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Technically PvP
Technically PVP is a podcast about player versus player content in the game World of Warcraft. We delve into various aspects of PvP, analyzing them to learn how to be better at PvP. Gerissar, is a PvP novice. He is joined by Andallyn and Windstead to discuss many topics. The information provided is good for the novice to Ranked players. Occasionally, we have guests to provide their expert points of view.
PVP Bearcast
A Destiny podcast that covers all aspects of the game with an emphasis on the Crucible and the PvP Bear League.
PVP Bearcast
Podcast by PVP Bearcast
Crucible Radio
The podcast for all things Destiny PvP - Tips, Strategies, Discussion and Interviews.
Three idiot gamers pitch each other video game concepts on inconceivable topics in search of an elusive green light. Featuring Dan Paradis from WatchMojo and MojoPlays!
In the Flagged PvP Podcast we focus on high end World of Warcraft PvP, Arenas, and Battlegrounds!
Guildnews Podcast
In unserem Podcast zum MMO Guild Wars 2 sprechen Sputti, Durden, Vanitas und weitere Gastmoderatoren regelmäßig über die neusten Geschehnisse im Spiel, rund um das Spiel und rund um das PvP.Dabei wird zum einen die Woche etwas zusammengefasst und zum anderen auch sehr viel spekuliert. Besonders die Ankündigung zu Heart of Thorns hat für viel Wirbel gesorgt.Der Podcast wird dabei live auf aufgezeichnet und später online gestellt. Hin und wieder gibt es zudem auch Gewinnspi ...
Iron Lords Podcast
Join the Lords at the roundtable every Sunday at 1pm EST (Youtube/SoundCloud/iTunes) to discuss Combat Sports, Retro Consoles, and of course the latest/hottest topics in Gaming. (With a little Destiny sprinkled in). Lord Cognito, Lord Addict, Lord Sovereign & Lord King! Now Part of The Inner Circle Network! Comment, Like, Sub, & spread the Love!! #ILP
Tower Dive Podcast
Painfully honest and blissfully ignorant. We'll say what you wanted to without fear of offending. Tower Dive, podcasting without restraint.
A polite podcast about games, life, and whatever we feel like that day. Hosted by Ryan from and Miguelito of
Your WoW Money
The podcast with many hosts with thoughts and ideas on news and making gold in WoW.
Joce vs The World
Joce vs The World is a PvP gaming podcast focusing on tips for new players entering into any game that involves pitting yourself against other real people. Each episode, Joce will be joined by an expert in the game of choice, and will be shown how to navigate the first few matches of PvP combat!
We are a World of Warcraft Podcast for the players BY the players. We bring you in depth Casual Gaming, Raiding, PVP, Patch Updates and our Race and Class Perspective. Of course we also throw in some smack talk and a healthy Alliance/Horde Rivalry to keep you wondering...what side should I choose?
The Starting Zone is The World of Warcraft Podcast for New and Experienced Players! Hosted by Spencer Downey and Jason Lucas, it includes content for players of all skill and experience levels. So whether you enjoy World of Warcraft raiding, PvP, or are rolling a toon for the very first time, we think you’ll really enjoy The Starting Zone: The World of Warcraft Podcast! The show started in 2009 with co-hosts Jesse Kobayashi and Mick Montgomery sharing helpful tips on how to play World of War ...
Tank 'n Spank
A podcast from Rocket Punch dedicated to all things Blizzard! From World of Warcraft, to Heroes of the Storm, to Hearthstone, the team from Rocket Punch sit down each week to talk about the latest news, events, and stories from the games created by Blizzard Entertainment.
The Epic Questions podcast is hosted by Epicinsanity. With Season 2 of Epic Questions the show will be going to be more discussion focused. Previously on the show, we answered every questions we received. As much as we love questions, it became hard answering the same questions we had just answered a few weeks prior, or just last week. So now you will control more of the show, and how often it is produced. A new Episode will be recorded as soon as we receive 5-10 solid questions to answer on ...
Join Cal, Dan and guests as they tackle the never ending cycle of gaming, the internet, movies, or whatever else springs into the show! More content at
Honor Killz
WoW's the name of the game.Honor Killz episodes have been suspended for the time being as I have little or no time to spare and therefore have stopped playing WoW. Hope to be back in the future.
