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Best Msj podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Msj podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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The Murphy, Sam & Jodi morning show offers a daily podcast with unique content we call Murphy, Sam & Jodi On Demand.
This is the archive of freeDeath/Cornerepisodes; every new episode, from #82, will be available atour Patreonfor a $5 monthly fee ///If you don't want to subscribe but feel like contributing something, we also deeply appreciatedonations/// contact us on Twitter at@corpseinorbit
A behind-the-scenes look at the stories behind the stories from the CTV Vancouver newsroom. Penny Daflos discusses the stressful, inspiring, irritating and heartbreaking moments that never make it on TV in unfiltered conversations with her colleagues – including other reporters, anchors, videographers, technicians and producers who battle the clock each day to make deadline.
Dental conversations that connect, educate and encourage.
This show examines trades, signings, and more that go around in the NFL, NBA, and NCAA.
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Jodi finally understands Shakespeare. Sort of. 🤣
Murphy's getting promotions for something through text. How'd they get his number? We want to hear about your Thanksgiving traditions! What would a simple Christmas look like around Murphy and Jodi's house?
Murphy thinks he's got the answer to Sam's mega problem. It's Grateful Friday so we want to hear the things you're grateful for little or small. Is camping in an RV real camping?
The real reason Jodi won't go camping with Murphy 😮
Murphy & Sam have a secret language - and Jodi can't understand it.
Why does your dog have the zoomies and even more so in the cold weather? Murphy is smitten with another girl! Sam has a new doorbell camera and he's already regretting it because of what he's seeing on it.
Sam has a problem with something Jodi believes in. 😮
You think you have a weird Thanksgiving tradition? Listen to Sam's Murphy and Jodi are having some trouble with their new foster dog, Layla. Do truckers even honk their horn anymore?
Who's already decorating for Christmas? 😮🎄
Our countdown to Thanksgiving continues with some of the most simple side dishes if you have zero kitchen game. For Murphy and Jodi's 20th anniversary, Sam wants to figure out the one secret thing that has been keeping this marriage together this whole time. Murphy and Jodi got invited to the back room of an art gallery and were surprised by wh ...…
Remember, Monday is veterans day! We'll give you a countdown to Thanksgiving with the most traditional sides and we want to hear about your weird ones too! We'll find out about Murphy and Jodi's anniversary weekend and how it went!
What Murphy & Jodi got tired of REALLY QUICKLY on their wknd getaway. 🤦‍♀
Murphy & Jodi are having 2nd thoughts about going away for their anniversary weekend. 😭
All in favor of the 4 day work week: we'll let you know who's getting it done. How to make your phone stop listening and giving you those "timely" ads. We'll get you ready for Doctor Sleep in the box office.
More of what you believe is best for college kids: stay at home or get outta the house? What Sam's home automation's system is doing to keep him from giving him a good night's sleep. Is your phone listening to you?
Who plays the Lottery & HOW do they pick numbers?! 🤣
The BIG decision: Should kids go away to college - or stick closer to home?!! 🤔
Should freshmen live on college campus or should they live at home? A question that's been weighing on Jodi's mind. Murphy and Jodi have some exciting news about someone new living at their house! Sam saw a ghost and it's not even Halloween!
Jodi has a trick (or 2) for public speaking. 😯
Early Christmas decorating may be good for you, but is it good for the neighborhood? The new rock and roll biopic on KISS. Sam's got an update on the medieval weapon he got his son for a school project.
What Murphy & Jodi are TRYING to teach their girls about ordering at restaurants. 😬
What daylight saving time does to your body What holiday occasion Sam is thinking of inviting all his exes to this year. The crew caught Producer Bailey stalking someone today. Find out why
Murphy kept Jodi up all night and he says it's because she kept him up the night before! Find out why Sam is a bit skeptical about just how original the Air Fryer concept is. It's a Grateful Friday so you let us know what big or little things you are grateful for in life.
Murphy has 274 Apps on his phone. All we wanna know is - WHY?!????? 😬
We've got some REALLY last minute costume ideas if you need them. Kids, your parents will steal your candy if you don't find a place to hide it. We've got some spots for you! The last of the Real Life Ghost Stories to keep this Halloween plenty spooky!
Producer Bailey MADE our DAY - by bringing a guest ❤🐶🙏😘
Who wants to Trick or Treat ONLY on a Saturday night?! 🎃😱🤔👻
Getting you ready for Halloween still - Group costume ideas if you're going with a bunch of people The toy from the 80s and 90s that if you've got it - it's worth some money! Jodi let out her best Halloween scream in the garage yesterday - find out why.
Who finally believes in ghosts - and why?! 👻🎃😱
Sam's going crazy with ideas for food to put in his air fryer and Murphy isn't helping. We've got last minute Halloween Costumes if you need 'em. Murphy and Jodi went to their daughters' sold out play and it was so good, they're going again.
Why are so many Americans going to work sick and how can we stop them? Our favorite Halloween recipes made available to you! Eat, Drink and Be Scary! Up on the website. We'll have even more of your real life ghost stories for you.
Why do Murphy & Jodi have BIG PLANS tonight? 🤣 #mondaynight
Who's addicted to sugar? 🙋‍♀️🧁😯🎂
Jodi wants to tell you how to shop a thrift store for Halloween We've got more of your real life ghost stories! Sam paid a visit to our friend who's in the hospital right now.
Jodi's Halloween Candy RULE this year, and what Decor is Sam skipping?😱🎃👻
Some more real life ghost stories to challenge Sam's increasing skepticism about them being real. The most googled Halloween costumes so you don't show up looking like everyone else Jodi wants to tell you about her visit to our friend, Richard, who's int he hospital right now.
Why Murphy and Sam are a bit skeptical about your real life ghost stories. Why we've all been wrong about the scariest movie for Halloween this year. We hear more of your real life ghost stories as we get closer to Halloween.
Why we might all have drones at our door soon?! 🤔
The heart-wrenching details instantly made headlines across the country: two young sisters found dead in their beds, their Christmas presents sitting unopened under the tree. Their father, Andrew Berry, was covered in blood and claimed he was attacked by mysterious loan sharks who must've killed his daughters for some unfathomable reason. The t ...…
The coolest ideas of what to do with your Halloween decorations (like changing them every day, keep em guessing). Murphy wants to let you know that a password you can remember is better than a fingerprint password any day. Do ghosts ever haunt new developments or is it always the old, decrepit places? Let's find out why.…
To Match or Not to Match: Jodi needs help answering questions about "single Sam!" 😯
Murphy's "daughter date night" and what went very wrong. 😯
What to do when someone comes to your door with a blue pumpkin while trick or treating. Why does Murphy keep moving around Jodi's Halloween decorations? The Vatican has a new prayer/fitness tracker.
It's a Grateful Friday tomorrow, so let us know (aside from the ghost and goblins) what big or little things you're grateful for! Murphy and Jodi are not getting invited to Halloween parties anymore: find out why! Find out what Sam wants to do when his funeral rolls around.
Jodi has a surprising experience with a new doctor. Things you just shouldn't say to a stranger. Find out who in the show cries at every wedding they go to.
"Working mothers are the BEST people to hire. We have super powers." -Jodi
Lots of Hollywood Outsider news for you today. The free samples that you can get in those big box stores: we have all the secrets on them including just how many you can pick up for yourself. Murphy had an audience in the room for his most recent annual visit to the doctor. He'll tell you why!
What PICTURE is Murphy sending to Sam from his doctor visit? 😬
Sexual harrassment at work, Ronan Farrow's new book AND what Jodi tells her daughters about #metoo issues. 😯
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