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Smart, Friendly, Local - Portland. Listen to PRP: http://prp.fm/
Wine Crush is a podcast designed to tell the amazing and colorful stories of the local wine industry. Each vineyard, winery and winemaker has a unique story to tell and we are here to help bring it to the world. We uncork stories about winemakers from Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Hosted by Heidi Moore, Powered by Portland Radio Project
KBOO Radio is a community-powered station in Portland Oregon
Stage and Studio
KBOO Radio is a community-powered station in Portland Oregon
Evening News
KBOO Radio is a community-powered station in Portland Oregon
Michael Castner is a talk show host based in Portland, Oregon. He was the host of The Daily Wrap from the Wall Street Journal Radio Network. The program was broadcast daily from New York City and was heard coast to coast on nearly 100 radio stations. He was a host for E! Entertainment for 14 years, iHeart Radio, Bonneville's Nightside Project as well as Entercom Radio.
The kickass science and technology radio show that delivers an irreverent look at the week in science and technology.
KBOO Radio is a community-powered station in Portland Oregon
Join three best friends every week as they talk about haunted places, urban legends, and read your paranormal listener stories!
This is a way for people to hear some funny stuff, but also for artists to promote any projects they're working on while also letting people outside see what else is out there that they can sink their teeth into.
A radio show in Portland, Oregon highlighting the stories of Asians and Pacific Islanders (APIs).
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In this episode, we touch on how the nonprofit theaters in the Portland area can reach out to Portland’5 to rent their venues and artistic spaces. In addition, we will hear from three of these organizations who have utilized these opportunities. The first is the August Wilson Red Door Project, whose mission is to change racial ecology through t ...…
Mark Charles is running for President, but you may not have heard of him yet. Charles is an independent candidate. He’s also Native American, an enrolled member of the Navajo, or Dine’ nation.Charles will be at the Great Spirit Native American Fellowship on October 16t...By KBOO Community Radio.
On October 12, at least 500 people gathered in downtown Portland to protest the ill treatment of animals in the meat, fashion, and science industry.KBOO’s Claire Rischiotto was on the scene last Saturday at the rally. (Photos by Claire Rischiotto)By KBOO Community Radio.
In late September, more than 4,000 university workers were prepared to strike. Now, as they prepare to vote to approve the Service Employees International Union or SEIU 503's new contract with public universities in Oregon, KBOO's Claire Rischiotto and Lesley McLam sit d...By KBOO Community Radio.
On this edition of the KBOO Evening News:A grand jury has cleared a Portland police officer who shot and killed a PSU studentMultiple efforts to recall Governor Kate Brown have failedAnd in other news, President Trump proposes an expansion of logging in Alaska’s Ton...By KBOO Community Radio.
Burgerville workers gathered outside the Montavilla Burgerville location on October 11, to protest a stalemate in their contract negotiations with the corporation.The Union said that if no deal can be reached by October 18, they intend to strike.KBOO’s SJ Oxendyne wa...By KBOO Community Radio.
On October 14, the newly formed coalition “Close the Camps PDX” held a rally in downtown Portland today for No Deportations on Stolen Land.KBOO’s Jezaniah Hawthorne reporting.By KBOO Community Radio.
Longtime Portland resident and Holocaust survivor Laureen Nussbaum has a new book, "Shedding our Stars, the story of Hans Calmeyer and how he saved thousands of families like mine," which details how a German bureaucrat saved over 3,700 Jews in Amsterdam from certain dea...By KBOO Community Radio.
On this edition of the KBOO Evening News:The hit and run death of an antifascist activist outside Cider Riot this weekend is being investigated as a homicideA demonstration against ICE was held outside City Hall todayAnd a black woman was shot in Fort Worth by a police ...By KBOO Community Radio.
The Portland Unknown Film Festival is running October 11th, 12th and 13th at Disjecta at 8371 North Interstate Avenue.The festival aims to show examples of underground, under-known and raw filmmaking.KBOO’s Kevin Dugan spoke with the chairs of the film festival Nini a...By KBOO Community Radio.
Color Outside the Lines is a Portland non-profit dedicated to helping foster and at-risk youth connect with opportunities for creativity, with a focus on art and culture.On October12, Color Outside the Lines will be hosting a celebration of the unveiling of the Unity Proj...By KBOO Community Radio.
On this edition of the KBOO Evening News:The CEO of Mercy Corps has resigned amid allegations that he did not respond to reports of a former CEO sexually abusing his daughter,A ban to end all in-store and online sales of flavored vaping will take place next week And in...By KBOO Community Radio.
