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The Parents' Show was launched in October 2010 by local parents from St Albans with the aim of providing parents or anyone who cares for kids with up-to-date information and resources on the issues that matter to them.The show is broadcast live every Thursday evening from 8-9pm. Each week, we select a theme, as suggested by one of our listeners, and each week we get a top expert in the studio responding to listener questions and concerns. We also discuss local resources available to parents. ...
Between Parents
This podcast is a dialog about challenges and opportunities parents face as they raise kids, enjoy marriage, and live a purpose-filled life. These honest conversations give parents fodder so they can talk to each other, be encouraged, and recognize they aren't raising kids alone.
Working Parents
Alex and Vivian Lee talk about parenting as entrepreneurs who work full time. Become a supporter of this podcast:
The Parent Engaging Parents Blog Talk Show was established for parents and guardians that want to advocate for the educational rights of children in New Jersey, hosted by New Jersey parent, Altorice Frazier. This podcast will be utilized to spread awareness via the world wide web.Vision: To engage and inspire parents and guardians that they have the power to improve the educational experience of their child.The sole purpose of the show is to engage and promote awareness while ultimately conv ...
About Focus on the Family We want to help your family thrive! The Focus on the Family program offers real-life, Bible-based insights for everyday families. Help for marriage and parenting from families who are in the trenches with you. Focus on the Family is hosted by Jim Daly and John Fuller.
Cool Hip Parents
Cool Hip Parents is a super fun podcast featuring two parents who are neither cool, nor hip. From kids, to cartoons, to date night, they talk about it all. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Raising 'Rents (as in paRents) podcast show will give you everything you need to take care of your aging parents or an aging adult. It will inspire, educate and support through stories and experiences shared by those who have cared for an aging adult or is one themself!
Parental Guidance
Finally, a podcast that informs (and entertains) parents with school-age children! Carla and Catherine guide you through topics like bullying, discipline, special education and more. Knowledge is power and we're giving it to you!
Two partners (in life, work, and parenthood) document their pregnancy journey after having a miscarriage. They dive deep into the world of being millennial entrepreneurs, mixed-race, and experiencing pregnancy loss while talking about the [pregnancy] fads like placenta encapsulation and cake smashing. They're trying to figure out how they'll survive the next phase of their life - parenthood.
This podcast is a dedicated place where we talk about all things NICU/Preemie related. It’s a way to help answer questions and talk about topics we otherwise wouldn’t talk about. We hope this podcast helps continue to bring the NICU community closer together!
Journey into an exciting world where the truths of God's Word are shared by a cast of lovable animal characters and the lessons learned are entertaining and life-changing. On the radio each week or on your MP3 player or home computer, Paws & Tales helps children grasp essential life lessons in a fun and memorable way.
People often ask if we know where our children are, but perhaps it is our parents who are unaccounted for! Grab a forty (or the stimulant of your choice), and join iconoclast social workers Kazu Jumanji and Dickie Don as they document American cultural decadence, spiritual malaise, and the erosion of our social norms and political institutions through a balanced fusion of candid ribaldry and insightful inquiry, as well as attempt to answer the essential question of our age: “Where are these ...
B-Minus Parents
The Shawshank Redemption, but for parenting. Parenting advice, fails, commiserating and the occasional interview. We're not parenting experts; our lawyer asked us to make that clear.
Parent Savers
We provide new parents with practical information to help preserve their sanity. Both moms and dads discuss common parenting concerns for their toddlers. With the help of our experts, parents get the superhero strength they need to tackle the world, and the next dirty diaper. The show is part of the Parents On Demand Network.
MOVIES. MUSIC. POP CULTURE. FROM THE DARK SIDE. Hosted by artist "Ghoulish" Gary Pullin, writer/DJ Aaron Lupton and DJ/former Hostage Life bassist Eric Gaudet.
