Best Laravel podcasts we could find (Updated November 2018)
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The Laravel Podcast brings you Laravel and PHP development news and discussion. Season 3 consists of interviews conducted by Matt Stauffer; previous seasons featured Taylor Otwell and Jeffrey Way as regular cohosts.
PHP Podcasts
The voice of the elePHPant
Full Stack Radio
A podcast for developers interested in building great software products. Every episode, Adam Wathan is joined by a guest to talk about everything from product design and user experience to unit testing and system administration.
The Laracasts snippet, each episode, offers a single thought on some aspect of web development. Nothing more, nothing less. Hosted by Jeffrey Way.
Torqd examines the tools and concepts that developers use on the job. We talk web frameworks, career choices, community events, industry news, and anything else that keeps the engine running.
Code View is a podcast where two programming veterans and one beginner have discussions about their journeys into becoming developers and how they handled some of the difficulties along the way.As the beginner in the room, my goal is to gather insight on what I should expect and how to deal with it when it comes. Let’s see what we can learn.
In the Frontmatter podcast authors talk about their careers and their areas of expertise, making it a general interest podcast covering everything authors write books about, from startups to biology to software development and the future of labor.
Coding and day to day developer related articles read by people passionate about learning and sharing.
Bootstrapped Web is for entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping web startups and believe in order to achieve success, we must learn by doing. Interviews with bootstrapped entrepreneurs and case studies in building profitable businesses.
Remote Ruby
Two software developers chatting about Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
In the Frontmatter podcast authors talk about their careers and their areas of expertise, making it a general interest podcast covering everything authors write books about, from startups to biology to software development and the future of labor.
Do you want to get your first job as a web developer, or level up in your web dev career?? Well, StartHere: Web Development is the show for you! Dain Miller is your new mentor as he shares his industry experience, insight, and resources to help get you from knowing nothing to becoming a full-time web developer. Everyone starts somewhere and you’re starting here.
A fortnightly, fireside chat, on the ins and outs of building a rewarding career as a professional software developer. Looking at what it's like to do it, warts and all, as well as how to get started, what to expect, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Hey I'm John Morris. I'm a freelance web designer from Nebraska and I help other web designers with two things: 1) how to code and 2) how to market yourself so you can turn your coding skills into a full-time income online.This is my podcast where I share my tips, tricks, and techniques for fast-tracking your coding career, quitting your day job, and earning a (substantial) full-time income as a coder. Be sure to FOLLOW me so you don't miss out on any of the day-job-killing info I'll be sharing.
Lullabot Podcast
News, interviews and tips about Drupal and Open Source from the team at Lullabot.
Developers get together as often as possible and discuss topics about coding and all that comes with it. These topics range from what we are reading, latest news, and comments about other podcasts we have listened to. "It’s like Car Talk for developers" @ericjsilva
Strategy, Design, Development | Lullabot
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This is NOT a massive list of freelance sites. Instead, it's a 3-step process to grow as a freelancer and the freelancing websites to use to create that growth.
I've focused a great deal on discipline this year. I'm not sure why, but it might be related to the fact that I now have two increasingly time-consuming children that I'm responsible for. While, in the past, I'd often find myself edging toward the "I'll do it tomorrow" path, this year, I've worked hard to sprint in the opposite direction. Or, i ...…
The week, Eric, John, and Thomas discussPHP: rfc:preloadIlluminate\Database\Eloquent\Relations\MorphTo | Laravel APIlaravel/telescopeDoh! What My Encrypted Drive Can Be Unlocked By Anyone?YouTube shuts down hidden cryptojacking adverts...By PHPUgly.
In this episode, Matthew Tift talks with Dr. Joanne Armitage, a lecturer in digital media at the University of Leeds. Joanne performs regularly with ALGOBABEZ, the Orchestra For Females And Laptops (OFFAL), and other collaborators. She recently won the British Science Association’s Daphne Oram Award for Digital Innovation. In this episode, we d ...…
There are the three things you'll need to do if you want to become a web developer, but don't want to get a degree. It's definitely possible, but you'll need to do more of the planning yourself.
Back in the groove, Jason and Chris talk a lot more about Ruby than last week. This episode covers Jason's experience building a Rails app the Rails way (mostly), GoRails sweet new redesign, utility CSS frameworks (okay, just TailwindCSS), and Stimulus JS. GoRails Redesign Tailwind CSS Stimulus JSBy Chris Oliver and Jason Charnes.
How to plan, start and grow a career in web development.
