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The Read
Join bloggers Kid Fury and Crissle for their weekly podcast covering hip-hop and pop culture's most trying stars. Throwing shade and spilling tea with a flippant and humorous attitude, no star is safe from Fury and Crissle unless their name is Beyoncé. (Or Blue Ivy.)As transplants to New York City (Kid Fury from Miami and Crissle from Oklahoma City), The Read also serves as an on-air therapy session for two friends trying to adjust to life (and rats) in the big city.The Read is part of the L ...
The Read
Join bloggers Kid Fury and Crissle for their weekly podcast covering hip-hop and pop culture's most trying stars. Throwing shade and spilling tea with a flippant and humorous attitude, no star is safe from Fury and Crissle unless their name is Beyoncé. (Or Blue Ivy.)As transplants to New York City (Kid Fury from Miami and Crissle from Oklahoma City), The Read also serves as an on-air therapy session for two friends trying to adjust to life (and rats) in the big city.The Read is part of the L ...
LeVar Burton Reads
Lose yourself in a great story with LeVar Burton Reads. In each episode, host LeVar Burton (Reading Rainbow, Star Trek, Roots) hand-picks a different piece of short fiction, and reads it to you.
Read-Aloud Revival
It’s hard to connect with our kids in today’s busy, noisy world, but reading aloud gives us a chance to be fully present. We equip and inspire you to make meaningful and lasting connections with your kids through stories.
FT Big Read
An audio version of the best of the Financial Times's Big Reads — in-depth reporting from FT correspondents around the world. Listen to longform stories that explore and explain key themes in world news, science and business. Produced by Anna Dedhar.
The Guardian's Audio Long Reads podcasts are a selection of the Guardian’s long read articles which are published in the paper and online. It gives you the opportunity to get on with your day whilst listening to some of the finest journalism the Guardian has to offer: in-depth writing from around the world on immigration, crime, business, the arts and much more.
The Black List Table Reads takes the best and most exciting screenplays Hollywood hasn't yet made, and turns them into movies, for your ears. Black List founder Franklin Leonard presents a new script every month read by a rotating cast of talented actors, along with interviews from the Hollywood screenwriting community and beyond. Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to and use promo code EAR ...
What Should I Read Next? is the show for every reader who has ever finished a book and faced the problem of not knowing what to read next. Each week, Anne Bogel, of the blog Modern Mrs Darcy, interviews a reader about the books they love, the books they hate, and the books they're reading now. Then, she makes recommendations about what to read next. The real purpose of the show is to help YOU find your next read.
Enjoy daily readings for 365 days, each with one Old Testament reading, one New Testament reading, and one reading from the Psalms. Over the course of a year, you’ll read the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice. © 2018 Crossway. All Rights Reserved.
Interviews with authors and writers about their books, their writing habits, their favorite novels, and how they got started writing.
Scholastic Reads
A podcast about the joy and power of reading, exploring topics that matter to parents, educators, and the reader in all of us
Daily scripture readings, psalms, and prayers that follow in the ancient traditions of the Church. Follow along using the session outlines at or by using the Divine Office iPhone, iPod, iPad app or Android app. From ancient times the Church has had the custom of celebrating each day the liturgy of the hours. In this way the Church fulfills the Lord’s precept to pray without ceasing, at once offering praise to God the Father and interceding for the salvation of the world. For ...
Reading Plays
Reading plays is like a book group, but for plays. Each episode features an in depth discussion of a new or classic modern play. Each week we do a close reading of a play, discussing it’s merits, themes, issues raised, and so on. You can play along by reading or watching a production of the play before you listen to the show. Join Gareth Stack & James Van De Waal for a light hearted but in depth discussion of theatre, from classic French farce, to post modern drama.
Remembering the good, the bad, and the awkward parts of growing up
Kayray reads to you from her favorite children's books.
Reading Glasses
Do you love books? Want to learn how to make the most of your reading life? Join hosts Brea Grant and Mallory O’Meara every week as they discuss tips and tricks for reading better on Reading Glasses! Reading Glasses is a podcast designed to help you get more out of your literary experiences. As professional creatives and mega-readers, Mallory and Brea are experts on integrating a love of reading into a busy lifestyle. Reading Glasses listeners will learn how to vanquish their To-Be-Read pile ...
