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If you could sit down with St. Thomas Aquinas over a pint of beer and ask him any one question, what would it be? Every episode of Pints With Aquinas revolves around a question, a question that St. Thomas addresses in his most famous work, The Summa Theologica. So get your geek on, pull up a bar stool, and grab a cold one. Here we go!
Vancouver Craft Beer Blogger
Four Pints Later
Talking Football and Sinking Pints
Experience Pints is a podcast geared towards adult gamers. We drink beer, we get loud and sometimes we get offensive - but you like offensive right? Yeah, you like offensive.
A fun beer podcast from the nation's best craft beer news, review and event info site. Whether it be shop talk or an interview with an important member of the beer industry, you will enjoy this show.
Pints and Puzzles
Exploring history’s mysterious, unexplained, and strange cases. Craft beer tips and tastes added along the way.
The global watch industry produces an estimated 1.2 billion units a year. With around, 7.5 billion people on the planet, that means that over a 6 and a half year period, enough are made for every one of us to go out and buy a brand new watch of our own.In reality, that’s not what happens.For starters, just because all these watches are being churned out, doesn't mean that anyone is actually buying them.Lots of people can’t understand why you would spend money on a wrist watch.After all, with ...
Combining their love of history and alcohol, James Webster and Tom Woolmore put the world to rights over a nice cold pint. The Pint and Parchment is their pub and it's no holds barred. Apart from knobheads, knobheads are barred.
Padres and Pints: The Podcast! chats about all things San Diego, with a focus on Padres baseball and our fine craft beer community. Hosted by @RJsFro & @SacBuntChris with (hopefully) a different special guest every week.
Pints and Policy
The Bipartisan Policy Center takes a laid-back look at “the week that was” in policy news. Host Jordan LaPier has a beer with BPC experts and helps you get smart on a key issue for the week ahead.
Heroes By The Pint
nerd talk craft beer
Beer-lovin’ chicks, barely passing as adults, talking about booze, life, pop culture, sex and whatever else spills out.
Marty w/ Total Auto Solutions here to discuss the journey of life, the art of detailing & enjoying a good pint of beer. In each full episode, we are going to have on a guest that chooses their favorite beer to sip on while we discuss Auto Detailing Tips and Trends in our industry.
A podcast focusing on beer and bourbon, food and cooking, and all indulgences.
Four Pints In
This is what happens when three software and business guys go to the pub, talk tech and record it.
There's something about a cold draught or fuzzy navel that brings out the preacher in all of us. Whether it's sports, religion, politics, or pop culture engaging in meaningful dialogue around a pub table or bellied up alongside the bar is something everyone enjoys. Stay in your snuggy, pop in your earbuds, or turn up the volume in your car and join us as we discuss a variety of cultural issues and topics. We are two Christian pastors and Tom - tales sumus quales sumus (we are what we are) so ...
Two Pint PLC
Teaching is a personal profession. We shine brightest when we work together in a safe environment for the betterment of our students. Two Pint PLC is a podcast that invites you to join two educators who discuss the big issues in education in a personal and casual conversation. Two Pint PLC combines the research base, current events and personal experiences to provide a context for each listener’s own professional development.
Let's grab a drink and hang out!
In Pint-Sized Philosophy, Ed & Rob apply a philosophical eye to a range of contemporary issues.
Pint O' Comics
A couple of real adults discussing their shared passion for the stock market, fine cuisine and opera. Not really. We will talk about comics, film, TV shows and any other damn piece of geekery we want to. Listen in!
Experience Pints is a nerd-cast with a focus on something that binds most of us together even tighter than our nerd-ventures - beer - and lots of it.
Sports Talk show covering all things Maryland Sports as well as international sports. Come and Join us as we kick back and enjoy a pint of beer as we talk sports with you all starting Tuesday March 7th.
Pint Notes
Every two weeks, Becca and Josh get together in a seedy basement bar to sample and review a beer.
Talking Pints
Shakespeare said that all the world was a stage, and all the men and women merely players, but Shakespeare was a lazy swine who couldn't even be bothered to write his own plays. The world is not a stage but a bar, and each of us gathered there for a pint and a chat until the indomitable bouncer shows us the door. Sherbrooke Liquor's Talking Pints exists to document the events of that bar, or at least those that take place around Edmonton-- the conversations, characters, and beverages that ma ...
