andrew talk with Infinite Red co-founder Jamon Holmgren about running a remote-first business, prioritizing family, staying fit, react native, and open source. @jamonholmgren Infinite Red Ignite Gluegun Building Infinite Red (Podcast) Mark Travels The World @kyleshevlin Chain React Conference…
Turbolinks Android Adapter 1.x Deprecation Threading and Code Execution suggest_rb gem run.rbBy Chris Oliver and Jason Charnes.
In this episode, we have Brandon Kelly & Leah Stephenson from Pixel & Tonic to talk about the exciting new features in Craft CMS 3.1 and Commerce 2.We talk about how Project Config will help improve developer workflow, allowing a team to more easily collaborate by putting the schema changes (anything you create in the Settings CP section) into ...…
In this episode, I will explain what means production and local development and what are different development stacks like MAMP, LAMP, WAMP, XAMP and VM's such as docker vagrant or VirtualBox. Links:Podcast WebsiteFollow me on TwitterDublin Laravel MeetupSlack channel for Dublin MeetupBy (Tomasz Lotocki).
Tyrel, Alan, and Casey share some personal experiences and preferences with Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings and how they stack up. Tyrel shares his experiences with Engine Yard, a Rails specific platform. Alan draws some corollaries to Python Anywhere, a similar service for Python/WSGI applications. Casey shares some of his experiences w ...…
Welcome to 2019! This is our first episode of the year and we have a lot to say! Brian is planning a lot of travel these few months. That means that some of his projects are on the back burner. He gives an update on both ProcessKit and Sunrise KPI and explains his tentative plans for this year. Jordan is getting ready to visit the team in Slove ...…
PHPUgly on Discord: Patreon: Youtube Channel: This week, Eric, Thomas, and John discuss: PHP: News Archive - 2019 PeakPHP Meetup San Diego PHP (San Diego, CA) | Meetup Taylor Otwell ⚗️ on Twitter: "🔊 So here is something new. I’m ...…
This week, Eric, Thomas, and John discuss:PHP: News Archive - 2019PeakPHP MeetupSan Diego PHP (San Diego, CA) | MeetupTaylor Otwell ⚗️ on Twitter: "🔊 So here is something new. I’m starting a weeklyish podcast where I give you a 5-10 min update on what’s happening with Laravel that week. Here’s the first episode: … via @T ...…
EP#29 Why are companies hesitant to offer remote working? In this session we will be discussing remote working. Rafael will be explaining why remote working sometimes benefits the company when done correctly.With the agile techniques, that should deal with the trust issue because it’s hard to hide anything. He will share some advice for compani ...…
I think we have a bit of entrepreneurial survivorship biasBy Matt Stauffer.
Jake and Michael return for 2019, sharing their personal and technical goals for the year, talk about refactoring legacy code and introducing tests, and Jake shares more of his adventures with Laravel Nova.By Jacob Bennett and Michael Dyrynda.
Luca Guidi (Personal Website) Luca on Twitter HanamiBy Jason Charnes.
