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Chosen as 2011's 'Best Upcoming Internet Boxing Radio Show' by Pedro Fernandez of 'Ringtalk' radio, Leave it in the Ring creator David Duenez and co-host Gabriel Montoya of Maxboxing have provided some of the best exclusive content to the boxing world.Every Thursday evening at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST, Leave it in the Ring radio offers the latest in boxing news, post-fight analysis, and interviews. Champions, trainers, and callers alike join our esteemed hosts for three commercial-free hours of ...
The Center Ring (TCR) is an esports podcast. We cover all the news, tournaments, and happenings in the esports world.
Chosen as 2011's 'Best Upcoming Internet Boxing Radio Show' by Pedro Fernandez of 'Ringtalk' radio, Leave it in the Ring creator David Duenez and co-host Gabriel Montoya of Maxboxing have provided some of the best exclusive content to the boxing world. Every Thursday evening at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST, Leave it in the Ring radio offers the latest in boxing news, post-fight analysis, and interviews. Champions, trainers, and callers alike join our esteemed hosts for three commercial-free hours o ...
Freedom’s Ring Radio is a nationally syndicated weekly broadcast produced by the Church State Council in cooperation with the North American Religious Liberty Association.
The Ring Post
A podcast focusing on the entertaining sport that is professional wrestling.
Detroit's Classic Rock
Decoder Ring
Decoder Ring is the show about cracking cultural mysteries. In each episode, host Willa Paskin takes a cultural question, object, or habit; examines its history; and tries to figure out what it means and why it matters.
Did you think there were enough podcasts about TV, or even, about Downton Abbey? Well, you are wrong because we are adding another. Christina and Allison will be chatting Downton Abbey episode by episode and maybe drinking some tea, too. Follow us on Twitter @ringforteapod!
In the RING. On the MAT. In our LIVES. Everyone is fighting something. Discover the wisdom of Everyday Fighters just like you. Learn winning strategies from experts both inside and outside of the ring.
One has watched the films far too many times. The other has read the books at least three times a year. Together, they chat through the books, compare the films to the text, and delve deep into the mines of Tolkien's lore as they imagine what life in middle earth would be like.
LIVE DAILY THROUGHOUT THE OLYMPIC GAMES AT 10AM Eastern Time at Your support is instrumental in the production of this show, pledge right here @5RingsPodcast @24thminute @KevLaramee @SportsPodNet Hosted by Duane Rollins and Kevin Laramee
An L5R (Legend of the Five Rings) Podcast focused on beginner friendly and community building content
Rings a bell
Stories Narrated by Mithila Nadkarni for Tilbury Bay online home decor store. Stories inspired by people and experiences around me.
Welcome to the "After the Bell RINGS" podcast. Here I chronicle my journey of building an after school program from 3 to 300. Plus interviews and stories of inspiration from youth programs around the world.
Tag Team
Step into the ring every Tuesday with Tag Team
LOF is a health and fitness brand created by Mike Caulo an Martial Artist and Active Fighter. At LOF we believe everyone has a fight, whether its in the ring, in school, in the boardroom, etc. We want to help you win your fight with healthy lifestyle techniques influenced by the fitness world and the martial arts world. LOF is where the we want to know #whatsyourfight? See more at
A collection of Classical children's nursery rhymes. Many familiar, a few unfamiliar, all simple and easy for younger children.
Every Little Thing
ARRRRR pirate peg legs really a thing? Who invented the Cha Cha Slide? How old is Winnie the Pooh? ELT is here to answer your burning questions. If you have a question that needs answering, call the ELT Help Line at 833-RING-ELT or send an audio message to Every Little Thing is produced Gimlet Media and hosted by Flora Lichtman.
From the Top Rope
The biggest stars in and around the professional wrestling business join hosts Robbie Fox and Jared Carrabis every Wednesday afternoon to dive into the biggest angles, news, and events of the week. Plus, bonus episodes every Monday following a pay per view! Fox is the designer behind many of your favorite wrestler's ring attires and Carrabis is a lifelong fan, creating a unique dynamic you'll find on no other show!
You’ve seen the action inside the ring, but now it’s time to reign it in with the WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW AFTER SHOW. We’ll discuss the most intense matches, your favorite wrestlers and all the most talked about moments from the show. We’ll also discuss storylines and give predictions to upcoming PPVs. Tune in each week for expert commentary from the show that saw the rise of our own Cathy “Cupcake” Kelley go from ABTV host to WWE host! (Also, our network is run by part-time WWE wrestler Maria ...