Business and life lessons for kids and parents, together! In this fun educational show, Keoni (the son) and Pat (the dad) talk about growing up, coming up with creative business ideas, and all of the tests and challenges that can keep us from becoming the best person we can be. Keoni loves science, reading, creative building, problem solving, and video games like Minecraft and Fortnite. Pat loves business, writing, podcasting, blogging, STEM education, project based learning, Back to the Fut ...
Are you a parent who is determined to work towards the lifestyle you want for your family? Career / Business important but you need the work life balance that will enable you to hang out with the most important people in the world to you? Determined to carry on your career progression after having kids and want to establish the best way to do so? Welcome to the Creative Career Solutions for Parents podcast... a podcast hosted by career coach, mummy, author, employee, and business builder Gin ...
The parenting show for for everyone. Created by Hillary Frank; hosted by Andrea Silenzi. A Stitcher Production.
Ever wish your parents had taught you how to manage your checkbook, budgeting, credit and personal finances? Our weekly tips will help you build positive daily habits that can lead to prosperity over a lifetime.
The podcast is an audio recording of the weekly blogs you can subscribe to at
Sharing Knowledge and REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE to help you crete the life YOU WANT. Every episode we feature a new guest and find out how the hell they are CRUSHING IT as a single parent and making a real impact. Creating the life we want and dream of is the name of the game and it's never to late. Tune in for Real People, Real Life, and Real Stories. If they could do it, you can too. Topics cover Entrepreneurship, Parenting, Divorce, Relationships, Life, Personal Growth, Career Change, Men and ...
A weekly podcast for K-12 Christian educators and parents about thinking and teaching in the light of a Christian worldview.
Do you feel that parenting teens is the biggest job you’ll ever have? Are you wondering about how to help your child discover his or her unique potential? Are you dedicated to raising a child with character and integrity? Based on the Hyde School’s philosophy of “parents are the primary teachers and the home is the primary classroom,” this podcast was created to help parents understand just how to put this philosophy in place in the home, and to discover the transformative outcomes that happ ...
Ideas, tips, stories, and resources for parents who want to be happier. We explore happiness in the context of being parents, with all the challenges and opportunities for happiness and well-being that involves.
Mom Enough
the moms our children need, the women we want to be
Producer Cass Medcalf and Reverend Dr. Robin Blair review and examine children's media from two generations of secular and spiritual perspectives.
The Parent Hood
Ever felt like you don’t have all the answers to parenting? From the founders of The Bump Class, Marina Fogle and Dr Chiara Hunt, The Parent Hood gives expert answers to the things parents really want to know about. And it’s not just any information - it’s impartial, engaging and professional advice delivered by experts - a world away from Google. So whether your child has reflux, nits or you’re worried about going back to work, we’ve got it covered. Music:
This podcast is for parents running a business, starting up who want to achieve harmony at home whilst running a thriving business be prepared for inspiration, guidance motivation, and knowledge. You’ll hear tips from host Bridget Daley mother of 5 and inspiring interviews with parent entrepreneurs.
The Juggling Act
Trying to stay sane while navigating this crazy journey called parenthood? This podcast is for you! Every Wednesday join Melissa Wilson, editor and single mum of two, Cassie Hamer, writer and mother of three daughters, and Michael Adams, author and father of one as they share the highs and lows of their chaotic lives as parents. They chat about the busy reality of juggling kids, work and family life - without losing your sanity! With special guests each week from celebrities to experts, they ...
As a single dad for the last 15 years, I wanted to share my thoughts and stories thinking they could help. I'm not the best writer so audio is the best way to share. This is a unfiltered podcast share your thoughts and opinions as they come to you don't hold back.
A martial arts podcast for parents and students by martial arts parent and student Logan Ramirez. Each episode explores life lessons and training centered around martial arts exploring topics and interviewing experts in the field. Taekwondaddy. Train Hard. Parent Harder.
Dr. Ross Greene
Dr. Ross Greene, originator of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach (now called Collaborative & Proactive Solutions) and author of The Explosive Child, provides guidance to parents on understanding and helping kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.
