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Metaverse Reverie
Metaverse Reverie is the official podcast of Cloud Monster Online (the critical, analytical, interactive art/media blog). Join us in our secluded discussion hut, afloat in the far reaches of the vast and infinite metaverse, as we discuss the art form in question, our personal experiences, the meaning of life, the true purpose of the universe, popular culture, and anything else that strikes our fancy.
Metaverse Arts
Join your host Tricia Aferdita as she keeps up with gallery events, installations, and creative artists working in virtual spaces
Second Life is a 3D virtual world entirely created by its Residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by millions of members from around the globe. This podcast features: (1) insightful interviews with Linden Lab staff, (2) Video Tutorials by Torley which teach you how to use SL in a fun and fast fashion, and (3) selected machinima works by community creators. You can join us @
Player Zero
Hi, I'm Player Zero and welcome to the Metaverse. I was part of a Virtual Reality gaming experiment that's gone horribly wrong and I've been pulled inside the game. The Metaverse is a hub where all the game worlds collide. I have to try to find my way to the end of the game and how to get back to the real world. With the help of my friends Roman the Tutorial Robot and Johnny Chaotic (The Glitch), we traverse from one game to the next to find our way through all the dangers (and laughs) this ...
Singularity Tribe
Singularity Tribe Mixtape an noncommercial mix project that uses creative commons music.
Happy Hunting
The show for hunts and hunters on the Second Life grid. From the people that brought you Designing Worlds, Metaverse Arts, and Sail On it's Happy Hunting.
Treet TV - Virtual Television from the Metaverse
Treet TV - Virtual Television from the Metaverse
TREET.TV - Sail On
Treet TV - Virtual Television from the Metaverse
Treet TV - Virtual Television from the Metaverse
Treet TV - Virtual Television from the Metaverse
Treet TV - Virtual Television from the Metaverse
An audio podcast designed to explore the metaverse of electronic music.
Voices in the Machine
Welcome to the podcast by and for Steampunks and neo-Victorians in the metaverse, a production of Radio Riel: Real Radio, Your Reality.
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We discover a strange machine that transports you into the mind of your ancestors. After traveling to ancient Venice the gang meets Gucci Ferraro Pacino a strange and sadistic member of the "Order of the Assassins" who teaches us the mysterious ways of the assassin. We learn to sneak, to blend, to kill and why you should always aim for the hay. ...…
After a series of misadventures, we re-group at the famous bar "Another Castle" in the Kushroom Mingdom. We get deep and personal into Player Zero and why he's here. We find out some pretty amazing things about Johnny and Roman. Also what's a few stabbings between friends? Find out why it's better to keep your enemies closer on this very insigh ...…
Oh no! Roman is kidnapped by an evil ninja and we are ostensibly inclined to follow to the Nether-Lands. We meet the God of lightning (and natural disasters) Rohdan. Johnny immediately picks a fight and finds out why it's not wise to fight with gods. Also there's a deep disembodied voice narrating everyone's names. In this realm, Immortals and ...…
The whole team died from poisonous gas. but we find out what happens when you lose a life in the Metaverse. Also we've been captured by the Brotherhood of Steel - a malicious group of anti-robotics who wear power armor (irony) who also took all our gear and stuck us in prison. We meet the Centurion "Karl" who is our Jailor and we have to find s ...…
Seeking a respite from the radioactive wasteland, the gang jumps through a suspicious portal. They are immediately ensconced in a deadly and hilarious game of cat & mouse with the ever-inventive and quite mad AI entity known only as MadOS. We have fun with portals, less fun with lasers, and even yet less fun with poisonous gas. Special Guest: J ...…
We Fallout of the sky and land in a Radioactive wasteland. We find a vault and a friendly but terrifying robot named "Cogspiece" who vies with Roman to be our tourguide. We fight off some Radroaches & Molerats, meet some people, make some corpses and some friends along the way. Be on the lookout for Tod the Super-mutant, god rest his soul. John ...…
Johnny drunkenly stumbles through a warp tube into the dark and forbidding land of CastleTransVania. The strange and erotic home of the Belmont family and Dracula himself. They meet with "Jeff" Belmont, the lesser known and somewhat less famous brother to Simon Belmont. We find out about the dark family history involving whips and BDSM, and mee ...…
After a harrowing trip the void, Johnny shows us his favorite bar called "Another Castle" we get to hear Bowser's State of the Mingdom, and we run right into the girl of Roman's dreams, and Johnny's nightmare - Cortana. She tells us all about her massive crush on the "Master Chef" and the Player Zero crew gets a little, well a lot, drunk. I apo ...…
Johnny breaks a homestone and gets everyone trapped in the void. They find out what happened to Carmen San Diego and all the forgotten games & characters from yesteryear. They meet a mysterious old man who seems very familiar. There's a lot of swords, a lot of void, and hijinks ensue. Also you find out what happens when you don't build your sim ...…
