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RealTalk MS
Jon Strum cuts through all the jargon and breaks down the latest multiple sclerosis news. You’ll meet the scientists who are creating tomorrow’s MS treatments today. You’ll hear from the experts discussing how the latest tweaks and changes to our healthcare laws will impact your MS treatment. And we’ll be talking to the courageous MS warriors who are out there advocating on behalf of the MS community every day, as well as the men and women who are committed to living their best lives with MS ...
Introducing RealTalk. Real, insightful discussions with the most influential, progressive and creative minds in the world today - whilst getting drunk.
Dan Cable Presents
A glimpse into the Northwest music scene, spotlighting local/independent/touring artists.With live in-studio performances, conversations, and shenanigans!!!
Helping others Believe in themselves. Motivate and Educate themselves to move forward.
Dietitians have a lot to say about nutrition, food, and health. Join host Heather Caplan and her registered dietitian (RD) peers as they talk shop, share their philosophies, and keep it real with you.
Not So Sexy™
A bi-weekly podcast that makes sex easy to talk about. Alexander - Creator and host of Not So Sexy realized that he didn't really know anything about sex. He was having it, enjoying it, but not really understanding how it affected him or the people he cared for. Not So Sexy was a way, and a response to, a world where he saw people being hurt and confused because of sex. Either they didn't know how to talk about it, felt shame because of the things or people they liked, or found themselves in ...
Your BFF Podcast
Mel and Jen are the two best friends you never knew you needed, but always wanted. Wellllll...... maybe. Join your new BFFs every Wednesday for discussions about everything from friendship to career changes to the human centipede.
We were born to burn with blazing passion for Christ. Come hear truth that fans the flames, shatters the shackles and sets captives free!
Not your average podcast! We talk about disability and inclusion issues! Listen on most of your favorite podcast platforms! #realtalk #disability #podcast #inclusion #anchor
Poolside Podcast
A #realtalk conversation about all things business, marketing, social media and the entrepreneur life.
Realtalk Rell
Come teach me
Absolute Global's newest feature is a talk show called Real Talk with Robert Simmons. The show focuses on social and economic issues.
Musician's RealTalk
Musician's RealTalk is a podcast which focuses on life stories of musicians in the DMV area (Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia). The content of the stories are both substantive and historical told first-hand by the artist themselves. The podcast is equally beneficial to musicians and non-musicians, as there is something everyone can take from these life stories. A quote from one listener, "Musician's RealTalk is real talk that is real good". So take a moment and check out the Musician's ...
RealTalk Show
Welcome to RealTalk Show, where amazing things happen.
Welcome to the RealTalk podcast where real estate and real people connect.... for real!
For a mature audience RealTalk with Pasha B discusses topics that affect ordinary people. From relationships to current affairs, there's something for everybody. No subject is too taboo. RealTalk with Pasha B supports the arts and those that create it.
We talk with some of the most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs in Kansas City. We learn about their inspirations, challenges, humble beginnings and giving back.
Just some gals with potty mouths.
Glass Full of Soul
This podcast is all about celebrating women and wine! Getting into all the things in life that drive us and make us happy. We'll be chatting with inspiring women and getting down to the #realtalk of life and finding balance within ourselves.
Welcome to the Luis Belville’s #Realtalk podcast, where thoughts are said out loud and realizations hit me I hope as hard as they hit you. Otherwise enjoy my nonsense! Season 6 starting April 1, 2019! 🔥NEW episodes on Tuesdays & Thursday’s!! 👀 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Welcome to the Simply Straight Talk Podcast with your host Reggie Maddox, online life coach and founder of RM Viagem. The Simply Straight Talk Podcast is designed to empower people to take charge of their lives while making better decisions. Reginald uses lessons from his personal and professional life in a manner that the audience will benefit the most.Bringing together real-life illustrations and memorable stories.
Treign Talk
We're coaches who care and we want to fundamentally change the way you approach fitness.We discuss topics from strength training to mental health with a bit of #realtalk.
In this podcast we will discuss various different topics about different real life things No Holds Barred as raw and real as we can possibly get
This is where we talk about real life, real situations, real experiences with real people. If you arnt being real you’re being fake.
