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Welcome to Lol, where amazing things happen.
Fitzy & Wippa
The nice-guys of Sydney radio Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli on Nova 96.9 are the duo that wake you with a laugh – at their own expense. Their chemistry creates regular moments that make listeners smile, giggle or just plain LOL. No matter what the topic our boys will have their own unique take on it. The down-to-earth duo regularly hit the sweet spot with local and international celebrities approaching interviews with fun in mind – take Wippa singing a duet with Hugh Jac ...
BabyBoy Podcast
Welp...this is it! You can now find us at That's where you'll find us and our 157+ ignorant ass episodes. LOL We love and appreciate all those who rocked with us over the last 3 years. We hope to continue the party at our "gated community", LOL. But if you aren't following us to Patreon, we understand. We love and appreciate you for the time you've spent with us. Until next time...#moveAlong
Living Out Loud (LOL) is a podcast about living vibrantly with health and wellness blogger, digital strategist Valerie Fidan. Each week, LOL is bringing you episodes with interesting interviews and guests in the health and wellness industry. We discuss everything from Millennial entrepreneurship, wellness hacks and topics, key industry advice while keeping it a fun, light-hearted conversation, inviting to feel like you are having out with friends. This is a breeding ground for ideas and exci ...
Halshack Indie Rockcast -----100k plays on Fandalism--top 5 at Mixcloud-- Top 8% social users earned expert in bands by Klear and expert badges for music/radio/indie/DJ by Klout--- been added to 90 lists on Twitter--featured on TrendwaveIm new to Podomatic so its time to ROCK!!BIG THANK YOU to all my fans, bands, and supporters. All these cool accolades would not be possible without YOU!!Halshack is a radio show, public relations manager, indie A&R rep, talent scout and band promo label....o ...
We're here to share our best decorating tips and tricks. Get our advice, secrets and have some laughs along the way. Listen in, you’ll be inspired to create a beautiful home and LOL a lot! Seriously great decorators having some serious fun. Join us!
A live comedy podcast by comedians Sofie Hagen and Jodie Mitchell, in which they explore identity in order to try and find out who they are - through the medium of dinosaurs. Hilarious, highly addictive and heavily dinosaur-based. SOFIE HAGEN is a stand-up comedian, author and host of 'Made of Human Podcast' and former co-host and co-creator of 'The Guilty Feminist' and a fat activist. JODIE MITCHELL is a stand-up comedian, improviser and a drag king in the drag king troupe Pecs. She is part ...
Wake and bake cuz! Down to smoke one with your big homie Snoop Dogg? Well, here I is and here’s your shot neffew. Get up close and personal with me – the one and only Snoop Dogg each week on my official GGN podcast.This podcast right here is hosted by none other than me…yours truly…music legend and pop culture icon… Snoop D-O-double G ya dig?!? This is nuthin but a smoked out session rolled tightly into podcast form that features me choppin’ game with and doin’ full-length interviews with a ...
V. George Smith, Wayne Brown & Corey Reed talking about the thrill of victory but focusing on the agony of defeat LOL
Random Hour
The love of talking and the randomness of my being. You never know what the topic of the day will be... Because things just seem to grasp my attention and I feel it needs to be addressed. I may touch base on Politics, BTS, Humankind, Feelings, All things Asian from food to guys. Who knows what goes on inside this head of mine... Lol Cover art photo provided by Audrey Fretz on Unsplash:
What Gets Me!!
Talking about Sports, music and everyday stuff. Oh sometimes we bitch. Lol Enjoy
My Happy Place
Welcome to the Nonye Rose podcast where real talk happens - uncut, no edits, I'm too lazy lol. Biko feel free to reach me everywhere with @thenonyerose cheers!
Hello! Welcome to my podcast, here I give my thoughts on a TON of currently airing anime episodes as they air each week. I post every Tuesday (sometimes Wednesday lol) with special podcasts going up every once and while. So, lsten in and join the conversation! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Just an other nerd mixing beats on his computer.... LOL Kinda. Former member of the alt-rock band I Am Frankie Scrapmetal, turned Ableton Live artist, based in Jamestown, NY. Works in "found" media and synthy - beats. Collaborations: Oz Killa and Rand-o, Necropimps, Prosthetic Hand-me downs, Dj 80N3, G-Hybrid, C-Banga. Co-host/Co-producer of This Is In Parenthesis(radio).
Amanda Bites!
Just me being me as I try to keep myself sane in the midst of the chaos caused by my family, work, 3 million side hustles, and... boyfriend? Still figuring that out, lol...
