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Mark Kermode joins Simon Mayo to give his verdict on the week's movies
The Book Review
The world's top authors and critics join host Pamela Paul and editors at The New York Times Book Review to talk about the week's top books, what we're reading and what's going on in the literary world.
The Anthropocene is the current geological age, in which human activity has profoundly shaped the planet and its biodiversity. Here on The Anthropocene Reviewed, we review different facets of the human-centered planet on a five-star scale.
Pacific Review
A comprehensive roundup of the major stories from the region and the people involved and affected by them.
Watch the VIDEO version of our show at! OSW Review (Old School Wrestling Review) is the #1 Wrestling video podcast in the world! As seen on, and the biggest independent wrestling page on Facebook, We chronologically critique classic events from the Hulkamania Era in the WWF (WWE). Hosted by Jay Hunter, OSW Review features a panel of longtime (20+ years) wrestling fans. All Irish, All awesome!
LRB-published writers read their own work, introduced by the editors of the London Review of Books. Recent podcasts have included Gillian Anderson reading Charlotte Brontë’s ‘Ingratitude’, Alan Bennett reading from his diary, Tariq Ali on his visit to North Korea and Jeremy Harding on migration. There’ll be something new every fortnight.
Review is all about pop culture — movies, television, and comics old and new. Every week we round up the TV shows that were, and once a month or so we talk about the latest blockbusters, and the classics movies from the 80s. With Dave Wiskus, Rene Ritchie, Guy English, Georgia Dow, Matt Drance, and Don Melton.
The LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS, as its name suggests, looks out at the world of books from its perch on the Pacific Rim. Since the 19th century writers have bridled at New York’s seeming monopoly over publication. Bret Harte in The Overland Monthly, John Crowe Ransom and Robert Penn Warren in I’ll Take My Stand, and the other regionalists, along with other outsiders, people who felt excluded from the literary conversation, and writers and readers in a thousand places — including even New Yo ...
History Books Review
My name is Colin Sanders. I read books about history and I review them. Currently working through Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
Reviews for the hottest movies of the year from IGN. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
Hosts Luci Leibfried and Anthony Agate present the most comprehensive review of all that is paranormal, spiritual, and cosmic. Intro Music created by Siren Marie.
A movie review podcast that traverses the stream of Hollywood sequels, reboots, and franchises by reviewing every installment in a series, start to finish.
Mixture of advice and expert interviews to provide guidance on all of the common problems you face when doing a literature review.
Hosted by the media & culture analysts for Focus on the Family, the Plugged In Entertainment Reviews provide a 60-second family-friendly review of today's hottest music, games, television series, DVDs, and movies.
Design Review
No chit-chat, just focused in-depth discussions about design topics that matter. Jonathan Shariat and Chris Liu are your hosts and bring to the table passion and years of experience.
Reviews for the hottest games of the year from IGN. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
Saturday Review
Presenter Tom Sutcliffe and guests offer sharp, critical discussion of the week's cultural events
Film Reviews
The Pulitzer Prize-winning critic of The Wall Street Journal, Joe Morgenstern reviews films weekly in the paper and on KCRW.
Arsenal Review USA
THE weekly podcast for the American Gooner...
Disney Radio Show - Disney World Trip Planning, Disney World Events, and News with a fun family point of view. Join us each week on the Podcast as we discuss the latest Disney news from the parks and resorts all around Disney World. For Disney Fans by Disney Fans.
Do you like TV & movies? Do you like talking about TV & movies? We do too!Screen Review Time Warp is where Tyson, Andrew, and Zac discuss old movies and TV shows from the past, a current release in the present, and what we're looking forward to in the future.Tweet at us and be part of the conversation! @SRTWpodcast
Leake in Review
Host Jeff Leake sits down with some of the biggest up and coming artists and music industry game changers.