Each week we bring together a craft beer connoisseur and a purveyor of politics to find a new craft brew to taste and new stories to tell.
Pawn and Pint is Kansas City's First Board Game Pub! We have a library of over 1,000 board games and are happy to teach you any of them. We have a fully operational bar and food provided by the Homesteader Cafe! Looking forward to seeing you and playing games! Come visit us at 613 Walnut Street, KCMO
We like to talk about beer
Nearly Two Pints
Being students, we've had quite enough of being bored. So, rather than just moan to each other how bored we were, we recorded ourselves talking. We chat about whatever holds our attention long enough and feature a few songs each episode; trying to provide an entertaining hour or so for you to listen to.
Two guys that like to talk about beer and how tough it is to be real men who like beer.
Me, Noah, and my good friend Zac come together to discuss taboo topics such as recreational drug use, becoming alcoholics, and our raw uncut thoughts.
Pint of Politics
"Sorry there - could I get a Pint of Politics and a pack of bacon fries? Cheers"Jordan & Evan bring you your weekly round up of politics and current affairs in Ireland. Our goal is to create and develop conversation and engagement amongst our generation in area affecting their lives and their futures. All feedback and bar snacks welcome.
Pint-Sized Stories is a podcast where Justin Salinas has a guest over to the apartment and has them share their favorite true personal story over a pint of homebrew or craft beer! After the story we'll chat about various things such as how the story impacted the guest.Check back every Tuesday at 6pm PST for a new episode!
Homebrew.. Pinball.. Stuff
Poly And A Pint
Poly And A Pint, started as podcast recorded live from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by comedian Mindy Raf during the run of solo comedy show NOT THE ONE: a love story (formally titled Keeping My Kidneys). In these first 10 episodes, Mindy chats with fellow artists and fringe performers about monogamy, relationships, sex, jealousy, and life at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. New POLY & A PINT episodes recorded in NYC will be out January 2018.
Daily News Publisher Michael Messerly speaks with local community leaders while enjoying pints of adult beverages!
A roundtable review and discussion of recommended media from the Des Plaines Public Library.
Welcome to the pints with pastor Evan podcast! The podcast where pastor Evan talks about issues for few minutes so that you can enjoy a delicious pint of whatever you prefer. So sit down, get comfortable, and let's talk for a few minutes.
Pints and Prose
Welcome to Pints and Prose! We're three friends that talk about writing, literature, publishing, zines and decided to record it. We write for Uten Ord, a print LitZine, and argue about technique and artistic integrity when not pulling our hair out over unfinished stories.If you like what we're talking about, have any questions for us or recommended pints, email us at
Each month we sit down and talk beer with people on the front lines of the Ohio craft beer scene.
I code to this music!
Two fellas discussing current events over a pint. When the beer is finished, the conversation ends.
Two Pints In
Two Mates, Two Mics, Four Beers.
Pint O' Football
A football podcast for all of you football fans out there! Something new and fresh for you football fans all around the world.
Pints In The Paint
A Refreshing Taste of Sports and Culture
A podcast dedicated to making genuine connections with people of all walks of life, over a beer.
Get to the Pint
Ryan and Chris crack open a beer and get to the pint about anything and everything with guests, or sometimes without.
Between the Pints
A podcast about the business of craft beer.
Two Guys One Pint
Podcast by Two Guys One Pint
Fights & Pints
“Fights& Pints” with Alex Padilla and AJ Saucedo is a podcast for fans of MMA and Boxing.
Pints & Mics
Pints & Mics is a Podcast by Philippe Lazaro & Chris Ward. Conversations between Philippe and Chris can go deep and personal or completely ridiculous and lighthearted, and they can also oscillate between the two at the drop of a hat. So can their Podcast. Chris and Philippe discuss everything from the newlywed life, to career paths, to matters of social justice, and anything in between or beyond. In short, it’s the sort of conversation you might enjoy with a great friend over a good beer.
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Special guest and old friend Mike Fullam comes on to chat about a brand new podcast he and his best friend Jon started. Besides discussing J&M:Something Nothing Show, we get into Mike's Nintendo obsession, Sir Jon tells us about The Five Points Festival in Brooklyn, we review a few recent films including Solo and even get into podcast editing a ...…
The Pints are joined by Amy, who just so happens to be related to the owner of this month's sponsor, The Bull & Bush Pub. We learn the origin story of the pub, discuss the benefits (or lack thereof) of watermelon, learn a handy road trick, and so much more.
