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Listen to in-depth weekly analysis of US oil policy news from our senior editors covering the Capitol.
Listen to in-depth weekly analysis of US oil policy news from our senior editors covering the Capitol.
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Pioneer CEO Scott Sheffield sees Permian production growth slowing next year, but he still thinks the basin will eventually pump a staggering 8 million b/d. In an interview with Capitol Crude at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Sheffield shared his views on breakeven oil prices,...…
Columbus Oil operates 27 oil wells in rural Oklahoma which each produce an average of just 8 to 10 b/d of oil equivalent. On this week’s Capitol Crude, Darlene Wallace, Columbus’ president, CEO and owner, talks about all the cost-cutting she’s had to take to make a profit --...By S&P Global Platts.
On this week’s Platts Capitol Crude, we look at the impact of the US shale boom on the US economy as the Trump administration continues to push the narrative that a recession is not imminent. Mine Yucel and Michael Plante with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas call in to talk about the...By S&P Global Platts.
Last week, the Trump administration held its latest auction for oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico. The sale generated high bids of less than $160 million, drawing interest in less than 1% of the total acreage offered. But could those bids be nullified? On today’s podcast, Brettny...By S&P Global Platts.
Alberta oil producers are in the eighth month of mandatory production curtailments. Have they worked? On today’s Capitol Crude, Rory Johnston, a commodity economist at Scotiabank, talks about the impact of the curtailments on prices, supply and investment in Western Canada’s oil...By S&P Global Platts.
Tariffs, retaliatory tariffs and currency fights, the US and China are locked in a trade war with massive consequences for the global economy. What impact will this fight have on US crude oil exports and ongoing US sanctions on oil exports out of Iran and Venezuela? Could disputes over tariffs...By S&P Global Platts.
With their output shattering records, US oil producers are flaring an unprecedented amount of unwanted gas. On this week’s Platts Capitol Crude, Ali Oktay, a senior pricing specialist with S&P Global Platts, talks about why flaring is increasing in the Permian and Bakken and why...By S&P Global Platts.
On today's Platts Capitol Crude, Fernando Ferreira, a senior analyst with Rapidan Energy Group, discusses a new report that forecasts the oil market impact of Iran successfully blocking the Strait of Hormuz, the world's busiest oil chokepoint.Rapidan's report, "Battlespace & Barrel Flow: Oil...By S&P Global Platts.
On this week's Platts Capitol Crude, we take a closer look at rising tensions between the US and Iran, tanker attacks in the Strait of Hormuz, Iran's dwindling oil exports, and China's future as Iran's top importer.Brian Hook, the US State Department's special representative for Iran, talks about...By S&P Global Platts.
The Barrel Brothers are back! US Energy Information Administration petroleum analysts Jeff Barron and Mason Hamilton talk: the price impacts of the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery explosion and closure; the state of East Coast gasoline supply and demand; global oil demand; and surprises in...By S&P Global Platts.
OPEC, Russia and other producing partners agreed to extend their 1.2 million b/d supply cut agreement for another nine months as Saudi energy minister Khalid al-Falih outlined OPEC’s new role as a reactionary force to US shale growth. On today’s Platts Capitol Crude podcast, Herman...By S&P Global Platts.
While the peak oil theory is dead, the industry faces a very real prospect of peak demand -- and sooner than you might think.Helen Currie, ConocoPhillips' chief economist, talked with Capitol Crude about where the major US oil producer sees global demand heading.She explains her outlook for US...By S&P Global Platts.
After weeks of uncertainty, OPEC and its allies will meet July 1 and 2 in Vienna and the fate of the 1.2 million b/d production cut agreement will be the key item on the agenda. On today’s Platts Capitol Crude, Spencer Dale, BP’s chief economist, discusses the impact of the OPEC+...By S&P Global Platts.
The Trump administration took a message of abundant US energy exports to the G-20 energy meetings in Karuizawa, Japan, over the weekend.We spoke with Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette, who represented the US delegation along with Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew...By S&P Global Platts.
Oil tanker attacks have the International Energy Agency "seriously concerned" about oil supply security, and yet oil demand growth concerns have tempered the price reaction for now.Platts Capitol Crude spoke with IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol on the sidelines of the G-20 energy ministerial...By S&P Global Platts.
In the thick of its trade dispute with China, the Trump administration threatened last week to start yet another tariff fight with a major trading partner: Mexico. This one would have hit Gulf Coast refiners hard, potentially making it uneconomical to import the key Maya heavy crude grade.Capitol...By S&P Global Platts.