Kristen and Curtis are co-workers who don't necessarily see eye-to-eye. They review exotic fruits and interview guests who are living extraordinary lives which lead them far out of their comfort zones. The Exotic Fruit Review is funny, fruity and might just change the way you live your life...or at least the way you eat your fruit.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
The unofficial, irreverent and filthy aftershow Star Trek Discovery didn’t know it needed. Each Tuesday after a new episode of Discovery, Adam and Ben will recap and review the first new Trek show in over a decade.
A fun mix of movie talk featuring movie reviews, new and older movies, mostly horror and science fiction, but not limited to. Podcast also features celebrity interviews from such films as Terminator Salvation, Halloween, Pontypool, The Blair Witch Project, The House of the Devil and more!
Movie review podcast hosted by the bearded idiots. Join us for an irrelevant look at the latest movie news, reviews, and ratings, followed by an in-depth spoiler chat.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
New Episodes Every SundayHonest movie reviews, and discussions on anything relevant in the movie industry. We will also cover trailers, upcoming projects or movies in development, rumors, actors, old school must see flicks, themed genre episodes, sprinkled with some general banter/rants. Welcome to our Podcast! "RetroFuture Clean" by Kevin MacLeod CC License’s film critic, Vince Leo, delivers a la carte movie reviews, featuring the latest releases, covering blockbusters, independent films, foreign titles, and VOD.
Tony, Mary, Phil and Tom
News Review shows you how to use the language from the latest news stories in your everyday English. Published every Tuesday by BBC Learning English.
Twice a week or so, the London Review Bookshop becomes a miniature auditorium in which authors talk about and read from their work, meet their readers and engage in lively debate about the burning topics of the day. Fortunately, for those of you who weren't able to make it to one of our talks, were able to make it but couldn't get a ticket, or did in fact make it but weren't paying attention and want to listen again, we make a recording of everything that happens. So now you can hear Alan Be ...
The Paris Review
An audio odyssey behind the scenes at the world's most legendary literary magazine. A phantasmagoric blend of stories, archival tape, and interviews with the likes of James Baldwin, Ernest Hemingway, and Dorothy Parker. Plus, the cutting-edge writers of our time.
Book Review
Sam Tanenhaus, editor of The New York Times Book Review, discusses this week's issue.
A weekly podcast reviewing classic issues of some of your favorite comic books. Cory and Cyric are a father and son who both love comics and graphic novels. Together they'll read and discuss a new issue or novel each week and give their perspectives from different generations.
Rank N Review
Movies Ranked Reviewed and Respected
Review The Future
The Podcast That Takes an In-Depth Look at the Impact of Technology on Culture
Now more than ever independent artists thirst for an opportunity to be heard. Indie Review Radio is the catalyst to do just that. Each week the show will feature the best and greatest in the world of independent musicians artists and seasoned industry professionals. The show will include new music by indies, the latest in industry trends by seasoned industry professionals and a wealth of information for independent artists that are looking for what's next in their careers.
Welcome to The Nearly True Review Podcast! Join Joshua Hext and Philip Moroz as they try to lie about movies to each other for Nearly True Points!
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
WWE, TNA Impact Wrestling, indy news, results, news, and spoilers. Plus your emails and phone calls. The fans phone calls, mp3's and emails make the show. Podcasting each week since 2005. Flagship podcast for
Reviewables is a freewheeling anarchic comedy podcast. Every week our hosts Cian McGarrigle and Edwin Sammon are joined by special guests to improvise, vent and complain about the world around them but very rarely review anything.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
We bring you the stories behind the headlines & tomorrow's news today. This podcast is the complete show with the ads removed. You can listen to The Press Pass live every Sunday between 6pm and 8pm on talkSPORT and – for men who love to talk sport.
Two film geeks and a geek-in-training tackle the great movies from the past!