Ranger RealTalk
A Power Ranger podcast about everything happening in the Power Ranger world from conventions to toys and Beyond so stay tuned for the future of Ranger real talk
HighWay 2 Change
HighWay 2 Change ~ We talk Longevity through a Healthy Lifestyle:We are built for change, and we are all on our path of change! So first off it's #realtalk 'Real Life Stories' - for and with 'Real People'. No sissy crap, simply put it's how hard work get's it done, going from nothing to something, negative to positive.My mission is about self awareness through the mind-body-soul Trifecta ❤️🙌👊 I aim to inspire that WANT for Change with my Music~ Motivation~ MindsetCover art photo provided by ...
Real Talks
Each Real Talks episode provides a prominent Irish figure with the opportunity to talk about life lessons, leadership, resilience, purpose, sport, passions and much more.Season One features 10 leading GAA players speaking in a way they have never been heard before. Guests include Kevin McManamon, a four time All-Ireland winner with Dublin, and Brendan Maher, Tipperary’s All-Ireland winning captain in 2016. No more clickbait. No more soundbites. Choose real people. Choose real stories. Alan O ...
The Human Ascension Project Podcast is a force for human unity and a consciousness upgrade on earth. We create the possibility of human ascension, discuss what that can look like, highlight what real people are doing to manifest that possibility, and offer tangible action steps that listeners can take to transform their individual and the collective reality. Topics include communication, paradigm, ways of being, business/commerce, community participation, integrity, and unity. Questions answ ...
HOST/EXECUTIVE PRODUCER-TANYA WHITESHOW WILL BE RELAUNCHED LATE 2018. TUESDAY NIGHTS AT 8 PM EST.Real Talk With Tanya White a lifestyle, relationship and news entertainment show, is brought to you by, features various guests that include, celebrities, artists, authors, small business owners, public speakers, consultants, media personality and other influential guests who will address REAL TALK about REAL ISSUES to enhance your REAL LIFE. Tanya White and her electrifying gu ...
Naming It
Naming It features Bay Area Psychologists, Dr. Bedford Palmer & Dr. LaMisha Hill, who explore the intersections of Social Justice, Psychology, & Blackness. They introduce aspects of counseling psychology that are not commonly thought of, and engage listeners in a conversation about pop-culture and current events in a way that delves deeper, and focuses on how it all impacts on our lives. The Mission of Naming It is to call out the elephant in the room, and to call in the voices of social jus ...
Real talk, honest talk, authentic talk about theology, the church, society, and relationships.
SoapBox Productions and Organizing's affiliate podcast pairs critical analyses of media, culture, politics, and everyday happenings with the tastiest of spirits. With the occasional help of Chicago’s most talented and creative activists, filmmakers, academics, and social entrepreneurs, BrownTown (friends and SoapBox colleagues Caullen Hudson and David A. Moran) unpacks current events, social issues, and gives personal insight into various topics. Find more at Follow @S ...
RealTalk Radio With A Christian Twist "ALWAYS REMEMBER TO BREAK THE CYCLE"
Power moves
Just running my 👄 Hopefully I can take this thing to a whole other level.. Thanx for listening
Online video and podcast show helping you to think bigger, work smarter and be more effective in life and business.
Podcast by Denzil Edmeade
RealTalk~RealWoman with jaxx is an original weekly internet radio show and worldwide podcast full of heart. This very empowering show is often imitated, but never duplicated. Share in the laughs, life testimonies, and stories of empowerment from amazing people from all walks of life. Shows are spirit filled with powerful discussions, entertainers, artists, authors, and everyday good people. Join in! Tell your family and friends!
always approachable, never pretentious: realtalk on health, wellness, and eco-friendliness for 20-somethings
#NBA #TheTankAwakens #Hornets #CharlotteHornets #BuzzCity #NBADraft #DraftTalk #Draft
Welcome to the FOBPODcast, where we speak on trillistic topics!
RealTalk Podcast
Real Talk is a Podcast that brushes on all sorts of topics: Current Events, Video Games, Sports, and anything the hosts or listeners want to talk about!
RB's Real Talk
Choice FM has launched a series of seminars lead by Richard Blackwood and a guest panel of speakers to inspire, educate & empower us all. To find out more and to attend one of the seminars visit
Real Food Real Talk
New Shows, new format, coming Summer 2015! Real Food Real Talk was born out of countless conversations between Ray and Jacqueline revolving around their love of food and all that goes along with it. From gardening and sustainability, to food justice and natural food products, their interests and tastes range the full spectrum of the food world. Based in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, the show focuses on local issues, businesses, and puts you in touch with the food stories of the day. ...
T2B Podcast
Hey guys! Jeff & Steph here. Tune in Mondays as we #realtalk about the Gay experience... from Top 2 Bottom. #t2bpodcast
Podcast of the website Videogame realtalk. It's what we do.