Some view the Trump administration’s push to expand offshore oil and gas drilling to most federal waters as a failure. But with plans for oil and gas lease sales for the Atlantic and Arctic on an indefinite hold, amid court battles and leadership changes, the industry continues to push for...By S&P Global Platts.
A movement to reduce plastic use has led to bans worldwide on shopping bags, straws and other single-use items, but no noticeable impact on demand for crude oil and other feedstocks used to make plastic.Petrochemical and plastic demand is forecast to increase at as much as four times the rate of...By S&P Global Platts.
As tighter US sanctions against Iran continue to change global oil flows, Asian refiners are testing a new grade of lighter crude flowing from the Permian Basin. West Texas Light has an API gravity averaging 48, compared with traditional WTI at 38-44 API.Laura Huchzermeyer, managing editor of...By S&P Global Platts.
On this week’s podcast we speak with Henry Rome, an Iran analyst with the Eurasia Group, about why the global oil market is not as stable and well-supplied as the Trump administration wants the world to believe. Rome sees a supply crunch only getting worse and a $5/b increase looming ahead...By S&P Global Platts.
The US is producing more than twice the oil it was a decade ago, with about a third of the workers needed to do so, according to Jamie Webster, a senior director at the BCG Center for Energy Impact. On this week’s Capitol Crude, Webster, also a fellow at Columbia University’s Center on...By S&P Global Platts.
The Trump administration will not extend its Iran sanctions waivers to China, India and other buyers in an attempt to push Iran exports to zero. But Sara Vakhshouri, president of SVB Energy International, argues on today’s Platts Capitol Crude that even with strict US sanctions coming into...By S&P Global Platts.
Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman arrived in the US a year ago to help write a new chapter in US-Saudi relations, but following the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, have relations been irreparably strained? On this week’s Platts Capitol Crude, Matt Reed, vice president of Foreign Reports, says...By S&P Global Platts.
A bill in Washington state could shut down 150,000 b/d of Bakken rail traffic through the Pacific Northwest, boost oil imports from Alaska and Asia through Puget Sound and increase North Dakota shipments to the US Gulf Coast. On this week’s Capitol Crude, we look at the bill, aimed at...By S&P Global Platts.
Nine years ago, President Barack Obama signed a regulation into law requiring oil, gas and mining companies to publicly report all payments made to governments, an effort aimed at curbing decades of corruption, but President Donald Trump has repealed that regulation and the US has since departed a...…
A month from now, waivers which have allowed Iran’s biggest crude oil and condensate buyers to keep buying Iranian oil are set to expire. Analysts fully expect the administration to extend the waivers, but fissures have emerged within the administration, arguing that the US cannot drive...By S&P Global Platts.
On this week’s Capitol Crude, Frank Verrastro and Andrew Stanley with the Center for Strategic & International Studies’ energy and national security program talk about the state of Venezuela’s oil sector, the impact of US sanctions on PDVSA and what recovery might look like....By S&P Global Platts.
Platts Capitol Crude was in Houston last week talking with S&P Global editors about three stories shaping the domestic oil market.Laura Huchzermeyer, managing editor, Americas crude, and Catherine Wood, associate editor, Americas dirty tanker markets, talk about skyrocketing US crude exports...By S&P Global Platts.
After years of complaints from US policymakers that OPEC was having undue influence on global oil prices, has US foreign policy become the major manager of the world crude market? With sanctions, tweets from President Trump and trade disputes, the US may now be the prominent driver of Brent prices....…
On this special edition of Platts Capitol Crude from CERAWeek by IHS Markit in Houston we’re talking about the shifting global flows in crude grades. Demand for heavy crudes, due largely to US sanctions on Venezuela and Iran, is growing as production of light oil reaches historic highs....By S&P Global Platts.
On this early edition of Capitol Crude, we predict the top themes of next week’s CERAWeek, the mega-conference where US shale producers, US government officials and OPEC ministers rub elbows.We spoke with American Petroleum Institute President and CEO Mike Sommers about surging US oil...By S&P Global Platts.
Have record US oil production and crude exports changed the US role in global maritime security? How can oil flows calm the brewing feud between the US and China? Is the closure of the Strait of Hormuz a credible threat?On this week’s podcast, Dennis Blair, the former US Director of National...By S&P Global Platts.
Sanctions have been imposed and reimposed, US oil production continues to shatter records, but WTI and Brent prices have yet to blink. Are the days of oil climbing over $100 or below $30/b over? On today’s podcast, Ed Morse, Citigroup’s global head of commodities research, and John...By S&P Global Platts.
