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Daily radio program in Maasai by Adventist World Radio, for Kenya & Tanzania
As host of Booze Traveler (Travel Channel), Jack Maxwell has ventured to more than 50 countries over six different continents. He's done it by hot air balloon, chicken bus, camel caravan, tuk-tuk and donkey wagon. Spent time with Maasai Warriors in Tanzania, Roma Gypsies in Hungary, Vikings in Sweden, Nomads in Mongolia. He drank Bhang Lassi with the Babas of Nepal, screamed with Soccer Fans in Turkey, danced with Zulu in South Africa and waxed whiskey-poetic with an astrophysicist in Argent ...
The Compass
The Compass - exploring our world.
Operation Blessing International's field reports and updates.
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Dr Vybarr Cregan-Reid investigates what the last 250 years has done to our backs. What is it about modern life that has promoted back pain, especially lower back pain, from a rarity to the number one cause of pain and disability in the world?In the remote Kenyan Village of Pemja, Dr Cregan-Reid meets people with such excellent backs that they a ...…
For nearly two million years we evolved in close sync with our environment but 250 years ago the industrial revolution happened and changed everything. The innovation and technology it brought had many benefits but there was a physical cost as progress also designed out movement from our lives.From spending hours on our feet outdoors, our jobs ...…
1. Maasai Songs 2. Olmishiret le Yesu- a brand of GodBy (AWR).
Medellin used to be one of the world's most dangerous cities, with a sprawling network of slums and a serious crime problem fueled by drug trafficking. During the 1990s, there was a dramatic transformation. By integrating the city's plumbing and transportation into the barrios, renovating the homes of tens of thousands of families and creating ...…
1. Testimony 2. Enkatini Enkerai Ming'ani-Story of a deaf babyBy (AWR).
1. Child training 2. Eramatare Olnkishu ee kule-Breeding cattleBy (AWR).
Eiunoto oo Empiunoto ee Yesu-The birth and departure of Jesus ChristBy (AWR).
1.Maasai History 2.Enkitashoto Tiatua Olaitoriani- Stand firm in christBy (AWR).
(1) Redemption (2) Maasai bible dramaBy (AWR).
(1) Maasai song (2) Help each otherBy (AWR).
It is said that by 2050 cities will be home to 6.4 billion people. They stand at the centre of the world’s most pressing challenges. Presenter Fi Glover is joined by Dr Ellie Cosgrave, director of UCL City Leadership Laboratory, and urbanist professor Greg Clark. They scour the world looking for the most inspirational cities, from those tacklin ...…
(1) Testimonials (2) Children storyBy (AWR).
(1) Marriage of Maasai (2) Roles at workBy (AWR).
(1) Maasai Traditional (2) Strong faithBy (AWR).
(1) Worship (2) maasai Bible dramarBy (AWR).
Church DoctrinesBy (AWR).
(1) Maasai songs (2) The unity of God's peopleBy (AWR).
Presenter Fi Glover, Dr Ellie Cosgrave, director of UCL City Leadership Laboratory and urbanist professor Greg Clark, analyse and critique the participatory budgeting of Paris, where citizens vote on how to spend part of the city’s budget. They also look at how Valletta in Malta regularly tops 90% voter turnout in political elections. Are they ...…
(1) Testimonials (2) Children storyBy (AWR).
(1) Herbal (2) Life and workBy (AWR).
(1) Maasai Traditional (2) True baptismBy (AWR).
1. Tamptation 2. John 4 maasai bible readingBy (AWR).
Yesu olchekut supat- Jesus is a good shepherdBy (AWR).
1. maasai songs 2. Enaboishu tiatua olaitoriani- United in christBy (AWR).
As investment in the night-time economy rises, we look at how this is working in London. Is anywhere else doing a better job?Presenter Fi Glover returns with two new panellists to analyse and critique the best policies from global cities: Dr Ellie Cosgrave, Director of UCL City Leadership Laboratory; and urbanist Professor Greg Clark. The team ...…
1. Testimony 2. children storyBy (AWR).
Enturuj-generosityBy (AWR).
Enkibatisa esipata- True baptismBy (AWR).
1. The sources of maasai 2. Eningo pee ipok tiatua osina- how to recover in povertyBy (AWR).
1. Man 2. luke maasai bible readingBy (AWR).
Enkolong e Sabato- Sabbath dayBy (AWR).
1. maasai songs 2. Yesu ninye orchekut lang- Jesus is our ShepherdBy (AWR).
How is data being used to help Seoul run smoothly? And how have 20,000 sensors transformed life in Santander, Spain? Both cities have implemented innovative policies that are solving pressing challenges to city life. Presenter Fi Glover returns with two new panellists to analyse and critique the best policies from global cities: Dr Ellie Cosgra ...…
1. Testimony 2. Dupoto Eng'amunoto olomon- The advantage of hospitality guestsBy (AWR).
1. A variety of best food 2. Dupoto Enkisoma- Advantage of EducationBy (AWR).
Ebulunoto tiatua kristo-Grow in christBy (AWR).
1. maasai dance 2. Enkirimunole ee Yesu- Waiting for Jesus ChristBy (AWR).
1. Patience and Prayer 2. John 14,15,16 maasai bible readingBy (AWR).
Kiidim Atayolo Enkai Esipata-We can know the true GodBy (AWR).
Osingolio Olaranyak-Maasai SongsBy (AWR).
San Francisco’s mandatory recycling scheme and sustainable public transport come under the spotlight. The panel also consider the town of Kamikatsu in Japan, which aims to be 100% zero-waste by 2020. Are they models other cities should follow?Presenter Fi Glover returns with two new panellists to analyse and critique the best policies from glob ...…
1. Testimony 2. Story of EsterBy (AWR).
1. Enkiyama- Marriage 2. Eramatare oo Enturole- Breeding and farmingBy (AWR).
(1) Maasai traditional (2) Christian faitheBy (AWR).
1. remember the needy 2 John 12,13 maasai bible readingBy (AWR).
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