Conversations with Key Opinion Leaders and our host Dr. Neil Bressler from the Wilmer Eye Institute in the field of ophthalmology. eOphthalmology Review is a monthly CME certified newsletter and podcast series created specifically for ophthalmologists and retina specialist. The program is presented by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
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Dan and Catherine discuss the key language from this story.
In the modern horror cinematic landscape, films like Hereditary and A Quiet Place have proven that creating a truly terrifying visual experience requires not only jump-scares, but also a solid story with engaging characters. Slender Man, directed by Sylvain White (The Losers), only gets half of this horror cocktail right, overlooking the vital ...…
On my second run through Dead Cells I made it to the last level and was pretty sure I had it figured out. 63 runs later, when I finally took down the boss and stepped into my post-game replay, I’m one-hundred-percent sure I’m just now starting to understand the deep nuances of Motion Twin’s incredible action-platformer.…
When Adam and Ben come back from Las Vegas there's lots of Trek news to discuss. But when Lenny Kravitz splits their opinions on the Discovery season 2 trailer it's time to talk JL Pipes and the future canon of Big Rod. Will the Worf Chronicles still happen? At what point will the Klingons gain hair? Just how many questions at a convention are ...…
Infinity War will challenge many a moviegoer, especially young ones. (PG-13)Read the ReviewBy (Focus on the Family).
The refugee crisis that hit the headlines in 2015 and 2016 has largely gone out of the news. Yet refugees continue to risk their lives on a daily basis in the attempt to reach Europe. Most of those who make it face extraordinary difficulties getting their claims for asylum accepted. This is one of the most serious humanitarian disasters to unfo ...… Downloads: Show 279 Contact Us: show (at) or the Contact us page Intro: Tony Bemus, Tom Lawrence, Phil Porada and Mary Tomich Sound bites by Mike Tanner Phils GitHub The LawrenceSystems YouTube Channel Where videos Tech News: Deploy SpaceForce to Reb ...…
When the ink has dried on the early 21st century, historians will probably look back and say, “Wow, people loved sharks” and “Wow, people also loved Jason Statham punching things.” Fortunately, those historians will have films like Jon Turteltaub’s The Meg to explain why we love them both. It’s a fun giant killer shark movie, and a solid Jason ...…
Monster Hunter: World initially seemed destined to be one of those game of the year candidates that, due to a January release, would be forgotten about when all the lists rolled around 12 months later. Thankfully, the promised PC port has finally appeared, and it’s set to reignite that discussion.
By (Buddy Allman, Jeff Smith, and Chad Roberts).
Christian Bladt and Al Gragg recap “Better Call Saul” Season 4, Episode 2 “Breathe”, analyzing a truly enjoyable Jimmy storyline, a strong showing from Kim, more of Mike’s machinations, a big Gus Fring surprise at the end of the episode. ABOUT BETTER CALL SAUL: Better Call Saul is an American television crime drama series created by Vince Gilli ...…
The go episode of Raw before Summerslam. Dean Ambrose makes a come back, Paul Heyman attacks Roman Reigns and B Team retain their belts. Hosts The Hobo, and TK Trinidad discuss the matches of the week. RSS Feed: The WWE Monday Night Raw After Show: You’ve seen t ...…
Twenty One Pilots' new single raises many questions and asks one as well: Who will we turn to when we're in need?Read the ReviewBy (Focus on the Family).
Iceland's film industry is not a big player around the globe, but it does create character-driven small-scale works. Under The Tree is a very dark Icelandic comedy film about what happens when neighbours fall out and civility begins to evaporate. There's a revival of Brian Friel's Aristocrats, a play about a Catholic family on its uppers in Don ...…
PNG police tactics under scrutiny again after a video showing two officers beating a suspect goes viral. Australia's Foreign Minister gives the ABC a nudge on the question of short wave broadcasting in the Pacific.
Millet discusses her new collection of stories, and Alexandra Jacobs talks about Jamie Bernstein’s “Famous Father Girl: A Memoir of Growing Up Bernstein.”
