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RTP Baseball
Podcast by RTP Baseball
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Decades of complete internet immersion has rendered everyone's brains into a thick, goopy oatmeal, and we're here to have some freaking fun with it. We dive deep into the minutiae, drama, and hysterics of online communities and subcultures. Hosted by Christian and Geiger, two guys who have definitely not had their minds poisoned by permanent online use.
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Prova Oral
Podcast dos conteúdos da Antena3
The 919 Podcast
The Triangle is changing, and with it North Carolina. This is the only podcast about the 1.5 million people transforming the 919.
Listen in as our lively “Full Circle” group Darryl E. McCullough “The Sanepoet” (Cleveland/Ann Arbor Conservative) and Carmen Miller “The Songstress,” (Toledo Independent) share their personal and sometimes heartfelt opinions covering a “Full Circle” of subjects from current events, politics, race relations, religion and relationships whoas!
A podcast on the paranormal. From ghosts to cryptids to the strange unusual and fascinating. We take your on a trip through the Veil and let you look at these things through our eyes. As part of Lockdown Paranormal Investigations and Research we participate in Ghost hunts and tours and bring you our listeners our evidence!! Join us weekly as we take a trip down the rabbit hole that is the Supernatural.
Roughing the Podcast is a Minnesota Vikings podcast, hosted by Di Murphy and Ted Glover of the SB Nation site The Daily Norseman. Once a week during the season, and once every two weeks during the off season, Di and Ted will keep you up to date with all the Vikings news in a unique, funny, and irreverent manner.
Interviews with the movers and shakers of the Hong Kong Trails
We are a just couple of football coaches that love talking football and want to learn everything we can about Offensive Line.
Regret The Podcast
Injuries 101 Podcast.
Run The Point
Aaron and Rob break down the hottest topics in sports like floor generals, running the point.
With the International Olympic Committee as one of our founding members, the AISTS provides post-graduate Sports Management education, applied research and an engaging platform of connections. Discover the world of sports management through our exclusive podcasts focusing on Sports Medicine, featuring interviews with leading experts, professionals and academics. This podcast series was created by AISTS Head of Sports Medicine, Dr Boris Gojanavic (@DrSportSante) and are entirely scripted, rec ...
Rewind This Podcast is the podcast that asks that you always remember to rewind your video tapes before returning them for crying out loud! We (Joey and Ryan) break down the nostalgic movies of our childhoods from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. We break down each movie and go over just how well we think they hold up to an older and (arguably) wiser eye. Rewind those tapes and join us every Monday!
Ask Concussion Doc is a show where we answer your questions about concussions, treatment and rehabilitation to raise awareness, educate, and help patients, athletes and practitioners better manage these injuries. For more information about Complete Concussion Management, visit www.CompleteConcussions.comDISCLAIMERThis is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of doctors and/or healthcare professionals. Patients should consult their physician and/or healthcare providers in matter ...
The Retro Junkies Network is a network of family friendly retro podcasts.
Replay The Point
Jared Pine and Pete Ziebron bring you an overview of professional tennis.
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show series
Newest edition of the series! Walker and Ian join the pod to talk about going to school in the Triangle and starting a small business. They share their likes of the 919 and compare it to their hometown of Winston-Salem.
Miguel Pires e Duarte Calvão com "Mesa Marcada"
Dizziness and vertigo are common symptoms following a concussion. Although these symptoms often resolve, they can become persistent and debilitating for some patients. The most frustrating part for patients is the lack of visible findings on examination or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to verify their symptoms.For those that have never heard ...…
Pedro Cardoso com "Os Ignorantes" e "Nem Sim Nem Não"
The Storm is coming, ladies and gentlemen! This week we focus our sights on QAnon, a right wing conspiracy theory for extremely online grandparents. We discuss why Q being wrong actually means he's right, how Eggs Benedict = 47, and did you know that "joy" rhymes with "sky"? Announcement coming very soon re: premium content! Head over to twitte ...…
If God is good, how can there be so much evil in a world made by a good God? If God is all powerful why doesn’t he just destroy the enemy? Satan is on a rampage to cause as much suffering as he can. The Lord needs to let the results of the Devil’s work be fully revealed.By (Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!).
Falamos sobre tristeza com Sónia Baptista, Ana Cardoso Oliveira e isabel Empis
On this episode of RTP we talk with JJ Jennings. Coach Jennings is an Assistant Coach at Hickman HS in Columbia, MO. Listen as we talk with Coach Jennings about his coaching career in moving around as a college GA and a stint in the US Navy and his education as a young coach in the business. You can follow Coach Jennings on Twitter @Trench_Coac ...…
An episode about the site we have investigated twice Acadia Ranch. Such an awesome sight and one of our favorites. Thank you all who listen to us and check us out at Leave us some feed back and start sending in your stories for our up coming Listener episode!!!
What will Heaven be like? God is preparing a glorious kingdom for us.By (Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!).