Funner, snuck, and LOL are all things that we're hearing people say these days. That's What They Say is a weekly segment on Michigan Radio that explores our changing language.University of Michigan English Professor Anne Curzan studies linguistics and the history of the English language. Each week she'll discuss why we say what we say with Michigan Radio Weekend Edition host Rebecca Kruth.
Hello you guys i decide to start this podcast simply for young woman around the world like my self who is a single parent someone who battle just everyday life issues loneliness depression girl talk to me honey lol im hear to help we friends or atleast we will be just email me at ask what is bothering you how or what u need to do im here to help guide you into a right direction i got you we in this together hurry im waiting we have so much to talk about.
Welcome to the Let’s keep it real single moms podcast, where we can discuss and voice our opinions unfiltered! I became a mother just turning 20. Now I have a beautiful son and daughter whom I love dearly! But let’s be honest moms not everything is rainbows and sunshine. Some nights there is no sleep, you might forget to shower before dropping the kids off and going to work, and sometimes pizza is dinner...all week lol But hey this is a supportive judgement free place where we as mothers can ...
Chandra Conway
I am that blonde chick and I have a lot of things that grind my gears! So I like to talk about them to people like you!! I'm very bubbly and love respectful feedback. People tell me I'm funny but I think they just say that because they know I'm that blonde chick! Lol, hope you enjoy my podcast!! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Funner, snuck, and LOL are all things that we're hearing people say these days. That's What They Say is a weekly segment on Michigan Radio that explores our changing language.University of Michigan English Professor Anne Curzan studies linguistics and the history of the English language. Each week she'll discuss why we say what we say with Michigan Radio Weekend Edition host Rebecca Kruth.
Uncle Sam's Misguided Childrenwww.UncleSamsMisguidedChildren.com Our nick name "Uncle Sam's Misguided Children" was given to Marines in the 60's during the Vietnam Conflict by no other than the hippy commie loving liberals. The fact is we did get a little carried away with souvenirs in Vietnam, if you know what I mean lol. Marines being Marines took the name as a compliment because we are just as proud of our perfections as imperfections. The irony o ...
We are The Podcast Brothers -Two (real life) brothers who are similar (because we're both Gemini’s lol) but also have different view points. The authentic and entertaining sibling dynamic-when Kailah King is there, She offers a unique female’s perspective -not only do we discuss some mainstream hip hop events but we somehow relay those events into engaging topics of discussion-regularly discuss topics relating to health and wellness, especially as it pertains to minorities (more specifically ...
Our online life is real life. We walk, talk, work, LOL and even love on the Internet – but we don’t always treat it like real life. Host Manoush Zomorodi explores this disconnect with stories from the wilds of the Web and gets to the bottom of online issues that affect us all. Whether it’s privacy breaches, closed platforms, hacking, fake news, or cyberbullying, we the people have the power to change the course of the Internet, keeping it ethical, safe, weird, and wonderful for everyone. IRL ...
Welcome to the Legion Of Love Podcast where a small group of young, intelligent folks are putting their thoughts on love, life, relationships and the cultures we love on display.
Find comfort with K Michelle DuBois (host) and Kim Drobes (producer) chatting with guests at kitchen table, couch or bed, dishing on art, anxiety, life, lotus flowers, macaroni, sex, songs, death, and LOLs. Each episode ends with a unique soundscape inspired by the guest.
Risky Business
Risky Business is a weekly information security podcast featuring news and in-depth interviews with industry luminaries. Launched in February 2007, Risky Business is a must-listen digest for information security pros. With a running time of approximately 50-60 minutes, Risky Business is pacy; a security podcast without the waffle.
Passive aggression lol I got it 2
Hi my name is Janette I just want to talk to you guys about life be adventure is give you guys advice and tell you guys about me and my life and stories that will probably make your day and probably might not tune in and hear what I have to say or not lol
PopBuzz Podcast
The PopBuzz team bring you their weekly run-down of the biggest events in pop culture featuring celebrity guests, quizzes, the freshest bangers to drop and a lot of LOLs.
Rich sanders
I’m about Comedy, real life situation and and share shit that goes on in my head lol
Audio readings, by the author, of his written blogs.
The DudeYouPodcast is the Super-Duper Official Podcast of Topics explored will range from College Football to fine whiskey and other glorious things.