Ben Orenstein, is the co-host of The Art of Product podcast, a show where Brian recently appeared. Ben also tells us about his most recent project, Tuple, a tool for remote pair programming. We discuss where the idea for Tuple came from and the team who is bringing it to launch. Ben tells us about his time with ThoughtBot and what it taught him ...…
Grinding out those first few clients can be tough. But, once you DO get going, it can take off faster than you imagine. This is how to get over that hump and get your first few web development clients.
How we picked our insurance provider, and my guiding principleBy Matt Stauffer.
It's been over two years since Laracasts last received a fresh coat of paint. For those who know me (Jeffrey), that's two years too long. In this episode, I discuss every facet of the redesign process.By (Jeffrey Way).
In this episode Adam talks to Ben Orenstein about the common mistakes people make when working on a new project that prevent them from getting it to the finish line. Topics include: Why deadlines are critical Using manual processes to avoid building features entirely How launching a stripped down version of your idea can help you build the righ ...…
In my 14 years doing web development, working with developers from all over the world, I've noticed three tell-tale signs of professional level developers. Here's what they are.
@jwage Show NotesDoctrinePHP Chunkit AudioThis episode is sponsored by . The post Interview with Jonathan Wage appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.By Cal Evans.
Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.By Jacob Bennett and Michael Dyrynda.
When your first sit down to learn object-oriented programming in PHP, it easy to get confused with terms like encapsulation and polymorphism. And yes, those things are important, but they come down the line in terms of what to learn. Getting the concept of "object-oriented" is what comes FIRST. So, if you're new to OOP, this episode is meant to ...…
We take a look at Uncle Bob’s (Bob Martin) book The Clean Coder and discuss the topic of software professionalism. We have varying degrees of experience that we share with each other and the audience. We walk chapter by chapter through the book and give some general impressions of what we took away from it. We discuss work/life balance, time ma ...…
The week, Eric, John, and Thomas discussPasscodes are protected by Fifth Amendment, says courtPHPUgly on SpotifySequal Pro Nightly BuildsEmily4Mayor360º Visit to Adafruit w/ Limor Fried! Insta360 One X - YouTubeListener Suggested: Time...By PHPUgly.
Reference to guilty as charged with the storiesBy Chris Oliver and Jason Charnes.
Man! I've made a lot of mistakes in my freelance career. But, each time, I always learned something important that helped me be successful later on.But, these three.These three mistakes were the biggest lessons I learned in 14+ years of freelancing. So, let me just tell you what they are and what to do to avoid them.…
Wanna learn how to code fast? When I first started learning to code, I spent five years learning PHP. I made a ton of mistakes. But, I learned from them and when I learned jQuery, I did it in about 30 days. This episode reveals the mistakes I made and what I discovered about learning to code fast.
We have some exciting updates to share and we give our reaction to Rob Walling and Einar Vollset’s big announcement of the TinySeed Fund. Jordan and his team are preparing to move offices in Slovenia. He also sings the praises of case studies. Carthook has been working with Case Study Buddy and Jordan is very pleased with the results. He shares ...…
The week, Eric, John, and Thomas discussLinus ReturnsThe Future of the Zend Engine and the Zend Frameworkphly, boy, phly :: The Future of Zend FrameworkWhat are Github Actions?By PHPUgly.
Learn how to plan and build a 100K software development career. Go beyond "work hard" and "be pro-active" and learn an actual strategy to ensure you get to 100K in your career.
I've worked from home full-time for 8 years. My little brother is going 3 years working from home. My mentor is over 15 years. And, we all do it in different ways. So, I wanted to share with you some of the main ways you can work from home as a developer that I've witnessed first-hand.
Step-by-step instructions to start and grow your very own freelance business.
In this Episode Eric van Johnson and John Congdon wrapped up recording on episode 14. Share your thoughts on the topics covered and leave a comment below. Topics Eric and John talk about stickers (again), PHP internals, understanding framework trade offs, John explains MySQL 8 window functions, burning out, sub-domain takeovers, and more. Oscar ...…
The project I worked on for Inc. Magazine, I worked for this guy named Lewis. He was some kind of director at the company. I can’t remember exactly what, but he had quite a few people who worked for him.He’d written several books.One big best-seller, if I remember right.Dude was a heavyweight.And, it taught me a lot.About how to be believable w ...…
So here's a little update on what's happening in the CodeView world. Drew had a baby and Sean and Josh are still doing all of the cool code stuff! We'll be on a temporary hiatus until I (Drew) get used to having a little one to take care of. We'd love to hear from and interact with you guys so follow the discord link in the chat and let's talk ...…
I got this email from Chase asking "What is my #1 tip for making money online?" It's persistence. The reality is your first, second, third... eighth money-making idea is probably gonna fall flat on its face. Then what?
