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The only podcast series about the race for Ward One Alder in New Haven, Connecticut -- the election that's sweeping the Yale University campus and knocking on your doors whether you like it or not.Brought to you by The Politic, Yale’s political journal since 1947. Hosted by Maddie Colbert, Anthony Kayruz, and Simone Seiver. Produced by Phoebe Petrovic. Music performed by Michael Mei. Studio courtesy of WYBCx.
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By its nature, the experience of impatience is difficult to slow down, stay with, and get curious about. In this conversation, Devon helps Chris explore a recent process of transforming impatience (isolation, judgment, and fear) into patience (awareness of hurt, connection ...
In this episode, we talk about discomfort. We notice that when we’re uncomfortable, our reaction is often to separate or minimize the source of discomfort, or to develop habits of hardening or collapse. We also consider how we might access comfort, openness or learning by w...
Most of us, whether in the yoga community or the activism community, have some sense that self-care is important in sustaining our commitments. In this episode, we dive in to how self-care connects us to each other and to our purposes, as well as what that can look or feel ...
The question is not whether or not you can make a difference. You already do make a difference. The question is, “What kind of difference do you want to make?” Julia Butterfly HillInspired by the above quote, in this second episode of Yoga for the Body Politic, we (De...
In Episode One of Yoga for the Body Politic, Chris and Devon talk about the how and why of this podcast. Devon leads Chris and listeners in a meditation meant to demonstrate one way we might talk about being in our bodies. A story from Chris brings up some relevant question...
Today we speak with Jewish Insider's Jacob Kornbluh, a longtime journalist covering Middle East issues, New York politics, and the current administration. We hear his thoughts on everything from Jared Kushner brokering peace in Israel and Palestine, to the President's insane sleeping schedule.Check us out on iTunes and Instagram @BushwickPolitic…
This is such an amazing episode for us as hosts. It is our launch episode, and it was recorded in front of a live studio audience. We sat down with Tommy O'Mally, a frequent guest on two podcasts, Unhireable and Race Wars, to talk LGBTQ rights (or lack there of), and what that means under the new administration. We also played a fun game that h ...…
In this final episode of the Politic Podcast, we recap the Ward 1 election and conclude, for the final time, with our rumor mill.
In this episode, we discuss the current state of the Ward 1 election, interview President of Yale College Democrats Tyler Blackmon. As always, we conclude with our Rumor Mill.
In this episode, we have a conversation with Amalia Halikias, the former manager for Ugonna Eze's campaign. We conclude, as always, with our Rumor Mill.
In this episode, we speed date and interview with Ward 1 Alder Sarah Eidelson. We conclude, as always, with our Rumor Mill.
In this episode, we recap and check in on the Ward 1 election, sit down with Fish Stark, and, as always, conclude with our Rumor Mill.
In this episode, we discuss the Fish versus Sarah election and canvassing. Then, we speed date and then interview Ugonna Eze, the Republican candidate for Ward 1. As always, we conclude with our Rumor Mill.
On this special edition, get the basic facts about Ward One and the Alder's race.Listen now, and on September 15 from 6am to 8pm, cast your vote in the Democratic primary election between candidates Sarah Eidelson and Fish Stark.
In the first episode, we review the primary debate between Democratic candidates Fish Stark and Sarah Eidelson, discuss campaign canvassing, predict the winner of the primary, and conclude with our segment "Rumor Mill."
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