The FAD crew finds a github repo with code samples of various design patterns implemented in Python and we do our absolute best to do more with it than read it to you over your speakers. We also spend some time thinking about how the fear of vendor lock has been outweighed by the cheap availability of high quality service-based infrastructures, ...…
PHPUgly on Discord: Patreon: Youtube Channel: This week, Eric, Thomas, and John discuss: Serverless PHP on AWS Lambda VS Live Share Extension Pack - Visual Studio Marketplace Serverless PHP on AWS Lambda – Rob Allen's DevNotes Acc ...…
This week, Eric, Thomas, and John discuss:Serverless PHP on AWS LambdaVS Live Share Extension Pack - Visual Studio MarketplaceServerless PHP on AWS Lambda – Rob Allen's DevNotesAccountant Laravel PackageLighthouseIn January, the EU starts running Bug Bounties on Free and Open Source SoftwareBrave browser is collecting donations on your behalf — ...…
Sandy Maguire is the author of the Leanpub book Thinking with Types: Type-Level Programming in Haskell. In this interview, Leanpub co-founder Len Epp talks with Sandy about his background, working at Facebook and Google, retiring at a young age and travelling, Haskell, his book, and at the end, they talk a little bit about his experience as a s ...…
In this episode we’re joined by Matt Stein of Working Concept to talk about what the landscape of frontend development looks like in 2019. We lead in with some amusing “from the trenches” development horror stories that embody what it’s like to do modern web development.Then we move on to talking about a wide range of subjects, such as Docker, ...…
Adam Culp (RunGeekRadio) tells his predictions for what may be in store for PHP development in 2019. He also shares what his challenges were in 2018 that prevented him from podcasting more, and informs what his future plans are. #1 – PHP will continue to gain popularity for web application development in 2019 #2 – … Continue reading Episode 014 ...…
Jason Swett Working Effectively with Legacy Code Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code (2nd Edition) (JavaScript) Refactoring: Ruby Edition: Ruby Edition Using Ruby in 2019 Job Alert: is looking for a Ruby developer | Send a resume to jobs@lensrentals.comBy Chris Oliver and Jason Charnes.
Microservice architectures are all the rage and new frameworks have emerged to build them. In this episode Casey, Alan, and Tyrel round up some of the frameworks they've been exploring and how they stack up to one another. Mentioned in this Episode F ...…
It did, in fact, take longer than six months.This was recorded on June 20, 2018.Still here.Check out our sponsors WonderNetwork, OSMI, and Grumpy LearningBuy stickers at us on Twitter hereRate us on iTunes hereLi...By Chris Hartjes and Ed Finkler.
PHPUgly on Discord: Patreon: Youtube Channel: This week, Eric, Thomas, and John discuss: LaraChat - Laravel/PHP Articles Workplace by Facebook: A Work Collaboration Tool Keynote: Event sourcin ...…
In this episode we will be discuss what companies can do to keep their developers. We will talk about hackathon and how this can help developers. We will discuss the importance of communication between developers and management. You can connect with Rafael below;…
Andrew and David are joined by Jake and Michael of the North Meets South podcast, along with TJ Miller (not the actor/comedian) and Chris Gmyr to wrap up 2018 and look ahead to 2019 #cashmoney This show was (not) recorded in front of a live studio audience. Show links Laravel Nova David's Laracon AU talk Andrew's Egghead videos Webflow Jim Wend ...…
Noah Gibbs on Twitter Appfolio Blog Noah's BlogBy Chris Oliver and Jason Charnes.
We broke 500 downloads last week! Just like Christmas at your house, it's not official until everyone has too much to drink and bitches about generational differences. The Casey / Alan / Jesse trio walk in with no agenda and riff on Facebook scandal, growing up with online chat, Gen X and their Sheryl Crow, and Millennials and their influencer ...…
We are shying away from discussing goals or resolutions for the businesses this year. Instead, we reflect on how the bootstrapped world and business models have changed. A lot of approaches and marketing techniques have gone by the wayside in the last two years. We share our observations of how self-funding has changed as a strategy. We also ta ...…
In this episode we have on Knut Melvær from to talk about creating structured content in the “headless” CMS that is!We talk about how a headless CMS has a different approach from a traditional CMS, and Sanity’s approach to the tackling the job of defining schema, and delivering a user friendly backend for content editors.We ...…
PHPUgly on Discord: Patreon: Youtube Channel: This week, Eric, Thomas, and John discuss: Facebook explains how Netflix, Spotify, and others used the info they got Calculating Facebook's value by figuring out how much you'd have to ...…
We talk about so many things: From how best to pass status messages when you page contains multiple forms, to why switch/case hacking is the way of the future.By (Daniel Coulbourne & Caleb Porzio).