A long-form conversational podcast where an awesome British couple talk about their lives, fun stories, big ideas AND the thought-provoking things they’ve read online. It's sometimes serious, sometimes lighthearted, and everything inbetween! We *aim* to release a new episode about 3-4 weeks after the last one. We are ARTATpodcast on Twitter, Instagram, etc - come follow us! If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to email us at
Fantasy Football at its finest. We examine all of the weeks news, injuries, waiver wire additions and much, much more. Get a jump start on your competition and dominate your league while enjoying a unique blend of humor and analysis by several of fantasy football's rising stars.
A show where artists and changemakers read a favorite poem and talk about what it means to them. Co-created by Andy & Brendan Stermer.
Daily Mass Readings from the Catholic Lectionary, based on the New American Bible and approved for use in the United States of America.
Reading Women
Reading Women is bi-weekly podcast featuring books by or about women.
Readings from the official New American Bible and Vatican approved for use in U.S. Catholic parishes.
Read it and Weep
Read it and Weep is a good podcast about books, movies, and TV hosted by Alex Falcone. Each week, we discuss something from pop culture with an emphasis on blockbusters, failures, and nostalgia.
Inspirational Stories for Children of All Ages - Dr. Chrissi Hart reads Orthodox books for children both young and old.
Reading Aloud
Nate Corddry loves the written word. But he also loves the spoken word! So he brought them both together in a single podcast. It's a literary variety show of sorts! Reading Aloud presents some of the best live renditions of some of the most interesting works of literature of our time.Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to and use promo code EARWOLF for 1 month free (and $5 off the annual plan!)
Kwik Brain is a fun, fast-paced show designed to help busy people learn and achieve anything in a fraction of the time! Your coach, Jim Kwik (his real name), is the brain & memory trainer to elite mental performers, including many of the world’s leading CEO’s and celebrities. In this easy to digest bite-sized podcast, you will discover Kwik’s favorite shortcuts to read faster, remember more, and ‘supercharge’ your greatest wealth-building asset: your brain. Whether you’re a student, senior, ...
Close Reads
From the CiRCE Institute, Close Reads is a book-club podcast with Angelina Stanford, Tim McIntosh, and David Kern. We read Great Books and talk about them. Past discussions have considered Wendell Berry's JAYBER CROW, Jane Austen's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, Kenneth Grahame's THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS, and lots of short stories. For the complete list of shows go here:
Reading Envy
I'll have what you're reading!
Connect with God through the WordLive podcast from Scripture Union. Each weekday you'll be encouraged to pray, hear the Bible and be guided through comment about the Bible passage. Written by a number of different people and recorded sensitively, these audio meditations aim to help you meet with God through the Bible and prayer. For more info and additional content, visit
A close reading of the text of Karl Marx's Capital Volume I in 13 video lectures by Professor David Harvey.
‘I have written a blasphemous book’, said Melville when his novel was first published in 1851, ‘and I feel as spotless as the lamb’. Deeply subversive, in almost every way imaginable, Moby-Dick is a virtual, alternative bible – and as such, ripe for reinterpretation in this new world of new media. Out of Dominion was born its bastard child – or perhaps its immaculate conception – the Moby-Dick Big Read: an online version of Melville’s magisterial tome: each of its 135 chapters read out aloud ...
A close reading of the text of Karl Marx's Capital Volume I in 13 lectures by Professor David Harvey.
Magic Read Along
Follow along with Brian Lonsdorf and Hardy Jones as they explore the internet, life, and programming.
In this annual title fight, five celebrity panelists defend their favourite work of Canadian fiction. One by one, books are voted off the list, until one panelist triumphs with the book for Canada to read this year.
Podcast by Phoenix the Reader
Giving Voice to the Things You Didn't Want to Hear About
Based on the M'Cheyne reading system, this plan features 4 different readings for use in both family and personal devotions. Each day has two passages from the Old Testament, one from the New Testament, and one from either the Psalms or the Gospels. In one year, you’ll read the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice.
خوانش شعر/داستان فارسی و داستان ترجمه
LeVar Burton Reads
Lose yourself in a great story with LeVar Burton Reads. In each episode, host LeVar Burton (Reading Rainbow, Star Trek, Roots) hand-picks a different piece of short fiction, and reads it to you.
