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You're not alone!
I'm Pastor Dave. I've been blind for most of my life. Let me say, you do not need to see physically to see God. Faith sees God.Each episode I share my Reflections on God's word.Content Copyright, Dave Andrus 2015-2019
Podcast by Dave Kamphuis
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Years ago, death was a daily concern. A cut or poke or blister on the skin was an opening that could introduce bacteria to the body. This was almost always, certain death. Thanks to antibiotics most infections are destroyed before they can destroy the body. A similar situation happens to us spiritually.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019…
Jesus told parables to help us understand heavenly things. It’s an earthly story that ends with a twist. Today’s parable however is complicated. It’s about a dishonest manager. Listen and unpack its meaning. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
If you ever possessed a dog you know they can be trained to do many things. That’s what my new doggy door taught me. Dogs can be taught but how about humans?Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
The Bible says God loved the world and wants to save people. It also states that the door to heaven and salvation is a narrow door. So how do we put these things together to make sense? Listen and consider. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Mirrors are a helpful tool to see your face. What do you see in the mirror when you are blind? What do other people see? Do you see the same thing?Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
There are some things that are easy to do and other things that are difficult. Being blind presents certain limitations. It also can bring out some advantages. Does this relate or reflect to our walk with God? Listen and find out.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Many Bible stories are easy to understand. Putting the message into practice however, can be very difficult. Today’s episode looks at one such story and shares a life story of how he accomplished the Bible story.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
We read in the Bible, stories of God’s love. We hear from the Bible, stories of God at work in the lives of his people. Jesus did it 2000 years ago. He continues to do it today.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Whether it be a farm field or a city garden, weeds come up along with the desired crop. Weeds are unwanted plants that take up space and resources from the desired plants. Why not just pull up the weeds? Identifying weeds sometimes is hard. There is another natural option. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019…
Bondage and lack of control are feared and not wanted. Independence and freedom are things we all want. physically things may not change, but spiritually they have and can change. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Pride has several aspects. Taking pride in one’s work is an acceptable type of pride. Wanting to be better than anyone else, at any cost is the deadly, dangerous, sinful type of pride. People forget or do not realize that this type of pride separates us from others.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Parents play the game of “peek-a-boo” with babies. It helps babies learn that a parent is not gone when not seen. Did you know spiritually the same lesson needs be learned?Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Christians throughout the world face affliction and persecution. So did Paul, who wrote words of advice for us.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Doctors are able to remove cataracts that people might again physically see well. God removed Saul’s blindness that he might spiritually see well. Is there anything preventing you from seeing spiritually? Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
There is a thing called night blindness. It prevents sighted people from seeing things at night or in dim light. Did you know there also is a blindness that prevents people from recognizing God at work in our lives? Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Having hunger and satisfying it is part of being human. Basic food can nourish. Special foods can delight. But this holds true not just for the body but also the soul.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Most of the time skin is smooth and one color. When it is injured through work or an accident, it can bleed, scab over, or discolor when bruised. These marks are there for others to see. Does the soul have marks or scars? Does it bruise or discolor?Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
When the snow melts; when the sun shines; when the temperature warms up; nature springs back to life. With this new life comes beauty. Besides enjoying this beauty, it can point us to spiritual life, which is similar and different, both at the same time. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
When a family has more than one child, the parents’ job can be challenging. They love them all, but do the kids know this? Do the kids realize this? Do they understand this? And what if you are the child that gets more attention; what then? Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
There are many things that have changed in the past 500 years. The mode of transportation and construction of homes are just a few of these changes. Some things appear to change but haven’t. Instead our perception or view has changed. Today’s episode looks at change and constancy. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019…
The African impala has amazing jumping abilities. And yet, there are certain situations this cannot help him escape. A similar thing can be said of human beings. We have many abilities and qualities. Yet in certain situations this is not enough. Listen to learn how each can escape. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019…