The Truepenny Show
Two shows that try and give well rounded discussion to everything in wrestling around the world.Freland's Wrestling Rewind is hosted by Mike Freland and takes an in depth look at the stories in pro wrestling from the previous week with his rotation of guest hosts Tony, Darragh and Cat. they look at WWE, Impact Wrestling Ring of Honor with a wry sense of humour but go deep on the issues facing the industry in North America.If its wrestling and its a little bit different, The Truepenny Show co ...
Ex long-time WWE fan, Dave, and new to wrestling fan, Gable, talk about what’s happening in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor. Plus the occasional talk about more in the world of wrestling including news and maybe some monthly WWE pay per view talk. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Lush Left Podcast
Biweekly interview show elevating conversations around political strategy & policy making on the left. Guests include thinkers like Matt Bruenig, Matt Stoller, Michelle Diggles, Laura Belin, Alex Lawson, Corey Pein, Jonathan Smucker, Gaius Publius, Sam Sacks, Murder Bryan, Nomiki Konst, Rich Jensen, Dr. Jim Zogby, Dr Djene Bajalan, Brandon Sutton, Nandini Balial, Ben Dixon, Mike Elk, Elizabeth Bruenig, Bill Corbett & Michael Brooks, Harvey J. Kaye, Jen Senko, Will Sommer of The Daily Beast, ...
The Queen Of The South After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of USA's Queen Of The South.Show Summary: While living in the barrio of Jalisco, Mexico, poor Teresa Mendoza falls in love with a member of a successful drug cartel, hoping the love will help her rise above the hopelessness she feels in her life. When it doesn't happen, she is forced to flee the country after her boyfriend is murdered. She seeks refuge in America, where she teams up with an unlikely person from her past ...
I discuss why Shelton Benjamin hasn't won World Title, Paige In Ring career over and Kenny Omega and why he signed to one-year extension !!
Join Tony Seigh & Jonathan Bowles as they tell hilarious and fascinating stories from a rich and storied business in American history that dates back to the days of Abraham Lincoln. We aren't another pro wrestling podcast talking about what you saw on TV last week. These are real life stories from the wacky world of professional wrestling and they are often stranger than fiction or anything put on display in the ring. Join us on a journey of laughter and tears, riveting tales, heroes and vil ...
Working as muscle for a murderous Nevada crime ring can be hard, so lo and behold Miles Daly has decided to change professions and become a Hollywood movie producer. We're in hollywood too, so that means we're gonna talk about Get Shorty on the GET SHORTY AFTER SHOW! Stay tuned week to week for episode breakdowns, insider know-how straight for Hollywood, juicy news and gossip, and potential special guest interviews!
Hall of Fame boxing commentator and trainer to 18 world champion fighters, Teddy Atlas shares his views on all things boxing. In addition to giving fight analysis, predictions, and a look at what’s happening behind the scenes in the boxing world, Teddy connects the tenets and lessons learned inside the ring to broader application in life.
The Contemplify podcast kindles the examined life through artful musings with scholars, creatives and master teachers. Each episode delivers a subtly intoxicating* exchange on the contemplative lifestyle with practical takeaways to emulate in daily life. Ring the bell. Rob the moment. Contemplify. Host, Paul Swanson, is a husband, father and contemplative educator at the Center for Action and Contemplation**. *Contemplify is best served with a pint in hand. Please listen responsibly. ** All ...
Published in 1894, The Yellow Fairy Book is the fourth installment in the series of fairytale collections known as Andrew Lang's “Coloured” Fairy Books and is comprised of stories collected from various foreign language sources including French, German, English, Scottish, Russian, and Polish. Moreover, the tales not only intend to entertain, but also offer an underlying didactic purpose, as many of the stories place an important emphasis on righteous behavior. Featuring 48 stories, The Yello ...
This is Close to the Mark, a show about professional wrestling as discussed by wrestling buddies Corey and Charles.We talk about all the major happenings every week from WWE and NXT, New Japan and Stardom, Ring of Honor, AAA, and everywhere else. We also talk about what SHOULD happen and why some things are so bad. And, fortunately, why some things are so good.Both hosts truly love wrestling, Corey for years and Charles for decades, and we laugh, cut promos, and get heat as we discuss any an ...
The premier professional wrestling/sports entertainment podcast to come out of 2018! We go over all things wrestling including updates and news on WWE, Ring of Honor, New Japan- and much more! Follow along for major payperview and WWE main show breakdowns and thoughts- and the all audio podcast Talking smashed- Where Ryan and Roger have a couple of drinks and discuss the week in Wrestling and upcoming events and predictions! Be sure to follow us, and subscribe wherever you're listening or vi ...
