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The Paranormal Eh? Radio Network brings you a number of shows which will take you into the dark and scare the crap out of you or if that is not your thing we can take you into the world of entertainment with independent rock bands or movie history or reviews and if that is still not your thing please let us take you into the world of pro wrestling and UFC.
Baseball HQ Radio
Baseball HQs internet radio show brings you weekly fantasy baseball insights from our top analysts and special guests. Join host Patrick Davitt as we uncover the inner workings of what it takes to win.
I've always wanted to do my own podcast / Radioshow, so here it is! a Monthly show packed with the latest House tunes, the newest grooves I've selected especially for you. Expect some premieres of myself and of course the Classic Cut of the month (a Throwback to a track that influenced me and made me dance :-)
We are exposing the lies that are promoted by the main stream media in Canada and telling the TRUTH where ever it leads!
Emanuele Colabello aka “Pastello” is an italian DJ/PRODUCER, member with Denz Devarez of Pastello Boys and also member of QHRadio. Promoting Quality House music in the World with his radioshow “DeepDepartment” u can listen the Deep sensations of Quality House Music....Deep Department every monday from: 5pm to 6pm CETlive on QHRadio
ESPN Radio New Hampshire is Southern NH's affiliate for ESPN Radio, locally owned and operated by Absolute Broadcasting in Nashua, NH. It's the exclusive home in Manchester and Nashua for the Boston Red Sox, Nashua Silver Nights & the Division One UMASS Lowell Riverhawks. Locally produced "Christian & King" from 12P-3P, "Glenn Ordway" from 3-6P and "The High School Insiders 6-7P every Monday through Friday. Award winning High School Football and Basketball coverage. It's the exclusive home f ...
EH Radio
A multi-format podcast released every two weeks, for people who like mysteries, stories, politics, and making dark jokes in order to cope with humanity's rapid decay and implosion. Final Call is a weekly call-in show hosted by Nora Webb where anonymous callers share their thoughts about culture, current events, pseudo-philosophy and personal stories about their lives. Field Recordings is a serial documentary that chronicles Nora's extended stay at her mother's house in her hometown of Electr ...
Atmospheric Pressure brings you Afro Deep and Soulful House.
So if you like your undergound House music Deep and dirty playing you the freshest Deep ,Tech, Minimal House around also giving you the latest info on where you can catch me playing out live and my latest mixes or to book me at your event this is the place to be!
These are the podcast files for my Arabic show "People and Society" As well as my English panel discussions and interviews in Friday Night Live. Different personalities and community leaders and organization spokespeople talk to me about the services provided to the community and the experiences gained and shared with my listeners.
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2018-08-17 Friday Full Edition features guest expert Justin Mason, of Fangraphs/Rotographs, discussing surges by Tyler Glasnow, Kevin Gausman and Clay Buchholz, assessing prospects, the Tout Wars Daily Fantasy championship round and his Boons and Banes. Also NL/AL News, Minor League Minute, Frequent Fliers, Talk With Todd, Master Notes ... Runs ...…
More great paranormal programing with the crew from After Hours AM
This person ‘Cortez’ who is nothing more than a Bernie Sanders Communist She has no idea about anything
These comments are just that in a Country where you supposed to have free speech it appears
The OG's of paranormal radio are back
The murder of a Baltimore County police officer by a 16-year-old black male with an extensive criminal past has sparked national outrage.
How can any organization put a message out that blatantly promotes GIRLS over BOYS. Surely any society wants ALL it’s citizens to succeed
The crew from Strang Things Radio are back for more great paranormal radio
The Democrats let me decode that (Liberal socialist democrats) look enviously abroad to what has befallen the UK Europe and even Canada Where these Countries have destroyed democracy and FREE SPEECH in favor of one religion is some misguided view that multiculturalism is better just as socialism is in their minds…
Enter the paranormal with After Hours AM
we are going to take you down the rabbit hole of horror and give you all the info you need to watch all the best horror has to offer.
2018-08-10 Friday Full Edition: Ray Murphy... Runs 2:15:45By (Patrick Davitt &
The number of migrant sea arrivals in populist Italy, so far in 2018, is down 80 percent compared to last year, whilst surging by over 350 percent in the same period in socialist Spain.
Another great episode of Strange Things Radio
This piece is from the daily telegraph in the uk links on my siteFinland has decided to end its experiment with a universal basic income, in which people are paid an unconditional salary by the state instead of benefits.
PC’ness even controlling those of the religion of peace While they are doing this Covering up FGM cases Here’s the other part Other than here you can find this video NOWHERE on the internet
Trudeau still attacks Canadians while on the surface helping business
I pulled this piece from F & F and Stewart Varney He talks about socialism and real experience in the UK
Addiction is covered on this episode of Mental Wasteland
Kevin has guest Peter Haviland on to talk everything paranormal.