Feeding time for my three dogs is very interesting to say the least. But just suppose you add in a skunk? I learned something from them this week.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Two pigs ran to the third pig’s brick house for safety. What will the three little pigs do in an earthquake or foundation breaking drought? It may not be a wolf but lets face it, life happens.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Snow is white, right? To those who do not see, snow is just cold messy and tough to walk in. So how do you describe the color white? Perhaps it can be done with the smell of garlic? Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
When government services are halted, many people go without a paycheck. In turn this impacts still others. It’s a tough reality. Spiritually there is a similar tough reality. It was resolved in a very unique way. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
There is a task or action that each person does not like to do. Often it can be avoided, but there comes a time when it just has to be done. I don’t like shoveling snow. Listen what helped me.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
A common gift to give and receive at Christmas time is clothing. Clothing can keep a body warm. It also can give or create identity for a person. But what about spiritually? Is there any value or benefit?Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Holiday lights on houses, in yards and throughout many public parks illuminate the dark night sky of winter. But how might the story they share connect with someone who is blind? Might the answer to this question be the reason the imagery of light is used so often in the Bible? It also might bring a new understanding to sight and blindness.Copy ...…
Jesus said: "You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” Lucy certainly let her light shine even as her eyes were gouged out. And so she became the Patron saint of the blind. Her story can help us as we live our lives. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
On December 6 many people find candy in their shoe as they commemorate St. Nicholas day. But why and who is he? Is he more than a legend in a Christmas carol? Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
We are told we should pray for people. We are asked to pray for people. Do we? Do we know how? Here is a simple yet good way to pray for people.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
It’s hard to be thankful when life and the world seem to be closing in upon you. Should we do away with the holiday of Thanksgiving? Instead of that, how about we get to the root of why a person can be thankful. Then, even if things are bad, thankfulness, peace and hope will not be discarded.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018…
Surprises can be good. Surprises can be bad. Either way they come when we least expect them. And that’s why they are a surprise.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
When a person becomes disabled, in any way, life becomes different. He or she, along with family and friends, need to learn the limitations and abilities he or she has. This can be challenging, discouraging, and frustrating. Today’s podcast shares such a situation and how it turned out well.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018…
Most people like putting things together. When things fall apart, in life, or with your life, frustration and discouragement comes. But life is not a jigsaw puzzle.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
When a person does not sleep well it impacts most every aspect of his or her life in a bad way. So what does the Bible say about sleep? Is there any hope or comfort to be found?Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
We get into the Theology of the cross and a few important show notes afterwardsBy Dave Kamphuis.
Most everyone likes a good joke. Does God like a good joke? Does God laugh? The answer is yes. Listen to here where and why. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
All of us like to be good at something. It is especially satisfying when we are recognized for this. But what do we do when we are no longer good at this thing or are unable to do it? We can feel like we are tumbling down from the top of the hill. What then? Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
It is when accidents happen that people get hurt; Car accidents, work accidents, cooking accidents. So to prevent accidents should we, can we eliminate cars, work cooking, or more? Not really. Instead of eliminating, might we add something?Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
We finally get into Justification by Faith.By Dave Kamphuis.
The smells of childhood can bring back many memories. These can be good or bad. Smells also have a connection to our relationship with God. This can and should be good. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
We learn about law and gospel this week as a prelude to justification by faithBy Dave Kamphuis.
Did you ever think about how you were treated and disciplined by your parents? Then consider also how you were treated by them because of a physical disability. Did you realize this very well may reflect how you think about God? Today’s episode not only touches on this but also how God actually wants to relate to you.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018…
We deal with Lutheranism in places like Sweden and Denmark.By Dave Kamphuis.
Compassion is a human emotion felt when a person experiences another suffering. In today’s episode we hear how it can be more than an emotion and more than a response to other’s in suffering.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
Luther and Lutherans go through Luther's death and the religious peace of AugsburgBy Dave Kamphuis.
July is filled with firework displays. The shapes, unique designs, along with their many colors are a beautiful sight against a black backdrop of a night sky. But what if you are blind; what then? Listen to find out what, this blind guy sees. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
We get Luther from diet of Worms to the Augsburg ConfessionBy Dave Kamphuis.
We take a break from our narrative to go over one of Luther's well known works. Go to if you want to read the whole work.By Dave Kamphuis.
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