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Metaverse Reverie
Metaverse Reverie is the official podcast of Cloud Monster Online (the critical, analytical, interactive art/media blog). Join us in our secluded discussion hut, afloat in the far reaches of the vast and infinite metaverse, as we discuss the art form in question, our personal experiences, the meaning of life, the true purpose of the universe, popular culture, and anything else that strikes our fancy.
Metaverse Arts
Join your host Tricia Aferdita as she keeps up with gallery events, installations, and creative artists working in virtual spaces
Masters Of The Metaverse is an RPG like no other from the minds of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment! Join the cast as they travel to strange new worlds and inhabit mysterious new avatars, all while searching for the truth behind the Metaverse.
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The outlaws awake to the sound of horses and a call to raise their hands. Joined by John Wesley Hardin, who has a new pilot, they travel to see King Samuel Clemmons and hear about a dark new force in the west.
The pilots of Project: Metaverse find themselves thrown into a war they never expected with the help of TOM. Secrets are revealed and more questions raised as they venture into the Kingdom of Yosemite. **Some Static In Points Due To Tech Issues**
Several weeks after Nick confronted other Nick, Bruno is on a new job from his anonymous contact. This time he's paired up with John Stone, a man looking for his brother who is involved with Project: Metaverse, and Cole, a British hacker with connections to Nick Krieger.
The team must rush to save someone close to them and stop an all powerful Titan. Nothing will ever be the same in Sentinel City after this...or in Project: Metaverse.
Things get more complicated in Sentinel City as the plan to save Kid Titan is interrupted by the arrival of a woman named Wendy Gates...and Titan. The pilots begin to suspect that all is not as it seems in the world of Project: Metaverse.
The pilots are exposed to a new reality and a new metaverse. Old and new heroes rise, plans are revealed, and we return to a world we once knew.
Four strangers are brought together to compete in the latest in eSports Virtual Reality Gaming...Project: Metaverse. It's winner take all until the top players are assigned to work as a team to stop another group of pilots who are attempting to hack the metaverse. Secrets abound and a figure from the past reveals their true colors, as the playe ...…
Flashing back several months in the past, Nick attempts to reunite with his missing teammates after the events on Xerates Island. Along the way he learns some disturbing information about a possible mole in the group and something called Project: Metaverse...
Having found a way back home, the pilots are joined by Nick and learn some disturbing news about The Program. They travel to a world of joy that has been broken by other pilots...or would that be borken?
The battle for Colbie, OH rages on while the team back on Xerates' Island find themselves confronted with an old friend turned foe. The Arena reveals its greatest secret yet and things will never be the same.
After discovering hidden truths about themselves and their new MetaCave surroundings, the team enters The Arena. Once inside they are thrust into a world where bad guys have terrible accents and the heroes punch everyone.
The group rushes to complete their mission in Fartherall only to have things unravel in unimaginable ways. Scrambling to salvage what has been lost, they uncover deeper secrets about The Founders and The Program.
The band of adventurers must combat Amalia's nightmares in order to recover the godling. Destinies and familial ties are revealed, and the Hallowed Milk is obtained...somehow.
Having collected the godling's binky, the band of adventurers sets off in search of a stag and a blankie. Along the way they discover hidden truths about a member of the party, and confront Amalia's darkest fears.
Progress is finally made in the search for Amalia and her missing items. However, just as things are looking up the group runs into a new rival, and an old enemy.
The team is joined by Jenika and Thomas, and almost immediately waylaid by one of the new avatar's personality quirks. Will they ever get through the genocide and diplomatic gaffes, so that they can begin searching for Amalia and her missing items.
While hiding onboard a yacht, the metapilots are sent into a strange new world unlike any they have seen before. Landing in new avatars the team sets off in search of a missing toddler demigod and her boppy.
Having defeated the alien invasion, the pilots return to the real world to finally get some answers. They soon find themselves under attack from a dire enemy with consequences none of them could have ever imagined.
Rosie and Aquamarine are reunited with Crash, and joined by new member Nathan Hill, in a new bid to take down the alien mothership. While onboard they discover just what The Founders are looking for in this world, as well as the dark secret of what came before.
Reeling from the revelations bestowed on them at Joe's Diner, the team devises a new plan to fight against The Founders AND The Program. Returning to the metaverse, they find themselves battling aliens while onboard a cruise ship in open water...and a wave is coming.
Having discovered that the Reynolds family is not what they seem, the team pools their resources to fight back against the invaders. When one of their own turns on them, with dire consequences, they must seek refuge at a familiar diner...
The team travels out of the city, seeking shelter from the aliens in nearby farmland. They soon find out that things are not as they appear to be...and these drinks taste weird.