This week Chris recounts the success and tragedy of the creators of the modern spiritualist movement, The Fox sisters. Monster Mac spits all the lore of Scotland's Nuckelavee, and we enjoy our first official segment for Ragtime Rory. Email us at anywayitshaunted@gmail.com to submit your paranormal stories, and tune in each week to hear them, an ...…
2020 Nobel Prizes, Funding Black Scientists, The Resistance, New Antibiotic?, Drone Whale Scale, Documentary Drive, Human Salamander, False Song Memories, Mold Pigs, Zebra Stripe Update, Solar Pressure, New Moons, Bird Pee, Can-O-Marrow, And Much More... The post 09 October, 2019 – Episode 742 – Science Nobelity appeared first on This Week in S ...…
A court recently overturned Lincoln County’s “Freedom from Aerially-Sprayed Pesticides Ordinance,” ending a two-year ban on the practice.The group Lincoln County Community Rights (LCCR), an intervening defendant in the case and a driving force in its initial passage in...By KBOO Community Radio.
Thom Hartmann is a progressive national and internationally syndicated talk show host. He is also a New York Times bestselling author of twenty-four books, translated into multiple languages. Thom has a new book, “The Hidden History of the Supreme Court and the Betrayal ...By KBOO Community Radio.
On this edition of the KBOO Evening News:It’s billed as a first for our country: Presidential candidates tonight answer questions about the rights of LGBTQ people.As that gets underway, President Trump faces protesters and supporters at a rally tonight.And an Oregon co...By KBOO Community Radio.
On this edition of the KBOO Evening News:Portland’s Doubletree Hotel is being sued for $10 million dollars for kicking out African-American guest Jermaine Massey,Retailer giant Dick’s Sporting Goods destroys $5 million dollars worth of guns.And in international news...By KBOO Community Radio.
On this edition of the KBOO Evening News:Three people who were injured during a protest in August of 2018 are suing the city of PortlandCalifornia has signed a bill to allow the distribution of HIV prevention drugs without a prescriptionAnd the White House announces...By KBOO Community Radio.
The 10th annual Portland Fermentation Festival comes to town this Thursday, October 10th. Festival organizers (and self-proclaimed "Stinkfest Queens") Liz Crain, Heidi Nestler, and Claudia Lucero talk with us live in-studio about the fermentation process, creating a fest...By KBOO Community Radio.
On this edition of the KBOO Evening News:Right Wing member Tusitala Toese was arraigned today on an assault indictmentA car crashed through a SE Portland Kombucha TaproomAnd in international news, drinking and driving has serious consequences, even for Oktoberfest enth...By KBOO Community Radio.
Featuring Archer Vineyard: https://www.archervineyard.com/ and Teutonic Wine Company: https://teutonicwines.com/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/winecrushoregon/message
Tundra Blair & Polar Bears International, 2019 IgNobel Awards, Eat Meat?, Humans > Volcanoes, Ape Minds, Secrets Of The Tardigrade, Sneaky Bacteria, Color Change Asteroid, Cometary Visitor, Save The Sea Grass!, Baby Muscles, And Much More... The post 02 October, 2019 – Episode 741 – Detecting Signals appeared first on This Week in Science - The ...…
This week Chris recounts the horrible tragedy of the Hammond Circus trainwreck of 1918, Monster Mac gives us the dirty deets on the infamous Mongolian Death Worm, and we read a possible case of juvenile astral projecting. Email us at anywayitshaunted@gmail.com to submit your paranormal stories, and tune in each week to hear them, and more spook ...…
Dmae talks with Portland author Rene Denfeld about The Butterfly Girl, her sequel to the The Child Finder. Her follow up to her book about Naomi, a private investigator, an exceptional young woman who has a talent for finding lost children. In this new book follows Naomi...By KBOO Community Radio.
Interview w/ C.A. Preece on Science & Comics, Bad Climate News, Good Climate News, Old Bottles, Correction!, Rat Serial Killers, Robot Rodeo, Tea Time, Delicate Disaster, Crypt Keeper Wasps!, Cat Friends, And Much More... The post 25 September, 2019 – Episode 740 – Science & CheMystery! appeared first on This Week in Science - The Kickass Scien ...…
Moon Dust, Unintended Mosquitoes, Weird Old Apes, Pain In The Asp, Hide & Seek Rats, Older Neanderthals, Cure For Colds, Everything Old Is, Asteroid Impacts, Scent Sacs, Big Neutron, And Much More... The post 18 September, 2019 – Episode 739 – Unintended Consequences! appeared first on This Week in Science - The Kickass Science Podcast.…
Local favorite to our Fresh Vibe Format, Starover Blue stop by Theme for a Tuesday with Jenna D to perform a few tunes off their newest album, "Ordinary Magic." They also discuss how they met, the origin of their name, and how their songwriting has evolved over their 12 years of making music together.…
Dmae presents a special one-hour membership edition of Stage & Studio on KBOO. We feature Damaso Rodriquez, artistic director of Artists Repertory Theatre to talk about the adaptation of 1984 by George Orwell as well highlights of the whole 2019/20 season. And in the se...By KBOO Community Radio.