The Internets Auditory Version Of Reddit
Read or Dead
Read or Dead is a bi-weekly show dedicated to the worlds of mystery and thriller literature.
A daily podcast featuring the Tagalog Mass Readings (Filipino Mass Readings) of the Roman Catholic Church. We aim to give the Internet a soul and bring you the Good News wherever you may be.
Reading FC
Insight and analysis on Reading Football Club. Interviews with the manager, players and Reading legends plus goal action and previews of the club’s games. From BBC Radio Berkshire
Bible365 is a daily reading of God's Word to edify you and keep you focused on the Lord every day!
The best comic book podcast around. A weekly show spent discussing comic books, fixing comic books, the industry, and being a comics fan.
An occasional series of readings of ghost stories by a writer now better known for his social satire. Introduce and read by Richard Crowest
A Writer's Life Podcast is not for you. Don't listen. You're going to absolutely hate it. For the love of God, man, look away. Stop reading this. The literary world hates humorous approaches to their Kraft. That's right, Kraft. See what I did there? That's what we call metaphoric subversion. A term I just made up along with everything else I say on this horridly un-classy podcast. So if you know what's good for you, put "NPR" and "literature" in the podcast search field and listen ...
The DLF Read & React IDP Podcast brings you intelligent, hard-hitting IDP fantasy football analysis from the best dynasty IDP team in the industry. Hosted by dynasty fantasy football veterans Adam ‘Sticky’ Tzikas and Tom Klingsbury, you'll be enlightened and entertained by this casual yet informative podcast.
Reading the End
A book focused podcast in which Gin Jenny and Whisky Jenny review books and discuss events in the literary world.
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Down East Radio Reading Service's local broadcast for 05-24-18.By
LibriVox recording of שני ימים ולילה אחד בבית מלון אורחים (Two Days and One Night in a Hotel) by יהודה לייב גורדון Judah Leib Gordon Read in Hebrew by Omri Lernau Judah Leib Gordon was born to well-to-do Jewish parents who owned a hotel in Vilnius, Lithuan.... This item belongs to: audio/librivoxaudio. This item has files of the following types ...…
5 ways to tell if the guy you're dating is emotionally unavailable and won't commit. Okay, I've kinda vowed to always keep people I've dated fairly elusive. Giving just enough detail to subtly hint at the obvious, without naming names. But this one? It was too good not to. His name was Casper (I can't make this up). Late last year, I made an un ...…
After reading a lot of Gary Vee's stuff, I am learning that I need to do more documenting than creating. In this quick, digestable episode, I give you some encouragement to simply do it. To simply tell your story. To kick fear to the curb, and boldly share what's on your mind!
We had a fun study tonight. We hope it will be a blessing to you. Please enjoy, and know that God is faithful. He does not break His word, even when we are unfaithful.… Read the rest
An evolutionary analysis of pop tunes revealed that over the past 30 years songs have grown sadder—but the big hits buck that trend. Christopher Intagliata reports. -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.comBy Christopher Intagliata.
An evolutionary analysis of pop tunes revealed that over the past 30 years songs have grown sadder—but the big hits buck that trend. Christopher Intagliata reports. -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.comBy Christopher Intagliata.
For this episode the boys go guestless to discuss three of their favorite episodes. Nick hits below the belt with his episode of King of the Hill, Joe WOWs us with an episode of South Park that’s as nerdy as it is sick, and Jonathan picks the sad dog episode of Futurama because he’s a real shitvagina like that. We also discuss the controversy s ...…
After a quick cautionary tale about the perils of blind golf, this weeks episode of Double Tap Canada starts with the exciting announcement that the Aira service is now available in Canada. With this service visually impaired people can get help with anything from reading to mobility. The team turn to Tim, who has used Aira for a year, for his ...…
Join us for the news. Znacktime style. In other words, we read articles and make fun of them.