On this episode of RTP we talk with Mike Volarvich. Coach Volarvich is the Head Coach at Nashville HS in Nashville, AR. Listen as we talk with Coach Volarvich about his coaching career in moving from college back to HS, and how to operate his Scorched Earth Offense and use some unusual formations to gain numbers and alignment advantages. You ca ...…
Jared Plummer, owner at Two Roosters Ice Cream, joins the pod to talk about his journey to turning his passion into a full-time job! For the month of January, mention The 919 Podcast when ordering at Two Roosters and get any topping for free! @two_roosters
Jorge Vassallo fala sobre viagens
While rest is important in the acute stage (24 – 48 hours), evidence continues to show that concussion patients should participate in sub-symptom threshold physical activity as early as 2 to 3 weeks into recovery. In this episode of Ask Concussion Doc, we discuss the latest in concussion care. For previous podcast episodes, visit: https://compl ...…
Mário Nogueira fala sobre Professores
Marco Neves com "Dicionário de Erros Falsos e Mitos do Português"
Judite de Sousa com "Político esfaqueado ou é morto ou é eleito"
This episode of RTP features Coach Harper & Coach Walz. Listen as we talk about Coach Harper’s 2018 Oklahoma State Championship and Nationally Ranked Season, recap the coaches we’ve met and the amount of football we have learned from our first year in the podcast, and the things we have planned, via RTP Premium & Summit, to further the game of ...…
I'M A PODCAST, MORTY! LOL, if you get this reference, you're a genius. This week we read a bunch of posts from fans of Rick and Morty, a cartoon TV show for dumb babies who think they're smart. We talk about the differences between Jerrys and Ricks, what happens when you decide to open a bar if your entire business model is copyright infringeme ...…
A talk of some new years traditions and superstitions, as well as talk of personal goals and what we would like for RTP for 2019
The great climax of the world's history is going to be when Christ comes and He sets everything right. Part 2 of 2By (Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!).
Isabel "Batata Doce" e um milagre na guerra
Nuno Diniz com "Entre Ventos e Fumos"
Injury or dysfunction of the neck has been shown to cause symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, loss of balance, nausea, visual and auditory disturbances and even reduced cognitive function. These are also the most commonly reported symptoms in concussion. Dr. Cameron Marshall explains in this episode.For previous podcast episodes, visit: http ...…
Ivo Canelas com "Todas as Coisas Maravilhosas"
This is the audio pulled form the First video podcast we did before the 2018 season when Coach Harper & Walz met up in Iowa to talk about Coach Walz's recent trip to talk with the Nebraska Coaching Staff. You can watch the video of this podcast on our YouTube
2018 is in the books ladies and gentlemen, so let's celebrate the end of another awful year by highlighting some of the worst content the internet proffered us these past twelve months. You, our loyal listeners, supplied most of these terrible posts, and we can't thank you enough for them. Here's to 2019 being even worse!…
On this episode of RTP we talk with Adam Kirby. Coach Kirby is the Assistant Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Offensive Line & Tight Ends Coach as well as the Recruiting Coordinator at Southwestern College in Winfield, KS. Listen as we talk with Coach Kirby about starting out as a young college football coach, what he looks for in athletes he ...…
The great climax of the world's history is going to be when Christ comes and He sets everything right. Part 1 of 2By (Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!).
Surprise! Enjoy your holiday weekend with a bonus episode. I talk with Paul Burke, who has recently moved from the Triangle to Portland, Oregon. We talk about his experiences growing up in the 919 and living in downtown Raleigh, where there has been a ton of changes even in the past couple years. Stay safe and have a Happy New Year!…
Inês Cunha e Luís Cunha com os 70 anos do Hot Clube
Alexandra Prado Coelho e Vera Mouitnho falam sobre Alimentação
Falamos com Francisco Baptista
A talk of Santa and Yule as well as personal randomness and stories.
Merry Christmas! Does that offend you, snowflake? This week we talk about everyone's favorite holiday-currently-being-waged-war-upon, that's right it's Christmas! We find some posts about bad gifts people have received, what happens when mom and dad drink too much on Christmas, and apparently the damn libs want Santa to be genderless now! The b ...…
On this episode of RTP we talk with Michael McClanathan. Coach McClanathan is the OL Coach and Video Coordinator at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. Listen as we talk with Coach McClanathan about being a young OL coach at his alma mater and how to coach guys you literally just played with in the years prior. We also discuss some run schemes ...…
We talk about Krampus and the other crazy evil holiday entities....turns out Krampus is the nice one....
Discover how the lives of Old Testament characters often mirror and reflect the life and work of the Messiah. The whole Bible reflects the life and ministry of Jesus.By (Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!).
In this 70th episode the Full Circle group opens with updates and a letter from a listener. Following this they get into discussions concerning the previous show and then right into politics and entertainment. As expected things get real hot as well as emotional when the crew gets into the topic ‘Are You Feel’in Your Family For The Holidays?” T ...…
Season 1 is complete! 2018 has been a blast, and so much has happened since the inaugural episode in January. John reviews past episodes casts a vision for the year ahead! Shoutout to all of you are what make this podcast possible. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Manuel Fonseca e o "Pequeno Livro dos Grandes Insultos"
Fernando Sobral com "Futebol, Estádio Global"
Maria José Costa com "Peixes de Portugal"
A bunch of extremely normal people online think the earth is flat and the boys are here to talk about them. Yes this week's episode is about Flat Earthers, but Christian and Geiger also fall down a rabbit hole and read some Hollow Earth theories, too, plus discussions about conspiracy theories in general. Is there a race of 14-foot tall peacefu ...…
Samuel Úria com "Marcha Atroz"
On this episode of RTP we talk with Velocity Football Development founders Josh Richardson and Tom Pirinelli. Velocity Football is located in Canton, GA, just north of Atlanta. Listen as we talk with Velocity about OL development and HS football in the great state of Georgia. You can follow Velocity on Twitter @jmrichardson62 or through their w ...…
Can we prove that God does exist?By (Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!).
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