The WoW or Gold Brainstormz podcast is based on a hardcore mindset that stems from being into multiple competitive hobbies for 2 decades as well having some very interesting experiences through gaming. Since becoming a father of 3 my blocks of time to play have been decreased, but my mentality has hardened. Therefore it's a walk n talk podcast recorded when I have a moment. I discuss WoW and whatever else comes to mind. My main is a Horde Hunter and in Legion PvP is the name of the game. The ...
A’hoy Mateys! Ye be enterin’ dangerous waters, so you best not be doing so alone! Join Jocelyn and Siv for the next six weeks as they tell you all you need to know about Sea of Thieves, the ultimate online, multiplayer, PvP pirate experience.
RIFT Overcast
Overcast is a podcast that covers all things related to Trion World's mmorpg, RIFT. Your hosts, Matt and Joe, discuss hot topics from forums, the latest patches, raids, dungeons, questing, and anything else that peeks their interest or that of the community.Overcast also has guests come on the show from time to time, for their Community Voice episodes. If you'd like to be a guest on the show, make sure you contact us with some brief info about yourself and your desired topics.
Entertainment Podcast
Arcane Analysis is a weekly podcast all about World of Warcraft. Join our hosts, Samantha Cruse and Ally, as they talk about game design, raiding, pvp, and esports events.
Join the members of PVP as they look into the world of the paranormal and discuss investigations, equipment and evidence.
The Sandbox is a podcast dedicated to fans of sandbox style, pvp centric MMORPGs. If you're into games like Darkfall, Mortal Online, EVE Online, or others like them, this is the show for you!
Destiny 2 Podcast bringing you the latest PVE/PVP news.
The ARKeologist's Podcast is a weekly show in which the crew is made up of players from Official PvP Servers on the PC platform. We cover the latest patch notes, threads, and tweets to keep you up-to-date on what is happening and how it effects the Official PvP Server scene for ARK: Survival Evolved.Join our Discord Channel! - Follow me on Twitter - Follow me on Facebook - Support me on Patreon:
A weekly podcast hosted by Evlyxx, all about the World of Warcraft seen through the eyes of an old English man who plays a priest or 11, raids and likes to talk about the things that he loves and loathes about the game. Evlyxx is a veteran of Vanilla, TBC, Wrath, Cataclysm, Pandaria and Warlords and has experience with casual and hard-core raiding, PvE, and PvP.
Dalaran Brilliance
A podcast dedicated to all thing Mage, covering everything from Raiding, to PvP. Hosted by Jackofskulls, Justin, Nick, and Schmeebs.
A weekly 10-30 minute podcast devoted to discussing strategies, techniques, and how to improve one's skills in Overwatch PvP hosted by Josh aka MrElephante.
Victors' Sanctum
We are your source for PvP related gaming for Hearthstone, World of WarCraft, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm.Our podcast covers our opinions on news, topics and other subjects faced in PvP.
A podcast all about Paladins. How to level, raid, pvp. Anything you would want to know about Paladins can be found here!Email me at: Cheledril@gmail.comFollow me at:
PvP podcast is a show hosted by Jason & Mike. They will bring you the latest news & reviews from the world of video games. Look out for their live streams!
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Season 2 Episode 7 of Rated Ark SHOW NOTES Welcome survivors new and old to Episode 7 of Rated Ark: Pix Ark Edition ! Today is April 6, 2018 We are a CRR Gaming Group hosted podcast ! We have many ways you can contact us to share feedback, tips, or adventures! You can reach the show by emailed You can tweet the show @RatedArk ...…
In this episode we’ll be talking about what we think about the Easter event so far and upgrading your base. No patch notes to discuss since it has only been a few days since episode 83 was posted, so this might be a shorter episode than normal. The ARKeologist's Podcast is a weekly show in which the crew is made up of players from Official PvP ...…
Discord: Patreon: Twitch: Ren: Finishing zones, changing to Beastmaster on hunter The handy parts about thinking about alt priority Mike: Island Expeditions Antorus Rep This Week in WoW World Quest Event - bonus reputation Darkmoon Faire starts on Apri ...…
Welcome to the PvP Podcast #120, this week: Lego The Incredibles Game Immortalizes Both Films In Bricks, Star Wars Open-World Game Is In Development At EA and more!By (Podcast vs Player).
