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A weekly round table discussion about the table-top RPG hobby.
The RPG Show
A bi-monthly podcast where hosts Brent and Nick sit down with a guest to discuss classic RPGs.
An irreverent look at tabletop roleplaying games and a little bit more.
The RPG Academy
A mix of General Advice / Discussion Podcasts and Actual Play Podcasts
RPG Cast
RPGamer's weekly podcast looks at the latest happenings in the world of Role Playing Games. From video to pen and paper, all is fair game as we go through the week's news, latest releases, and reviews to keep you up to date on the best gaming genre out there.
Inspiring the family through tabletop gaming.
Hyper RPG
Watch us live on
RPG Circus
Each episode, we talk and discuss a variety of RPG and RPG related topics.
Join the editors of RPGFan as they discuss the latest news and topics in the world of role-playing games.
Weekly podcast about tabletop RPGs and the people who play them.
Actual play recordings by Happy Jacks hosts and listeners.
The Red Pill Generation, an audio dose of The Red Pill, helping open the eyes of young men of action, modern conquistadors if you will, everyday. We analyze and share our own experiences on a broad range of subjects like self improvement, starting your own business, passive income, traveling/living abroad, women, sex, relationships, fitness and more. Click to tweet:
Retro RPG Podcast
Instead of remembering them, we go and play them.
RPG Backtrack
RPG Backtrack is a podcast in which we reflect upon some of the staple titles in this wide-ranging genre.
A West End Games Star Wars D6 RPG podcast. Primary podcasts consist of actual RP sessions, playing out a campaign from inception including discussions of character, plot and theme.
RPG Site's monthly podcast where the staff discuss RPG news, share the games that we are playing or covering for the site, and go off on a tangent on current events.
USgamer's official RPG podcast! Kat Bailey explores WRPGs, JRPGs, MMORPGs, MOBAs, tabletop RPGs, and more.
In the spring of 2016 we unearthed the long forgotten 1986 Tabletop RPG that is Dinosaur Park and decided to have a quick game. This is the result. In the following months we were able to track down the rare and much beloved sequel, Dinosaur World: The Post-Apocalyptic RPG for Ages 10 and up and once again, have a quick game.
A podcast about face to face games! We cover board games, roleplaying games, cards games, really any tabletop game at all!
The RPG Academy
A mix of General Advice / Discussion Podcasts and Actual Play Podcasts
Welcome to the official feed of Minionworks - home of Troublesome Times in Tumbleson County™, Welcome to Dooneyland™, and other actual-play RPG podcasts! Troublesome Times in Tumbleson County™ is a weekly series set in 1933 Not-Mississippi, near the end of Prohibition, in a county full of monsters, demons, and pure evil... and that's just the citizens. Welcome to Dooneyland™ is a limited series set in a present-day alternate universe where Iowa farmer-turned-animator Harland Dooney's world-f ...
Power Rangers HyperForce is set in the year 3016 at Time Force Academy. A team of Time Force Ranger cadets must band together to defeat an ancient evil who is set on unraveling the very fabric of the universe. Under the leadership of their mentor, Jen Scott, and with the show’s Game Master, Malika Lim, the newly minted Rangers will cross both time and space to complete their mission while running into many familiar eras (and faces) along the way.The stakes have never been higher as the playe ...
A weekly round table discussion about the table-top RPG hobby.
RPG Backtrack
RPG Backtrack is a podcast in which we reflect upon some of the staple titles in this wide-ranging genre.
When the game is over, when your players are gone, that’s when lessons are learned! A business approach to better RPG sessions.
The Rpg Academy
If you're having fun, you're doing it right!
Full Metal RPG
Podcast by Presented by Carrion & Bailey
Actual play recordings by Happy Jacks hosts and listeners.