Department of Parenting is a short, humorous podcast about parenting, being a parent, plus listener questions. It's a clean show, which means there's no swearing...should your kids listen? Well, that's your call, parents. Hosted by Chris Quintos and Christian Spicer. New episodes release Tuesdays and Thursdays.
"Living Fully with Dr. Kathy McCoy" is for Baby Boomers and Generation Xers who are seeking to balance their busy lives, enhance their relationships and understand their feelings. In these weekly podcasts, psychotherapist Dr. Kathy McCoy discusses issues such as how to improve relationships with adult children, deal with depression, anxiety and "emotional clutter", how to make marriage work in retirement, come to terms with troubling feelings about aging parents and the aging process itself.
BaseCamp Live
BaseCamp LIVE will equip you, the parent, grandparent, educator, or mentor to climb the biggest mountains as you seek to shape young people to become exceptionally prepared, compassionate, and thoughtful human beings. Our guests are thought leaders, culture watchers, and educational experts who are seeing the benefits of a classical Christian education to form students into adults who can think critically, believe with courage, and serve compassionately.
Cubcast is an audio podcast featuring a variety of how-to and information topics for Cub Scout leaders and parents.
This is not the place for "perfect parents". This is a weekly look at parenting as it truly is - confusing, exhausting, inspiring, completely full of surprises and very messy. Join Andrew Daddo, broadcaster, author of children's books and father of three, and Holly Wainwright, editor, writer and mother of two, as they unpack what parents are really talking about. From toddlers to teenagers, it's all the disasters and delights of parenting, made real.
Positive Alternatives is a podcast for parents and teens intended to inform, share real life stories, and initiate conversations in the family regarding underage drinking and drug use. The podcast is hosted by Doug Petit who has spoken to well over 100,000 parents and teens about the perils of poor choices when it comes to alcohol and drugs. If you are looking for someone who knows the challenges that alcohol and drugs impose on our teens, I'm that guy.
Parents, Carers, and all who are involved with children and teenagers, this is where you want to be. Watch this space, you have the question, we will find you an answer. You want advice we will find the expert.
Intentional Living is a nationally-syndicated program on more than 250 radio stations including Family Life Radio. Hosted by Dr. Randy Carlson. You'll hear biblically-based perspectives on issues you're dealing with every day that will help you live an intentional life in Christ.
Know what you don’t know about the Education Field!
Hope Mornings
Hope Mornings with Katrina Roe offers a range of regular segments on family life, sport, music and entertainment; along with the latest in news and current affairs. Whether it’s keeping parents up to date on the latest tween fad, or fostering healthy relationships, listeners are sure to find a helpful lifestyle tip each time they tune in.
D6 Podcast
From the creators of this show is focused on helping Children's Ministers and Youth Ministers build an excellent Family Ministry. Filled with useful tips and great interviews, we help ministers take quick action to help Parents.
KERA's Think
Think is a daily, topic-driven interview and call-in program hosted by Krys Boyd covering a wide variety of topics ranging from history, politics, current events, science, technology and emerging trends to food and wine, travel, adventure, and entertainment.
The Michael Baisden Show Podcast
The Parent Panel
All parents, all honest, mostly hilarious. The Parent Panel is the perfect podcast for every grownup with membership to the exclusive parenting club. Two of Australia’s favourite parents come together to dish on the best, worst, and hilarious parts of the week that was; from the news desk to the kitchen sink. Join Shevonne Hunt and her two guests each week. Kinderling is Australia’s #1 radio station for kids and families. Visit us as Produced by Elise Cooper.
Our show centers around parents and children, suffering through separation and divorce (or tumultuous family structure) and how most parents can’t get out of their own way to really see what is happening to their children. It includes talks about why adults get sucked into the hamster-wheel of vindictive and poisonous or toxic behaviors and what this is teaching or creating in their children when they are oblivious to it. If you, or anyone you know is in a family crisis, are contemplating se ...
The Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, became an instant hit with teens. It’s sparking controversy but it’s also sparking conversation. Focus on the Family has created a variety of materials designed to educate and equip parents to engage with kids on the sensitive topics addressed in the program.
And Baby Makes 3
Hi I’m Gage. I’m Amanda. And Baby Makes 3 Join us every other week as we start the greatest adventure of our life. Parenthood. We’ll be talking about the best moments, the worst moments and most importantly, the true moments of raising our son.
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Rarely do new parents have much time for the sexy lingerie and whispers of sweet nothings from their partners. While it's normal to more tired after having kids, it doesn't mean your sex life is over. What are some of the common issues parents have when trying to that magical spark alive? How much intimacy is "normal"? And what are some practic ...…
Stories about family are some of the richest, most riveting stories that you can tell. We invited three panelists to our studio to talk about their favorite TV shows, movies, and books about and for families. To join the conversation, go to! Sign up for our newsletter. Follow us on Instagram. This episode is brought to y ...…
This week on the Juggling Act, we're joined by TV star Georgie Parker who shares everything from juggling a child and a career, to why she thinks dads should get more credit. Plus, Mel tells us why she's officially banning the band-aid at her house, Giles talks about the surprising bonus of having a broken back and Cassie tells us how one perfe ...…
In this episode, Brandon talks about what it's like to go back to work after being Amiyrah's business partner for the past two years.For more updates about this transition, and how the whole family is coping, be sure to like our Facebook page: Become a supporter of this podcast: ...…
Michael asked his happily married family to blow up the phone lines and tell the truth about what it takes to maintain a healthy marriage. Do people have unrealistic expectations about marriage? Are men and women ready for the work or just the wedding?
CEOs and company boards have a duty to maximize shareholder profits. Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist Steven Pearlstein joins us to talk about how this mission has widened the American wealth gap – and about how a return to one of Adam Smith’s key principles could be the solution. His new book is called “Can American Capitalism ...…
On the first Monday of every month, at 11 am Eastern time, from September through May, Dr. Ross Greene and Lives in the Balance Director of Outreach Kim Hopkins-Betts – along with parents Stella Hastings and Jennifer Tretheway -- cover a wide range of topics related to behaviorally challenging kids in general and the Collaborative & Proactive S ...…
There’s a question that’s been going around for years that has kinda become universal: What’s your love language? Well, did you ever think God speaks your love language? The guy that started it all, Dr. Gary Chapman, joins Dr. Randy for: God Speaks Your Love Language, on the next Intentional Living.
Time to clear the mailbag! You guys have asked us about what to do when your kids are frustrated, how to work through “painful” shyness, and how an awkward date night might not go so well. Join us as we kick these topics around! Next Steps: Send us more questions! We loved this! Related Links: Episode #11 – The Awkward Date Night Episode #22 – ...…
When was the last time you knew how your ingredients were handled before coming to you and your family? And how this directly effects your children negatively.
Catherine and Carla give some crucial advice for all parents as they head into an IEP meeting. These tips can't be found in your typical "google" IEP checklist. Don't miss this important episode!
Today we are celebrating our Veterans on The Michael Baisden Show.
We all want our kids to receive a good education. But what constitutes a “good education?” Ken Robinson joins us to talk about how parents can guide their children to the right school and see that they make the most of their time in the classroom. His most recent book is called “You, Your Child, and School: Navigate Your Way to the Best Educati ...…
This past weekend I came home to find a drunk neighbor, his wife, and the police. The family has teen-agers who witnessed this...and who probably have seen it many times before. When the home is damaged, do all kids come out of it without lifelong emotional scars?
