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Sermon broadcast from the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Jacksonville, FL.
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Fr. Wiley asks if on this day of misery and miracle, did we just want to destroy something beautiful.
Mtr. Sarah shares a story of radical hope, of radical love.
Mtr. Sarah acknowledges that if we look to God and not ourselves, we can get it right.
Fr. Wiley tells us to be so entangled in Christ, that no one can tell the difference.
Fr. Wiley describes how God seeks those who don't know they're lost, breaking any boundary we put up to do so.
Mtr. Sarah shares that repentence is more about how we live our life today, by turning to God, as we live in Christ.
Fr. Wiley encourages you to search for those places where God is absent and then take that place to God in prayer.
Fr. Wiley invites you to let God fill you with the power to withstand the storms of life.
Fr. Wiley challenges us to be the spotter as we look at our darkness this Lent, and let God's grace destroy that which is seeking to destroy us.
Fr. Wiley challenges us to give up something in Lent that you intend to give up for good, and let God transform your life.
Fr. Wiley shares that love without reservation is the only kind of love that brings transformation.
Fr. Wiley describes a God who is not comfortable until all are comforted.
Fr. Wiley reminds us that whatever we fear, we face with Christ - and fear is turned to victory.
Fr. Wiley shares that the mission of Jesus is about loving more than just those who love him, and he intends for us to help him accomplish the mission.
Fr. Wiley challenges us and asks the question of whether or not we're accomplishing those things our Savior has set out to do.
Bishop Howard describes how God saves the very best for last and the best is yet to come.
Fr. Wiley offers the invitation of baptism where water begins the lifelong work of separating the wheat from chaff in each of us.
Fr. Wiley invites you to join the work already in progress by making your way back to God, by accepting the invitation of the incarnation.
Fr. Wiley proclaims that you need only come to believe that when we say Jesus is for everybody, everybody includes you.
Fr. Wiley discusses that, like Mary, a heart willing to love and hands willing to serve are an open invitation for God to do something miraculous through you.
Fr. Wiley challenges us to be the "weirdo in the water" and introduce others to the good news of the Gospel.
Fr. Wiley invites us to join with John, Zachariah and Baruch and help tell the world that peace, joy, hope and love are available for all and available today.
Fr. Wiley advises us to get ready and prepare a place for the coming of the Lord - in our hearts, in our homes and in the lives we share with those we love.
Fr. Wiley discusses how the Way of Love is how God's will works in our lives to change the world, and all we need is the courage to proclaim Christ as King, to believe that the Holy Spirit working in us can do more than we ask or imagine, and boldly walk the way of love.
Fr. Wiley encourages us to go out into the world and make this good news known to others.
Fr. Wiley advises that we make prayer a constant part of our life as we endeavor to live a Jesus-centered life.
Fr. Wiley encourages us to keep learning, and instead of trying to shape scripture to our worldview, let our worldview be shaped by scripture.
Fr. Wiley advises us to resist the urge to fill every moment and learn to rest in God.
Fr. Wiley bids us to go forth in The Way of Love, finding ways to worship wherever we are, taking the light of Christ to every corner of our world.
Fr. Wiley invites us to turn away from our old lives and turn towards God.
Fr. Wiley invites us to come and be blessed, and then go and be a blessing to others.
Fr. Allison discusses the many ways God reveals himself.
Fr. Wiley invites us to fulfill our mission to love God and bring others to Christ by living "the way of love".
Fr. Wiley reminds us the victory is already won, and that all we need do is armor ourselves defensively and work for the protection of others.
Fr. Wiley encourages us to let God have an opportunity to lead us into a new life.
Fr. Wiley reminds us that we don't have to be helpless and starving in the wilderness, when we are literally surrounded by the living bread from heaven.
Fr. Wiley invites us to take on the way of love, and watch our life start to grow with the transfiguring brightness of God.
Fr. Wiley talks about the work to prepare the vessel in the way of love, so that when the Holy Spirit comes to move through us, we are ready to be filled up and poured out.
Fr. Wiley discusses how to discern the voice of a trustworthy shepherd.
Fr. Wiley calls us to become a people that practice a Jesus-centered life.
Fr. Wiley advises that the most valuable thing we can do is simply believe in the unmerited grace of God.
Fr. Wiley discusses the paradox that our faith in God is complete only when we utterly lose faith in ourselves.
Fr. Wiley shares a powerful story of God's amazing grace.
Fr. Wiley invites us to find strength and confidence in God and in the community of God.
Fr. Wiley challenges us to leave the safety of the shore to explore the depths of God.
Bishop Howard asks: what kind of confidence do you have that the Holy Spirit can make a difference in your life?
Fr. Wiley notes that Ascension Day reminds us that there comes a time when knowledge becomes action and lessons get applied.
The Rev. Teresa Seagle shares that friendship is what Jesus wants with us and Christian love is what He wants us to do.
Fr. Wiley shares a message about what it means to rely entirely on God.
Fr. Wiley considers creation in the care of a Good Shepherd.
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