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Robots?? Really??? The answer is YES! World renowned robotics expert Dr. Maja Mataric joins us on the podcast, and we're talking about how socially assistive robots could be real game-changers for people living with MS and other chronic conditions, as well as their caregivers. We're also talking about the $24.4 million investment by the Nationa ...…
#REALTALK 26Every week #REALTALK podcast discusses real issues from money management, debt, investing, weight loss, love, motivation and fitness plus so much more This podcast is for real people dealing with real issues wanting real solutions and advice.This week's podcast is with Joseph Bailey an Executive Search Consultant. Joseph discusses t ...…
Bedford and LaMisha give a shout out to the DND (Dungeons & Dragons) community before shifting gears and talking about “What’s Going On” with the recent arson committed against Black churches. They explain how these attacks are part of an ongoing effort to traumatize Black communities in the name of white supremacy. The hosts go on to discuss s ...…
It comes a time when enough and this is that time! We have to come together as a people point blank Period. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
We're back for a HOTBOX edition at Mel's (so not authentic hotbox)to talk about diet culture and how we're fed up.
On the road to Emmaus, Jesus revealed the power of the resurrection to be the fulfillment of scripture in the arrival of fire-baptized preaching. Because Christ suffered, died and rose again, there is POWER that is to accompany and testify to the validity of our preaching. So, why are so many of our pulpits filled with less? Why is so much prea ...…
I sit down with "The Brain Broad" Lynette Louise to talk her INCREDIBLE special needs journey.... and relate it to my rhetoric class Follow Lynette Websites and socials: http ...…
GUESTS Tia Haywood, born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, is the Managing Attorney and Solo-Practitioner of Haywood Monte Law Offices and consultant to Shiller Preyar Law Offices mainly specializing in immigration, civil rights, and criminal defense. She graduated from Howard University (undergraduate), Case Western Reserve University Sc ...…
We Are Impala is an instrumental post rock band based just outside of Barcelona, Spain. On a recent trip to Barcelona, I had the chance to hang out with the band. We chatted about their new record "Visions", how the band started, and how they are evolving and growing into their own as a band and as a group of friends. To keep up with We Are Imp ...…
Today on the Simply Straight Talk show, your host Reggie Maddox is discussing some of things people do that drive us crazy. Some of us have a high patience level while others have limited to no patience. People have a way of making you laugh or wanting to create a new dictionary for vulgar words. Something absolutely minuscule can really get un ...…
Kimmie Singh MS RD2Be joins us to talk about all things weight-inclusive care for PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Kimmie describes how her "informal" nutrition education started young, while she was studying physics in college, when she was diagnosed with PCOS at age 19. Given little medical guidance or nutrition resources, Kimmie took it u ...…
Recapping week 9 (episode 10) of Survivor: Edge of Extinction with Jon Jon Follow Jon Jon on twitter and Instagram: Follow me on twitter and Instagram “Like” the Real Talk: All Things Inclusi ...…
Fear Of Missing Out Psychology #IYP I go all in on how I spent my New Years in 2019, and how for the first time ever pretty much I was absolutely beside myself with how perfect it was. As well with how and who I spent it with. See for me since way back when, like I'm talking grade school I always wanted and maybe even needed to be right there i ...…
Recapping week 8 (episode 9) of Survivor: Edge of Extinction Follow me on twitter and Instagram “Like” the Real Talk: All Things Inclusion Facebook Page! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: ...…
Every week the #REALTALK podcast provides INSPIRING, MOTIVATING and EMPOWERING content to take your life to the next levelThis podcast is for real people looking to discuss real issues around motivation, wellbeing, health, relationships and finance.Every Wednesday GenInvest takes over the #RealTalk podcast to focus on increasing your Financial ...…
Oh yeah we're telling diet culture to F#&K off. And we hope you are too. Even if you aren’t following an official diet, you are most likely adopting a mindset and behaviours that have been at least partly conditioned by diet culture.<< 4 minute listen >>
On the first installment of our How to Live Your Life series, Mel and Jen are joined by the hosts of the Turned Up Podcast, Jake Jones and Robert Venable, to discuss love, life, and everything in between. Also, kittens. Come see us at PodX and get 10% off your tickets using code BFF. We are taking our How to Live Your Life series before a live ...…
On this solo episode, I talk about the dos and don'ts of being or becoming an influencer. I share how I got started and how my blog evolved into the "influencer" on Instagram that I am today. How I determine who to work with, how to reach out to brands, how to negotiate your cost and why valuing your time, content and audience is so important.…