Killing the Magic with Dean Thomas is a weekly podcast hosted by the not so infamous Lucie Sheehan. From trying to figure out which Hogwarts house would throw the best party (Hufflepuff) to understanding the word 'lol', Killing the Magic has it all! Tune in to hear Lucie (aka Dean) chat with a mate or two each week about life, growing up, or just a random idea.
Just me talkin’ to myself haha ,...But... I have great eps with others too 😊
Jeffrey Frye
Funny raps and comdey voices lol
Host Marco Werman and his team of producers bring you the world's most interesting stories that remind us just how small our planet really is. PRI's The World, the radio program, is heard every weekday on over 300 public stations across North America.
Shutdown Fullcast
The Fullcast celebrates all of the absurdity of college football, and is frequently, often, not about college football at all. Join hosts Spencer Hall, Jason Kirk and Ryan Nanni, as they delve into the biggest stories of the week—or not. Produced by SB Nation and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
Comedian Chris D'Elia (Incorrigible, Man on Fire) goes on tangent after tangent every week about what's going on, alone in his house.
Join best friends and YouTubers Anna Brisbin and Tessa Netting as they cover all things nerdy including TV shows, books, movies, animation, and pop culture. Listen in as these two proud Ravenclaws debate ship wars, play games like Would You Rather, and sort characters into Hogwarts houses. New episode every Friday. See you next Geek!
Solomonster Sounds Off tackles the good, the bad and the ugly from the world of pro wrestling
Very Really Good
Hi, I'm Kurtis Conner. Every week, I talk about stuff that I think is funny. Enjoy!
Hotline League
Call in show about League of Legends Esports hosted by Travis Gafford, Mark Zimmerman, and sometimes Kelby May.
Commas and Periods
As if the internet doesn't have enough podcasts, welcome to a not so common, intimate, chaotic collaboration of Commas and Periods, hosted by Heaven and Brenton! Our short, very short story: we’re best friends, 14 years strong, we do not have filters, and we wanted to entertain the people of the “internets” with as much randomness as possible, lol. Enjoy!
E.C. Detroit Made
No since in biting my tongue, that ain’t never got me anywhere lol
I talk about whatever. Keep up with me😊 call in, tell your friends, text me. Lol.
Chaque jour le moment fort de l'After foot
Drink the Sauce
We were raised in a trailer park with a lot of tough kids and booze. We weren’t tough though, we were the kids with the butterfly nets. My brother and I survived by trying to be funny. This podcast is a collection of stories and observations about our life, absurd news, and historical oddities.
The latest stories from PRI
On this podcast, your host DT gives his take on what happened in the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive during the preceding week.
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Kate Ritchie dropped by to tell us about the launch of her new Jockey range, and so we sprung on her a round of Celebrity Screeners - making her call Lynne McGranger to see if she would answer. Jules also called in to tell us about the controversy on MAFS last night.. plus we talk are teeth important in a relationship - according to one caller, ...…
Adam Boileau is along this week to discuss the week’s security news, which also features comment from Dmitri Alperovitch, Klon Kitchen and The Grugq. We cover: Former USAF counterintelligence official indicted over spearphishing, leaking secrets Australia’s major political parties targeted by APT crew that totally isn’t Chinese. (It’s Chinese) ...…
WWII Unconditional Surrender Statue Vandalized with #METOO (2019-02-19T23:51:15.000Z)By (Tank).
On today's show, Chris talks about what's going on with Jussie Smollett. Also discussed: Tekashi 6ix9ine snitching, Burberry, Karl Lagerfeld, Kawhi Leonard's shoes, and annoying people. Plus, we do a Miami version of Missed Connections. Tweet your questions and spread the love using the hashtag #congratulationspod on Twitter and everywhere else ...…
Chaque jour, écoutez le Best-of de l'Afterfoot, sur RMC la radio du Sport.By RMC.
In this edition:The Ivory Queen heads behind bars for 15 years. A Chinese national responsible for running a huge ivory smuggling ring is sentenced in Tanzania.Burkina Faso faces an unprecedented humanitarian crisis with around 100,000 people who have been displaced in the country.And in South Africa a tiny seafood restaurant has been named the ...…
With the signature timeliness only the Shutdown Fullcast can bring, we're here to discuss football's hot new league, the AAF. It's definitely financially stable and you know that because Rick Neuheisel came here from the Pac-12 Network. Everything he touches turns to gold! I'm pretty sure there's some weird Papa John talk on here as well, thoug ...…
Tributes are pouring in on social media for fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. Also, might his cat Choupette inherit much of his fortune?! Finally, a photo of a pig intended to dissuade Muslim immigrants on the Hungarian border is debunked by the France 24 Observers.