This week, we speak with friend of the show and host of RocknRoll Beer Guy Podcast Eddy Torres about his career as a Road Warrior in the beer industry. Eddy has been a craft beer sales rep for Brown Distribution, Modern Times and more. Items of discussion include: - How he became a beer sales rep. - Early years of craft beer in Florida. - Joini ...…
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WE'RE BACK BABIES. Stephen Mitchell from Beggars Being Choosers and Charlie Bowie from Poking the Bear join our very own Jacki for another bonus episode, which got pretty crazy, cause we talked about things like baby back bitches, transformative art, RoseArt makeup, big nose babies and more.
This week we talk about: Thriva Red's Thriva adventure before Red's Thriva adventure After (blood warning) French Paradox Track SSL Quids Alexa listening in Adobe buys Magento WWDC Thanks to our sponsor! Thanks to Absolute Music for providing us with some new audio kit! Say hello! @nickj89 @reddavis @bobbyshaw…
This week Tom and James discuss some of the most daring con men in history. We have tackled some big issues over the past couple of weeks, so this is a little more light-hearted. You won't believe some of the stuff they pulled off!
De kop is eraf! We hebben de openingsceremonie, de openingswedstrijd en de openingspodcast gehad! Samen met de leden van UBT en minister Kenny van het Ministerie van Sport bespreken we de gebeurtenissen op het WK en geven we onze voorspellingen voor het toernooi! Hier en daar hebben we een meningsverschil maar over 1 ding zijn we het volledig e ...…
Pour Bros. Taproom is a one-of-a-kind craft beer experience located in Peoria Heights, IL. We learn from Nate and Jason how this unique craft beer bar got started and where it's heading next. It was the first in the state of Illinois to bring craft beer enthusiasts a pour-your-own tap wall allowing drinkers to sample from their exceptionally di ...…
In a very special episode of Padres and Pints: The Podcast! Rick and Chris are joined by an old friend. They discuss just what in holy hell that old friend has been up to that could be better than podcasting with Rick and Chris. They talk about being a Padres fan away from San Diego, Trevor Hoffman's HOF induction, and more.…
Every detailer has struggles and roadblocks. What motivates you to keep pressing through and overcoming the odds time and time again? Have you ever taken a step back to look at your business and find out what is keeping your from getting the that next level of success? What inspires you? This podcast is jam packed with lots of good stories and ...…
Welcome to Episode 43 of the Time 4A Pint Podcast - it has been an incredibly long time since we last had a chat - so today I’m going to bring you up to speed with all things Time 4A Pint - including how you can buy me a beer!A short (watch free!) show, but fear not regularly scheduled content returns next week!Head to ...…
Episode 50: On the Warpath! by Pint Glass Preachers
In out first Swift Half we make our World Cup predictions.Who will win, who will be the surprise package and are there any hidden gems we should keep an eye on?We'll be bringing you quick episodes throughout the tournament so subscribe to keep up to date!@fourpintslaterfourpintslater[@]…
This weeks the Pints finally did it. They had a girly drink: Champagne ... or, at least, it's Spanish cousin, Cava. Champagne Jesus himself, AKA Ross McCoy, shared in the bubbles at Bull and Bush Pub, while discussing some pretty silly stuff, like: Tracking your kids Grandma food Fortnight Greenwood Cemetery Grey penises Fancy Radissons AND MORE…
Larry Dwyer and his magical bag of popcorn return to the show. We discuss a ton of stuff, such as Larry's own version of Sophie's Choice...Remain in the up and coming hardcore band Hatebreed or continue to make hot muffins in an industrial cafeteria. Also find out just how he made an awesome exit from Catholic school and so much more. Meanwhile ...…
This week we are change it up a bit and chat with the President of the California Homebrewers Association, Andy Carter. We run down a list of topics one would want to know about home brewing. - Getting the itch to home brew. - Starting off - What kind of equipment to buy - Mastering a few batches - Using clone recipies - Creating your own recip ...…
