Best Psp podcasts we could find (Updated December 2018)
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show episodes
Daily Evening and Morning Prayers from the Liturgy of the Hours.
Tintern's Sermons
A collection of the sermons at the Tintern Church of Christ in Vineland, Ontario Canada
🌱👽#TeamSeed/ PSP|Email:|Twitter @bdubb718
Small Talk
Michelle Smallmon hosts Small Talk, a weekly conversation for its own sake.
CPT:PSP is pleased to offer our own podcast, PSPod. Join us as we delve into advances in quantitative methods as applied in pharmacology, physiology and therapeutics in humans.
My Favourite Game
Personalities in the games industry talk about their favourite game ever, how they grew up with games and more within the games industry.
An inside look at the adult industry from the view point of a sex-positive porn startup. We discuss legal, social and marketing issues as we slam into them. We admire the stars in the industry and peek through their windows at night.
Connect to the world of PlayStation with the official PlayStation.Blog team! Every week we discuss the latest and greatest games on PS4, host in-depth developer interviews from designers around the world, and answer your questions. Join us!
Giant Bomb Presents is's home for interviews, previews, and more.
Podcast Beyond
Host Jonathon Dornbush sits down with a panel of IGN's biggest PlayStation experts — and occasionally welcomes some guests — to discuss all the biggest news and releases in the world of PlayStation.
Giant Bombcast
Giant Bomb discusses the latest video game news and new releases, taste-test questionable beverages, and get wildly off-topic in this weekly podcast.
A weekly show about playing an unreasonable amount of video games. Each week we discuss the games that are keeping us up late and chat about gaming culture and the games industry.
8-4 Play
Every other week, tune into 8-4 Play for talk about Japan, video games, and Japanese video games, straight from the 8-4 offices in beautiful downtown Tokyo. Featuring the sultry voices of 8-4's own Mark MacDonald, John Ricciardi, Hiroko Minamoto, Justin "JJ" Epperson, Roy Blakely, Sarah Podzorski, and Graeme Howard,
N4G Radio
Listen as the staff breaks down all their game playing activities and possibly hamburgers each week.
Phoenix Down
Each week Drew and Matt invite a guest to stroll down gaming memory lane.
The original Gamercast podcast, now in its 8th year, brought to you by Paul and Catherine, Charlotte and more. Every week we have a new podcast and every day we have new articles on the website covering the latest news, new releases, rants, previews
Premium podcasts for Premium Members.
Is It The Future Yet?
A look at the world of video games, technology, and anything in between. Made by some guys in their 20's, working in the games industry. Follow us on Twitter @FutureYet
1UP Radio is the leading voice of the videogame community. Powered by the editors and personalities of the 1UP Network, the 1UP Radio podcast family covers the games industry from every possible angle. Start your week with the humor and insight of EGM Live* and GFW Radio, and continue on with the accessible, yet knowledgable Legendary Thread, Sports Anamoly and Retronauts. Then start your weekend right with 1UP Yours, the definitive videogame talk show. With multiple new episodes hitting eve ...
Technology Review
Every Podcast Gives You The Review You Need In A Podcast Form!
Gamereporter Podcast
Nieuws over console en pc games van
The official podcast for In-Beta.Net, your one source for fun and informative movie and video game reviews.
PS3 Cast
All PS3 all the time!
Bow Down To Us: Games
Grab a cup of coffee, and catch up on the day's headlines with Giant Bomb guys that aren't in San Francisco.
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show series
Psalm 91 Revelation 22:4-5 Prayer Requests to
Psalm 110:1-5,7 Psalm 111 Revelation 19:1-7 Philippians 4:4-5 Prayer Requests to
Psalm 118 1 Thessalonians 3:12-13 Prayer Requests to
Psalm 93 Daniel 3:57-88,56 Psalm 148 Romans 13:11-12 Prayer Requests to
Psalm 145 Isaiah 29:13-24 Prayer Requests to
Psalm 95 Prayer Requests to
Psalm 4 Psalm 134 Deuteronomy 6:4-7 Prayer Requests to
Smash Ultimate, Christmas memories, and Sonic's new look!
Psalm 113 Psalm 116:10-19 Philippians 2:6-11 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 Prayer Requests to
Psalm 119:81-88 Psalm 61 Psalm 64 Isaiah 4:3 Prayer Requests to
Psalm 92 Deuteronomy 32:1-12 Psalm 8 Isaiah 11:1-3a Prayer Requests to
Psalm 106 Isaiah 29:1-8 Prayer Requests to
Psalm 95 Prayer Requests to
This week, the gang takes an early stab at some Game of the Year nominations, Sid reveals his first impressions after going hands-on with Resident Evil, and more. Enjoy!
In light of The Game Awards and Kinda Funny Showcase announcements, the Beyond crew breaks down what 2019 game they just learned about and are excited to play.By (IGN).
We take a look back at 2018 in game music and everything was Ben Prunty or Yakuza. Episode Timeline: 01:01 - Intro 05:20 - The best video game music of 2018 as selected by our panel of video game music experts 61:10 - Outro
This week we plow through the news bounty that dropped during the Game Awards, Smash Ultimate, the new Monster Boy, Ashen, Hades, and that new Sonic movie, uh, "artwork."
Lots of big games to talk about this week including Nintendo fighters, tornado surfing, and more.
The Beyond crew gets together this week to talk about the best PS4 exclusive games this year, make some quick Game Awards predictions, and take a look at what's coming to the PS4 early next year.By (IGN).
