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Welcome to our weekly Worship services! You'll be able to hear to great singing with inspiring, life-changing messagefrom our Leader and Pastor, Walter A Dobbins Sr. You're invited to come and worship God with us!We believe in teaching God's Will As The Bible Teaches Us!
Twin Rivers is a life-giving church in the St. Louis, MO area with two campuses. Here you can listen to weekly bible-based messages that will encourage and inspire you to live the life God has for you! For more information about Twin Rivers visit us online at
Preaching ministry of Hebron Baptist Church and Pastor Shawn Dobbins. Christ-Centered Exposition of the Scriptures that engages hearts to become Disciples who Make Disciples.
Mount Paran North is a church in the metro Atlanta, GA area. We exist to help people live a Christ-centered life.
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Special Guest, Pastor Joe DobbinsBy Pastor Joe Dobbins.
Chapter 3: Altered State of MindBy Dr. Kirk Walters.
Chapter 2: The Counterculture ClubBy Dr. Kirk Walters.
This week, Pastor Joe continues our series 'Upper Hand' and teaches us how to defeat the lies the devil speaks to us.By Pastor Joe Dobbins.
This week, Pastor Joe kicked off our brand new series 'Upper Hand' and taught us to posture ourselves in worship when we feel pride creeping in.By Pastor Joe Dobbins.
This week, Pastor Hunter concluded our series, Just Like Us, by encouraging us to do something with God by expanding our circles, doing something with what we have and giving it to God.By Pastor Hunter Raburn.
This week Pastor Joe continued our series, Just Like Us, and encouraged us to stay on the path that God has called us to without being sidetracked with distractions.By Pastor Joe Dobbins.
Immutable- Unchanging over time or unable to be changed1) The immutability of God is what makes God, God2) Is the God of the Old Testament the same as the God of the New Testament?3) Christ our perfect King.By Travis Benge.
This week, Pastor Joe continued our series, Just Like Us, by walking us through the life of Barnabas and showing us how a word of encouragement can have a lasting impact.By Pastor Joe Dobbins.
1) God, who doesn't need us, stands above his creation (vs 7)2) God, who doesn't need us, doesn't need our works (vs 8-13)3) God, who doesn't need us, still rescues us (vs 14-15)By Shawn Dobbins.
Special Guest, Pastor Kevin HarrisBy Special Guest, Pastor Kevin Harris.
1) God is timelessly eternal (infinite) (vs 1-2)2) Humanity is fixed in time (finite) (vs 3-6)3) God eternally punishes (vs 7-11)4) God's mercy give us eternal perspective (vs 12-17)By Shawn Dobbins.
1) The breadth of God's wisdom is unknowable (vs 12-14)2) The expanse of God's greatness is unmatched (vs 15-17)3) The irreducibility of God makes any competition laughable (vs 18-20)4) The authority of God has no equal (vs 21-26)5) The God Who is incomprehensible is the One we trust (vs 27-31)By Shawn Dobbins.
Special Guest, Dr. Mark RutlandBy Special Guest, Dr. Mark Rutland.
1) The Spirit-empowered church makes prayer a priority (vs 23-24a)2) The Spirit-empowered church prays to trust God's greatness (vs 24b-28)3) The Spirit-empowered church prays for boldness (vs 29-30)4) The Spirit-empowered church acts in God's power (vs 31)By Shawn Dobbins.
The Holy Spirit - His PresenceBy Dr. Kirk Walters.
1) Giving together is fueled by joy of God's grace (vs 1-2)2) Giving together is pursuing an opportunity for ministry (vs 3-5)3) Giving together is a response to God's love for us (vs 7-9)4) Giving together is a commitment to equal service (vs 10-15)By Shawn Dobbins.
This week, Pastor Joe continues the series "Just Like Us" and encourages us to walk in obedience and just do whatever God has called us to do.By Pastor Joe Dobbins.
