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Podzilla 1985
The guys and gals of Podzilla 1985 cover all things pop culture - from video games to politics, religion to wrestling, and everything in between.
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We continue the horror themed shows this week with a long discussion about Predator 2 (and who's actually seen it), movie monsters, scary aliens, and we set up the brackets for Podzilla 1985's epic monster battle - we pick 16 of cinema's most terrifying monsters and you vote on who the best is!By Podzilla 1985.
The first week of AEW vs. NXT leads to a powerful ratings winner, and tonight we discuss the long term fight between the two hottest shows in wrestling. We also cover the latest news of the week, and yes, we also tear WWE apart for the ending to Hell in a Cell. PLUS - we're thinking of changing our pWu format around and we want your input!…
Tanner is in the studio tonight to talk about horror remakes, what we were irrationally afraid of when we younger, just how headache inducing the Terminator plot is, and all of the "high class" humor you've come to expect.By Podzilla 1985.
This week the guys are talking about Birds of Prey, Rick and Morty, Joker, bunch of comic news out of New York Comic Con, Red Dead Redemption 2, Pokemon, and more!By Podzilla 1985.
It's back! After Dark has been transformed by the fear in the air into Terrifying Tanner Thursday! And tonight we give our faithful listeners another list of movies to watch...and movies to AVOID...this Halloween!By Podzilla 1985.
Is CM Punk coming back to WWE? Is John Morrison? Is WWE 2K20 wrestling's most outdated game already? Why is Rusev being cuckolded? We cover all this and more tonight on pWu, PLUS we talk about the weekend's amazing Best of the Best IV event from CCW!By Podzilla 1985.
This week the guys are talking about Stranger Things, Disney and Sony coming to an agreement, The King's Man, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and more!By Podzilla 1985.
Yes, we talk about IT tonight and we feel like we have to. But it's not just all about Trump and the Ukraine scandal, we also award our MF'er of the week (Nerd Up inspired), share a story about a good act that turned very sour, and preview next month's spooky spectacular!By Podzilla 1985.
CCW owner Jason Wells joins the show tonight to review this weekend's big Best of the Best IV show! Plus - AEW premiers next week in one of the biggest weeks in wrestling history, Seth Rollins is turned into a whimpering pile of mush on RAW, IMPACT news, and much more!By Podzilla 1985.
On this episode the guys are talking about The Righteous Gemstones, Disenchantment, and of course Borderlands!!By Podzilla 1985.
This week on Nerd Up the guys are talking about Disney+, The Boondocks, Jeffrey Wright, new Batman creative team, The Dawn of X-Men, WB Montreal, Google Play PassBy Podzilla 1985.
THE RESULTS ARE IN! Who is the better Blink 182 singer - Tom Delonge or Mark Hoppus? Tonight we reveal the answers and settle the debate! We also cover a LOT of MF'ers, and have you heard about our lord and savior Sirfetch'd?By Podzilla 1985.
Tonight on pWu we talk about the Big Cass incident's silver lining, a great way to help out with WWE games, AXS TV/Impact news, the King of the Ring, and much more! Plus - the Impact/RAW/Smackdown recap, and a SHOCKING amount of hate for Dalton.By Podzilla 1985.
Mr. 100 & the Five Star Man are back to talk about the SNL/Shane Gillis controversy, rage about the film The Dead Don't Die, and preview next month's spooky theme!By Podzilla 1985.
This week on Nerd Up the guys are talking about Taika Waititi, a huge Marvel Comics news dump, and BORDERLANDS 3!!!By Podzilla 1985.
Tonight we talk about It. WHAT IS IT? We give our spoilerific thoughts on It: Chapter 2 (with plenty of warning), the toy hall of fame, the MF'er(s) of the week, and some of our favorite Stephen King stories!By Podzilla 1985.