We dive into Life Is Strange 2 and find out just how strange life... is? On an even stranger note, we're thoroughly confused by The Haunted Island: A Frog Detective Game. Also, D.J. makes some questionable modifications to his Switch. Episode Timeline 00:33 - Intro 05:49 - Life Is Strange 2 27:26 - Spyro minute 29:24 - The Haunted Island: A Fro ...…
The Post Show Pod Squad is back together, and they answer burning questions from the listeners.By
Just Cause 4! Red Dead Online! The Epic store! Canvas bags! Ultraviolet poo! It's a Bombcast!
Back to basics this week as the guys discuss more VR, shooters, and the upcoming Game Awards.
In this week's episode, Justin and Kristen reveal next week's new release highlights, talk a whole bunch about Beat Saber and Tetris, and deliberate their "Holiday Games" for 2018. Enjoy!
Is this episode the very best, like no other ever was?
Why do people subject themselves to Turkey Trots? Michelle and FreezePops discuss it, and give this week’s Trending Up/Trending Down …. Plus, ESPN NFL Reporter Dianna Russini joins the pod to reveal some things … including … how many athletes slide into her DMs, the first thing Tom Brady does after each game, and the never before told story of ...…
On this week's episode of IGN's PlayStation show, Beyond!, Max Scoville is filling in for the usual host Jonathon Dornbush, and he's joined by Brian Altano, Tina Amini, and Andrew Goldfarb. The big topics this week are the beta for Red Dead Online, which is off to a considerably smoother start than Grand Theft Auto V had, half a decade ago. The ...…
D.J. takes a day trip to the most fantastical of video game realms: Watch Dogs 2's San Francisco. Randy grapples with his perfectionist urges in Spyro the Dragon. Also, Cthulhu and the Third Reich: A classic combination? Episode Timeline 00:26 - Intro 00:59 - Viewer Mail/Laser League 07:48 - Drunktacular Hype 11:06 - Spyro the Dragon 32:59 - Wa ...…
Dan and Bianca sit down with Papa Ryckert to hear about his teeth and lust for coupons.
The gang's (almost) all here to get GOTY-ready and talk up the PlayStation Classic, Darksiders III, Kingdom Hearts lore, hot dog strategies, pizza strategies, our new-console wish list, and more!
This is a hefty show discussing VR, the returns of Darksiders, and a wasted wasteland.
Jonathon Dornbush gets into the spirit of Thanksgiving and brings several members of IGN onto the show to share what they're thankful for this year.By (IGN).
Paul causes all kinds of gruesome dismemberment in Mortal Kombat XL and Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise. D.J. experiences the five stages of grief during the latest Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival. And, finally, Randy plays Spyro. Episode Timeline: 00:48 - Intro 01:33 - Drunktacular hype 07:08 - Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 25:15 - Morta ...…
Our guy Danny Kanell joins the podcast to answer our burning questions. Will he get Botox? How do you ineffectively spit game at actresses? Does he pump up UCF for free swag? That and more, plus he turns the tables and asks the Post Show Pod Squad a few questions of his own.By
Can you believe PS4 turned 5 this past week? Sid and Kristen share some of their favorite PS4 memories, along with which games the new PS Classic makes them nostalgic for. Enjoy!
This week we dig into new Pokemon of all sorts, the Dota card game, the mystery of Fallout 76, Sony's E3 absence, the maybe forthcoming new consoles, co-op Tetris, lucrative class-action windfalls, and horse-punching.
Tina Amini is joined by Destin Legarie, Jon Ryan, and Casey DeFreitas to talk about all of the Red Dead 2 spoilers that need to be talked about!By (IGN).
Kick off the holiday week right as the guys discuss Tetris, Spyro, and the heroes of Sega.
Brad Shoemaker sits down in the studio to run through everything that makes the second Hitman tick.
Michelle, Ceruti, and FreezePops are back to give their “Cool, No One Cares” Power Rankings 3.0. This edition is geared around the annoying nuances of the holidays.By
The Beyond crew gets together to talk about the possible exclusives for next-gen, the upcoming Spidey DLC, and why Tetris Effect is so dang cool.By (IGN).
Extra Life is a wrap! Laser League reveals Randy's true calling as an eSports pro, Paul flirts with a side career in voice acting thanks to Doki Doki Literature Club, and D.J. attempts to make sense of 14 hours of Kingdom Hearts. Episode Timeline: 00:41 - Intro 01:50 - Drunktacular hype 10:18 - Kingdom Hearts 28:55 - Laser League 44:08 - Friday ...…
Jeff sits down with Ben to discuss Tetris Effect for PlayStation 4.
Hitman 2! Tetris Effect! Battlefield V! The games of Fall are upon us, followed by a raft of rocky stories in the games biz, questionable emails about food, towel habits, edible Mario enemies, and the return of Banjo & Kazooie (who never really left).
Right in the thick of gaming season the guys discuss war stories, fighting Dracula, and dangerous riding.
The Beyond crew gets together this week to talk about MORE Red Dead, their hype on Tetris Effect, and the possibility of Bloodborne 2!By (IGN).
We're taking a quick break from our 24 hours of Extra Life to tell you about some of the games we played, like Tetris Effect, We Happy Few, Business Clicker, Castlevania II, and... Guilty Summer Kiss 2: Bloody Secret? OK, sure. Episode Timeline: 00:38 - Intro 01:20 - Extra Life hype continues 12:00 - Tetris Effect 23:30 - Castlevania II: Simon' ...…
This week we're coming in hot off of Extra Life to talk The Quiet Man, more RDR2 adventures, the Black Ops season pass, the Diablo mobile kerfuffle, Deltarune, bulk video games, and bizarre cupcake strategies.
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