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Triple M’s Rush Hour with James Brayshaw and Billy Brownless will get you home from 3-5pm Monday to Friday. They’ve got Melbourne stitched up, with the biggest names in town joining them in the studio every day. Plus your favourite segments like Billy’s Bake, what have you seen…unusual, the Idiot File & Billy’s Joke. If it bounces, rolls or scores in Melbourne, then these two characters will have it covered in ways only they can. Listen 3-5 weekdays on 105.1 Triple M Melbourne, 6pm Mon-Thurs ...
Two twenty somethings sit down and analyze the TGIF sitcom Boy Meets World. Each week we analyze an episode for the valuable lessons that young Cory and viewers were supposed to learn, how those lessons hold up today, and the weekly MVP. Support this podcast:
Who invented pants? How did ‘pink for girls’ and ‘blue for boys’ happen? What do dogs say when they bark? ELT is here to answer your burning questions. If you have a question that needs answering, call the ELT Help Line at 833-RING-ELT or send an audio message to Every Little Thing is produced by Gimlet Media and hosted by Flora Lichtman.
We’re a group of friends and fellow playwrights who enjoy watching all kinds of movies, staying up late on the weekends, and drinking whiskey (well, most of us, anyway). On this podcast, we explore the midnight movie scene as it now stands in New York City and enjoy a tasty beverage while doing so. Cult classics, forgotten gems, and obscure oddities. Everything’s fair game on “Whiskey Flicks.”
Jen & Joy welcome you to Invigorate Radio, where they stick good stuff in your head!Follow us on all the things to get notified when we do our weekly Livestreams!Twitter @invigorateradio , on Instagram @invigorateradiojoy & @invigorateradiojen ! YouTube: : FaceBook
The Lawn Greetings Business Podcast will provide you with the guidance to manage and operating your own lawn greetings business, including tips on marketing, sales, and interactions with customers. Owning and operating your very own lawn greetings business is the ideal way to supplement your income, with a minimum overhead and setting the hours that you wish. Join host Anthony Arno as he talks with people in the lawn greetings business as they discuss what works for them and what has not worked.
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1) Billy's big weekend 2) Ben Stratton's goal 3) Billy's Sports Wrap for Seadoo 4) Damian Barrett's news wrap 5) Damo's positives 6) Damo's negatives 7) Billy's Joke See for privacy information.By Triple M
1) Jack Watts retires 2) footy news 3) Billy is obsessed with the Bachelor 4) NBA news 5) Fox Footy's Sarah Jones 6) 3-time Premiership champ Josh Gibson 7) The Rush Hour Dump - thanks to Hino 8) Billy's Joke See for privacy information.By Triple M
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death on Friday immediately kickstarted a battle among conservative pundits and politicians over the prudence of pushing through a Supreme Court nominee before November 3. The first problem is that mail-in voting is already under way, meaning Republicans would technically be advancing a nominee during an election. Repu…
1) All-Australian Squad announced 2) AFL Awards 3) Billy's Weird World News 4) Australian Cricket Team Coach Justin Langer 5) Hump Day Quiz 6) Billy's Joke See for privacy information.By Triple M
1) Billy's dentist appointment 2) JB strafes set-shot kicking 3) footy news 4) Finals Fixture is out! 5) West Coast's Oscar Allen 6) AAMI Clangers 7) Billy's Joke See for privacy information.By Triple M
A great episode that hits a little too close to home. Skylar and Meghan talk about finding jobs and/or work you enjoy, and they also discuss the incredible partner and wife that is Amy (who is the unanimous MVP). We're preparing for the return of Virna next episode, so thanks for listening, and we're excited for next time! Check us out on the socia…
1) Angus Brayshaw 2) Idiot Song 3) Tom Rockliff 4) The top 10 (or 11) Aussie celebrities you can't dislike 5) Hayden Crozier 6) The Hump Day Quiz 7) Billy's Joke See for privacy information.By Triple M
“People ask me this all the time, ‘Why the hell did you stay?’ ” explains Miles Taylor, the former chief of staff for the Department of Homeland Security under the Trump administration and founder of the Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform (REPAIR). “And my response is: If you saw what was happening, why the hell wouldn’t you sta…
1) Massive fines for Melburnians trying to get to Regional areas 2) Billy's Sports Wrap is all over the place 3) Tom Rockliff spends 9 minutes potting Billy 4) footy tips 5) Beyond Blue 6) Billy's Joke See for privacy information.By Triple M
On Tuesday, Israel signed two historic peace agreements with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates in a major step toward greater diplomacy in the Middle East. Though the Trump administration played a crucial role in brokering both peace deals—with the signing ceremonies themselves taking place in the White House—media coverage of the deals has been…
1) Billy's Sports wrap 2) Angus Brayshaw 3) JB has a family quiz for Angus 4) The Hump Day Quiz 5) Billy's Joke See for privacy information.By Triple M
1) Regional restrictions to be eased 2) Tom Bellchambers and Kade Simpson retire 3) Western Bulldogs' Hayden Crozier 4) Billy's Idiot Song - Powderfinger Sunsets 5) AAMI Clangers 6) Billy's Joke See for privacy information.By Triple M
We all go through an awkward, gawky phase, or at least we did in the 90s. Skylar and Meghan talk about the journey of self-acceptance, the importance of moderation, and feeling good from the inside out and outside in. The episodes just keep getting deeper and deeper as we make our way into Season 4, so thanks so much for listening and sticking with…
1) Regional restrictions could be lifted this week 2) Billy's Sports Wrap 3) Damian Barrett's big news stories out of Round 17 4) Damo's positives 5) Damo's negatives 6) Billy's Joke See for privacy information.By Triple M
1) Adelaide's Rory Sloane 2) golfing blowups 3) Brisbane's Jarryd Lyons 4) The Hump Day Quiz 5) St Kilda's Josh Battle 6) remembering David Hookes 7) Billy's Joke See for privacy information.By Triple M
It’s the 19th anniversary of September 11, 2001, one of the most harrowing historical events in living memory. Today, our podcast hosts reflect on their personal memories of the day as a launching point into a discussion about the United States’ current understanding of al-Qaeda nearly two decades later. In reality, we don’t talk about al-Qaeda muc…
1) Lockdown may be eased in regional Victoria and Billy is pumped! 2) Footy news 3) sports news 4) Sam Groth previews the US Open Semi-Finals 5) Brisbane's Jarryd Lyons 6) Billy's Joke See for privacy information.By Triple M
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