Two new metapilots join Rosie, Aquamarine, and Nick on their latest mission for The Founders. They find themselves inside the avatars of members of a jury about to deliberate on a murder trial. And then the aliens appear.
A group of intrepid heroes (?) must travel forth in search of the necklace of power, which is held by a powerful dragon. But first they need to get out of this jail cell..
Travel to the world of Questlandia, where plot holes and Bruces abound. A small band of adventurers must defeat their foes...and marry a princess. Probably
Alpha Squad rushes to the Sentinel City Medical Center to confront the imposters posing as them. They face off against Malpractice, Inc. before finally confronting Doctor Migraine about the truth behind Sentinel City.
Having rescued Blue Streak, the Alpha Squad turns their attention to Doctor Migraine and the mysterious "LV". They soon discover a shocking secret that could literally change the world, just as some people who look very much like them show up on television...threatening to destroy everyone.
In an effort to restore Blue Streak's mind, Alpha Squad turns to Kid Titan's ex-girlfriend, Doctor Migraine's daughter Molly. In doing so they must venture into Blue Streak's subconscious and defeat the demons within.
The team must discover a way to unshrink themselves, deal with Bombshell's newfound godhood, and keep Johnny Legion's man bun in check. And this is all before they find out who is behind the murders in Sentinel City in the ultimate betrayal.
Having escaped from The Program, the pilots find themselves in the employ of The Founders. With more questions than answers and sent back to a previous metaverse, the team finds that trouble comes in all sizes.
The team meets Lorrianna in a final confrontation in a desperate fight for the galaxy. Old friends return to aid them and secrets are revealed.
Galaxy Force 5 finally heads to the Battle of the Bands to compete as The Death Sparkles. Once there they are finally confronted with Dark Queen Lorrianna and her evil plans!
The Sparkle Sisters, and Chad, prepare to enter the ultimate Battle of the Bands! They also discover hidden secrets and new realities over cherry pie at Joe's Diner.
As Magical Space Galaxy Force 5 attempt to repair and rebuild Glamatron Base, they also attempt to understand Chad and his fascination with his turkey leg "Brad". Things become more complicated when everyone's parents show up for a visit.
The team is inserted into a new Metaverse, one where Magical Girls and technology rule the day. Old allies and new join forces to become to face off against the greatest power this galaxy has ever seen!
A hydroelectric threat in the middle of a desert & a metapod pilot unwilling to come home: The American Civil War 2 (Electric Boogaloo) is about to go off the rails for good...
The Industrialists have completed a new form of power plant capable of turning the war's tide, and it's up to the team to pull the plug. But first, they'll need to seek help from a pair of old friends...also gorillas.
The team finds itself facing a new threat while trying to protect an old ally: King Teddy Roosevelt is ready for war, and they have no choice but to join him. Note: the GM breaks more easily and dramatically when he's tired.
The citizens of Yosemite are under attack -- and only Ninja Emily Dickinson, SteamPunk Richard Gatling, Druidic Johnny Appleseed, "Not a Myth Anymore" Slou-Foot Sue, Aeronaut Orville Wilbur Wright, and King Theodore Roosevelt can save them.
Having found their quarry, the team must find a way to convince him to return to his native reality. But getting Teddy Roosevelt to abdicate the throne of Yosemite won't be easy.
Ninja Emily Dickinson. Steampunk Richard Gatling. Druidic Johnny Appleseed. And a herd of zombies… or is that called a “shuffle”?
Hunted by assassins while seeking shelter at the "American Sentinel" studios, the Alpha Squad find themselves under siege and responsible for the safety of countless innocent civilians.
Approached by an old foe seeking help, the Alpha Squad must decide how much risk to take in search of the truth.
A murderous conspiracy is afoot at American Sentinel, and it's up the The Alpha Squad to solve it -- before they're next!
Yeah, it's going to be an a-maze-ing episode: we guarantee it.
Trapped in the bodies of superheroes, the team finds themselves unwitting contestants on America's hottest competition: "American Sentinel." They are sent to protect a mall opening, but is there something else afoot...?
The gang must race against a rival squad to defeat a "fowl" threat to Sentinel City.
Five strangers are forced into service on a mysterious mission, traveling to parallel universes and occupying the bodies of key figures. Their first world: surperheroes!...of reality TV?
With two of their own accused of murder, the MetaPilots seek out the real killer/s. Or are their teammates guilty after all?
Butch, Hex, Bombshell, and Lady Veil pitch a desperate fight again Dr. Migraine's control. They soon learn that nothing is what it seems and that things are far more complicated than they first appear.
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