“When it comes to being a step parent, there isn’t one right way, because every family dynamic is different. You’re marrying the package: you’re marrying ex-spouses; you’re marrying the kids…; the right way is your way for you.” ~ Lisa Walker The above quote is just a small piece of the wonderful wisdom you’ll hear on step-parenting in this pod ...…
So, you’re a follower of Christ, but there aren’t many in your family who are OK with that. In fact, living out your faith amongst your family can bring out disagreement, if not hostility, toward you and your Savior. Pastor Will Davis, Jr. joins Dr. Randy to help you live out your faith, on Intentional Living.…
It’s a big change for parents when children begin college. Parenting college students is a new phase of parenting! If our kids go away to school, we may wonder what is really going on in their lives. How often should we or the kids phone or text or email each other? How will we... The post Parenting College Students: A Free Online Resource for ...…
What makes the difference between a love relationship that lasts and one that falters? There are many factors, of course, but tender loving care in maintaining a relationship can be a key to its thriving through the years. In this episode, Dr. McCoy discusses specific steps you can take to make your love relationship or a loving friendship grow ...…
Steve & Samara Ashley provide guidance for the church on how to better meet the needs of blended families. John Conger encourages churches in providing support groups for parents of prodigals.
Marina interviews author, blogger and baby loss campaigner Elle Wright for the Mail on Sunday.
November 10, 2018 - Staci can hardly believe what a rude reception she receives from Miss Helga Grissel. After all, she was only trying to welcome Miss Grissel to Wildwood. With Miss Harbor's help, Staci learns an important lesson in showing grace to someone who's hard to love.By
Back with the feature “Online Dating: Swipe Left, Swipe Right.” Have you ever been on a horrible first date? Michael opens up the phone lines to hear the listeners’ hilarious first date stories as they reveal what made them say “No!” to date number two. Tune into this LOL- episode!
Perseverance and persistence. Twin sons from a different Mother. Stay the course and lead with love when it comes to leaving the better future. Eventually you will get that all important hug, and maybe if you're lucky....a cookie!
Sterilize your kitchen counters all you want: You’ll never be rid of the thousands of tiny organisms who live alongside us. Biologist Rob Dunn joins us to introduce us to the creatures small and smaller who inhabit the same spaces we do. His new book is called “Never Home Alone: From Microbes to Millipedes, Camel Crickets, and Honeybees, the Na ...…
"When you taste well prepared sushi, a McDonalds fish filet just isn’t so great." That’s what our guest today, Grant Horner, says when he talks about moving from being bored to having the fire of curiosity awakened in us…Listen in...
Being a Single Mom is HARD and getting shit done is DOUBLE HARD Kenya Moses and Joshua Simcha discuss the challenges and lessons involved in getting you where you want so your not just holding down the fort but building your dream mansion!
If you spend wa-a-a-ay too much time at work, and then when you come home, you’re spending too much time thinking about it, how is that affecting your marriage? Join Dr. Randy as he helps you establish new priorities for your marriage.
For most parents, their lives revolve around their children. And rightly so, this is what children need. But what happens if something bigger comes into your life, what if you're facing major illness, bereavement, separation, divorce? Marina talks to educational coach Emma Gleadhill about how to be a good parent when times get tough.…
TV producer Kristen and comedian Chris join host Shevonne to chew the fat and take on whether or not competition is healthy for kids, crying babies in cafes, single mums having to prove their worth, and childhood bullies (and how Chris didn't twig that his playgroup was almost definitely run by some kind of weird cult organisation)…
Michael opens up the phone lines for the inspiration feature “Living Your Dreams.” Are you stuck in a deadend job? Have you ever had someone talk you out of your dream? One caller hit Michael with a serious reality check: “We’ll wake up at the crack of dawn for someone else, but won’t give our own business two hours of our time each day.” If yo ...…
Sterilize your kitchen counters all you want: You’ll never be rid of the thousands of tiny organisms who live alongside us. Biologist Rob Dunn joins us to introduce us to the creatures small and smaller who inhabit the same spaces we do. His new book is called “Never Home Alone: From Microbes to Millipedes, Camel Crickets, and Honeybees, the Na ...…