The Grey Company (TGC) covers The Lord of the Rings living card game in depth. Each episode delves into a particular subject on the popular game, from deck building and meta-game to specific quest strategies and lore.
A pro wrestling review podcast in which they guys break down the latest WWE News and Rumors. We will also react to the weekly WWE Raw and Smackdown Live shows as well as the monthly WWE pay-per-view events and any other significant event or happenings surrounding World Wrestling Entertainment. The Pro Wrestling Review will also cover other wrestling promotions that include Ring of Honor (ROH), NJPW and the Indies while kicking it old school by always finding ways to bring up and discuss the ...
Present day readers live in a world that's emerged from the Cold War and the endless rivalry of the Super Powers but this book goes back and traces the origins of the conflict and mutual antagonism between nations. Kim by Rudyard Kipling is set against the background of the Great Game as it was called the tug-of-war between Britain and Russia for the control of Central Asia. The novel's action takes place during the Anglo-Afghan Wars of 1839-42. The novel's sweeping narrative, the depth of c ...
For The Players is a show made by The PopCulturists that tackles all things PlayStation. Whether it be reviews, previews, hands-on, or latest news, For The Players - The PopCulturists' PlayStation Podcast is the BEST place in Australia for your PS content.Have a question PlayStation or gaming related you want Ryan and Josh to discuss? Head on over to and submit away. You can always comment below too! With over 40 years combined #PlayStation gaming and over ...
This is truly a delightful compilation of some of the best known and loved passages from William Shakespeare's plays. Most readers would be familiar with all or at least some of them. If you've studied Shakespeare in school or college, plays like The Merchant of Venice and Macbeth were probably assigned texts. However, if you haven't encountered these plays before, Shakespeare Monologues is a great volume to browse through and enjoy at leisure. It's important to know that there is a distinct ...
DC TV Podcasts
DC TV Podcasts is a podcast network that features a collection of high-quality and popular podcasts that are devoted to DC Comics television series such as The CW’s Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, iZombie, Black Lightning, FOX’s Gotham, Syfy's Krypton, DC's Titans, DC Films in the DC Extended Universe and classic DC TV shows! Join the hosts of Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast, The Flash Podcast, Supergirl Radio, Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, iZombie Radio, DC TV Classics ...
Dragnet, the brainchild of Jack Webb, may very well be the most well-remembered, and the best, radio police drama series. From September, 1949 through February 1957, Dragnet's 30 minute shows, broadcast on NBC, brought to radio true police stories in a low-key, documentary style.The origins of Dragnet can be traced to a semi-documentary film, "He Walked by Night" from 1948, in which Webb had a small role. Both employed the same Los Angeles Police Department technical adviser, used actual pol ...
The Tolkien Heads
Join us as we read through J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings." Each week we work with a different chapter and explore various themes both in the novel and in our lives.
Wholesale jewelry
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Family Ghosts
Family Ghosts is a longform, documentary-style storytelling podcast. In each episode, someone tries to figure out the truth behind a legend that’s haunted their family for generations - the tales told at the end of big meals, after everybody’s had a little wine. We’ve investigated grandmothers who were secretly operating international jewel smuggling rings, parents who were cult members, and undertaken a madcap search for a father's missing corpse.On Family Ghosts, every house is haunted, an ...
The 602 Club is's dedicated podcast to our passion for all things geeky outside of Star Trek. We cover classics as well as much of what is coming out as a way of helping listeners find new things to try. Each week host Matthew Rushing, friends from around the network and beyond deep dive into topics such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, DC Comics, James Bond, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Harry Potter, and much more. So pull up a chair, order a drink from Ruby and enjoy. ...
Bringing people to the table.
Over and Back tells stories about NBA, ABA & pro basketball history. Hosted by Jason Mann and Rich Kraetsch. Part of The Step Back NBA Podcast Network, powered by Fansided.
The Vergecast
Hello! This is The Vergecast, the flagship podcast of The Verge... and your life. Every Friday, Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller make sense of the week's tech news with help from our diverse and wide-ranging staff. And on Tuesdays, Nilay hosts in-depth, one-on-one interviews with major technology leaders. Join us every week for a fun, deeply nerdy, often off-the-rails conversation about what's happening now (and next) in technology and gadgets. And, remember, promo code. Produced by ...