Welcome to the RPG! RPG! Podcast, featuring Ai-Phuong and Haven. The show is concerned with with the ancient art of role-playing (game) and the hosts vow to take you on a journey across lands both familiar and perhaps undiscovered. So, kick back and feel free to join in the discussion below as the pair discuss JRPGs, Western RPGs, MMORPGs and anything else with distinct traces of RPG in its variants and assorted flavours.If you have something you'd like us to discuss please feel free to send ...
Glowburn is a podcast about the Mutant Crawl Classics Role-playing game and old school post-apocalyptic adventuring.
The best recorded panels and seminars about analog game design and publishing. Sponsored by Genesis of Legend Publishing and Metatopia.
RPG Circus
Square Roots is like a book club, but for classic RPGs! Each episode John, Matthew, Jim and Vanessa play through another chunk of one of your favorite RPGs, from Final Fantasy through Chrono Trigger. Are they experts? No. Are they qualified? Absolutely not. Are they good at RPGs? Probably not. But they're the fun kind of dumb, and that's what counts.
The unwashed rabble of the Headcanon crew sit down with some microphones and deconstruct roleplaying games in order to figure out why we like them so darn much. The topics may change from episode to episode but each one will rotate around the axis that is this eclectic little genre of pop entertainment. So sit back, relax, and put on those headphones as we look deep into the multifaceted world of RPGs.
A podcast about tabletop roleplaying games
RPG Logic podcast
RPG Logic is a podcast intended to help run role playing games. We record sessions of a roleplaying game and break it up into scenes after listening to the scene, we discuss the game mastering and playing choices. Discuss what went well, what failed, and what could be done differently next time. An emphasis is placed on the choices that are made by the gamemaster and players for both running the game at the table and for preparing games.
Phoenix Edge is a podcast devoted specifically to role playing games, both old and new. Each week, Hat and Eric take an in-depth look at various RPGs in order to analyze them, discuss them and compare them to other games in the genre. The show can also be found on YouTube by searching Phoneix Edge an RPG Podcast.
Join host and DM Motgnarom as he leads his party through the world of Eard: a land brimming with ancient magics. Dark Spell is a rules-light custom Dungeons and Dragons campaign that focuses on fun storytelling, interesting characters, and solid audio production. Tune in every Friday for new episodes!
People coming together playing RPGs via Skype and Roll20. Call of Cthulhu, World of Darkness, Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, Mutants and Masterminds and more.
When civilization crumbles, the galaxy's greatests heroes emerge. From the mind of Jeff Richardson, this game has the gritty realism of Game of Thrones with the daring action of Star Wars, Kung Fu movies and the heart and depth of Star Trek. The show is two parts funny and three parts genius. If you play RPGs and/or you like to laugh, then this is the show for you! New players come in from time to time, so shoot us an email and get on the team!
Sunshine, the Giga Crew and guests play Tabletop RPGs of all kinds!
Gamester's RPG
Actual Play Podcast
Edited Actual Play Fate RPG Podcast. We tell stories to entertain. Edited to leave the good stuff in and to add background. Current Campaign: Avatar: The Last Airbender Fate. Previous stories: Star Trek, Dresden Files, Secret of NIMH, and many more. Want to hear Taylor and Joshua look for the messages in Giant Monster Movies? Check out
A biweekly discussion about GMing table-top RPGs. Tips, tricks and concepts to up your game.
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demigods01Game: RevelationsSystem: Demigods (PbtA)GM: JasonPlayers: Aabria, Adam, Kimi, SamanthaSummary: The first campaign in the Demigods PBTA setting, run by author Jason Mills! Four young demigods are trying to make their way in modern day Los Angeles. They have it all: looks, brains, phenomenal cosmic powers… if only their parents (and man ...…
For Episode 16, my guest is the wonderfully nerdy Hector Navarro (Hyper RPG! 500 Greatest Films Podcast! @Hectorisfunny on Twitter!) While I'm the DC kid of the gang, Hector is very much the Marvel kid. But when we get together, it's nothing but the best, and the conversation is always satisfying. And our discussion of Homecoming is no differen ...…
We’ve got a treat for you this week, our guest Pablo Coma stopped in to talk about his game Healer’s Quest, releasing on the 18th. But first you have to listen to G and Draconus chat about BAFTA and a few kickstarter games. News Drac gives his thoughts on Radical Heights released as Free to Play on Steam. Donkey Kong King Dethroned. G gives us ...…
We grabbed a few words with Talegames' Carlos Gonzalez at PAX East 2018, during which we found out more about the charming fantasy RPG-style metroidvania and its Kickstarter campaign.