Tonight on pWu we have a spirited discussion about receipts in wrestling, and talk about the week's hottest news, including - Anthem buying AXS TV, the future of 205 Live, Ric Flair going after WWE, a possible injury for Elias, and much more! Also - the RAW/Smackdown/Impact recap, and a small preview for Clash of Champions!…
Tonight we open the case files on a Japanese clerk with a super human memory, a haunted AirBnB that we may be renting, a real life Killer Klowns scenario, hallucinations, continued problems in the government regarding UFO reports, and in our main topic tonight...God. Buckle in kids, it's going to get rough.…
This week the guys are talking about It Chapter 2 (spoiler free), new Paul Dini and Tom Taylor info, the Nintendo Direct, and more!By Podzilla 1985.
Yes, we know it's Friday. But it's Thursday somewhere, right? In this very special half hour episode, Tanner Calvert goes one on one with comedian Kevin Farley before Kevin's big shows this weekend at the Laughing Gas comedy club in Cape Girardeau!By Podzilla 1985.
Our old friend Cody joins the show tonight for an hour of laughter and worship! On tonight's episode - Trump done goofed, prayers go unanswered, Kevin Sorbo is hard up for work, the MF'er of the week, and our dream/nightmare castings for future superhero movies! And hey kids...remember DJ Qualls?By Podzilla 1985.
pWu has a severe lack of star tonight as Asa is out of town, but the other members of the show do manage to discuss Jericho's title woes, sad news for legend Dean Malenko, WWE 2K20 showcase details, an update on the Killer Kross/Impact situation, and much more! Plus - the RAW/Smackdown recap, and we cover NXT UK and All Out!…
Dalton joins Jesse, Asa, and Trevor on the Hype Train this week to talk about adventures in St Louis, Wu Assassins, crazy good and weirdly hard to find Marvel comics and more!By Podzilla 1985.
Just throwing up a quick apology episode this morning for no new content tonight. That's pretty much the gist of it. Also it's morning so if you've missed my morning voice since we moved to Monday nights, this one's for all three of you!By Podzilla 1985.
Who does Fox News work for? You might be surprised by the answer because it sounds like they were! Plus - Trum (of course), the MF'er(s) of the week, and we talk about our return to the CLASSIC World of Warcraft.By Podzilla 1985.
Justin "The Juice" Smart sits in for half the show tonight as we await Queen Ally's grand arrival! We also talk about Jon Moxley's unfortunate injury, Seth & Becky's engagement, stem cell research, and much more! Plus - the RAW/Smackdown/Impact recap, a small preview for All Out, and we go over last weekend's CCW Homecoming IV!…
On tonight's show we absolutely do not interview former Yellow Ranger Karan Ashley. But we do talk a little bit more about d23, Marvel single player games, and those douches in charge of Ion Fury.By Podzilla 1985.
This week on Nerd Up the guys are talking about Bill and Ted, all the news out of D23, Captain Marvel, Mortal Kombat 11 and more!By Podzilla 1985.
Classic show revivals are in style! Invader Zim, Rocko, and even those chumps from Full House have risen from the grave. Tonight we talk about shows from our youths that WE want to see come back! Plus...there's probably a lot about Trump in there. Sorry, Ken!By Podzilla 1985.
NXT is moving to the USA Network, and we're all excited/terrified! Tonight we talk about that, plus AEW news, a possible return for Sheamus and Edge, Stephen Amell's new wrestling show, GLOW, and more! We also recap RAW/Smackdown/Impact, and cover this weekend's CCW show!By Podzilla 1985.
Tonight we explore the continued downward spiral of GameStop and today's layoff announcement, Apex Legends devs getting a little TOO heated with their player base, and the blockbuster announcement that Spiderman is OUT of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!By Podzilla 1985.
This week the crew is talking about Ewan McGregor, all the new comics coming in November, plus Gamescom news!By Podzilla 1985.
On tonight's show - we celebrate a pair of anniversaries, rank the attractiveness of Friends, award our MF'er of the week, and countdown 30 of the best (and worst) 90's sitcoms!By Podzilla 1985.
Tonight on pWu - the Bullet Club has a new member (with a shocking return), another surgery for Paige, exciting new members to the Performance Center, and we answer - how awesome is Bray Wyatt? All this plus the Summerslam/NXT/RAW/Smackdown/Impact recap!By Podzilla 1985.