Daniel Worthy is a Director of Technology for VMLY&R in Rogers, AR. He was very disappointed to not be flame war'd over his language choices. The group discusses the favorite editors / IDEs between Atom, VSCode, Pycharm and Vim. Daniel talks about his experience on the advisor board for NWA TechFest. Jesse spreads untruths about the fabled Icel ...…
View a list of the questions and answers here. These questions are composed of information from Wikipedia and beneggett/ruby-trivia.By Chris Oliver and Jason Charnes.
The holidays are here! The office parties are going on and Christmas music is everywhere! Today Jordan is celebrating the growth of Carthook by offering his employees stock options. He discusses the stickiness of the decision and the excitement and nervousness that comes with the big announcement. He also tells a customer story that opened his ...…
Brad Sams is the author of the Leanpub book Beneath A Surface: The Story of How Microsoft Overcame a $900 Million Write-Down to Become the Hero of the PC Industry. In this interview, Leanpub co-founder Len Epp talks with Brad about his background, his work for the Blue Whale Web Media Group, being a tech journalist, the tricky business of handl ...…
This week Eric and Thomas discuss Linux Fu: Turn a Web App into a Full Program This is some old post I did back in 2005 when I was going through cancer. Lighthouse GraphQL Server for Laravel - Laravel News GraphQL looks coolBy (PHPUgly).
In this episode, we will be discussing the reasons why developers tend to want to move jobs. We will discuss things such as boredom, salary. etc. Do legacy system and in-house frameworks put off developers? We will be discussing the friction that happens when there is a disagreement between developers and management and the balance that's neede ...… Chris Oliver and Jason Charnes.
Blake Johnston is a lover of tacos and beer and a is a Javascript developer at RevUnit in Bentonville, AR. He notes that Javascript is taking over the world and the poor guy thinks that's a good thing. Casey holds Blake personally responsible for left-pad 2.0 and demands answers. Tyrel proudly discovers that a e-commerce website he built with I ...…
Mike and Matt talk with the team that helped implement content strategy on
Rafael is a full stack developer who is well versed In PHP and has been in the industry for many years. We will be discussing his journey as a developer and how he became a senior developer. In this first episode, we will be covering questions surrounding progression what progression really means, how long should developers stay within companie ...…
The week Eric, John, and Thomas discuss PHP: PHP 7 ChangeLog PHP 7.3.0 Released 2018 Laravel Survey Eric is using Forge Microsoft confirms plans to retool Edge browser around Chromium Managing Data in MicroservicesBy (PHPUgly).
Michael T. Lombardi is the author of the Leanpub course pwshop: A PowerShell 101 Workshop. In this interview, Leanpub co-founder Len Epp talks with Mike about his background in tech, restorative justice and workplace conduct, what PowerShell is, the success of the PowerShell Conference Book in raising money for a scholarship, his course, and at ...…
This episode of the podcast is a meeting of the Craft CMS plugin developer cabal. We have on virtual rogue’s gallery of Craft CMS plugin developers: Michael Rog from Top Shelf Craft, Ben Parizek from Sprout Plugins, Ben Croker from PutYourLightsOn, Josh Crawford from Verbb, Nate Iler from Flipbox Digital, Lindsey DiLoreto from Double ...…
Andrew discusses his recent job endeavors and David tells his tale about speaking at Laracon Australia Webflow Episode 9: Nightmare on Elm Street (w/ Murphy Randle) Laracon AU Abusing Laravel for Fun and ProfitBy (David Hemphill & Andrew Del Prete).
Ruby 2.6rc1 Rails 5.2.2 Ruby on Jets Framework AWS Lambda Ruby Support Truffle Ruby TailwindCSS Stimulus ComponentsBy Chris Oliver and Jason Charnes.
Our guest Chris Hobbs, Sr. Software Engineer at Malwarebytes, gives us a glimpse into his world of security software and penetration testing. Tyrel receives a threatening voicemail generated by legacy voice generation technology. Casey rambles on for half the episode about the origin of Django. ...…
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