Due to reasons out of my control, I couldn’t make it to the Podcast recording today. So rather than leave Mike all alone, he recruited our friend Paul to come talk to you about his new favorite game… Yakuza 0! Yes it has been a busy month for us as we try to convert more people into playing the worlds greatest yakuza based game series. Mike and ...…
Necrot – BLOOD OFFERING- “Beneath” – – First listen/First Thoughts: not distracting like some black metal can be. Most bands or a few more than some, try to bludgeon you to death with drums going a thousand beats per or with low growled vocals. I like what Necrot is dishing out. Clean vocals, swaggering beat with all the heavines ...…
Not Silenced Anymore It’s easy to think of domestic violence as only moments of anger and physical abuse but when you look deeper it’s about one person controlling the other. Listen to Celia this week as she talks with Susan and Deb about their stories of domestic violence. Listen to the program ...…
Elon Musk goes on a tweet storm about the truthiness of major media outlets. Musk wants to setup a website where the public can rate the credibility of news outlets and ‘core-truth’ of news stories. We examine the issue, the problem and proposed solution. Starring Sarah Lane, Justin Robert Young and Roger Chang. MP3 Using a Screen Reader? Click ...…
Project Maven. A project headed up by the US government is one in which AI is needed to help drones discern what objects they see. Google seemingly has been helping out on this project, leading to several employee resignations. The larger issue here is why would you help a government that thinks it should scrape all of your (meaning Google) dat ...…
Neil Jacobs, assistant secretary of Commerce for Environmental Prediction and Observation, NOAA giving the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook. Read more at
This is our episode #56. Thank you for tuning in! Please subscribe and leave us a review! In today's episode, Katie goes over all you need to know about choosing the best email service for your blog or business. Katie prefers ConvertKit and you can get a free 2-week trial via her affiliate link: You ...…
We are so happy to welcome Jocelyn Daher to our podcast! Jocelyn’s gift is being able opening people’s hearts. In that opening, being able to see who you really are without who you think you should be for everyone else. This sacred space we create together is where your essence is able to be connect… Continue reading #10 Interview with Jocelyn ...…
This episode of Talkward welcomes comedy writer and performer Jonathan Zeller! Jonathan writes humor for many publications including The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, Weekly Humorist and performs stand-up comedy throughout NYC. He has a dog-friendly comedy show entitled The Good Dog Show on May 31st in Brooklyn and you should check it out here. Read ...…
With consternation, a long-haul big-rig truck driver reluctantly picks up a young woman seemingly injured on the side of an interstate highway and against his will and judgement takes her home to his wife who receives the girl as the child she never had and irreversibly alters the trucker’s future. Award-winning short story in the William Faulk ...…
Two of the 80s biggest movie icons are back, Sex and the City gets too big for HBO, Killer Klowns come to earth, Larry Sanders calls it quits, Mass Effect is freed from Xbox, Hope Floats, Lightning Crashes, and get... Read moreBy C.Ant.
On the May 24, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film senior writer Ben Pearson to talk about the latest film and tv news, including Sinemia, George RR Martin, Michael Bay’s Netflix movie and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. We’ll also try to answer a question in the Mail Bag about who is responsible for t ...…
Etiquette of thank you notes, who to send thank you notes to and when enough is enough? What are some alternative ways to say thank you without sending a thank you card? What do you think? Have we gone to far with thank you notes and thank you cards? When does it become simply silly? … Continue reading "Thank-You Notes; To Send or Not To Send?"…
This show is about a higher calling of Love,those committed to this higher calling and would like my assistance. This is a DRAMA FREE zone. Feel the love of the Angels and the Universal Love Realm. You can ask questions about chakras or about strengthening your conection to Universal Love. There will be channeled Angels messages on one question ...…
My friend Kat the Witch reads my cards. Catch more content at
Grace, from Ms. Bryant's 2nd Grade class reads from her book review of "Ivy + Bean" by Annie Barrows. This realistic fiction is full of fun characters!
A rainmaker in the Gulf of Mexico that could develop into a tropical depression or storm is expected to cause extreme flooding along the Northwest Florida coastline this weekend. Read more here.
Savannah Morning News editorial page editor Adam Van Brimmer discusses last night's Best of Preps banquet and his takeaway from the keynote speaker, former Georgia linebacker David Pollack. Also, previews of tomorrow's opinion page. Read this morning's commute here.
Welcome to Week 6 of the pod. We're here to discuss movies based on Classic Literature. It's a throwback to our high school readings! High school never ends.