2018-08-03 Friday Full Edition w/guest Jeff Zimmerman (Fangraphs/Rotographs), discussing trade deadline fantasy fallout, stats-based pitcher prospect rankings, more ... Also NL/AL News, Minor League Minute, Frequent Fliers, , Talk With Todd, Master Notes ... Runs 2:33:55By (Patrick Davitt &
On an up-to-the-second edition of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio — scintillating paranormal talk with hosts Joel Sturgis, Eric Olsen, and Heidi Hollis — we dig into the astonishing VISTA spacetime warp project with renowned investigator/author Joshua P. Warren. We talk with Joshua Top of hour 2; atTop of 1 Joel, Eric, and Heidi dis ...…
Local residents in the Bavarian town of Kaufbeuren have voted to reject a proposal to build a new mosque
We take a look at the dark web and the youtube craze of dark web mystery box videos and if they seem to be real or not. For your free audible trial please click this link
This piece I am doing is a flash back in time why is that relevant to todayWELL because it explains a lot about why the west is in such a mess and if the MSM at the time had done their JOB of defending Freedom and free speec
The Crew from Strange Things Radio kicks off the new season of The PEH? Radio Network.
This is Stewart Varney F & F commenting on Jamie Diamon of JP Morgan The point I want to make about this piece is the part Americans at present don’t have worry about
Today's #mm Canada is infested with Communists in all the great municipalities in every part of the Country Listen to this Liberal Communist even gloss over a Govt Dept for housing with a $40Billion dollar budget THAT's RIGHT you will hear that SOCIALISM 101 #cdnploi
For those of you who think that 57genders has acted extra-constitutionally and should be brought to account,take heart from these words
2018-07-27 Friday Full Edition with guest expert Scott Pianowski (Yahoo! Sports), discussing boring value, next season's top players, Boons and Banes ... Also NL/AL News, Minor League Minute, Frequent Fliers, Talk With Todd, Master Notes ... Runs 2:33:30By (Patrick Davitt &
Everywhere there is uncontrolled immigration Areas and Countries are changed and converted into clones of their home Countries Rather than integrating they prefer to Colonize
something was said by someone I know quite well Now in the clip this person talks about different refugees But I don’t think that’s the point Rather that many people feel this way and politicians are ignoring them
This piece does do an admirable job trying to both understand and justify why they think 57genders Trudeau has done and what he has done and continues to doIt doesn’t tell the whole story
Hungarian Foreign Minister DEMOLISHES triggered BBC reporter calling for open borders in Europe
This just underlines what the western Governments are about They zero interest in protecting its citizens Its far more important to them to keep their failed multi-cultural policies going that fly in face of reality
Hi everyone I have just uploaded last nights show live on the big one and its ready for you to download now enjoy.
2018-07-20 Friday Full Edition features a midseason roundtable... Ray Murphy and Todd Zola join host Patrick Davitt to discuss the best and worst player surprises of the season, players they like and don't like for the rest of the season, and more ... Also NL/AL News, Minor League Minute, Frequent Fliers, Pitcher Matchups, Master Notes ... Runs ...…
Why is it that when Muslims march in London threatening to destroy Britains top ally Nothing happens! Here’s the double standardWhen an ex-British military member wants to march in the North of England that’s considered dangerous and likely to cause a riot
But putting it simply they were not detached and impartial Who the GERMAN MEDIA sound familiar rather than reporting news dispassionately they clearly had their slant and opinion and the MSM wonder why the pubic doesn’t trust them
This is just part of this article which is from the Windsorstar on why some muslims in Canada will not as they say in their own words “conform”
Jacob Rees Mogg I contend as do others that he is in fact a Prime Minister in waiting
The reason I’m doing this is simple because it exposes how in lock step the MSM is the west
Hi everyone back once again for another instalment of the "Good Vibes radio Show" live and direct on London's Leading House Music Station playing those Deep,Tech Underground House Music every saturday night 6pm-8pm Gmt from London broadcasting around the world also live on facebook so if you like what your hearing please down ...…
2018-07-13 Friday Full Edition w/guest Paul Sporer of Fangraphs, discussing fantasy zombies, Boons and Banes, and more… Also NL/AL News, Minor League Minute, Frequent Fliers, Pitcher Matchups, Talk With Todd, Master Notes ... Runs 2:49:51By (Patrick Davitt &
Now if you are in any doubt how deceitful Senator McCain really is if you don’t know who he is he’s the Senator who comparatively recently famously made a thumb’s down gesture in the Senate when they were voting on healthcare reform
It’s about another whistle blower I am going to play to you part of a statement former I believe to be UK policeman was making to a committee looking into unspeakable crimes in the UK
Listen to Stuart Varney reporting on FOX and Friends June 13 He explains what Seattle council narrowly avoided and this should be a lesson to all
Make no mistake as The Prime minister attacks BREXIT supporters in her own Cabinet the knives are out The prime minister may think she has the final say
The vail has been removed I think it was Glenn Beck who said quite some time ago That at some point the cover will be taken off And it has been
2018-07-06 Friday Full Edition features Ray Murphy, BaseballHQ co-GM and columnist, discussing his bad Tout-Mixed team, tools to use in roster management, more … Also NL/AL News, Minor League Minute, Frequent Fliers, Talk With Todd, Master Notes ... Runs 2:33:05By (Patrick Davitt &
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