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The R-Podcast
R is a free and open-source statistical computing environment. It has quickly become the leading choice of software used to develop cutting-edge statistical algorithms, innovative visualizations, and data processing, among other key features. R has seen tremendous growth in popularity and functionality over the last decade, largely due to the vibrant and devoted R community of users. Whether you have experience with commercial statistical software such as SAS or SPSS and want to learn R, or ...
Super Rod-Cast
Super Rod-cast! A different look at PTCG strategy and deck building! The Max Elixir of PTCG Podcasts; We'll get your PP Up!
HODCast is a fortnightly podcast where your host, Derek Carter, talks to people from Dublin (or living there!) ABOUT Dublin, about themselves and, ultimately about what it means to be human. The show was launched to complement the hugely popular 'Humans of Dublin' Facebook page, created by talented photographer Peter Varga. You could say that Peter does the snapping and Derek does the yapping!Just like the Facebook page, the aim of this show is to help us all to understand life from other pe ...
خودکست یه پادکست خیلی‌ خودمونی هستش که توش هر هفته در مورد موضوعات مختلف بحث می‌کنیم، شاید به نتیجه هم نرسیم، اما بحث می‌کنیم. دوست داریم خودکست رو با هم بسازیم، پس فراموش نکنید که نظرتون رو به ما هم بگیدارادت
AHRF Rodcast
Interviews with the personalities and legends of hot rodding, brought to you by the American Hot Rod Foundation
Podcast Shodcast
Podcast Shodcast is a weekly podcast revolving around Pakistani affairs and phenomena, run by users of /r/Pakistan on Reddit. We cannot guarantee broadcasts during load-shedding, but we'll try.
Connecticut Photographers of Distinction podcast...getting to know New England's local talent and what makes them tick!
The R-Podcast
The R-Podcast is a podcast for both new and experienced R users who want to learn more about using R to conduct innovative data analyses.
Rated R Podcast
trance djs and producers from swindonfind us on facebook/twitter/instagramfollow the Rated R podcast on I Tunes
Biker Radio Rodcast
India's exclusive fortnightly motorcycling podcast celebrating the spirit of motorcycling of 4 MILLION riders.Listen to the compelling stories of motorcycling, the riders, their machines, the rides, gear and more, one legend at a time.
A podcast of all the finest guestmixes from the artists at the forefront of the genre as featured on
Pop Singer Dj Producer.
We go balls deep into sports and entertainment with no prior experience in either.
Come into my world. Where NOTHING is off limits. We keep it REAL, RAW, And REVOLUTIONARY. Feel free to share opinions and suggestions. Don't be offended it's all in good fun.
R & R Podcast
A reflective and reactive podcast on whatever subject is on hand-make a suggestion. Usually it's the big stuff...or we'll pretend like it's big. We provide the research and the rant which can include commentary, news and interviews.
Top quality electronic music Podcast. LovePheesh will bring you all kinds of mixes, including House, Breaks & Techno from DJ's you've never heard of, plus some you will have.Enjoy!Alixali@lovepheesh.netFor high quality version & other LovePheesh Mixes go here:
Pity Shodcast
20 minutes of talk about topics and questions exclusively submitted by Pity Shodcast listeners.
States Rights Records presents its official rodcast! Mixes of many musics piled on top of each other for the purpose of erasing genre lines and also partying/tripping out. Sometimes its an interview with an artist or simply a new exclusive song we want to share.