Quite a few things were announced this week. Unsurprisingly Wildcard’s Chinese owner, Snail Games, has been busy milking all it can from the ARK brand with the release of PixARK Early Access and ARK Park on Steam. In addition, the Easter Event was revealed, ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to the Nintendo Switch, we’ll also talk about further im ...…
Denne gang handler det om mytisk bronzealder og PvP-rollespil, når Lænestolsrollespil taler om indie-rollespillet In a Wicked Age.
A’hoy Mateys! Ye be enterin’ dangerous waters, so you best not be doing so alone! Join Jocelyn and Siv as they tell you all you need to know about Sea of Thieves, the ultimate online, multiplayer, PvP pirate experience. This week Joce and Siv talk about the launch of Sea of Thieves, including the issues and fixes implemented by the dev team. Th ...…
We’re playing just one interview from SCaLE this year, tons of community news, and two handy app picks. Plus webOS returns, some fundamental Linux plumping upgrades, and Private Internet Access goes Open Source. Links LG Announces webOS Open-Source Edition LG in cooperation with South Korea's NIPA government agency are working on making webOS s ...…
Hey all you SHITheads out there, welcome back to another episode of the SHIT podcast. This is episode 114 of the SHIT podcast. This week we are a day later than usual because it was patch day and we wanted to play Eureka on day 1 so we had something to report back to you. It was great seeing so many of you in Twitch this week with your opinions ...…
Nirvana x Jordy Dazz x Brohug x Bloqshot - SPIRIT PVP (DJ Nick Martin Mashup) }By DJ Nick Martin.
01. Bingo Players - Curiosity (Original Mix) 02. Damien N-Drix - Scratch (Extended Mix) 03. Rutger Van Gelder - On The Sly (Extended Mix) 04. Delayers & Mindshake - Taka Taka (Extended Mix) 05. Aylen - Zazu (Original Mix) 06. Bingo Players & Oomloud - Tic Toc (Extended Mix) 07. Carl Tricks - Rock On (Original Mix) 08. Bingo Players - Bust This ...…
Episode #245: Now With More Belle! is ready for Download! The World of Warcraft Podcast for New Players and Experienced Players is back to talk about Blizzard Entertainment’s MMORPG video game, you know, the one we all love! Spencer Downey and Jason Lucas sit down with Belle from Pwncast and Rolling Restart to talk the latest goings-on in and a ...…
This week we go over more details of update 1.1.4 arriving in a few weeks. This update will bring sandbox tuning, rotational PvP playlists, and more. Iron Banner 6v6 will be introduced shortly after, which will be Control but with some game tuning adjustments with 6v6 in mind. Will 6v6 be chaotic on some of the smaller maps, and will the sandbo ...…
Let us Future Proof you for March’s game releases! Drac and Bammy talk about their most-anticipated releases for March, while Calico gets his first turn at the News, with G. News Bevontule KS hit 30k out of 50k USD – sad-face Pantropy KS still going until the 13th (34k out of 75k EUR) ECO Now Available On Steam Detroit : Become Human Has Releas ...…
Aired on February 2, 2018Welcome to Podcast vs Player episode 118, this week:Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date Updated for PS4 And Xbox One...New Mario Kart Game Announced For Mobile...Microsoft is reportedly considering buying EA, PUBG Corp and Valve...Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer...and more!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on January 21, 2018Hello and welcome to Podcast vs Player #117! This week:NEW FABLE GAME...NINTENDO LABO...METAL GEAR SURVIVE BETA...NEW LEGO INCREDIBLES GAME...and MORE!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on November 26, 2017Welcome to Podcast vs Player episode 116, this week:Loot Boxes get heavy investigations, are they gambling or just shitty? Black Friday deals, and more!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on November 9, 2017Welcome to Podcast vs Player episode 115! This week:Xbox One X reviews are in...Disney planning to buy 20th Century Fox...Wolfenstein II 2 The New Colossus...Star Trek Discovery...and MORE!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on October 15, 2017 Welcome to a late Podcast vs Player episode 114! This week: New Nintendo Mini Console Leaked?...Shadow of War Scores are in...Mario Odyssey Gets Praise from Edge... Justice League and Star Wars Trailers...and MORE!