Batista Quitting GOTG Films, Final days of Nikolai Volkoff, Matt Hardy Done? Lawler Attempts To Save Son, Brand Split Soon and more. Plus the All Wrestling Universe gives us there favorite SummerSlam matches of all time.By (All Wrestling).
Millet discusses her new collection of stories, and Alexandra Jacobs talks about Jamie Bernstein’s “Famous Father Girl: A Memoir of Growing Up Bernstein.”
Sanjeev Bhaskar and Robbie Collin sit in for Simon and Mark. Denzel Washington talks about The Equalizer 2. Plus the UK Box Office Top 10 and reviews including The Meg, The Darkest Minds, Unfriended: Dark Web and Dog Days. Download the Kermode and Mayo podcast at Text: 85058 (charged at your standa ...…
What happens when Death goes on vacation? Well, in Flipping Death he mistakenly leaves the job to a recently deceased woman named Penny, who learns she can help restless spirits with their unfinished business by jumping between the land of the dead and the land of the living. It’s a cool premise, and executed very much like a more action-centri ...…
To celebrate the release of the Romance Issue of the LARB Print Journal, this week’s podcast focuses on one of the definitional institutions of 21st century romance: The Bachelor (and The Bachelorette). Co-hosts Eric Newman, Medaya Ocher and LARB Poetry Editor Callie Siskel discuss the ABC hit-series with LA Times writer Amy Kaufman, the author ...…
[Editor's Note: This review and score replaces our original March 2016 review. Read more onIGN's re-review policy.] Each time I start up a new farm in Stardew Valley or return to my 100-hour save on PC, I feel like I’m going home. There’s a comfort in Stardew Valley that I’ve rarely found in other games.…
Well crafted? Yes. Creepy? Certainly. But when it comes to content, Castle Rock's a place I wouldn't want to visit.Read the ReviewBy (Focus on the Family).
I’m relieved to announce that the time my wife and I spent together in Overcooked 2’s increasingly chaotic and always amusing kitchens has not resulted in divorce. It has, in fact, been great fun. The sequel to one of my favorite indie games of 2016 follows a familiar loop: a team of chefs cuts food, cooks food, and serves finished dishes to in ...…
Unravel's sequel weaves two tangle-of-yarn heroes and some great co-op puzzle play into a family friendly game. (E)Read the ReviewBy (Focus on the Family).
Neil and Dan discuss the key language from this story. Downloads: Show 281 Link to Streisand VPN Project Recording from the Lawrence Technology Studios Contact Us: show (at) or the Contact us page
Starring Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer, Netflix's Like Father, from writer/director Lauren Miller Rogen, continues the streaming service's massive movement to bombard us with dozens of Originals each month...that are just okay. Big names, credible talent, and adequate budgets all in service of a project that's perfectly unsurprising and mediocre.…
WarioWare Gold, the latest release in the offbeat Nintendo series that takes the expression ‘a quick game is a good game’ to its most literal extreme, is a greatest hits slab with substantial appeal for newcomers. It’s just a shame that its assortment of rehashed ‘microgames’ and disappointingly mixed bag of unlockables combine for an overall p ...…
Four of poetry's liveliest new voices – A.K. Blakemore, Victoria Adukwei Bulley, Amy Key and Zaffar Kunial – joined us for an evening of readings hosted by Martha Sprackland of Offord Road Books.
Life of the Party is a sweet, smile-worthy pic … about 70% of the time. The rest, though, can feel kinda nasty. (PG-13)Read the ReviewBy (Focus on the Family).
With its latest update, called Next, No Man’s Sky has rounded off enough of its rough edges and piled in enough content that exploring its weird galaxy is usually rewarding. It’s definitely a treadmill, though, and while there are countless upgrades and ships to acquire, bases to build, and resources to mine, the process of earning them involve ...…
By (Buddy Allman, Jeff Smith, and Chad Roberts).