Still stuck in the metaverse the plucky trio of Player Zero, Johnny Chaotic and Roman the Robot have traveled to the "Craftworld of War" where they meet Shandy McScrubbrush who shows them a card game, how to craft & auction, and how to kill some demons. Also we get eaten by a giant rabbit and turned into ghosts. So there's that. Enjoy the adven ...…
Welcome to Zero Podcast. In today's episode Player Zero meets with his companions. Johnny Chaotic is a Glitch in the System with unknown powers that moves between worlds. Roman the Robot is a Tutorial on his first day, and he's having a rough time of it. Together they explore the Kushroom Mingdom, earn some face-coins, murder a turtle, and disc ...…
Hunts featured on this week’s show are the Fall Tears Hunt 2, Around the Grid in 80 Days 4 Hunt, the Back to School Hunt, and the Happy Magic Hunt.You’ll find full details of the Hunts mentioned in the show – and many more – on Hunt SL. Happy Hunting
Join the fun with host Cinders Vale for all the latest. Hunts featured on this week’s show are the Body of Evidence Hunt, Marketplace Hunt, Open Highway Hunt, and the Pool Party Hunt. Happy Hunting
Hunts featured on this week’s show are the Carnival Of Souls Hunt the Oh No! You’ve Got Sand Where? Hunt and the Womenstuff Hunt. Happy Hunting
Hunts featured on this week’s show are the Around the Grid in 80 Days Hunt, the Flirty Summer Hunt, and the Red Is The New Black Hunt.You’ll find full details of the Hunts mentioned in the show – and many more – on Hunt SL. Happy Hunting
Hunts featured on this week’s show are the Midsummer Night’s Dream Summer Hunt 7, the Hard Catch Hunt, and the Pastel Party Hunt.In addition, you can vote for the Hunties 2016 online. The Hunties are the premium awards for all aspects of Hunts and Hunting in Second Life, now in their fourth year. Happy Hunting…
Hunts featured on this week’s show are the What? What? Do What You Want! Hunt, the The World at Your Feet Hunt, the Surf Into Summer Hunt and The Silk Road Hunt VII. Happy Hunting
Get ready for a summer full of great hunts with lots of free or almost free hunt gifts! Let’s go hunting! Happy Hunting
We liked Valentine's Day so much we decided to do it again for the 1st two hunts this week! It was kind of like an exercise in extending our favorite oh so sweet dessert... But reality turned out not to be as hard to take as we expected! The show rolls right into boots, and all is well! Enjoy the ageless saga that is Happy Hunting! Happy Hunting…
It's that time of year again - Love is in the air... you want to look good, especially for your heart's desire! These hunts will get you right where you want to be, so don't miss this show! Happy Hunting
The fabulous Hunties Award Show is here again! Enjoy learning who was nominated and who the ultimate 2015 favorites are as voted by You the avid Hunters in Second Life! Happy Hunting
The ancient custom of eating rice on the first day of the new year has been handed down through families since... forever!. We at Happy Hunting want to wish you all good fortune and abundance in all things joyful! Happy New Year everybody! Happy Hunting
I'll take a good looking reindeer anytime of the year. I'll also be very happy to have for almost free, this weeks pinky/mauve coat and/or the perfect white with read accents renaissance style dress. Last but not least, The Futuristic Hunt has some really neat items that will also be fun in 2016 and beyond! Happy Hunting…
"Christmas is in the air" is an old cliche, but it's so true! Sparkly lights, .. gingerbread men & cocoa... all those decorations that come down from the attic.. and the Peace on Earth 8 Hunt! Good will towards men makes us want to dress up and decorate a lot! Treasure hunting really pays off, once again :)) We'll thank those wonderful creators ...…
It's one of those rare times of year when we make a special effort to connect with our loved ones as the beautiful fall weather encourages us to think about the holiday season. Cinders is right on cue with images and gifts that shout Joy to the Turkey! Happy Hunting
It may be Friday the 13th, but there's no bad hunting luck here. Everything is either useful, cool or both. This week The Free Dove is highlighted with three mini-hunts. Nothin' but Love for the Dove :)) To close we see a bit more of the Firestorm Hunt. Can't beat it! Happy Hunting
Ahh the holidays. Cinders is sneaking up on them in fine form, as always! In this show, she allows the last bits of Halloween to haunt us and say farewell... There are still sooo many fine, fine hunts that are eerily appealing. Happy Hunting
And not only that, some of the hunt gifts this week took me straight back to my childhood! Hopefully only a few of you will resonate with that & guess my non-existent age :P Happy Hunting! Watch out for those goblins! Happy Hunting
I was so scared. There's a ghostly witch that blindsides you with these weird sound effects. Even the clothes gave me pause. But! The Tombstones brought the comic relief I desperately needed to finish the show. Don't watch this episode if your faint of heart.... Happy Hunting
Cinders seems so sweet and mild mannered, but this week she brought us a giant mutated ick fungus or something! The she laughs and recommends a giant black stalagtite! Everything else was really pretty though :) Happy Hunting
You know Fall's here when Halloween is right around the corner. Well, it is! And we've got the hunts to prove it! As always, anything even remotely fanciful becomes truly unique in Second Life. Add the astounding cost of zero and you'll agree - hunting can't be beat! Happy Hunting