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on August 31, 2017Hello and welcome to Podcast vs Player Episode 113! This week:Uncharted: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy takes the top spot...Microsoft stops production of original Xbox One...Virtual Reality...Dan's Dungeon and Dragons experience and MORE!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on August 17, 2017Welcome to Podcast vs Player episode 112, this week:Ps4 Pro to get enhanced by 'Rapid Pack Math' and get 8.4 teraflops!?...Nintendo Sued for alleged Switch design theft...Dan visits the Enterprise...and MORE!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on July 8, 2017Welcome to Podcast vs Player episode 111! This week:Player Unknown Battlegrounds staying in early access...Shadow of Mordor GoTY goes free...Shadow of War updates...Wonder Woman...Preacher...and MORE!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on April 15, 2017Welcome to Podcast vs Player episode 110, this week: Star Wars Battlefront II leaked...Mass Effect Andromeda 60 hours later impressions...incoming Prey Demo...Marmite...Jam...Salespeople...Fridges...AND MORE!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on March 31, 2017Welcome to Podcast vs Player Episode 109! This week, we are joined by the incredibly charming John from Pixel Bandits, who embarks on our magical journey of gaming and movie news, anecdotes, gaming branded beer and tales of man meets!Also: Telltale's Guardians Of The Galaxy Series Debuts In April... This Year's Call Of Du ...…
Aired on February 17, 2017Welcome to Podcast vs Player episode 108, this week:Xbox Scorpio to be revealed at E3?...Pokemon Go gets Gold and Silver Pokemon...Pewdiepie gets dropped!...Legion the TV show is AWESOME...and MORE!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on February 2, 2017Welcome to Podcast vs Player episode 107, this week:Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta available to preload NOW...Nintendo Switch Online will be CHEAP...and Xbox Scorpio, what does it need to do to succeed...and MORE.By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on January 20, 2017After all the rumours, all the waiting, all the speculting, Nintendo have finally given us all (near enough) the information on the Switch we've all been waiting for! PLUS: Scalebound is DEAD!?...Max Payne 3 rambles...Rocksmith money spending...Dan buys a PS3 game...and MORE!…
Aired on December 11, 2016Welcome to Podcast vs Player episode 105! A late one, a long one, a podcast!This week: All our goodness from the Playstation Experience...Mario Go and Nintendo Switch exclusive play...PewdiePie throws a tantrum...and MORE!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on November 26, 2016 Welcome to Podcast vs Player episode 104! We're back from a long break, we might be full of alcohol, and we're slightly touching you through your ears. Ahem, anyway, this week: Nintendo Switch Could Be a "Game-Changer," May Have Motion Controls, GameStop Says...Outlast 2 Devs Kickstarting Underwear Because You Keep Sh ...…
Aired on October 13, 2016 Welcome to episode 103 of Podcast vs Player! This week, rambles. Lot's of rambles, because we lost the podcast script before we did it, so this week: Luke Cage, does it stack up to the Netflix big guns? Also Arrow, Flash, WestWorld, games, and more!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on August 30, 2016Welcome to Podcast vs Player #102! This week:Playstation 4 Slim Leaks Are REAL!?...Deathstroke in Solo Ben Affleck or Justice League Movie!?...Suicide Squad Opinions...and MORE!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on August 17, 2016Welcome to episode 101 of Podcast vs Player! This week, Fallout 4's upcoming Nuka-World expansion DLC...Titanfall 2 multiplayer beta test coming to console only, not PC...and No Mans Sky impressions...PLUS Goldeneye Source 5.0, Rambling, Cals Archer: New Vegas artwork for Obsidian© and MORE!…
Aired Welcome to a Dan hosted special podcast! Dan's second podcast as host, sourcing all the news and whatnot, giving Cal a chance to sit back and be pleasured by Dan's words.This week: New Star Wars Battlefront DLC...Pokemon Go Taking Over The World...Fallout Shelter Heading To PC...Movie Stuff...AND MORE!…