Not Your Future Home, What Is Habitable?, Crater Lake, Age Reversing Drugs, Snake Skin Surprise, T Rex A/C!, Better Antibiotics?, CAR-T For Hearts, Bubble Blowing Black Hole, So Super Cool, Shocking News!, Robot Skin, And Much More... The post 11 September, 2019 – Episode 738 – Palindromatic Science! appeared first on This Week in Science - The ...…
Christian fundamentalist trauma is an experience of pain and alienation from their faith that more and more people are talking about. Chrissy Stroop is an activist in the ex-vangelical movement who is telling her own story of leaving fundamentalism behind, to engage in s...By KBOO Community Radio.
Dmae encores profiles of West African guitarist and singer Parfait Bassale, Bhutanese poet Dilip Sunar with interpreter Suprina Koirala and the Tongan Sewing Circle led by Kato Kakala Kavapalu and Kolini Fusitua. All were featured in Dmae's special yearlong project Migra...By KBOO Community Radio.
In this episode, host Heidi Moore will guide us through the stories of two local winemakers. One winery happens to be women-owned and operated as well as dog-friendly. The other focuses on small-production and emphasizes working with the wines they love as well as a bit of experimentation.Guests: Mary Olson, Owner, Airlie WineryLiz Clark, Winem ...…
Interview w/ Dr. Veljko Dubljevic, Ancient Magma Oceans, 8th Grade Smarty Computer, Ancient Lake, Adventures in Jellyfishing, Squirrel Busy Bodies, Crystalline Nets, Cornea Transplant, Long Beautiful Hair, Super Fast Snail, And Much More... The post 04 September, 2019 – Episode 737 – Ethics and the Brain appeared first on This Week in Science - ...…
Dmae features the seventh season of Corrib Theatre's focus on plays by contemporary Irish playwrights. We'll talk with founder and artistic director Gemma Whelan about the upcoming season that includes Eclipsed by Patricia Burke Brogan, James X by Gerard Mannix Flynn, a...By KBOO Community Radio.
Interview w/ Dr. Richelle Tanner, Sleep Mutations, Fingerprint Earth, Toxoplasma Gondii Genes, Plane Noisy, Crows Like Puzzles!, Strict Fasting, Carbon Chips, How Hot Now?, Vacation Routines, And Much More... The post 28 August, 2019 – Episode 736 – Hot Nudi Science! appeared first on This Week in Science - The Kickass Science Podcast.…
The Jackson County Kills drop by Jamie's NW Honky Tonk for conversation and music off their new albumBy Portland Radio Project.
The majority of people living with HIV in the US are now over fifty years old, and so we turn our attention to the complexities of living as an older person with HIV or AIDS. Today, we'll be talking with Paul Iarrobino, founder of Our Bold Voices, which is hosting an event ...By KBOO Community Radio.
Dmae talks features CoHo Productions' season opener Mala by Melinda Lopez. She talks with co-producers Anna Nicholas and Brian Shnipper who is also director and Julana Torres who performs the title role of Mala in this solo play about a Cuban American daughter taking car...By KBOO Community Radio.
The Portland'5 Podcast is an exploration of Portland's theatre community through the lens of its five iconic downtown venues. Art matters. Art brings joy, inspires the mind, and unites communities. Art changes lives.Portland'5 has become a national leader in keeping art and culture thriving; and in this episode, Heather Wilton joins us once aga ...…
Human Brain Evolution, Brain Lanes, Brain Maps, Toxoplasmystery Solved!, Lake Of Bones!, Koala Poo Pills, Locust Face Plants, Underwater Boat!, Beneficial Recklessness?, Mongolia!, Practice Or Perfect, Spider Storms, Memory Ripples?, Bioluminescent Schools!, And Much More... The post 21 August, 2019 – Episode 735 – What’s In a Brain? appeared f ...…
Dmae features the searingly funny and courageous production of Between Two Knees detailing more than 100 years of Indigenous American history. The show is currently running through October at Oregon Shakespeare Festival. She features actor Justin Gauthier who performs ...By KBOO Community Radio.
Free Will Falters?, First Cells Collaborated, Underwater Neanderthals, Monkey Worry Molecule, Big Frog Nests, Picking Baby Sex, Justin's Airship Future, Supernova Dust, Plastic Snow, Black Hole Rising, Daddy Longlegs Venom, Feeling Foreshocks, And Much More... The post 14 August, 2019 – Episode 734 – What’s that Noise? appeared first on This We ...…
Dmae talks with Portland theatre veteran Stan Foote. Earlier this year he announced his retirement and would be stepping down from 28 years as artistic director of Oregon Children's Theatre. During his tenure, he has created and produced impressive original productions a...By KBOO Community Radio.
In this episode, host Heidi Moore will guide us through the stories of two local winemakers. The first shows how one little phone call can open up the viticultural opportunity of a lifetime. And the second comes from a winery that describes their wines in 3 words: acid-driven, transparent, and adventurous.GuestsJared Etzel, Winemaker, Domaine R ...…
Woodstock Or Bust drop - In session on Subculture by Portland Radio ProjectBy Portland Radio Project.
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