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Lehto's Law
Steve Lehto: author, attorney. Over 26 years of practicing Michigan Lemon Law and more than a dozen books written. Lehto's Law is the podcast reincarnation of the radio show Lehto hosted for many years in Michigan, answering questions on consumer law.www.lehtoslaw.comTwitter: @stevelehto
Peter B. Collins
News and Politics from the Left Coast
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Attorneys in MN get 900 pounds of pot thrown out due to bad search.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
The funniest credit card pitch I've ever seen: Their card is heavier than their competitors!http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Jury awards a man $8 billion for the breasts he said he didn't want.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Ex-Ukraine Ambassador Yovanovitch says Trump pressured State Dept to yank her from Ukraine for resisting Giuliani schemes that include arrested cronies….--as Pelosi holds all-Dem conference call on impeachment, narrow focus on Ukraine is called into question --in 2-1 vote, federal appeals court rules against Trump on tax returns --Giuliani’s cl ...…
A district attorney claims a repair shop may have faked brake repairs on the limo that crashed, killing 20.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
A lawsuit in NJ threatens to expose ticket quotas.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Free Preview Clip https://www.peterbcollins.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Lehto.mp3 Paul Lehto spent almost 2 years as a gas plant operator in the Bakken shale fields of North Dakota, says owner ONEOK and state regulators reported massive 11 million gallon spill as only 10 gallons for more than 4 years.Lehto is known to some listeners for h ...…
Trevor Aaronson reports on declassified FISA court ruling from 2018, showing that FBI accessed phone calls 3 million times in one year….--first, an update on power shutoffs and wirldfire risk in California --read Trevor Aaronson’s report here --Kevin Gosztola reports that surveillance of Assange and his guests—including Americans—was shared wit ...…
These are the Ten (11) Commandments of Car Buying.1. Don't Buy a Car Sight-unseen.2. Remember: Most used cars are sold as-is.3. CPO = Used4. Don't Co-Sign for Someone else.5. Get used cars inspected.6. Test drive any car you buy.7. Get a title history of your own.8. Check for TSBs and Recalls at nhtsa.gov.9. Ignore what the salesperson says.10. ...…
I encountered a young couple who did not know what odd and even numbers are.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
The Canadian Supreme Court has made a very good ruling.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Our rogue, bankrupt utility turns off power to some counties, then delays shutdown as forecasted winds haven’t materialized; collective punishment?... --the risk is real, but PG&E’s past failures and liabilities leave customers wondering if this is overkill that leads to other risks, like thousands of home generators --as Turkey invades Syria t ...…
Lawyers make crazy arguments all the time. Turns out there are rules regarding that.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
UPDATE - the juror who overslept and was sentenced to jail has had his sentence vacated.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
New polls show growing support for impeachment inquiry, as Trump blocks Gordon Sondland from talking to House committees today, stonewalling….. --Tech note: Still having problems with uploads, so RSS feeds and other features may not be active today. We are working to fix it, and apologize for the glitches! --and Sen. Lindsay Graham invites Rudy ...…
A lawyer in Mississippi argues that an undocumented immigrant is not a "person" under the Constitution.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
A bland driver without a driver's license killed a motorcyclist in Canada.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Free Preview Clip https://www.peterbcollins.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Kinzer.mp3 Journalist and author Stephen Kinzer exposes the dark era of the CIA's Project MK-Ultra, which conducted human experiments with LSD and other drugs.Kinzer is a NY Times veteran and now a columnist at The Boston Globe. He tells us that his research for his t ...…
President 44 rips into Republicans for failing to oppose Trump’s wrongdoing, asking “what took you so long”; Obama should answer, too…. --second CIA whistleblower is reported ready to blow, as AP drops blockbuster story on Rick Perry’s efforts to install board members on Ukraine gas company --federal judge in NY reject’s Trump’s broad immunity ...…
Former US Ukraine envoy Kurt Volker coughs up text threads showing clear link between investigations and delivery of US aid…--as Trump digs himself in deeper, Volker’s texts show he and other officials were trying to placate Trump and Giuliani in effort to keep arms flowing --read the text messages here --Ukraine’s new top prosecutor now says h ...…
Woman in Alabama was arrested when she asked the police to test her meth for her.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Illinois Supreme Court makes big ruling against RV manufacturers!http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Man spent ten days in jail when he overslept and missed jury duty.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