2nd Wednesday, The Holy Spirit - His BaptismBy Dr. Kirk Walters.
1) Holiness is a sign of maturity (vs 1-3)2) Holiness is a result of those in Christ (vs 4-8)3) Holiness is the status and ministry of the church (vs 9-10)4) Holiness glorifies God to the world (vs 11-12)By Shawn Dobbins.
1) We receive the message of Christ at the table together (vs 23)2) We remember Christ's work at the table together (vs 24)3) We symbolize Christ's atonement at the table together4) We proclaim Christ through our lives at the table togetherBy Shawn Dobbins.
1) Evangelism is a team sport (vs 5-6)2) Evangelism is by God's power alone (vs 7) a) God has set the grounds for salvation: faith in the name of Jesus b) God does the saving: He brings people to conversion c) God is the evangelist: He places lost people next to me3) Evangelism brings joy (vs 8)4) The "Next Steps" in evangelism together (vs 9) ...…
This week, Pastor Justin encouraged us to rid ourselves of things that weigh us down and fill our hearts with faith, hope & love.By Pastor Justin Goodson.
1) We will pray with confidence for one another (vs 19-22)2) We will hold each other to the confession of our faith (vs 23)3) We will stir up one another to good works (vs 24)4) We will be faithfully and regularly present (vs 25a)5) We will encourage one another (vs 25b)By Shawn Dobbins.
This week, Pastor Joe finished our series, Puzzled, and encouraged us to find out and live out our calling.By Pastor Joe Dobbins.
1)Work for unity because of our calling in Christ (vs 1)2) Work for unity through your character and your conduct (vs 2-3)3) Work for unity in the church because we reflect God (vs 4-6)By Shawn Dobbins.
This week Pastor Joe continues our 'Puzzled' series by teaching us how to react when life falls to pieces.By Pastor Joe Dobbins.
1) Sound doctrine is crucial to the health of the believer and the church (vs 3)2) False teaching is a heart matter (vs 4a)3) False doctrine leads to false living (vs 4b-5)Together of the same mind1) Agreeing on the Bible as our authority2) Uniting around a doctrinal statement3) Expositional preaching/listening4) Being personally in the Word5) ...…
Messge delivered by Pastor Walter Dobbins Sr. (2 Kings 20:1-6) Songs sung by the Young Saints and also Anointed Praise & Worship. (we do not own copyright to songs)By FBCMA Media - Cincinnati, Ohio.
1) Before Christ, we were alienated from God and His people (11-12)2) Through Christ we have been brought near to God (15-18)3) In Christ, we have been brought together in His family (19-22)By Shawn Dobbins.
This week Ps Joe continues our new series, Puzzled, and talks about how to find true peace in Jesus.By Pastor Joe Dobbins.
Living HopeBy Dr. Kirk Walters.
1) Jesus escaped death (15:40-47)2) Jesus escaped with witnesses (16:1-8)3) Will the truth about Jesus escape you?By Shawn Dobbins.
Good FridayBy Dr. Kirk Walters.
Can You Drink the Cup I Drink? Mark 10:38By Dr. Kirk Walters.
1) The crucifixion of Jesus is testimony to how little he was thought of (vs 21, 24. 44)2) The taunting at Jesus is testimony to how little he was understood (vs 29, 30-31, 32, 35)3) The reaction of Jesus is testimony to how much he endured (vs 23, 34)4) The circumstances of Jesus' death and burial are testimony to the effect that he had on his ...…
This week Pastor Joe shares with us the importance of the cross and what we get in exchange when we pick up our cross.By Pastor Joe Dobbins.
Why Do You Call Me Good? Mark 10:18By Pastor Justin Walker.
Passage outline:1) Preparation of the Passover (vs 12-16)2) Betrayal at the Passover (vs 17-21)3) New Covenant in the Passover (vs 22-26)Applications1) To take Jesus we must receive His death2) To take Jesus we must receive His lifeBy Allen Greene.
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