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Dog In The Yard

Dog In The Yard

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Pistol Pete aka "King of Rikers Island" interviews real life prisoners and celebs that have done hard time and shares his personal experiences along with his guests amazing stories of how they survived and persevered. This should inspire Americas youth to avoid the same trappings and mistakes and understand that nothing is worth doing the time. Take the hard road not the easy one. Prison is full of hardship and pain. Know that.
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Omar went to prison with his brother as his codefendant . They went in for drugs and after almost 30 years he was freed but his brother had to stay. He was raised by a single mother, he was into martial arts he became known as the prison block lawyer as he self taught himself. To this day Omar still gets contacted by inmates looking for legal advic…
These two legends finish their walk around the yard and break down some real insights form NORE that he has never shared before. NORE talks about his love for Big Pun and his relationship and admiration for Terror Squad and covers how Drink Champs came about and how it originally failed on Sirius XM and Jay Z calls him up about the podcast.…
Phil is joined by author, MMA historian and Hybrid Shoot publisher Jon Snowden to talk about Matsakatsu Funaki vs. Testuo Nakano from UWF Reborn 7/24/89. We talk about publishing a book, the history of shoot-style wrestling and MMA, how much of MMA is fixed and why Funaki tried to shoot on Bob Backlund Buy the Book!…
Phil talks with punk rock legend Lars Frederiksen from Rancid about Ric Flair vs. Ricky Morton from The Great American Bash on July 5th 1986. We talk about NWA wrestling, what made Flair and Morton special, how pro-wrestling and making a set list are similar and Lars's history in punk and as a wrestling fan. Book is available at…
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