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Animation podcast featuring interviews, tutorials and news-of-the-week reaction discussions with animators Stephen Brooks & Rob Yulfo.
Thank You Internet
Thank You Internet is a podcast celebrating internet culture and content creators. David W. Spencer and Michael Hunter discuss how the internet has shaped culture and created a culture of its own. We also interview YouTubers, podcasters, and a variety of other content creators in this sincere love letter to everything the internet has to offer.
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This week we bring you an animation news episode and there's a lot to talk about! Hulu is bringing a new kind of ragtag group of Marvel heroes together with a series of... series... and they're animated (of course). We also talk about how movies like Hotel Transylvania can go for 4 sequels (and Puss in Boots gets a sequel after 10 years) and wh ...…
We did a live-streamed segment style episode of the podcast and had a blast with everyone in the chatroom! Trailer Talk segment of "Frozen 2" and "Love, Death + Robots" and Animation News where we talk about the Oscars. And for the first time... Live Rapid Fire! #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere…
It's a How You Doin' episode! We talk about the anthropological study that was Stephen's fortnight of Fortnite, unintentional badassery, and board game puns! #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Dreamworks Netflix "She-Ra" has sparked a lot of debate and opinions since it was released... we offer some more #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
We saw the new animated Spider-Man movie. We loved it. We talk about it. #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
"Secret Life of Pets 2" recasting and Laika's new direction with "Missing Link" We also introduce a new segment called RED ALERT! #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
We review the new Illumination Grinch, and Stephen makes a mashup #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
After our live-streamed Battle Talk episode from July 2018, we did a full review of season 1 of Netflix's "Disenchantment," talked Matt Groening vs David X Cohen, and comparisons to Futurama #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Audio replay from the live July "Battle Talk" episode where the topic of the #RubberOnionBattle was "Prank Backfire" #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
We talk with Felicity Morland, the animator and filmmaker behind the new documentary "Hand Drawn" on the medium of hand drawn animation with interviews with so many of today's greats and up-and-coming artists Check out her campaign on IndieGoGo and the perks that come with donating to the project which completes on Nov 25th... get on it! https: ...…
Happy Halloween!! This year we talk about mistakes, bugs, and other things in animation that curse us to late nights and stress headaches #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Audio replay from our special FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY live show! #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Audio replay from the live June "Battle Talk" episode where the topic of the #RubberOnionBattle was "New Mythical Creature" #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
We sit down with fellow animators Andrew Kaiko and Emmett Goodman to review the "Teen Titans" movie #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Here's the edited audio replay of our live Battle Talk episode for the May 2018 submissions "Odd Jobs" #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Stephen spoke on an animation panel at ConnectiCon and talks about the experience - stay for the full panel audio at the end! #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
I went to the Annecy Animation Festival in France and tell you all about the fest, what I saw, what I liked and what I didn't. #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
What's all the fuss with the new Thundercats design and what does it mean #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
What's all the fuss with the new Thundercats design and what does it mean #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Rob does a Simpsons thing and what's the problem with Apu? #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
We try to close the book on the separating art and artist discussion in relation to the John K news, and also other news in the industry... but mostly the John K thing. #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Stop-Motion from Henry Selick and Starburns Industries, CG from Glen Keane, Klaus hand-drawn animated film, and more are all being produced exclusively for Netflix... what does this mean for the industry and medium? #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Early Review for Wes Anderson's new Stop-Motion film "Isle of Dogs" with clips from the press conference #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
The answer to all your burning questions... #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
We talk about the new designs and other TMNT things #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Here are the top 10 moments of our podcast from 2017! #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
We talk about Pixar's Coco, and the short and trailers that came before it! #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Tim Rauch talks about his new Indie film Kickstarter "Mushroom Park," his career as an animator and director, and more! Be sure to check out his "Mushroom Park" KICKSTARTER PAGE to support and get cool perks in return! #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
On a road trip, Stephen talks about Independent Animation throughout time and its importance now #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Disney is in talks to buy 21st Century Fox and we discuss the movie going experience #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Submission discussion for #RubberOnionChallenge Sept and Oct 2017 #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
We play an improv storytelling game to come up with an animator's horror story! #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
We talk about Halloween, Horror movies, and how animation can fit in #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Joined by fans of the show Pilar Newton-Katz, Andrew Kaiko, and Bryan Alvarez we review "My Little Pony: The Movie" #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
We both played "Cuphead" and review the gameplay, art-style, animation, with gameplay audio from Rob's attempt #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Submission discussion for #RubberOnionBattle Aug 2017 "Food Fight" #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
On the road we talk about how to keep imagination flowing #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
"Name one animated film for newcomers to study" ~ Ronald Estid Chaparro #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Submission discussion for #RubberOnionBattle July 2017 "Lame Theme Park" #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
We talk about the DuckTales reboot on DisneyXD #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Interview panel with Joy Buran, Noelle Melody, and Lizzi Akana from Animation Block Party 2017 Please follow these amazing artists! Joy & Noelle website vimeo facebook twitter instagram Lizzi Akana website vimeo tumblr instagram Check out the blog post on the event here #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere…
We recap our experience at Animation Block Party 2017 in Brooklyn #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Creator of "Regular Show" gets a more adult cartoon on TBS, "Close Enough" #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Review for season 1 of the Netflix "Castlevania" series #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
The difficulty professional artists have in taking vacations and what to do about it #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere
Support this podcast on Patreon and get exclusive and early content! Our last regular live Brooklyn show with Gumby, Battle Talk, and more! Please Rate & Review us on iTunes #RubberOnionPodcast @RubberOnion everywhere Topics & Timestamps 9:06 Podcastimation 5 19:22 #RubberOnionBattle June 2017 44:29 Gumby episode 1 commentary 53:20 Show Your St ...…
Support this podcast on Patreon and get exclusive and early content! Please Rate & Review us on iTunes SEGMENT SHOW! For our 200th episode we present the last (maybe) segment show with a discussion about everything that came from D23, an update to RubberOnion, Stephen talks about Spider-Man and Baby Driver, and we take Audience Questions LIVE f ...…
Support this podcast on Patreon and get exclusive and early content! Please Rate & Review us on iTunes SEGMENT SHOW! The trailer for the "My Little Pony" movie dropped and threw the internet into a tizzy, TMNT continues its Summer Shorts, and we get an Ax by Fax question about animating while sad. And you can now listen to us on SoundCloud! Top ...…
Support this podcast on Patreon and get exclusive and early content Please Rate & Review us on iTunes LIVE SHOW! On this 5th event, we have an all screening event! Podcastimation 4, Battles from May, two cartoons from listeners Sam Albro and Elizabeth Honer, and a crazy Betty Boop cartoon... thanks to everyone who came out to our live show at F ...…
Support this podcast on Patreon and get exclusive and early content! Please Rate & Review us on iTunes SEGMENT SHOW! There's a new Spider-Man on DisneyXD, a new film fest from GKids, Annecy & Variety, and we talk all the ins and outs of creating the 4th podcastimation. And you can now listen to us on SoundCloud! Topics & Timestamps (5:02) How Y ...…
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