Rated R Podcast Fm
Dad/husband/youtuber/podcaster/crazy ass veteran
SJ-R podcast
Podcast by The State Journal-Register
Rewire your Assumptions-Rewire Your Thoughts
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This may come as a surprise but today’s retirees are faring pretty well when it comes to their finances. However, there are storm clouds on the horizon suggesting that future financial security may be more fragile. In our beer segment, Roy and I discuss one of the 4 ingredients that go into the making of beer – the noble hop. Then we taste a be ...…
S2 EP1 P2 - Global Warming - گرمایش جهانی by Khodcast
S2 EP1 P1 - Homosexuality 2 - همجنس گرایی ۲ by Khodcast
Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there. I do not sleep. When you awaken in the morning's hush I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die. Mary Elizabeth Frye
On India's exclusive motorcycling podcast, this time we feature;A celebrated track racer, a national racing champion, a builder sans compare of custom motorcycles, a sportsman, a perfectionist, an artist and a man who digs his heels in where he stands, Biker Radio Rodcast features the founder of Rajputana Custom Motorcycles, Vijay Singh Ajairaj ...…
Recorded live on Paradise Island, Bahamas. Some of my never before shared travel stories and how to attract the good travel experiences into your life.
This is it!!! Like the Michael Jackson Tour we are out the door. Kenny Fresh and Terrence 'Scottie" Scott join me on this latest podcast to help share some words SPOKEN FROM THE MINDS OF BLACK EXCELLENCE. What a way to go out right? It has been a phenomenal Season 1 and as it comes to a close it's only right to reflect. To look back on the old ...…
How far do you think a kid from small-town New Zealand get in life?I never thought I would be where I am right now in life. Working for multiple companies, making money with a talent I didn't know... Everyone has a story to tell. Share it with the world. Visit, Listen, Share.
Heisenberg (Original Mix) - NeosSplit (Original Mix) - Alex Di StefanoHooligan (Extended Mix) - Stephen KirkwoodHot Sauce (Extended Mix) - 2nd PhaseChickens (Extended Mix) - Will Atkinson & Jase ThirlwallG-281 (Original Mix) - Like It ProMidnight (Original Mix) - Greg DowneyBlack Star (Extended Mix) - The Noble SixUs (Original Mix) - Simon Patt ...…
Jeff and Jared round up a ragtag group of Carolinians to discuss the upcoming Charlotte Regional. Grant Manley, Ryan Sabelhaus, Alex Wilson and Bizarro Alex Wilson (Chip Richey) go over everything standard to help in your prep for the big dance.Support on Patreon: our Discord channel: ...…
You like Top Ten countdowns do ya? Well so do we. SirRoddo and Wayne dive into the importance of the newest movie to hit the big screen for black folks, Black Panther. We dive into the importance of movies like these and the past movies that helped mold us into the mad geniuses we are today. As always thanks for the listen. Enjoy…
The mix of persistence, indecision and impatience is a tricky one. When I don’t find the results I want impatience takes over and kills my motivation, and persistence. How to get out of this messed up love triangle and get back on track with your goals?
Biker Radio Rodcast salutes WOMANHOOD in an interview with The Indomitable Rider - Pallavi Fauzdar from her stomping grounds up on the roof of the world - The Himalayas.This episodes also features WOMEN BIKERS from across India and a special MyWay road report from Candida Louis from Bangalore.
CGR Director Nicholas Lemann sits down with investigative reporter Erin Banco, author of the new book Pipe Dreams: The Plundering of Iraq’s Oil Wealth. When the United States invaded in 2003, the Bush Administration promised that oil revenue would be used to win the war and to rebuild and democratize the country. But fifteen years later, those ...…
The Rodcast - Episode # 9 / Tommy Sparks by American Hot Rod Foundation
Pareto Captive Services R Podcast by Cary Hall
Here's Host Rod Lucas from London England with another new Best Smooth Jazz Podcast Rodcast for 2018. All instrumental Smooth Jazz including new releases. This show was first aired on 20th Jan 2018 on BSJ.FM. This podcast runs 2hrs 23mins. Enjoy your day.Http:// Audio streaminghttp://BSJ.FM (and Free BSJ App)…
On this episode, we welcome in the new year with a new name for the podcast as well as new goals for 2018, I talk Meghan's fighting plans for this year, how I work for Tony Jeffries and the ability... Everyone has a story to tell. Share it with the world. Visit, Listen, Share.
On this episode, We talk Christmas Traditions, Differences from New Zealand to America, Memories and our top 3 things we want to continue doing in 2018 and much more. Everyone has a story to tell. Share it with the world. Visit, Listen, Share.
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