Brazilian outfit Massive Work Studios recently launched a Kickstarter for their sci-fi action-RPG Dolmen and we caught up with producer Pedro Bastos at PAX East.
Welcome to Season 10 Episode 8 of RPG Circus Episode Topics Topic 1 Hosts Jeff Chris Show Links KS: TravellerconUSA 2018 - - 05-07 October 2018 KS: CharCon Game Convention - July 13-15 KS: The Queen City Conquest 2018 KS: Black Void RPG KS: Shattered Tower RPG KS: Nagual KS: Journey Away — A non-challenge-based fantasy RPG KS: YNDAROS: THE DARK ...…
On this episode of The RPG Show: Brent and Nick discuss CIMA : The Enemy! Join us on our forums to discuss this episode! Like the show? Or should we GIT GUD? Either way, feel free to leave a rating and review on itunes. Do you have questions or want to talk directly with a host? You can send an email to or follow us on tw ...…
Wherein we discuss the dumbest thing about Hand -to-Hand: Assassin in Palladium's Heroes Unlimited RPG.
razor10Game: Razor RidgeSystem: Werewolf: The Wild WestGM: MacPlayers: Samantha, Jessie, Nick, StevenSummary: The year is 1874, and the place is the small town of Razor Ridge. It might seem like another broken down border town, but it harbors a secret: werewolves.Tags: podcast, podcasts, rpg, actual play, rpg ap, werewolf the wild west, werewol ...…
James and Lacey recap our Who's Yer Con experience and talk about what we enjoyed about being at a convention that is not as overwhelming as GenCon. Shadows of Esteren Mashed Lamentations of the Flame Princess Twitter @justonemorefix Facebook Just One More Fix Podcast Support us on Patreon Gonna Geek Network…
This episode I chat with Threadbare RPG designer, Stephanie Bryant. You can get a copy of Threadbare at: Learn more about Threadbare at:
The BEST Independent Music from around the world: EDM, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, R & B, Rap, Reggae, Jazz & more...Hosted by DTongAdvertising & Sponsorship: Song Play & Promotion: TO YOU BY:Draw Lionel Messi 3D ...…
Hyper RPG and Saban Brands present Power Ranges HyperForce, a brand new RPG show on Twitch! Subscribe on YouTube ► live on Tuesdays at 6pm PT ► the Conversation in the Discord! ► Follow us on Twitter: us on Facebook: ...…
Join us as we check in on the ShushCon Edition of the RPG Pharaoh's Challenge, talk about some more games from SCARAB, and another Quickstart from our Quick Draw exchange! Jon also sits down at SCARAB to talk with Aaron Lopez, who it turns out is a pretty neat guy. Intro [00:00:00]RPG Pharaoh's Challenge - Shush Con [00:02:20]Tell Me about your ...…
Ten Candles is a roleplaying game of tragic horror. In this RPG gameplay we play the module The Last Boat where a group of survivors are on a resort island vacation turned nightmare. These three hopefuls leave the hotel they're at and make North on a rumor of a boat coming in to take people away from this island.…
On today’s episode we sit down with some of the Protean City Comics crew, Brandon Leon-Gambetta, James Malloy and Elsbeth Denman, to discuss character creation as well as how the process went in MASKS: A New Generation, the Powered by the Apocalypse RPG created by Brendan Conway! Timestamps: 00:00:34 - Introductions 00:07:47 - D20 For Your Thou ...…
In Episode 8, our host Josh Heath reviews Rage Across The Amazon the 8th book published for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. We also have two advertisements from High Level Games and White Wolf RPG's Gameplay and Media Buy the book on DriveThruRPG Music in this episode is from "Metalmania" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Common ...…
It's time for a fight! Listen to all of our episodes at
Join Gamer Leaf as he sits down in Part 2 of this podcast exclusive as he sits down with Craig again about True Messiah, a game of post-apocalyptic cult warfare which just re-launched at a lower rate through Fri, April 13 2018 6:00 PM MST. Kickstarter Corner: Railroad Rivals through Tue, April 10 2018 8:00 PM MST. Rebels of Ravenport - Upgraded ...…
Plunging into the lost crypt of a legendary king, the party finds that even the deceased are leery of giving up their loot. A tale of cultured sphinxes, salmon leaping monks, and one very, very long fight.