Is it possible to be saved and sexy? Join us tonight as we have fun with this topic while hitting serious points
We're at a point in time when there's a tremendous amount of interest as well as confusion surrounding cannabis-based treatments for MS. My guest is Aryn Sieber, the CEO and Founder of the CannaCauses Foundation and Cannaisseur Brands. Aryn is a strong advocate of using cannabis-derived treatments to help relieve symptoms of disease processes, ...…
I sit down with teacher Mandi Dorrell to talk all things OCD. Follow Mandi: Website: Instagram: Find CBT therapists and group therapist in your area at Follow me on twitter and Instagram ...…
Welcome #REALTALK Every week #REALTALK podcast discusses real issues from money management, debt, investing, weight loss, love, motivation and fitness plus so much more This podcast is for real people dealing with real issues wanting real solutions TODAY.Every Monday GenInvest takes over the #RealTalk podcast to focus on financial investing wit ...…
This week we interview Angela, a sex therapist. She talks to us about how to have the best sex, what it means to be in an abusive relationship, and shares with us details about her divorce. Even an expert in relationships can sometimes get it wrong. It's always good to remember that. As always if you have questions, comments, etc - email us at ...…
Progression Energy Times are Changing #IYP Remember this Today as you listen "today is the first day of the rest of your life" these energies boy oh boy this energies are knocking me all over the road. There are days and times I feel like I just went 12 rounds with Tyson... So let's talk progression, and by this I mean our day to day progressio ...…
On this episode of the Simply Straight Talk Show, we are discussing the impact of criticism. To be completely honest, no one likes being criticized, especially from people we are not fond of in life. If doesn't matter if we find a person’s criticism to be valid or invalid, it can be a serious blow to our self-esteem and motivation. We all desir ...…
Thin privilege exists. It's not a blessing, an entitlement, a praise on anyone's body size (or lack thereof), it's not a label, not something you've asked for, and not something you've earned. It is sociocultural and systemic. It is oppressing body types that exist outside the accepted norm. It is the ease of existing in this world, as Cara Har ...…
Track Listing:Haley Johnsen - "Everything Comes Back Again"Brother Not Brother - "Jack Herer"Chris King & The Gutterballs "The River"Autonomics - "Beach Gaze" Live from The Doug Fir Weeed - "I See You"Instagram:@haleyjohnsenmus@brothernotbrotherband@gutterstagram@autonomics @weeedbandAutonomics video link: ...…
This is the audio version of our blog!This episode is going to make you think a little bit about what skills you want to develop to be harder to kill. << 7minute listen >>
New Years Resolution's Statistic's The Good and Bad #IYP So another January 1 has come and gone, another Spring or Fall or Birthday or "That One Day" has come and gone... So has that motivation to change, the good old pump up for that day we PLAN to Start (which I think is the biggest lie we tell ourselves because that pretend date makes us fee ...…
I sit down with Purpose Pioneer Alexandria Agresta to discuss how we can combine purpose and business. Follow Alexandria: Instagram: Facebook: Website: “Like” the Real Talk: All Things Inclusion Facebook Page! ...…
Welcome #REALTALK podcast episode 23Every week #REALTALK podcast discusses real issues from money management, debt, investing, weight loss, love, motivation and fitness plus so much more This podcast is for real people dealing with real issues wanting real solutions today.This week's podcast is with Brendan Turner a Wellbeing, Life and Movement ...…
Welcome to #RealTalk 22Every week the #REALTALK podcast provides INSPIRING, MOTIVATING and EMPOWERING content to take your life to the next levelThis podcast is for real people looking to discuss real issues around motivation, wellbeing, health, relationships and finance.Every Wednesday GenInvest takes over the #RealTalk podcast to focus on inc ...…
During the second half of our conversation with Neal Reddy, things go a little off the rails. There's talk of gratitude, kids with iPads, nail art, coffee milkshakes, if KISS is actually a good band, and how to get comfortable doing things solo. Oh, and also buttholes. And dick pics. We're so sorry. All our love and gratitude to Neal for not on ...…
Your Thoughts Become Your Reality #IYP Ahh, ya rite but only if you actually believe what the phuck it is you are thinking in the first place. What do I mean by that, well after 10 years in the soto zen game as well as the mind and mental development game I have come to the understanding that thinking it and saying it (even out loud) is one thi ...…
"Welcome to the show Julie Harrish. Julie is the co-owner and co-founder of 6ix Cycle, a spin studio in Toronto. Julie shares her journey of starting in the fitness industry, competing and eventually teaching spin which leads her to open her own studio in a new city. She shares the challenges of starting a business in Toronto while still living ...…
Ev and her sister Kat have been living and breathing gymnastics since they were little and have JUST opened their new facility in Marrickville "Dalecki Strength"!Join us as we learn a little bit more about Ev and her journey..
