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Reading the Bible can be difficult not to mention understanding it. Having a disability, like blindness can be difficult too. At times a person even wonders if God is there. Nevertheless in room 4216 God shows us His path and we find we are not alone (Isaiah 42:16)Content Copyright, Dave Andrus 2015-2016
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Jesus gave marching orders to the 72 and then sent them into villages ahead of him. Their message met with good results. What happened for those who did not accept the message? Listen and find out.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
We speak of mountain top experiences as super, wonderful and beyond belief. We speak of valleys as those times of discouragement despair and frustration. Today’s lesson moves from the mountain tops to the valley bottoms of life and faith.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Years ago just before a battle the king would speak and motivate the troops. In today’s lesson Jesus gave a rally cry but it was different than one would expect.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
We heard in the last lesson, how Jesus word had power and authority. In today’s lesson, Jesus sends out before him the 12 disciples to speak the Word of god. “Who is this Jesus?” people are now asking. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
In today’s lesson we hear how the Word of god controls a storm, demons, a woman’s bleeding and a dead girl. We also will learn how this impacts our lives today. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
As humans we use words all the day long: good words, bad words, nonsensical words. By definition God is almighty. It follows then, that the words of God when spoken control the universe. Today we read and study some of what the Word of God is doing. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
One of the people groups pushed aside by society in Bible times were women. In today’s study we read how Jesus accepted and used women in his ministry. Jesus accepts and uses us too.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Jesus finished the sermon on the plain by noting the inner heart is more important to God than the outward actions of people. Jesus then demonstrated through his actions that he love people; even those pushed aside by society. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Hyperbole makes exaggerated statements not meant to be taken literally. This is what some believe Jesus was doing when teaching the crowd. But then Jesus pointed out this is what God the Father does all the time. So where does that leave us? Listen and find out.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
The story of these two men is similar and yet different. They both loved Jesus and were led by him. The path of life took each man in different directions with different situations. Both men can inspire us today to follow Jesus.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Doubting Thomas and Matthew the tax collector; each of these men had a reputation added to their name. Once Jesus touched their lives however, these reputations dropped away. Listen and find out what God did with them and through them. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Most know Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus. Do you know the possible reasons why he might have? Do you know why 30 pieces of silver was the cost? Listen to find out these answers and more.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
The Apostle John was called the beloved, a son of thunder, but also the son of Mary. Not only was this the longest living apostle, but also the most contrasting and colorful one as well. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did preparing it for you.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Before Simon and Jude were apostles, they were part of an extreme militaristic group. Once they met Jesus, Simon and Jude remained full of zeal but no longer to overthrow the government. Listen to learn what they did for the Lord.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
We finish our look at Peter and then consider three more apostles; Andrew James the lesser and James the greater These are four different people with four different personalities. Even so they all served Jesus with their different gifts.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Jesus chose 12 men from the disciples to be apostles. So who is Peter? What did he do? How does his life help my life?Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
Jesus ministry was not just about miracles and healings. In fact these point to and supported his teachings. Today’s teaching reminds us not to institutionalize religion. When we do we forget the real point of religion; to know God and to have eternal life.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry he was baptized. At the end of Jesus’ ministry he commanded his followers to baptize those who became his disciples or followers. So what is baptism. How, when, where, why and who should be baptized? Today’s lesson considers all sides of these questions.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019…
It is those amazing or surprising events that are remembered and recorded. Every day things often go unnoticed. So it was with Jesus. Today’s lesson looks at when he was 12 years old and the beginning of his ministry. And yes there are some amazing and surprising things about these events.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019…
The spiritual world announced the birth of Jesus as savior by the angels speaking to shepherds. Did you know that there were three earthly events that also pointed to and proclaimed Jesus as the savior? Today’s lesson looks at these.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2019
The savior is born in Bethlehem. This is the Christmas story. People and cultures celebrate this in many different ways. We asked you, the listener, from all around the country, to share your traditions of Christmas. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
Old cars, old furniture, old coins, are desired and liked by collectors. New phones, new clothes, new songs, are preferred and looked for by most people. Old verses new; a contrast of things. But how about when it comes to how we are saved; the old or the new way? This is the clash in our Gospel lesson. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018…
In the Bible stories we read today, Jesus did several miraculous things. It did not please all the people then. Certainly this does connect to us today when God does things with which we do not agree. We invite you to listen and consider. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
People were not always pleased with Jesus as he threatened their comfortable lives. So who did he please? In today’s lesson we read about Jesus coming face to face with the demons and the dark world. Yes he won the showdown, but what about today? Are demons ever confused with mental illness? Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018…