Yalitza Aparicio is the first Indigenous woman to be nominated for an Oscar. The first-time actress talks to The World about her lead role in Alfonso Cuaron's "Roma."
AOC Compares The Berlin Wall To Securing Our Border (2019-02-19T19:41:24.000Z)By (Tank).
Is France becoming more anti-Jewish or has hate speech become more uninhibited? After some Yellow Vests hurled abuse at Jewish intellectual Alain Finkielkraut, people rally in Paris against anti-Semitism. In France anti-Semitic incidents rose 74% in 2018. Is social media enabling hate speech and fostering a culture of violence? Is that violence ...…
HEAR THE EPISODES A WEEK EARLY HERE: It's episode 51! This week, we talk about chakras, EbaumsWorld, throwing chairs, U2, wifebeater shirts, wrestling, and SO MUCH MORE!!! thanks for listening! @kurtisconner
He was considered a god among men in the fashion world. Tributes are flooding in for Karl Lagerfeld, who has died in Paris. He was the creative director of the giant French fashion brand Chanel for more than three decades. Regarded as one of the most important fashion visionaries of the 20th and 21st centuries, he was known for his dark sunglas ...…
After defeating the Islamic State group, Iraq faces another battle: overcoming rampant youth unemployment. The drop in oil prices in 2014 brought about a fiscal crisis and austerity programmes that put a freeze on public hiring. Meanwhile, the private sector provides limited opportunities due to inefficient bureaucracy and widespread corruption ...…
Until last summer, Saudi Arabia was the only country in the world where women weren't allowed to drive, a policy that had been in place since 1957.
After last year's handshake made history, critics want the second Trump-Kim summit, this time in Vietnam, to make progress. Washington and Pyongyang say they are ready to work in parallel, but what does that mean? Is Donald Trump capable of proving he's the master of the deal? And can Kim Jong Un survive without nuclear weapons? We speak to ana ...…
IN THE PAPERS - Tuesday, February 19, 2019: We begin in the UK with reactions to the Labour Party split after seven MPs call it quits. In Nigeria, President Buhari is accused of inciting "jungle justice" after ordering the military to be "ruthless" on election day. We also look at the strange case of actor Jussie Smollett, accused of planning a ...…
"A woman's life in Saudi Arabia is determined by the roll of a dice. If her male guardian is a good one, her life can be fantastic. If she gets a bad one, her life can be quite terrible." That's the view of Adam Coogle from Human Rights Watch. He spoke to us about the situation for women in the conservative kingdom after the case of Rahaf Moham ...…
The CEO of Huawei has said that the United States cannot "crush" the Chinese technology giant, despite the criminal charges the company is facing. Ren Zhengfei told the BBC that the charges - which led to the arrest of his daughter, the company's CFO - were politically motivated. Also today, Honda confirms it's closing its factory in the UK, wh ...…
Hamish McDonald from The Project is a very professional journalist who has reported from war zones, protests and the like. How will he go in a commercial radio studio against traffic pig Matt De Groot in the headline off? Olympia Valance from Dancing with the Stars drops by, and Fitzy believes he can get the worlds biggest criminal out of jail ...…
Chaque jour, écoutez le Best-of de l'Afterfoot, sur RMC la radio du Sport.By RMC.
Lawmakers in the UK defect to become independents. The formation of a new splinter group of British MPs may signal a major realignment in UK politics. Britain is mourning cherished author Andrea Levy, who helped raise awareness of the Windrush generation — nearly half a million people who moved from the Caribbean to Britain to fill labor shorta ...…
Andrea Levy’s books explored the lives of the Windrush generation — nearly half million people who moved from the Caribbean to Britain to fill labor shortages after WWII.
Brazil’s academic research community overwhelmingly predicts new measures will lead to more violence in Brazil — a country with around 43,000 gun deaths per year. But in the Bolsonaro era, their arguments are losing to a political bloc that is resolutely opposed to empirical research and that takes many of its cues from pro-gun campaigners in t ...…
There's currently new wind in the sails of the movement to enlarge the EU into the Western Balkans region (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia). One major recent development has been a name deal for one of those six countries: "North Macedonia", as it's now set to be officially known. Neighbouring Greece ...…
Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines and no stranger to startling proposals, already has a preferred new name: The Republic of Maharlika.