Sound revised (Next episode will sound better)Tonight is a powerhouse of intellectual voices:Freddy, Javi, Derrick, Ronald, Jorge, and EricWhats on the menu tonight:-Nvidia part of uber crash!? -Are you gas car or all Electric?-Huawei copying apple AirPods? ERRR?-Apple & Education together!-Apple: love it or hate it? -GAMES : -RPG lovers! Monst ...…
On this week's episode of Sneak Attack!, the gang must figure out a way to the elven isle of Loręndale in order to rescue Sylvana, retrieve The Pearl, and hopefully save the world. What path will they take to get there, and what lies in wait? Find out right now! Thanks everyone for listening! Check out our Patreon at, follow u ...…
In this thrilling episode, Reebart the Metal Man acts as the voice of the Drommo, challenging the heroes to back down. Talon has other ideas. Closing Song: "Hiding Your Reality" by Kevin McLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Get involved! Contact us: By e ...…
When last we left our heroes. Grit Toughnstuff is no more, thrust into the unknown by a device called The Engine. In his wake is a tiefling named Vladislav. A lover of new expierences. There is also the new party member, Tiri'Eledhwen the Paladin of the Sun, who is desperatingly seeking to keep the light within the darkness. Together our advent ...…
Get ready for an aural experience like you’ve never had before. Let you ears be seduced by the velvety smootness of Schnell’s voice as he narrates the hell out of this week’s prologue. Oh, what’s what? Why do we have a prologue? Because this week we bring you the first episode in the first game we are playing serial-style! This week we’re playi ...…
Episode Notes Today is a shorter episode - sorry, all! Enjoy! Find out more on the Level 99 RPG Talk website. Check out our podcasting host, Pinecast. Start your own podcast for free, no credit card required, forever. If you decide to upgrade, use coupon code r-2a6bbd for 40% off for 4 months, and support Level 99 RPG Talk.…
Você conhece os RPGs Old School? Eis uma leitura de um Mestre de RPG dessa velha guarda! Enviem seus comentários, críticas e sugestões nas redes sociais do Ao Sugo e continuem jogando!