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Standards-based grades are an exciting option for making grades more meaningful. We look at some recent writings on how to avoid some of the most common mistakes in our gradebooks, and then consider how standards-based grades can support some of the best practices.Later, we read some additional work suggested by one of our past authors. Her new ...…
Killer Episode with Ben Kadan from @GreenCleenFL and DJ Patterson @djpatterson where we dive into effects that Detailers have on our Environment. Ben has a great set up and has put together solar panels on his van and runs the “greenest” detailing business I’ve seen. We enjoyed a great beer so grab one for you and enjoy!!…
I listened to a great podcast from Jimbo with The Auto Detailing Podcast on when to Start An Auto Detailing Business. I really loved everything he had to say and so go check out his podcast and the Detailing Inner Circle. In this episode of Pints and Polishing Podcast, I don’t get to have a beer but hey there’s some great info here on when to g ...…
DRINK-N-DRAW SEVENTH SON BREWINGGet ready to party as the Glassy-Eyed geeks come at you from their post comic con Drink-N-Draw event hosted at SEVENTH SON BREWING. The list of incredible artist is to long to name. but we truly love & appreciate each and everyone of them. If you would like to support this show please head over to HEROES BY THE P ...…
Brewers Nick Babcock and PJ Hoehne of Bearded Owl Brewing sit down with us to talk about their evolution from homebrewing to running a successful craft brewery in the eager market of Peoria. They aren’t shy to try new styles and push the envelope to get craft beer drinkers in central Illinois excited for what’s next. Nick and PJ are looking to ...…
Brekende stemmen, want we nemen afscheid (TIJDELIJK!!! groetjes Thibault) van Thibault. De hosts houden zich echter sterk en berichten onder meer over Apple’s WWDC, de NHL & NBA finale, het nieuwe bedrijfsbeleid van Steam dat meteen voor problemen zorgt en meer! Dit is trouwens een interactieve episode, want op het einde is er een applausvervan ...…
This is what I crave....onsite at Warrensburg Professional Auto Detailing training their crew on Paint Correction. Unfortunately no beer on this episode but hopefully we have some to crack open after this Mustang gets finished down!!
A growing body of research shows that housing insecurity helps drive poorer health outcomes. BPC’s Jake Varn and Andy Winkler discuss a new report that recommends ways federal agencies can better coordinate to bridge the gap between health policy and housing policy. This podcast can also be found on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Google Play.…
In honour of Pride Month, James and Tom discuss some historical LGBT figures! Every single one of them deserve a pint on us.
Sir Jon takes a night off and The Manster signal gets lit by Ganache. Whenever that happens music is bound to come up, and on this episode we discuss our Top 12 lists of cover songs that are better than the originals. Listen as Ganache sings(badly)and makes musical sounds with his mouth. Hear as Lloyd bestows upon the listener his vast music kn ...…
Coming at you live (enough) from the Bull and Bush Pub in Orlando, Florida, it's Pretty Little Pints with special guests Sadi and a pint of Guinness! If this episode is any indication, y'all are in for an incredible month. Here's what we talked about today: Is Pinocchio sentient? Washing below the knee Walking into someone else's dew (doo?) The ...…
We are back from our Jet Ski Party with JC Hill over at Alvarado Street Brewery in Monterey, CA. We talk about many current topics including: - Introduction to Alvarado Street Brewery - Approach to brand identity and beer identity - Lager's current role in beer - Designing cool cans - Managing collaborations - The old guard vs. new guard in Nor ...…
Yo, yo! What an episode! You're gonna love it. Learn more at and please support the show at :) :) :) Cheers!
This Sunday chatt with Mason dives deep into what is an IPA, what’s an IBU, what makes a beer an IPA and how do u get fruit flavors in an hoppy IPA? These are fun to do because we start to really learn about what’s in the beer we like to drink. Thanks Mason for taking the time and thank you Growler USA in Jenks for having us.…
In this episode James and Tom try to tackle the most controversial of topics - the freedom of speech. The lads first look at the history of our fundamental human right to say what we feel, and then discuss why it still remains so contentious today.