Is the looming IMO 2020 deadline for cleaning up marine fuels the Y2K of today's oil market?The American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers say US refiners are well prepared to meet the stricter sulfur standards by January 1 after having a dozen years to prepare.The group joined the Coalition...By S&P Global Platts.
It’s been two weeks since the Trump administration unveiled sanctions on PDVSA, Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, and questions remain over where US Gulf Coast refiners will find replacement, heavy barrels, where Venezuela might ship its displaced supply and just how quickly oil...By S&P Global Platts.
Rampant oil consumption in Middle East nations is undermining their energy export economies and subsidy reform is desperately needed, Jim Krane argues in his new book “Energy Kingdoms: Oil and Political Survival in the Persian Gulf."On this week’s Capitol Crude, Krane talks about the...By S&P Global Platts.
Global gasoline demand is stagnating and stronger fuel economy standards and the rise of electric vehicles could soon push demand down. But jet fuel demand is rising relatively dramatically and could soon be the key driver of world oil consumption, according to a new report by ClearView Energy...By S&P Global Platts.
The US Environmental Protection Agency is running out of time to deliver on President Donald Trump's promise to approve 15% ethanol blends by this summer’s driving season.US Senator Mike Rounds, Republican-South Dakota, joined Capitol Crude to tell us why this is such a big issue for Midwest...By S&P Global Platts.
The Trump administration is pushing to expand oil and gas drilling to nearly all federal waters while weakening offshore safety rules developed in response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. On this week’s Capitol Crude, David Hayes, a deputy Interior secretary during both the Obama and...By S&P Global Platts.
On this week’s Capitol Crude podcast we look at Alberta’s recent decision to cut crude oil output by 325,000 b/d. David Goldwyn, president of Goldwyn Global Strategies, says the Canadian production curtailment may be more severe micromanagement of the oil market than OPEC has done....By S&P Global Platts.
A month after reimposing sanctions on Iranian crude oil exports, the Trump administration has no clear policy end game. What are the administration’s goals? Will sanctions waivers really be just temporary? Could high prices cause the administration to weaken its stance on Iran? Did the...By S&P Global Platts.
US President Donald Trump is putting unprecedented pressure on Saudi Arabia to keep oil prices low as OPEC ministers arrive in Vienna this week. Trump spent the past month working to soothe US-Saudi relations, as criticism over the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi grew louder, largely due to...By S&P Global Platts.
With its reserves shrinking, Colombia recently set a goal to double its oil output. But the country’s oil production has fallen and with attacks on pipelines and legal fights over fracking it remains unclear which direction output in the South American nation is headed. On this week’s...By S&P Global Platts.
Far-right politician Jair Bolsonaro has been elected Brazil's next president, a victory widely viewed as good for the country's oil sector. What does the election of the man dubbed the "Tropical Trump" mean for Petrobras, its subsidiaries, fuel subsidies, and Brazil's deepwater prospects?On this...By S&P Global Platts.
Big questions remain about the outlook for Mexico's oil sector as President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador takes office December 1.Duncan Wood, director of the Wilson Center's Mexico Institute, joins Meghan Gordon and Brian Scheid to talk about some of the factors to watch.Will the new...By S&P Global Platts.
The global crude oil market is in the final countdown before US sanctions on Iranian crude exports snap back on Monday. The US is expected to announce potential waivers from sanctions as soon as Friday, but what countries may get them? Amos Hochstein, a senior vice president with Tellurian and the...…
Foreign governments cannot believe how much the US spends to store government-owned gasoline. The Department of Energy no longer plans to establish a dedicated marine terminal to ship out its emergency crude. And despite record-breaking US oil output, there is still a need for millions of barrels...By S&P Global Platts.
Looming Iran sanctions, the ongoing collapse of Venezuela’s oil sector and increased uncertainty surrounding output out of Nigeria and Libya indicate that a historic global oil supply crunch could be nearing. On this week’s Capitol Crude podcast, we look at future production out of...By S&P Global Platts.
With control of Congress at stake in next month’s US midterm elections, we look at the three possible scenarios and oil policy consequences after all the votes have been counted. Kevin Book, managing director with ClearView Energy Partners, walks through what happens to everything from Russia...By S&P Global Platts.
With oil prices on the rise, the Trump administration is ramping up criticism of OPEC, with US President Trump pressing Saudi Arabia to do much more to push oil prices down and the State Department telling S&P Global Platts that it wants OPEC and other producers to start developing spare...By S&P Global Platts.
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