Tonight on IWTB we tackle something truly terrifying - reality. We discuss the controversy (and conspiracies) surrounding the alleged suicide of Jeff Epstein, dark matter, an unnerving case of stalking, and we give our review for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. We also discuss the R rating in horror films and if it's truly necessary to be scary.…
This week on Nerd Up the guys are talking about Disney+, Coming to America, Google Stadia, Destiny 2, and more!By Podzilla 1985.
It's a wild night of emotions After Dark, as the gang tackles the most recent mass shootings, God's responsibility, gun control (again, FFS), and....our favorite Disney songs. Yep.By Podzilla 1985.
The gang is back together tonight on all new pWu! Tonight we honor the legacy of Harley Race, talk wrestling video game news, and more! Plus - the weekly recap, and we preview NXT Takeover/Summerslam!By Podzilla 1985.
This week the crew is talking about Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's new TV series, a bunch of news out of the CW DC shows, CoD Modern Warfare, news out of EVO and more!By Podzilla 1985.
Tonight's (mostly) censored episode of PZ85AD welcomes back Double H and Tanner to talk about why WHOEVER WANTS TO GO TO DISNEY WORLD SHOULD, GameStop's recent employee purge, and we count down the animated movies that we've seen. And, have you met our friend Mr. Black?By Podzilla 1985.
Mr. 100 & Ally are in the studio tonight to celebrate their friend Marko Stunt's signing with All Elite Wrestling, and to talk about the hottest news of the week including Jimmy Uso's arrest, the Big Show's new Big Show Show, Tenille Dashwood in IMPACT, and much more! Plus - we SORT of recap RAW and CCW!…
Tonight the guys are talking about Asa's adventures in Marvel Unlimited, Trevor finally beating Borderlands 2, Fire Emblem Three Houses, plus a bonus story or two about Jesse and Trevor's adventures in Russia.By Podzilla 1985.
This week on Nerd Up the crew is talking about Zombieland 2, Jay and Silent Bob, Harley Quinn, Fire Emblem, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and more!By Podzilla 1985.
It's a happy go lucky episode of 85AD made out of pure joy and sunshine with absolutely no anger about Donald Trump, sending her back, horrific corpse filled nightmares, stupid online people being stupid AF, or trying to mess with what Halloween is! Sit back and enjoy the smiles!By Podzilla 1985.
Tonight on pWu - AEW has a time slot on TNT, Colt Cabana is ending his long running and influential wrestling podcast, CM Punk making waves and pissing off entitled fans, and much more! Plus - we talk about the RAW reunion, Smackdown/Impact, and Asa serenades us with tales of his weekend with St. Louis Anarchy!…
Tonight Mr. 100 talks about upcoming TV shows he's actually going to watch this year, the Five Star Man laments his NECA addiction, and Not ACTUALLY a Bear shares her love of Queer Eye. Also - more SDCC fallout!By Podzilla 1985.
This week on Nerd Up the crew is talking about Batman Beyond and then they go a little overboard talking about phase 4 MCU. More on the rest of SDCC later!By Podzilla 1985.
Tonight on the show we finaaally give our thoughts on the newest season of Stranger Things! Plus - Trump says some stuff, there be some MFer's about, and Seanan accidentally loses the first few minutes of the show! PROFESSIONALISM.By Podzilla 1985.
Tonight on pWu we talk about next week's big RAW Reunion, Jeff Hardy's arrest, injury news, and more! We also recap a HUGE week of shows, including Evolve, AEW, Extreme Rules, RAW, and Smackdown! PLUS - Ally learns about PMS!By Podzilla 1985.
Tonight on IWTB, we try to explain the sudden obsession with raiding Area 51, and give a history lesson on the controversial military facility! Plus - bio-engineered weaponized ticks, UFO sightings by state, a time traveling fraud, a new explanation for the Dyatlov Pass incident, and more!By Podzilla 1985.
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