Yes the virtual world not only provides us with great things to do like treasure hunting, you can also use it as part of your doctoral thesis!! Best of luck to the creator of The Quest, featured this week! Also enjoy the Enmeshed into Fall Hunt & the Marketplace Hunt - truly unique! Happy Hunting
It seems as though someone flicked the switch. Where did summer go?! Halloween, Thanksgiving... all the holidays are fast approaching all of a sudden! At least we have Cinders though, who will gently ease us through. Enjoy our first transitional show :) Happy Hunting
After a lovely summer break, Happy Hunting has returned with a new Happy Hunting Headquarters at Broken Creek and three really good, useful hunts at one of the longest running establishments in Second Life, The Free Dove. Everything we show tonight is beautiful and beautifully functional. Scoot on over to The Free Dove! Happy Hunting…
Cinders takes the second season.. or is it the fifth? What season is this? This is why we're taking a vacation! Cinders didn't want anyone not to have a hunt to go on, so she left some nifty music under a nifty series of upcoming hunt posters this week, and there are some stuffed little things that you just want to pinch... see ya soon :) Happy ...…
Singularity Tribe Mixtape is a noncommercial mix project that uses Creative Common licensed music.Singularity Tribe Mixtape Goa Psy I is released under a Creative Commons license for noncomercial usage CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. License Deed: Tribe Mixtape Goa Psy I was mixed by Alexi Ayres Att ...…
Yes, you heard right! We have a burlesque stage for regular sized avatars! It's preloaded with dances or you can use it to stage your own private shows! There are also some terrific hats, something special for petites, and the usual bunch of other beautiful, useful, verrrry inexpensive stuff! Tune in! Happy Hunting…
Did you know Relay for Life in Second Life has raised millions of US dollars since 2005? Well it's that time of year again so just look up RFL on the world map, or go to the website, and go see the absolutely amazing builds and campsites this year. The theme is "The Future is Now!" and I must say it's beautifully reflected in some of the most e ...…
Much along the lines of all classic motorcycle movies, this week Cinders surrounded herself with props straight out of The Wild Ones! A big old motorcycle, I lost count of how many black leather pieces of clothing there were, and then there was furniture made expressly to look like it belonged in a motorcycle shop. In fact, there's even an orig ...…
This week Cinders has focused on just a few but very large, lush hunt gifts that make you feel like you're deep in beautiful, mystical place. If you like huge, mysterious forests this hunt is for you. The ambiance is automatic! Happy Hunting
Remember that favorite armchair you used to love when you were little? Something about the chairs in this week's show reminded me of some very happy summers. Go figure! There are several items that speak of summer evenings this week. And don't forget! The SL12Big Hunt has one more week at SL12B, AND we have a Nano-Hunt for you! Wow - busy week! ...…
Hunts are in the air... everyone who hunts knows that they often are.. but guess what! There's a new Big Hunt all over the indescribably delicious SL12B sims, no lie. SL12B's main party week runs until the 28th, then the sims stay open until the 4th just for sightseeing, but the SL12Big Hunt runs all the way through until July 4th, which is a g ...…
With the gorgeous, giant, mesh arches this week, you'll be able to recreate Rome! Especially if you picked up the undersea set a few weeks ago! I'd use them all for either a set or as a parcel theme! Anyway - three are some nice clogs too this week, as well as a lovely music hunt! Enjoy! Happy Hunting…
Those gentle summer breezes have clearly gotten to Cinders this week :) She found a beautiful, of all things, bird hunt, some wonderful summer furniture, and sunglasses ! These and all these hunts' gifts will definitely remind you of one of our favorite seasons. Happy Hunting
Cinders starts us off this week with items that are nice and masculine - clothes, a stable, and a smoking ensemble! We next move on to some summery home items and then we close with a peek at upcoming June hunts. Summer is soooo nearby!At the very end of this episode, you'll find a farewell to a dear friend.... Happy Hunting…
Gifts this week are all so perfectly perfect. I didn't like the change mesh brought us at first, but lately even I have to admit - these things are really, really awesome! Please enjoy this week's show. Oh and btw - the top of the vanity opens up to reveal a mirror! You'll see when you get that gift! Happy Hunting…
On this special occasion, we at Happy Hunting would like to thank all you wonderful hunters and creators out there who've made this show possible and sustained us through 100 episodes! Happy Hunting
Something about this week's show made me realize that summer's approaching! I can't figure out if it was the camping segment, Fantasy Faire, the Vintage hunt or the segment on Cinqo de Mayo... let me know if you have the same reaction! Happy Hunting
Remember – the hunt is an epic game, a story, not your average hunt! If you love hunting, you will adore this! Happy Hunting
Join host Cinders Vale and welcome guest Aisling Sinclair to show us the epic hunt lined up for this year's Fantasy Fair. Happy Hunting
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