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Join Matt and Patrick as they go through their recommendations for seasonal anime from Spring of 2019.By NRD Works.
This week the gang goes back to magical high school in Asterisk War. Will they be able to survive the constant duels and fights for their lives that those attending Asterisk live through?By NRD Works.
This week the 26 & Under crew watch the heart warming anime Konohana Kitan. How will they like their stay at Konohanatei?By NRD Works.
Join the group as they explore the titillating mecha anime Burst Angel. How will this older series stack up?By NRD Works.
This week it's just Gable and Matt as they tackle the raunchy comedy anime So I Can't Play With H. How will this anime stack up with the rest of the anime on the list? Find out now.By NRD Works.
Matt and Henry are here this week to review the dark psychological anime From the New World. How will these two rate this weird series?By NRD Works.
This week is the gang watches the series of short comedy skits Senyu. How will this slapstick comedy stack up to the other anime they have watcned?By NRD Works.
This week the gang has watched the action packed Canaan. Will they enjoy the gun play and action set pieces or will it just be like another B-Movie?By NRD Works.
Matt and Patrick are back to talk about the current Winter 2019 anime season. What do they recommend you watch this Winter? Take a listen and find out.You can find our hosts at their other stuff:Matt: Twitch,tv/SpellNRDPatrick: NRD Works.
This week the 26 & Under crew look at the comedy anime Good Luck Girl. How will the crew feel about this comedy with it's wide character roster?By NRD Works.
This week the gang watches Barakamon a slice of life anime about a young calligrapher who is forced to live in a rural community for his own good. How will the gang judge this coming of age story?By NRD Works.
This week the crew gathers to discuss the Masaaki Yuasa trip of an anime Tatami Galaxy. Does it live up to it's accolades or is it all just hype?By NRD Works.
Join the crew of 2018 as they recap 2018 and talk about their favorite things from that year.By NRD Works.
This week the 26 & Under group experience their first Idol anime with Tsukipro the Animation. How will they enjoy the massive cast of musicians?By NRD Works.
Join the gang as they experience the Moe anime Kinmoza. Will they enjoy this or is this part of the garbage fire of the bottom.By NRD Works.
Matt and Gable explore the interesting take on Japanese history with Laughing Under the Clouds.By NRD Works.
Matt here with his co-host Patrick as they talk about the previous Summer 2018 anime season and some of the new anime coming out during the Fall 2018 anime season.By NRD Works.
The crew is back again with the bizarre romantic comedy Waiting in the Summer. How will this new anime stack up to the past few?By NRD Works.
We're back with Akashic Record of a Bastard Magic Instructor. How will this Magic Academy anime stand up to last weeks Sky Wizards Academy?By NRD Works.
We are down to Gable and Matt this week as they delve into the 26 & Under crews first Magical High School Anime, How will it stand up to the previous series.By NRD Works.
This week our crew dives into the winner of most of the 2012 Crunchyroll Anime Awards, Yuri on Ice. How will the boys enjoy figure skating boys.By NRD Works.
26 & Under Episode 9 Cuticle Detective Inaba by NRD WorksBy NRD Works.
The gang jumps head long into Harajuku to watch the magical girl anime Urahara. How will the group receive this one? Can Matt talk about a magical girl anime without talking about Madoka Magica? All these questions and more will be answered.By NRD Works.
Join our crew as they go into the wacky modern life of the employees of Umanohone. How will they judge this slice of life comedy?By NRD Works.
Having come off of the high point that was Bubblegum Crisis 2040 the gang now talks about their first Magical Girl anime they have rolled, Vividred Operation. Where will they place this anime on their ever expanding ranking list?By NRD Works.
Join our crew as they talk about a classic from back in the 90's. Will they love it or will it fall into the pool of mediocrity?By NRD Works.
Our Crew is back at it again with new member Gable as they tackle the dating sim turned anime A Bridge to a Starry Sky. Will they find something to dethrone Trinity Blood or will it fall below Kaze no Stigma?By NRD Works.
Join our crew as the do a special double episode because of issues. What will the verdict be for the slice of life Tamako Market and Comedy Daily Lives of High School Boys?By NRD Works.
The 26 and Under crew makes their triumphant return with this special seasonal spotlight episode on one of the Spring 2018 anime Megalobox.By NRD Works.
This week our three anime experts watched Trinity Blood. Is it better than last week's Kaze no Stigma, or did they find something worse?By NRD Works.
Three brave souls start their epic quest to watch anime every week and it all starts with Kaze No Stigma.By NRD Works.
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