A brand new Wrestling Podcast, dealing in reviews, predictions, countdowns and general fan rants, give us a like and listen!
Smart Healthy Dogs
Dear Friend, Do you love your dog like your own child? And do you worry, deep down that your dog might not live the long, happy life he or she deserves? If you are interested in your dog living to a ripe old age, AND staying young and vibrant, this will be the most important message you will ever read. As a dog, getting older is tough. The joyful run becomes a stiff hobble. Leaping up on the couch is literally a pain. Laying down comes with an aching groan. Running down the stairs becomes a ...
A podcast covering News, Strategy and Community for the Legend of the Five Rings Living Card Game.
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The Ring Crew sit down to make their WWE Elimination Chamber predictions. Before that Mikey addresses a tweet from Chris Jericho which called him out for his concerns about All Elite Wrestling. They also discuss Becky Lynch being removed from the WrestleMania main event, the Revival’s victory on Monday Night Raw, and Kofi’s amazing performance ...…
Dave and Gable are back with coverage on the last two nights of The New Beginning tour from NJPW. Full results and an in depth review of every match from the February 9th and 11th shows. Dave talks about how much he hates the universe after the world title match was spoiled for him. Warning...we are just fans. Mad respect for all wrestlers. Lot ...…
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On this live edition of First Ring Daily, we ponder the life of 19H2, Samsung leaks everything, and if two builds of Windows 10 is good, three must be better.
Welcome to Ring of Fire Radio, on today’s show…Amy Hanauer, from Policy Matters Ohio, will join us to explain why last November’s big win for Democrats will lead to big changes in state houses across the country.Heather “Digby” Parton from Salon join me to break down the biggest news of the week.
Ring of Truth: Verse-by-verse teaching by Pastor Dan Sexton from Calvary Chapel Ellicott CityBy (Pastor Dan Sexton).
‘There are two ways to wash the dishes. The first is to wash the dishes in order to have clean dishes and the second is to wash the dishes in order to wash the dishes.’ - Thich Nhat Hanh My intention here is to be present at hand to the dish in my hand. Perhaps we’ll strike gold today and I’ll communicate some semblance of that in this fourth i ...…
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On this episode of First Ring Daily, looking at how Apple's streaming services could fit, Google highlights Microsoft, and yes, it has been recorded.
The 25th anniversary of the 1994 Winter Olympics is marked with commemorations this week in Lillehammer, Norway. ATR Editor Ed Hula talks with Erik Ulateig, CEO of the Lillehammer Olympic Sports Legacy Center about what's happening with the anniversary, the impact of the '94 Games and future prospects for another Olympics in Norway.…
Ring of Truth: Verse-by-verse teaching by Pastor Dan Sexton from Calvary Chapel Ellicott CityBy (Pastor Dan Sexton).
Tony Schiavone had some personal business to attend to last minute so Beau Le Blanc flew solo on the day of love, but fear not he was joined by Bobblehead Tony and some fans on facebook live as he made his picks for the 2019 Elimination Chamber. Beau also gave props to AEW for selling out "Double or Nothing" in a Las Vegas record 4 minutes whil ...…
If this is the day that you avoid at all costs - candle-lit restaurants, flowers, heart-shaped chocolates, lingerie, and hallmark cards: this episode may just be for you. Bill, James and Cheryl bare tidbits of their hearts and souls while reveling in the flipside of St. Valentine’s Day with traditional Tom Waits' heart breaking love songs. Feel ...…
With the Generals preparing for the Elimination Chamber by drinking plenty of fluids and eating fiber. They also cover the craziness of the past week from all directions and share their ideal inter-gender match-ups. All that and a bag of chips... what more could you ask for?
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Welcome from Chad, Chris, and Jon Special guest Jeff and Aubrey Thank you to Cullen, Daniel No News The Gang interviews The 2018 Game designer of the year Ghost of Framsburg card reviews Chad joins the Digital Game to play co-op mode. FarewellsBy (Chad, Chris, Jon, & the CotR Crew).
Mike Freland and his team look at the week's wrestling news on the Rewind.
Question and answer is back! 1) Steve recaps Tucson, Arizona Camp 2) We go into why arent you getting better? Train More Train Less What type of training Comparing Training to Pros
If you're a parent you need to hear this. I talked to the M.A.D.I.S.E.L group's Sandra Johnson. She specializes in family emotional wellness. Listen to the interesting points she makes on family power struggles and running our families like we run our businesses. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
On this episode of First Ring Daily, Paul rides a bus, Brad is still playing Apex, and Google has new hardware on the horizon.