Born in Kabul in 1985, Nadia Ghulam was 8 years old when a bomb flattened her home, killed her brother, destroyed her parents' livelihood and left her badly disfigured. Women were not allowed to work under the Taliban. But to support her family, Ghulam decided at 11 to take on her brother's identity and spent the next 10 years disguised as a ma ...…
21. Ichthyosaur & #Menaretrash: I'll Be In The Lesbian Commune In this episode of Secret Dinosaur Cult, we discuss the Ichthyosaur, the hashtag #menaretrash, hecklers, social media, the reality of patriarchy, and as always, try and fill our daddy holes. Hosted by Sofie Hagen and Jodie Mitchell. Produced by Justine McNichol for Dying Alone Ltd. ...…
Some people believe that decentralization is the inevitable future of the web. They believe that internet users will start to demand more privacy and authenticity of information online and that they’ll look to decentralized platforms to get those things. But would decentralization be as utopian as advocates say it could be? Host Manoush Zomorod ...…
You will be SHOCKED to know the number of chemicals lurking in the average home! We are here with info, tips & suggestions to help you rid your home of as many as possible as quickly as possible. And because this topic & the action you will take after you listen, is so important to your health please share this epiosde with a friend or family m ...…
The hypocrisy of Democrats knows no bounds. They have pushed background checks up the yin-yang for anyone who purchases or transfers a gun. But if a a gun purchaser fails a background check, Democrats have blocked an amendment to the bill that would notify ICE for illegals and law enforcement for others. Apparently, they hate ICE more than they ...…
Daniel Radcliffe was once a wizard and now he is an angel in a new Stan series and called in to tell us all about it. We always find the waking up pregnant stories so fascinating, and we also heard some sad details surrounding the Savage Garden split.
Chaque jour, écoutez le Best-of de l'Afterfoot, sur RMC la radio du Sport.By RMC.
SOUND OFF 586 is a loaded show talking Corey Graves... Jimmy Uso and Naomi get pulled over by the cops... ELIMINATION CHAMBER PREDICTIONS... Royal Rumble coming to Minute Maid Park in 2020... former WWE champion Pedro Morales passes away, why he's their forgotten champion in some ways, the time one of his fans stabbed Blackjack Mulligan with a ...…
SOUND OFF 586 is a loaded show talking Corey Graves... Jimmy Uso and Naomi get pulled over by the cops... ELIMINATION CHAMBER PREDICTIONS... Royal Rumble coming to Minute Maid Park in 2020... former WWE champion Pedro Morales passes away, why he's their forgotten champion in some ways, the time one of his fans stabbed Blackjack Mulligan with a ...…
Me, mike and Jim talking about love phone cards and movies This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
A question to all the Conservative Patriot Leaders (2019-02-16T21:06:03.000Z)By (Tank).
​​​​​​​The private Facebook group was was made up of prominent French journalists — mostly men — who were behind a wave of online insults aimed at women, the LGBTQIA+ community, people of color, and other minority groups.
Chaque jour, écoutez le Best-of de l'Afterfoot, sur RMC la radio du Sport.By RMC.
The World’s Carolyn Beeler is on a ship bound for Antarctica on an expedition looking into the fate of one of the frozen continent's biggest glaciers. What they learn could tell us a lot about how quickly sea levels around the world will rise.
You’ve asked me why it’s so important for me to share my message. One story will help me begin: my introduction to communism. It was the first day of school in Cuba. I remember clearly the name of the teacher: Gladys Garcia. I remember everything about the room- the windows, the posters on the walls of Che Guevara, Jose Marti, Camilo Cienfuegos ...…
President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency in order to obtain more funding for a wall on the US-Mexico border. We ask the mayor of Brownsville, Texas, for his reaction. And Mexico's former ambassador to the US discusses the lack of dialogue between Mexico and the Trump administration regarding the wall plans. Plus, another dispatc ...…
It's a familiar drill for Spanish voters as Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez calls a snap election for the end of April. How will Madrid tackle Spain’s growing democratic gridlock? Our panel also discusses the latest on Theresa May's Brexit woes and the revelation of a cyberbullying scandal in the French media.…
The special unit has its roots in federal efforts to hunt Nazis living in the United States after World War II.
The town of Salsigne, in southwest France, was once home to the largest gold mine in Europe and the largest arsenic mine in the world. The mine closed in 2004 but left in its wake one of the most polluted sites in France. The Down to Earth team went to take a closer look.
It's been two and a half years since just over half of the British electorate voted to leave the European Union. And with just weeks to go before that departure is due to take effect, there's still a lot of uncertainty about what the economic effects of Brexit are going to be, not just on the UK but also on neighbouring countries such as France ...…
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