In this week’s episode Edd and guest co-host Neal Brooks chat to Nicolas Grekas about all things Symfony.We start off discussion with how he got interested in programming, his introduction to Symfony, and his journey to now working on the code-base almost daily.This leads us on to talk about how he helped build the performance profiler Blackfir ...…
This freelancing advice from Sir Joelsuf is some of the best you'll hear. Warning, though. You've heard it. Question is... are you DOING it?
In this episode Adam talks to Sébastien Chopin about Nuxt.js, a Next.js-inspired framework for building server-rendered client-side applications with Vue.js. Topics include: The history behind Nuxt.js How Nuxt.js uses special Page components and file-based routing instead of using a traditional router Creating dynamic page-based routes without ...…
Got this question:"I got a few paid clients on freelancer who left good reviews but I'm having trouble getting new ones even with an actual portfolio now."This is my response.
If you're new to freelancing, it's a catch-22. You need a client history to get work, but you need to work to get a client history. It's frustrating. But, there is a way around it. In this episode, I just lay out exactly what I did to get my first few clients.
It's interesting the difference between people who are thinking about freelancing VS those who actually DO. The most common fear about freelancing is that the income is unstable. Yet, those who freelance believe it's MORE secure than a single employer. I'll give you my opinion, some statistics to consider and how, if you do decide to freelance, ...…
React Native is a framework that builds applications for both IOS and Android systems. We have some curiosity about React Native and Lucas and Alex join us to tell us about their experience with React and React Native. How does React Native compare to the original React? What sort of workflow can you expect? What languages can you use with Reac ...…
There’s a moment in every Freelancer’s career.You’ve got a few clients…Things seem to be going well.But, you’re not really sure how it all happened. You’re not making quite enough to feel comfortable. And, you can’t help but worry, constantly, about what happens if you lose one of our clients… and can’t get another.It’s a turning point.Figure i ...…
What do you do when a freelance client questions what you charge? This is a question I got from Jeenie and it's a good one. So, here's an episode on it.
This is probably the hardest thing to convince freelancers of. ​​​​​​It’s such a mindset shift. I think most freelancers, understandably, are a bit desperate when they start out. And so, convincing them that turning DOWN certain clients and being able to walk away... it's a very difficult thing to learn. BUT, if you want to make the switch from ...…
Mike and Matt interview members of the Drupal 8 JavaScript modernization initiative to find out what's going on, and the current status.
Mike and Matt interview members of the Drupal 8 JavaScript modernization initiative to find out what's going on, and the current status.By Matt Kleve, Mike Herchel.
Today’s episode is a straightforward update episode for us. Brian is moving forward with ProcessKit and reflects on his goals for the project. Jordan celebrates the awesome team he has built over at Carthook and shares what it is like to step back and see the machine run. We have been traveling for various reasons. Brian has just came back from ...…
In this episode Adam talks to Tim Neutkens about Next.js, an opinionated React framework for building server-rendered client-side applications. Topics include: How Next.js is different than using create-react-app How page-based routing works in Next.js vs. a traditional router The mechanics behind how components are server-side rendered and pic ...…
I get this one a lot.It’s the most common refrain from the “Upwork is a SCAAAAAAM!” folks that troll my YouTube channel. But, there’s also some well-meaning folks who just haven’t learned how to do this, yet.Anyway, there’s a simple way to weed out all the junk projects on Upwork and get to the good, high-paying jobs… with clients that are easy ...…
There’s actually three. And, an exact order to put them in. But, THIS is definitely the most important.
When I first started on Upwork, they didn't do this. At least, not that I remember. But, apparently, it's becoming more and more of an issue because I've been getting asked this a lot more lately. So, here's what you can do.
Upgrading GitHub from Rails 3.2 to 5.2 Introducing Action Text for Rails 6 Built-in Authentication in Laravel Hacktoberfest Hacktoberfest SpamBy Chris Oliver and Jason Charnes.
So how do you like to work? Are you a multi-monitor user? Do you prefer the lights on or off? Dan and Margaret sit down with Adam Frank and Brian Hogg and compare preferences, quirks, and techniques when they want to get down to work and have a productive time. We discuss strategies and tips we’ve collected over time. We share tools we find wor ...…
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