Bij het einde van de opnamesessie is het 2u30 ‘s nachts en dat heeft alles te maken met de slapeloze nachten van de hosts. Vandaag wordt namelijk de Pod en Pint WK-selectie bekendgemaakt, wie krijgt een felbegeerde plaats om over het WK te leuteren? Nieuws, voorbeschouwingen, interviews met onszelf en nog veel meer in episode 69 (hihi) van Tuss ...…
It's great to have everyone together again...Evan, Ryan, and Mark talk to Dan while sampling and reviewing Flagler Village Brewery's Barrel Aged S'Mores Stout and More Brewing's Henna Batch #2 Cinnamon Babka. Dan and Mark catch up with Ryan and Evan's time at Dark Lord Day and Ryan decides to suprise us with a blind taste test beer. Cheers from ...…
We move up the California Coast this week with our guest Jack Dyer, owner/co-founder of Topa Topa Brewing in Ventura, CA. Topa Topa is finding great success just turning 3 years old. Items of discussion include: - South Jersey / Philadelphia roots - Introduction to Topa Topa Brewing - Ventura / Oxnard beer scene. - Tasting room demographics in ...…
Marty, Ian and DJ get real in regards to difficult times in business, failures and alternative career paths IF they weren’t in he industry they’re in. Shout out to Cabin Boys for the 5 star rated beer!
It's the end of another season!We look back at our pre-season predictions to see what we called correctly and what we got completely wrong. We'll also hand our our end of season awards including Goal of the Season, biggest headsgone and the famous 'twat of the year'
The Pints, joined by Big Tim Murphy of Poking the Bear, say goodbye to The Geek Easy while enjoying Moon Bear from Clown Shoes Brewing. Seems fitting for Tim, right? We talked about a lot of stuff while we drank, including: Dirty dirt Aldi Military ghosts Pills Leprechauns AND MORE
From the wayback machine circa 2017 and the deep archives of WESU Middletown! Prolific author Keith R.A. DeCandido phones in to The Pint for an hour long pop culture bonanza. Keith has written original novels as well as being the most prolific writer of novelized tie in series. What is a tie in? What properties has he written for? What original ...…
This week we talk about a puking chihuahua, Tom's new side project and Facebook. - Facebook News - Warm - Togethera Thanks to our sponsor! Thanks to Absolute Music for providing us with some new audio kit! Say hello! @nickj89 @reddavis @bobbyshaw
James and Tom had to record this episode at 7am! So for this episode the lads swap pints for an inordinate amount of caffeine! In honour of the royal wedding, the gents discuss some of the weirdest wedding traditions throughout history.
Deze week zagen we een ongeziene kant van het internet: woede! We wisten niet dat het internet ook boos kan worden, maar dat gebeurde deze week omwille van verschillende redenen. Enerzijds de WK-selectie van Martinez, maar anderzijds ook door Battlefield V en zelfs Morgan Freeman is een van de redenen. Wij als stem van het volk brengen alle fei ...…
Host Jordan LaPier talks with senior policy analyst Tim Swope about the scope of the nation’s opioid crisis, how it’s affecting people and communities, and what Congress and the Trump administration are doing to solve it. This podcast can also be found on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Google Play.
Despite the stigma dealerships have, there are some super talent detailers within some dealerships. New Glarus Spotted Cow was a great beer and came highly recommended by Vue since it was a very special past memory of his. You’d think he’d rate a 5, right? Nope! Tune in as DJ voices his opinions of dealerships while Vue explains the difficultie ...…
Jon and John back at it again! The fate of television shows you may love or hate, board games based on comic properties coming out soon, DC raises it's pricing and more! We have an opinion on it all, and that's a fact. How does The Doom Patrol come AFTER Titans? How did a certain blonde bombshell keep her nightie clean in the swamp? No real ans ...…
On this episode of Pretty Little Pints, editor Mickey sits in the co-host chair to enjoy a CIDER from B. Nektar with Orlando Dominatrix Mistress Belladiva. Lots of movie talk ensued, like: The Coen Brothers Eurotrip Exit to Eden Halloween 5 and, of course, porn.
Evan and Ryan take you through 3 Floyds Brewing Co.'s Dark Lord Day 2018. First, along with their friends, they share some amazing beers on the eve of the festival with the highlight being Modern Times' Monster Tones. They also talk about Prairie Artisan Ales' Prairie Dawgs program and sample some their members beers. Then it's off to the festi ...…
Evan and Jordan sit down to discuss the biggest news and affairs since the last podcast. The comeback episode features lengthy debate and discussion on the upcoming 8th amendment, the smear test scandal which rocked the country, and much much more.....
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