In today’s lesson we read about Jesus coming home. The town’s people knew Jesus and his family. They saw him grow up. More than likely, they were proud of this local boy. This homecoming didn’t turn out very well. Join us and learn why and how it also benefited you. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
Do we know much about Luke, the writer of the Gospel? And if we do, does this help us understand better what he was writing? And why did he write this book anyway?Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
Listeners sent in letters with challenging questions about the great commission. “With the declining state of churches why would we want to invite people to come?” Today’s lesson discusses this question and other listener questions. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
Jesus gave his followers “The great commission”. A commission is a command to act in a prescribed manner or to perform prescribed acts with the authority and power to do so. Today’s lesson discusses this command and why it was given. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
Joseph’s actions as governor in Egypt were planned out with a purpose. Today we learn what this plan was. We also learn that our lives are one part of God’s larger plan and purpose.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
Hunger drives people to do things they really don’t want to do. The quest for food becomes consuming. Today we read about Joseph who came to power and is consumed with something; but what?Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
Today’s lesson is more than “poor boy makes it good”. It is true that Joseph went from prison to the palace. Yet there is much more. Listen to learn how the story relates to you.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
Hardship and suffering is part of life. Whether rich or poor, young or old, knowledgeable or simple, morally good or bad, difficulties will come. If this is the case with what are we left?Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
In the midst of many sinful people we have read how Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had faith in God. We have also read how sinful people impacted them to do sin as well. In today’s lesson we hear about Jacob’s children. It starts out bad but we shall learn how God brings good out of the bad.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018…
How do we know there is a God? We can’t know him through our five senses can we? If not how then? Today’s show walks us through how we know there is a God along with why there is evil in our world.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
When a person reads the Bible it is sometimes hard to figure out just what is happening. Is it just a moral story? Is it a story of good over bad? Is there a difference between the earthly and spiritual story? Today’s lesson helps us to understand just a bit more about the Bible and God’s story in our lives. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018…
Jacob before he left home was deceptive and a trickster. He learned to be honest. And when someone kept tricking him, Jacob decided to ... well listen and find out what happened. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
The brothers, Esau and Jacob, had their problems. It was their sinning against each other that found Jacob leaving home to save his life. Today we hear about two sisters whose envy created many problems as well. And God loved them all.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
Once in a while you may hear someone longing for the good old days. In their mind things were better back then, than they are now. Today’s Bible lesson teaches us that the old days were not always good; for families or people. In fact the only way the day is good is when God is present throughout.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018…
Most people have heard the phrase; “The end does not justify the means”. When a person experiences this first hand, it becomes more than a statement. It becomes real.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
Like it or not, life is full of conflict. Because of this we make choices. Can we learn from Isaac how to make good choices; God pleasing choices? Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
Would you marry someone sight unseen; hearing unheard? Probably not. In today’s lesson we hear that this happened. And yet more went into this marriage than that; a lot more. Join us to hear about the how and why. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
The Empty tomb is the first fact placed in evidence. The day’s events provide many more facts and a few surprises. Consider and see. Please join us. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
It is a historical accepted fact that the tomb was empty and Jesus was not found there. What actually took place that first Easter morning? Did he really die and rise again? If so, how does this impact my life today? Join us and enjoy. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
Abraham is spoken of as the father of faith. Today’s lesson goes into the reasons why as well as to challenge our faith, as God’s children. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
A baby boy, circumcision, a prayer, sleeping in the city square, being blinded and a pillar of salt; these are the items discussed in today's lesson and connected to the story of Abraham. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
We read that God gave Abram a six fold blessing. In today's lesson we read that Abram and his wife doubted the blessings would ever happen. God, however, did not waver. And so Abram became Abraham, a father, and so much more. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
When on a trip, there usually comes a point when most people can't wait to go home. There is comfort in the familiar. Perhaps this is why we do and say bad things instinctively, because there is comfort in the familiar. There is a connection between the heart, home, instinct and the familiar. Listen to the podcast to find out what.Copyright, Da ...…
Being in a group that speaks an unfamiliar language can be amazing or frightening. It is at this point one realizes that communication is part of being human. Communication brings about cooperation and achievement. So what language is God's primary language? Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
God sent the flood to destroy the evil that man had created. The flood was a really big thing. Noah and his family came out of the ark and started the world anew, or did they. Another really big thing took place.Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
The flood waters went down and the ark came to rest. All came out and what did they find? And there was a rainbow. What’s up with that? Finally, there is a connection to us today, centuries later. Copyright, Dave Andrus 2018
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