Citizens of Elizabethan England had very particular ways of thumbing their noses at others – from well-timed zingers to strategic Shakespeare quotes. Historian Ruth Goodman joins us for a rollicking trip back to a low-brow time, the subject of her book “How to Behave Badly in Elizabethan England: A Guide for Knaves, Fools, Harlots, Cuckolds, Dr ...…
Author Madonna King gets real about the best way for fathers to bond with their daughters, and how to navigate the tricky teen years. Plus, a listener dilemma from a mum who's concerned she may be a beneficiary of racism at the hands of her childcare centre. And we revisit whether or not it's okay to read your child's diary. LISTEN IN ON OUR OT ...…
Being a single parent is like running a relay race by yourself. There’s nobody to hand off the baton to. But you still gotta finish the race. Dr. Randy lets you know you’re not alone. So if you’re tired, discouraged, overwhelmed, and underappreciated, find the encouragement you need, on the next Intentional Living.…
Who’d expect that a daughter having tantrums over seams in her socks would lead to a life-transforming discovery! This is how Nina Khoo discovered she & her daughter were part of the 15-20% of the population who share the naturally occurring temperament trait of High Sensitivity. Discovering she was Highly Sensitive was like finally finding the ...…
Host Zack Demopoulos launches his 30 day preparation plan to care for an aging adult. He continues with Day 17 where he talks about hiring a professional caregiver. Specifically how to choose a home care agency, what to look out for, what to ask, and how to protect your family. In Part 2 we will cover questions that you should ask a home care a ...…
Now that election night is over, Michael takes calls from listeners about their disappoints and celebrates the victories for candidates across the country as well as the impact of Democrats taking back the US House Of Representatives.
Black women often find themselves in a no-win situation. Call out racism and risk being seen as an agitator, or stay quiet and feel like part of the problem. University of Washington, Seattle associate professor of communications Ralina L. Joseph joins us to talk about how prominent black women – and their everyday counterparts – walk this tigh ...…
Did the Democrats retake the House? Was Ted Cruz able to hold off Beto O’Rourke? This week, we finally get the answers to those long-simmering questions and many others. We talk about the major storylines of the midterm elections with Rebecca Deen, chair of the University of Texas at Arlington political science department, and Tony Carey Jr., a ...…
After your relationship with Jesus Christ, the next most important relationship on this planet is the one you have with your spouse. And because it’s important, you’d better be intentional. What does God want to do in your marriage? Are you on the same page?
As parents, how do you know if your child is maintaining a healthy weight? How to do strike the balance eating foods that are nutritious versus foods that are convenient? And how much does exercise play a role? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy shares what it was like to run for office in 2016... while pregnant with twins! Plus, what happens when we elect more moms to public office? To join the conversation, go to! Sign up for our newsletter. Follow us on Instagram. Also, Hillary Frank's Weird Parenting Wins book is coming! Many of ...…
This week we're joined by domestic goddess, political journalist and mum of three Annabel Crabb, who reveals where she stands on the ‘pop in’. She also shares her magic frozen peas trick and her secret to having a family friendly dinner party (without having to cook for kids). Plus, Candy Jacques from the Gender Centre is in the studio to talk ...…
It’s Election Day! Michael shares powerful words from Congressman John Lewis about the sacrifices made for our right to vote and he interviews special guests, Nevada Senate majority Leader, Arron Ford, who is running for Attorney General. Then he’s joined by, Monica May, News and Community Director in Orlando at Star 94.5, Senator Cory Booker, ...…
Between politicians and federal judges, public figures talk a lot about what the Founding Fathers intended in the words they wrote to form the nation. Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Joseph J. Ellis joins us to examine the thought processes of Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Adams to shed light on how they might view some of today’s most im ...…
The Black Lives Matter movement was birthed by a hashtag just a few years ago. The call for equality and dignity, however, dates back much further. Johns Hopkins University philosopher Christopher J. Lebron joins us to walk through the history of American black intellectual thought �— from Frederick Douglass and Langston Hughes to Zora Neal Hur ...…
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