Ring of Truth: Verse-by-verse teaching by Pastor Dan Sexton from Calvary Chapel Ellicott CityBy (Pastor Dan Sexton).
Cora is looking for something to do outside of Downton, and is maybe finding it with Mr. Bricker? Baxter finally reveals the motivation behind her thievery and we're still digging her relationship with Moseley (duh). Mary and Tony are being all sorts of dumb thinking they would get away with their "secret" vacation, but turns out they didn't! T ...…
There are no notes for this show, just speculation.
This week on PTSM, we bring you 3 HOURS with a woman who’s certainly seen it all, as we welcome wife of The British Bulldog & member of the legendary Hart Family, Diana Hart!! Diana shares some incredible Stu Hart stories, memories of Stu training in the dungeon, and discusses the early success of Stampede Wrestling. Diana talks about meeting D ...…
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Returning to Lush Left Podcast, Laura Belin of Bleeding Heartland joins Mary Angela Perna for a fantastic conversation about the upcoming Dem primary. We discuss Senator Warren, Senator Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and as always, Laura is one of the best reporters in Iowa; the heartland of America -- a must-listen!…
Ring of Truth: Verse-by-verse teaching by Pastor Dan Sexton from Calvary Chapel Ellicott CityBy (Pastor Dan Sexton).
Kevin Gleason is a boxing coach and trainer. Kevin shares his experiences through his boxing journey and overcoming a massive challenge in his late teens. ~~~~~~~ EPISODE SPOTLIGHT: Steve Hartman Steve Hartman is a correspondent for CBS News. Steve hosts "On the Road" where he profiles individuals and groups across the United States that do kin ...…
Join hosts @JQuasto @TKTrinidad @EvanTMack @TheJimAlexander and @FloboBoyce as they discuss the bomb that Vince McMahon dropped by suspending Becky Lynch and adding Charlotte Flair to the main event of Wrestlemania! Plus, the Revival are new RAW tag team champions and the squad previews this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber! You’ve seen the action ...…
Dylan Hales and Rich Laconi cover the latest AEW news as well as the Stokely Hathaway/Orange Cassidy GRAMMYs Street Fight and Dylan's Southern Indie Weekend on this weeks Newscast!
We preview the Katowice Major: New Challenger Stage and interview CEO of CVR World Cup.
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On this episode of First Ring Daily, Google Maps has a new AR trick, Microsoft teases something for MWC, and everything else important on a Monday morning.
Best of the Everyday Fighter Podcast for the week of January 20, 2019 Ep46: Liam Sorrell Ep47: Philipp Lomboy (Philipp Lomboy).
One eerie sound has been haunting Hollywood movies — from Poltergeist to Jurassic Park to Let the Right One In — and 14 seasons of Unsolved Mysteries. ELT tracks down the source of the scary sound. Guests: Rayme Waters, daughter of the spookiest sound in Hollywood’s inventor; percussionist Emil Richards; composer Gary Malkin. Thanks to caller M ...…
Ring of Truth: Verse-by-verse teaching by Pastor Dan Sexton from Calvary Chapel Ellicott CityBy (Pastor Dan Sexton).
James is joined by Tony Cottam of Mike Freland's Wrestling Rewind to discuss this week's offerings from New Japan Pro Wrestling as they go for two nights in Sapporo. Evil & SANADA defend the tag titles against Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Junior and Tetsuya Naito defends his IWGP Intercontinental Championship as LIJ look to shut down Suzuki Gun ...…
Jerome and Brian finally crack open the Thor trilogy to see how well it holds up. While the original may be FINE, it feels like a remake of Iron Man in a lot of ways. Still there are some enjoyable parts. Just two more episodes left before the big 50th.
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In this episode we discuss the various forms of economy in the game, then discuss how a new player might approach their first Tournament. Youtube:
In episode 27: Beer companies advertising departments are not forward thinkers, only fly with beautiful people and boiling water will burn you. Warning! The Three Ring Circus Podcast is not intended for children. The explicit tag is there for a reason. It is only intended for immature adults. If you like the show, please give us a five star rat ...…
Cally and Greg return for a special podcast with the man, the myth, the legend Fuck You Charles! The three run down this year's Oscars, make their picks in every category, and talk about the big oversights.
This episode Mike talks about you can improve force production... Check it out Click Here For Full Article ,Show Notes and Infographic 3 Sessions for $99 either in person or virtual This episode and every episode is brought to you by our LOF Shop where you can find products and services for reaching your fitness goals on any budget go to ...…
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