The other morning when I turned on my computer it was not my computer, it was a complete stranger. It demanded a password, which I had never used. My desktop icons were gone, my preferences obliterated, many of my links disabled. My lock screen no longer displayed my favorite family … Continue reading →…
Roland Millington continues the dramatic reading series with Ecclesiastes 9. The Penguin Dictionary Of Ancient History by Doxent Zsigmond (c) ...
We interview Spike Trivet, a man on the scene. In this case a privileged, violent man on the independent British wrestling scene. Listen in to learn a little more about the person behind Spike, his love of ‘your mum’ jokes, his secret tattoo, and more. Check his privilege! You can also listen to You Total … Continue reading You Total Cult Ep.75 ...…
Nate is offered heroin and Jarvis attempts to take Nate’s life by feeding him hot sauce as they struggle through the pain to talk about: Bill Cosby and his new Jello Rape-pops campaign, North Korea and South Korea and they also read their first 2 emails and give terrible advice!
Many people are conditioned into thinking that earthly royalty is essential. Have we masqueraded elegant as an excuse for excess? I watch many people plan events that promise expensive and elaborate fixings. However, nice as that sounds to imagine ourselves as earthly royalty, have we given ourselves the right to justify spending? Jesus did not ...…
Follow Tom Santilli on Twitter (@tomsantilli) Read Tom's Recap of Finale Episode here. 0:00 - Intro/Episode Recap and Analysis 9:09 - Exit Interview with Wendell Holland 23:45 - Exit Interview with Domenick Abbate 38:06 - Exit Interviews with Donathan Hurley and Sebastian Noel 52:04 - Exit Interviews with Laurel Johnson and Angel ...…
Linda Hogan preaches for Trinity Sunday offering a reflection on the Church's commission to 'into all the world and make disciples of all nations' in today's diverse world. Linda Hogan - Professor of Ecumenics at Trinity College Dublin - is an ethicist with experience in research and teaching in pluralist and multi-religious contexts. Her prima ...…
Ramadan Brain has well and truly hit us over here bruh. This was a fun little conversation, checking in on how Ramadan is going and discussing how annoying it is to hear "NoT eVeN wAteR?!" from people. We arrive a little late to the party, we know but discuss Childish Gambino's "This is America" music video. What did you interpret it as? Why di ...…
This week we had a non spoiler Deadpool 2 review. Eric tells his story about his first strip club. Al talks about some new manga he's reading and on the comics segment we went over No justice #2. On the game segment we talk about the new Kingdom Hearts 3 info!
Recorded: 22/05/2018In this episode, the boys invite award-winning author patter king Chris McQueer to talk about books, Scottish comedy and what dictator he could batter.BUY HINGS: LEATHERED: LAUNCH @ SUB CLUB: https://speculative-books-events.even... ...…
This episode is a reading from a recent Medium post, part of an occasional series about statements that I find myself saying pretty often in my work as a therapist. Medium posts can be found at
We love talking with scholars and thought leaders on Democracy Works, but we’d also like to bring you the everyday stories of democracy in action. This the first installment in that series. We visited the central Pennsylvania chapter of Moms Demand Action and heard how they are using the power of conversation to reframe the gun … Continue readi ...…
Savannah Police Chief Mark Revenew responds to the grand jury decision on the Ricky Boyd case. Read more at
Larry Snow with the Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News for Thursday, May 24th, 2018. In Vehicle News From DigitalTrends.Com BMW racing to patch 14 security vulnerabilities found in its cars Chinese researchers discovered 14 vulnerabilities on the onboard computers of a number of BMW vehicles, leading the automaker to begin issu ...…
Segment 1: What does diversity in the workplace look like today? When people talk about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, it's usually from the standpoint of the employer. But what about the employee perspective? And for local professionals of color, how does it translate to the day-to-day realities of going to work? Nicole Jacobs Silve ...…
The inaugural episode of Christ-Haunted is live! Join us as we discuss what we plan to do with the pod, set some ground rules for how we’ll read scripture, and discuss Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians.Send prayer requests, questions, comments to We’re @bechristhaunted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We’d app ...…
I'm SO EXCITED to look back and share my insights on how energy was working through my life in my years in the CONCERT industry. From Back Stage Passes at Rock N Roll Shows to Opera! Come join me next week! Fun readings are part of my plan too! 😇💖😇We are all connected by the same energy!!! Join me for my unique perspective. Feel free to find me ...…
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