Hosts Christian Bladt and Al Gragg talk about Season 4 Episode 1, “Smoke”, talking about the wonderfully slow burn of the show, and how difficult it must be for Jimmy to process the news he receives early in the episode. They also play a fun guessing game of what Mike is up to, and a taste of the “chaos” to come. ABOUT BETTER CALL SAUL: Better ...…
This week, Jonny Loquasto and TK Trinidad cover everything that RAW had to offer, including the incredible performance of Paul Heyman in his interview, Ronda Rousey’s first ever match on RAW, whether or not Reigns vs Lesnar will headline Summerslam, and how many matches will the card in Brooklyn actually have? RSS Feed: ...…
Ariana Grande's latest single suggests that a woman's sexuality is worthy of worship.Read the ReviewBy (Focus on the Family).
Italian film Sicilian Ghost Story is based on a real life kidnapping of the son of a Mafia supergrassThe new production of Othello at London's Globe Theatre includes Mark Rylance as IagoHBO's Succession is a new series telling the story of a media empire led by an ageing patriarch which is thrown into confusion when he suffers a brain haemorrha ...…
Once in a millennium rapper, lyricist Napoleon Da Legend is a Paris-born, East African (Comoros) and Washington DC-raised, Brooklyn-based artist uses his voice as weapon of hope, social-critique, conquest and joy. N.D.L.’s innovative short-film “Wise Men” featuring the late great Sean Price quickly became a cult hit among Hip-Hop heads with its ...…
Moves in PNG to protect the iconic bilum from the counterfeiters, Bougainville wrestles with the issue of radio silence, and Fiji's top young soccer players brave the cold in Melbourne.
Macy discusses her new book about the opioid crisis; Lovia Gyarkye talks about Chibundu Onuzo’s “Welcome to Lagos”; and Jennifer Schuessler discusses a controversy in the world of poetry.
Edith Bowman and Clarisse Loughrey sit in for Simon and Mark. Evangeline Lilly and Paul Rudd talk about Ant-Man And The Wasp. Plus the UK Box Office Top 10 and reviews including Ant-Man And The Wasp, Teen Titans Go To The Movies, Hearts Beat Loud, The Escape and A Sicilian Love Story. Download the Kermode and Mayo podcast at ...…
Macy discusses her new book about the opioid crisis; Lovia Gyarkye talks about Chibundu Onuzo’s “Welcome to Lagos”; and Jennifer Schuessler discusses a controversy in the world of poetry.
While it may feel like we're living in the waning days of pop YA sci-fi/fantasy-lit film adaptations (an era ushered in by Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in 2001 and one that lived large throughout the 2000s), the genre, it seems, still has a few flutters of life left in it yet.
Madden NFL 19 keeps its focus where it belongs: its moment-to-moment gameplay. This year’s entry comes with the promise of improved player motion, a more intimate franchise experience, and the return of two hometown heroes as the Longshot story continues with a new chapter. But does Madden ‘19 have the balance needed to stay between the upright ...…
This film wasn't made just for kids. It was made for us – the adults who fret about our own Very Important Things. (PG)Read the ReviewBy (Focus on the Family).
Co-hosts Eric Newman, Medaya Ocher and Kate Wolf talk with Lydia Millet about her new short story collection, Fight No More, which covers the wide swathe of LA life through intimate, quiet stories in homes magnificent and modest. In a wide-ranging conversation, Millet talks about the simultaneously private and public nature of homes, delighting ...…
What if you could play Castlevania over and over and never stop being surprised? That’s what Chasm tries to deliver: a full Metroidvania where every new game has its own unique, randomized map. Its RPG-elements and awesome variety of beautifully animated enemies make it fun the first time through, but it’s that push for replayability that ends ...…
This reimagining of Anne of Green Gables, is, like its title character, mostly sweet. But it has its sour moments, too.Read the ReviewBy (Focus on the Family).
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