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This show is for students of Polish as a foreign language. It covers various topis from Polish language - phrases, grammar, use to Polish culture, history and every day life in Poland.
Follow the podcast of a fictional character Grażyna Mak, who posts in Polish and teaches you in a way that is fun and enjoyable.Don't forget to check out Grażyna's website and download additional materials for each episode.Let's begin!
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INTERMEDIATE Learn why Polish people don't get marrien in April.Wedding is a very important moment in lives of many people. Students of Polish are usually driven to learn this language because of love so Polish wedding tradition are also something valuable to learn. This is why I've prepared this episode for you. In this episode you will learn: ...…
INTERMEDIATE (You must listen to this one. This episode is a bomb! and there is music inside :) )In this episode you will hear about:- the favourite genre of music in Poland - Disco Polo- what is the origin of it - why Poles love it so much- who is embarrased of it and why- what are the most famous bands in Poland and who are the artistsI used ...…
This episode is for ADVANCED students. Jervis comes from Australia and is an active member of Facebook groups I belong to. Also of my group "Polish for foreigners - Mówimy po polsku". He tool part in our Polish Language Challenge a couple of motnhs ago and a couple of weeks ago we started having weekly classes on Skype. I was impressed by his l ...…
INTERMEDIATE (Hint: If I speak too fast for you, you can choose 0.75 % speed or mail me: this episode you will learn:- how to say fur, tail, claws and other animal's body parts in Polish- what does "kura domowa", "święta krowa" and "puścić pawia" mean- what are arguments of activists who want to ban animals in circus a ...…
UPPER INTERMEDIATEIn this episode you will learn:- What "Matka Polka" and "kobieta pracująca" mean for Polish people- How much Polish women earn compared to men- How long is Polish maternity leave- What are other benefits families get from Polish governmentand of course as usually you will learn a lot of new words regarding job market, money an ...…
Dealing with death of an animalBy (Monika Evans).
Formal Polish. Countries and inhabitants.By (Monika Evans).
Phone conversation. Booking an appointment at the hairdresser's.By (Monika Evans).
Personal details, ageBy (Monika Evans).
Season 2. Feeling sick and unwellBy (Monika Evans).
Verb aspect (perfective and imperfective)By (Monika Evans).
Traditional polish dish - Bigos!By (Monika Evans).
"How often...?", "to walk"By (Monika Evans).
Season 2. Infinitives.By (Monika Evans).
Formal Polish. Past and present tense.By (Monika Evans).
The instrumental case. Plural.By (Monika Evans).
today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow...By (Monika Evans).
Special Easter. Babcia Zofia learns that she is going to be a greatgrandmother.By (Monika Evans).
Past and present tense.By (Monika Evans).
Instrumental and Accusative caseBy (Monika Evans).
"to live", negation in PolishBy (Monika Evans).
Tom i Grażyna są w Walii, na spacerze z Haggisem.By (Monika Evans).
Perfective verbs in past tense.By (Monika Evans).
Going shoppingBy (Monika Evans).
Past tense, "to be in love"By (Monika Evans).
Negations, questions, dialogues...By (Monika Evans).
The instrumental caseBy (Monika Evans).
"TO" clauseBy (Monika Evans).
Jaki/ Jaka/ JakieBy (Monika Evans).
Personal details. TO BE CALLED / WHOSE?By (Monika Evans).
How do you say in Polish.../Jak się mówi po polsku...By (Monika Evans).
At the hospital.By (Monika Evans).
What is she/ he/ it/ like?By (Monika Evans).
Basic Polish greetings and farewellsBy (Monika Evans).
Sending text messageBy (Monika Evans).
Short poem in Polish, verbs "to write", "to paint"By (Monika Evans).
Colours, verb TO BEBy (Monika Evans).
Past, present and future tense.By (Monika Evans).
TO BE in past tense. The instrumental case.By (Monika Evans).
My day - everyday activiesBy (Monika Evans).
Polish adjectives - genderBy (Monika Evans).
Merry Christmas! (Christmas vocabulary, future tense)By (Monika Evans).
How much is it?By (Monika Evans).
Polish infinitivesBy (Monika Evans).
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