A man in Indiana managed to get a conviction overturned arguing ineffective assistance of counsel - which never happens.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Some states still allow for it - and it could cost you!http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Florida judge will throw you in jail if your cell phone goes off while court is in session.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
The latest phone scam is a fake "charity" PAC.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Tesla's "Smart Summon" feature is being investigated by NHTSA after reports of collisions during its use.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
2 years after 58 people died at Mandalay Bay, MGM will pay $800 million, Democratic candidates spar over gun laws…--Beto slams Pete for calling his mandatory assault weapons buyback plan “a shiny object” --Biden unveils gun plan that’s, um, moderate --new California poll shows 3-way tie between Warren, Biden and Sanders and weak support for Har ...…
Be careful what you put in an email. In some places, those are considered legally binding.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
There are appears to be a class action settlement for Ford dual clutch victims - in Canada. http://www.fordtransmissionclassaction.com/http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
More mission creep, as Berkeley cops used “fusion center” technology to spy on protesters, and Oregon unit spies on LNG protesters…Read the report on Berkeley here, and on Coos Bay, Oregon here --at MintPress, Whitney Webb offers evidence that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell worked for Israeli intelligence --relentlessly cruel, TrumpCo ad ...…
Court proceedings, for the most part, are available to the public.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
A viewer of this channel had a brush with the recent phone scam - claiming "You social security" is suspended.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
NY Times tech columnist Kara Swisher, Sen. Kamala Harris join our calls for Twitter to enforce its own rules, and suspend Trump….--Swisher says “Trump is too dangerous for Twitter” --pro-Trump Washington Examiner calls Harris “wannabe dictator” --Mark Zuckerberg and Sen. Elizabeth Warren trade jabs about her call to break up big tech companies ...…
A clerk is accused of throwing away over 100 absentee ballots in a recent election. That's bad on several levels.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Woman in Maine got 500+ copies of the same letter from an insurance company. For some unknown reason.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Trump, allies preview their counterattacks—based on projection—that will complicate Dems’ strategy while confusing the public, Biden won’t survive….--Trump unleashes hard-hitting TV spot, Trump needles Adam Schiff with call for his resignation, after Schiff made stupid, inaccurate comments about call memo --GOP hunkers down in fear of Trump, an ...…
The Nevada Supreme Court issued a ruling where only one real justice participated.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Two men with the same name are running against each other in CA.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
A man has been convicted for murder - prosecutors say because his allowance was cut.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Dealer in PENN accused of misappropriating over a million dollars from a bank.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
A surprising number of Tesla fans "defended" Tesla against the accurate statements in the press about a Tesla police car that almost ran out of charge during a police chase.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Actual ruling from CA: If the police seize your property pursuant to a warrant, they can steal it with impunity later.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Free Preview Clip https://www.peterbcollins.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Bonifaz.2.mp3 John Bonifaz is co-author of The Constitution Demands It: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald Trump, and he returns to comment on the latest developments driven by the Ukraine scandal.Bonifaz, with Ron Fein and Ben Clements, run a nonprofit called Fre ...…
As Trump waxes about executing Ukraine whistleblower, NY Times gives key details that put him at risk, just like Kiriakou…..--NY Times editor Dean Baquet defends the move; he also exposed domestic surveillance whistleblower Mark Klein, when Baquet was at LA Times --at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola gets key quotes from Kiriakou --we now know the c ...…
A Tesla police car ran out of electricity during a high speed chase.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
A bad judge in Texas has been sentenced to prison.http://www.lehtoslaw.comBy Lehto's Law.
Free Preview Clip https://www.peterbcollins.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Sjursen.9.26.19.mp3 Retired Army Lt. Danny Sjursen explains how critical thinking, and tours of Iraq and Afghanistan led him to become a prolific writer and critic of US foreign and military policy.At the start of the interview, Sjursen offers his views of the new Tru ...…
Acting DNI Maguire defends his handling of whistleblower case, as document outlines serious concerns based entirely on second-hand information…. --the case against Trump is serious, but not clear and simple as Dems have claimed --read the complaint letter here --both parties scored points in today’s hearing; Dems show corruption, coverups, and ...…
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