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Gedolei Torah

Gedolei Torah

Rabbi Aaron Lopiansky

Delivered in the yeshiva every Motzei Shabbos Mevarchim, these shiurim introduce us to Gedolim throughout history in way you have never heard before.Always based on primary material, Rav Aaron discusses each Gadol, his era, his accomplishments, his legacy and the impact he has on us to today.This shiur is ongoing so be sure to subscribe for all the latest shiurim in this series.


Rabbi Aaron Lopiansky

In this series, R’ Aaron learns through the sefer Likutei Amarim/Tanya.This shiur is ongoing so be sure to subscribe to get the latest shiur as it is available.For more shiurim or to participate in this shiur live over Zoom, visit: https://www.eshelpublications.com/shiurim.html.
This podcast will post all the shiurim of R’ Aaron Lopiansky that are not part of a regular series. This includes pre-Yom Tov shiurim, interviews, Q&As, guest speeches and more.The shiurim will be released sporadically, as they are given, so be sure to subscribe to get all the latest ones.
In this series, R’ Aaron Lopiansky learns through the fundamental Rishonim on the Parsha, collected in his essential Sefer ” Yesodei HaTorah” (for sale at eshelpublications.com).Each week, R’ Aaron picks up from where he left off on that parsha the year before. He learns through this important Rishonim, elaborating on them, and teaching us how we can learn from them.
The Sefer Even Shleima is famously difficult to learn. Based on the teachings of the Vilna Gaon, the sefer is very concise and a collection of the Gra’s commentary from many other places.In this new series, R’ Aaron goes through Even Shleima focusing on the words of the Gra from where the sefer is based.This new series is given over Zoom to alumni of Machon Yaakov. It started as a zchus for a refuah sheleima forChizkiyahu Mattisyahu Yered ben Miriam, but with the unfortunate passing of R’ Ma ...
Tiferes Yisroel is the Maharal’s sefer on Talmud Torah and an excellent introduction to the Torah and world of the Maharal. In this series, R’ Aaron Lopiansky learns through the sefer, explaining, offering insights, answering questions, and of course, making it relevant to all of us today.(This is the third series on this sefer that R’ Aaron has given so it is labeled as Series III) This series is ongoing so be sure to subscribe for all the latest shiurim.For more shiurim or to participate i ...
This vaad on Tefillah was given in Yeshiva Gedolah of Greater Washington. In the first few vaadim, R’ Aaron goes through some fundamental concepts of tefillah. Afterwards, he begins to go through the actual siddur (beginning with Shemonah Esrei and working his way backwards).The vaad pulls from many different sources but much of what is said can be found in R’ Aaron’s sefer “Tefillah L’Moshe” – A collection of the commentaries of the Rishonim on the Siddur. It is available for sale at eshelp ...
In this 42 part series, R’ Aaron Lopiansky presents a systematic approach to the fundamentals of Judaism.This series covers everything you need to “know what to answer” both to yourself and to others – from the basics of Emunah to the tradition of the Oral Law, and from the challenges of science to Zionism and the modern Jewish community.
Beginning in 2017, Eshel Publications has been honored to host a summer trip through Jewish History. The trip is led by Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky, who speaks at each stop, and brings the world of our past to life in the very places where it happened.Eshel Publications is proud to present to you the recordings from these trips. You’ll feel like you were there as you hear Rav Aaron speaking at ancient shul, great yeshivos, holy kevarim, musuems, and monuments. Learn about the places where our ance ...
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סידור ישראל סביב הארון מלמד כי התורה היא עיקר בכל Akeidas Yitzchok, Shaar 72 (pg. 746) הבכורות הם נכבדי הדור, ולכן נשאו בעונשו Sforno (pg. 746) [16:30] הנחת המשאות לזכיית כל הקודם, תגרום לחילול הקודש Sforno (pg. 747) [21:22] To join this shiur live each week – sign up at https://www.eshelpublications.com/live-shiurim.html Visit eshelpublications.co…
Leviim Are “Cheil Hashem” that are Separated from Mundane Endeavors –Rambam, Hilchos Shmita V’Yovel 13, 12-13 (pg. 707) The Proper Approach to an Eved Knani –Rambam, Hilchos Avadim 9,8 (pg. 707) [15:07] The Parsha of Geulas Avadim Hints to the Geulah Asida –Rabbeinu Bechaye (pg. 708) [23:37]By Rabbi Aaron Lopiansky
The Reason for the Mitzva of Lulav –Sefer HaChinuch 324 (pg. 694) Blaspheming with the Shem HaMiforah vs. with a Descriptive Name of Hashem –Ibn Ezra (pg. 695) [11:39] The Obligation to Kill a Murderer –Moreh Nevuchim 3:41 (pg. 696) [15:34] Kein Yeaseh Lo, Means Money –Ibn Ezra (pg. 696) [25:20]By Rabbi Aaron Lopiansky
The Death of the Sons of Ahron was “Lifnei Hashem” –Inb Ezra (pg. 630) The Machshavos of Hashem are also called “Dibbur” –Ramban (pg. 630) [01:33] The Reason for the Mitzva of Not Entering the Beis HaMikdash with Long Hair and Torn Clothing –Sefer HaChinuch 149 (pg. 631) [11:57] The Obligation of Kavod HaMes Against to the Need to Distance Oneself …
Hashem Hides Miracles in the Ways of Nature –Sefer HaChinuch (132) (pg. 618) In the Zchus of the Fire on the Mizbeach, the Yesod of Fire in Man in Blessed –Sefer HaChinuch (132) (pg. 618) [07:30] The Reason a Kohen’s Mincha is Completely Burned –Moreh Nevuchim (3:46) (pg. 619) [11:20] Argument with a Tzeduki –Ibn Ezra (3:20) (pg. 619) [12:38] The L…
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