In less than a decade, Meat Fight has actually grown from a backyard barbecue to a non-profit organization that hosts several different fundraising events, offers some unique programs for people affected by MS, and has raised more than $1 million dollars for the National MS Society. My guest today is Alice Laussade, the creator of Meat Fight, a ...…
Recapping week 7 (episode 8) of Survivor: Edge of Extinction “Like” the Real Talk: All Things Inclusion Facebook Page! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Join our Discord server here: Le ...…
Welcome #REALTALK 21Every week #REALTALK podcast provides INSPIRING, MOTIVATING and EMPOWERING content to take your life to the next levelThis podcast is for real people looking to discuss real issues around motivation, wellbeing, health, relationships and finance. Every Monday GenInvest takes over the #RealTalk podcast to focus on financial in ...…
We understand that podcasts are easy to digest.. so here's an audio version of our blog!If you’re struggling to stay consistent and you’re really not sure if you can continue to workout any longer.. here are some reasons to help you decide to throw in the towel this week..
Age Ain't Nothing But A Number #IYP We have all heard this before (well at least I have) that Age Ain't Nothing But A Number (but to be honest when I hear it, it is usually is said when looking at an older guy with a younger women). However today it's all about the fact that we (yup each and every one of us) can be and get better no matter what ...…
Super Secret Band is a Portland, Oregon based fusion band. I chatted with the band about 5G, 5M, their creative process, and why they dig playing music with one another. This episode features their debut single, "Oregonic Tonic" available on soundcloud. To keep up with Super Secret Band and the Dan Cable Presents Podcast, please check out the l ...…
On this episode of the Simply Straight Talk show, Reggie Maddox is discussing the practice of raising and lowering your standards. What does raising and lowering your standards really mean, why do people do it and how can you do it successfully? To me, raising and lowering your standards is about understanding what your expectations for having ...…
Mel and Jen welcome the wonderful Neal Reddy into the studio to discuss his time on Queer Eye, how the experience changed his life, and why he's such an advocate for mental health. Part 1 of A Conversation with Neal Reddy is enlightening, touching, funny, and inspiring. Part 2 drops Wednesday April 10th! All of our love and gratitude to Neal fo ...…
Crystal Savoy MS RD joins me on the show to talk about her career path, how to stop counting calories (or help your clients through it), body changes, and grieving the thin ideal. Crystal studied at Simmons College, gaining a rare dietetics education in eating disorder treatment, and quickly landed her dream job as an associate dietitian with R ...…
No Respect For Authority or Your Health #IYP Ok as always I am using things in today's show that have been happening to me, or through me from the Universe to teach me things either in myself that need light shined on them or lesson's I need to learn so that I can continue to improve and evolve as a human being that wants to do better and be th ...…
Hosted and Created by Caitlin Apple and Jessica Paladino. Music by HookSounds Today, Caitlin shares how the message "Find your voice" has really been shouting at her lately. The girls share vulnerable stories of their pasts and how the need to truly step into themselves and find their unique voices affected who they are today. Lots of insight i ...…
Welcome #REALTALKEvery week #REALTALK podcast provides INSPIRING, MOTIVATING and EMPOWERING content to take your life to the next levelThis podcast is for real people with real issues looking for real solutions around motivation, wellbeing, health, relationships, spirituality and finance.GenHope Founder Denzil Edmeade once a month shares a part ...…
Longevity Health Institute For Ourselves #IYP Oh Boy, in this Episode I can barley catch my breath as I was just trying to get all the info that has been coming into my reality from all the different people I have been blessed to sit down with and be educated by, super blessed! So as you listen you can hear the excitement and urgency that I am ...…
On this episode of Your BFF Podcast, Mel and Jen discuss an April Fool's trick gone too far by a couple of famous YouTubers, a letter to the editor some lady with too much time on her hands wrote that also definitely went too far, and why people need positive affirmation. Speaking of things going too far, what do Maury Povich, Leonardo DiCaprio ...…
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