Aired on July 11, 2016Another week, another podcast, this week:Pokemon GO! Finally Launches in some regionsEvolve Goes Free-To-Play on PCPokeCraftAnd MORE!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on July 4, 2016Welcome to this weeks Podcast vs Player, episode 98 BioShock Remastered Collection Confirmed for PS4, Xbox One, and PCNEW SONIC GAME COMING IN 2017Left 4 Dead 2 Mod Replaces Graffiti With Jaden Smith Quotes "How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?"By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on June 20, 2016Well, E3 has been and gone, and from it is a slew of new games, new hardware and lots of exciting things to look forward to! We give our impressions of the three day event, and a run down of our favourites from the shows!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on June 1, 2016Welcome to Podcast vs Player episode 96! This week: Death Threats over No Mans Sky delay...Man finds an unexpected guest in a Playstation 4...Xbox One 'Scorpio' rumours...and More!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on May 23, 2016Great Scott! It's only another podcast! This week:Project Spark is DEAD...Fable cries Racism...Disney Infinity is DEAD...Plus, Uncharted 4, Fallout 4, Doom and more!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on May 11, 2016Welcome to PvP's Captain America: Civil War Spoilercast, where, as you've probably guessed, we spoil the shit out of Captain America: Civil War.By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on May 9, 2016Welcome to Podcast vs Player Episode 94, this week: Doom running at 200FPS on the new Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU...Power Rangers Reboot Movie...Battlefield 1 (we called it!) and more!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on May 4, 2016Welcome to PvP#93, this week, we have the news of the next Call of Doody, complete with the remaster of Modern Warfare...The Punisher getting his own Netflix spin off show...our spoiler free Captain America: Civil War thoughts, and lots of rambling and swearing.By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on April 26, 2016Welcome to this weeks Podcast vs Player, the podcast where we talk about stuff, with words and things.This week: Amazon making Select Games Exclusive to Prime...Darksouls Boardgame...and X-Men: Apocalypse, will it SUCK BALLS?By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on April 19, 2016Well! After a few weeks of spoiler casts replacing the weekly podcast, we have returned! And with great news!We have collaborated with the amazingly talented Aviators who has very kindly allowed us to use his song Snowblind, as the theme to our new Goldeneye Source series, Snowblind. Listen to us talk about that, plus muc ...…
Aired on March 31, 2016Welcome to the PvP Daredevil Season 2 Spoilercast! As with all our spoilercast, there's (obviously) LOADS Of SPOILERS, so if you haven't seen it yet, watch it first, then come back and check this out!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on March 28, 2016Well, we saw Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice at the weekend, and we have things to say. Lot's to say, even, so, if you've not seen it, go see it, then come back and have a listen, because we are going to spoil EVERYTHING!By (Podcast vs Player).
Aired on March 13, 2016With the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War hitting our lives this week, and the last trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice landing a short while ago, we've got all our opinions, speculations and more on the two comic big-dukes!Plus: Ghostbusters, Uncharted 4, Hitman and MORE!…
Aired on March 3, 2016After some technical difficulties, hiccups and stupid audio problems during edits, this weeks podcast is finally here! So, this week:Sony Files Patent for PlayStation Glove ControllerRocket League Batman v Superman DLC InboundThe Division Won't Have MicrotransactionsAnd of course, our hands on with the Division Beta, our t ...…
Aired on February 16, 2016Welcome to this weeks Podcast vs Player, Episode 88! This week:Taylor Swift Video Game on the Way, Described as "One-of-a-Kind......Early E3 Predictions; WE WERE RIGHT!......‘Error 53’ fury mounts as Apple software update threatens to kill your iPhone 6......and of course...The Deadpool movie is AMAZING!…
Aired on February 4, 2016Welcome to Podcast vs Player episode 87! This week, in glorious stereo sound:Halo's Arbiter Appearing in Killer Instinct...Fallout: New Vegas Is Getting a Multiplayer Mod...and our early E3 2016 PREDICTIONS!By (Podcast vs Player).
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