It’s been a good year for me (re: games), and things are only getting better. Example A: I’m knee deep in Persona 5, which of course came out last year but allow me this indulgence, would you? Example B: Ni No Kuni II was released last week to positive acclaim, which means I have a meaty RPG to look forward to courtesy Level 5. Example C: Squar ...…
We begin today’s Golden Geek Award nominated podcast with some important public service announcements from our illustrious hosts, Shelly Mazzanoble (@shellymoo) ) and Greg Tito (@gregtito). Don’t stand too close to an open staircase and beware the uncut grapes of wrath! After these and other serious matters, we have a chat with Xalavier Nelson ...…
A man with so many hats, Owen KC Stephens joins us to talk about the state of the RPG industry in the wake of Pathfinder 2e’s announcement and Starfinder! We also make some HUGE announcements about the future of the network. Listen Now! (mp3) Like our content? Want to help make sure we can keep bringing more? Support us on Patreon and help us b ...…
Coriolis The Third Horizon RPG - Emissary Lost Q&A w/Tomas Härenstam from Free League Publishing. Emissary Lost is an epic campaign module for the multiple award-winning Coriolis – The Third Horizon scifi RPG is coming to KICKSTARTER on TUESDAY MARCH 13, 2018. You can check out the Kickstarter here: ...…
Our adventurers (and I use that term loosely) awaken in luxury worthy of the gods. Well of one god in particular, the warrior goddess it appears is not averse to high quality linen. Oriole makes another large friend, there's the possibility of converting religion (or not), and a trip to a brothel to find out more about the Mistress... Is Darby ...…
Our heroes discuss how they should confront another Protector who isn't following the rules. Listen to all of our episodes at
We play through Persona 3 for the month of November, stopping on the first save point on December 1st. We save the world except we don't. SEES family photo Mitsuru's new Persona Yukari's new Persona --------------- Sailor Eli on Youtube The views of the Blizzard ...…
We talk about religious media, not movies, we swear! And today we're trying to prove it again. We're journeying back into Hillary's past with this one, reliving part of her childhood musical experience with Wow Hits 1999. Along the way, we talk about the last names of the Greek gods, get schooled on Christian musicians from the 90's, tell camp ...…
Welcome to Session 1, Episode 1 of the City On A Hill Gaming Tabletop RPG Podcast!
Warning - text and podcast contain spoilers for the Call of Cthulhu : Eternal Lies campaign A meeting with Donnovan, a hospital rescue and a deadly car chase across the island to escape the cult’s clutches… Please check out the fab journal of this campaign Eternal Lies – Campaign Notes and Letters
Episode 31 The sweeping phenomena of PUBG and Fortnite, especially the latter's cross platform play, heads up our discussion of the lasting significance and impact of mobile gaming and how it could change the landscape of gaming forever. We then continue our adventure in the guided RPG Untold: Adventures Await, where our heroes get themselves i ...…
Savage Rifter Podcast Episode Twelve - Techno Wizard This podcast is all about the new and exciting Savage Rifts from Pinnacle Entertainment. We are discussing the Tommorow Legion Players Guide from cover to cover so Victor can teach me, and you the listener, how to play, enjoy and understand Savage RIFTS. In this episode we discuss the The TEC ...…
The Hour Has come, Act 1 Is Prepared upon the stage... You have Met the Lost souls, Now listen to their Dark Tale, As they Attempt to break free of their initial predicament and Escape into the Forests of Barovia... The Cast: AJ As "Ozmand" Lexa As "Rosie" Belry As "Karen Lebowski" Amy As "Meghren" Matt As "Tubbs Groundswell" And Nikoli as your ...…
In the Meiji at 150 Student Podcast, UBC students discuss aspects of Japanese culture they research in class. In this episode, a student walks through the Japanese "Dark Souls" RPG video game series, navigating the complex Japanese videogame market and repositioning the gaming phenomenon within larger Japanese and North American social contexts.…
On this episode we welcome Jimmy Purcell back to the studio to play a superhero role-playing game set in the Dark Crusader world with help and hindrances for the players provided by listeners. We discuss the latest Deadpool 2 trailer for Current Events. We review Ant-man on our Road to Infinity War.By (Hyper RPG).
This week is all about RPGs. We talk about quest fatigue and RPG quirks we all have, then introduce a new segment called Don't Think Too Hard. We also talk about JRPGs and what other countries' RPGs would look like. Oh and Peterson regales of a story of puppies, vans, and children walking to school.
ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be no podcast next week. But the following week I will share our PAX East panel discussion on "Improvisation in Roleplaying: How To Run A Game In The Now". Today on Yes And Dragons I speak with award winning game designer Filamena Young, who joins us from Tokyo. We talk about taking theatrical risks, how to get all emot ...…
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